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  • Market Guide for Microsegmentation

    According to Gartner, by 2026, 60% of enterprises working toward zero trust architecture will use more than 1 deployment form of microsegmentation. This market guide explores the current microsegmentation landscape, analyzing how technology is transforming the way organizations implement their zero trust strategies. Read on to learn more.

  • Brooks Makes Strides in Security Strategy With Illumio

    Brooks entered the billion-dollar brand club in 2021, claiming a top spot in the performance running market. But with so much growth, Brooks’ success rendered them a prime target for ransomware attacks. Download this case study to see how Brooks partnered with Illumio, implementing the Illumio Core offering to protect against ransomware.

  • How to Stop Ransomware Attacks

    Ransomware exploits the trends that have come to define modern business, taking advantage of the many entry points within today’s digital environments. This white paper aims to help you overcome the threat of ransomware, providing 3 simple steps you can use to increase your security capabilities. Download the white paper now to learn more.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS)

    As organizations have grown more complex, bursting out of the perimeter, the defend-the-perimeter approach to security has become unfeasible. So, how should businesses defend against cyberthreats then? Explore this Forrester report to learn about one method worth considering: Zero-trust Segmentation.

  • Ransomware Scenario Emulation

    In order to overcome ransomware, organizations need offerings that can handle the most dangerous malware. This paper presents the results of an array of attack simulations aimed at testing the security capabilities of Illumio’s Core offering. Read on to learn more about Illumio Core and see how it performs against emulated threats.

  • The Forrester New Wave™: Microsegmentation, Q1 2022

    To meet their microsegmentation needs, buyers should look for solutions with flow and asset discovery, visualization, a wide range of supported operating systems, and segmentation at the process level. Access this Forrest Report to discover how well 9 of the most significant vendors stack up when scored against 10 criteria.

  • Global Law Firm Stops Ransomware With Illumio

    Ransomware attacks can come from anywhere, and without a proper solution, companies will fail to prevent lateral movement of an attack and quickly face the possible theft or encryption of critical data. Learn how a global law firm isolated a ransomware attack with Zero Trust segmentation in this case study.

  • Hype Cycle for Cloud Security, 2021

    According to Gartner, by 2023, 70% of all enterprise workloads will be deployed in cloud infrastructure and platform services. In this report Gartner looks at the state of cybersecurity, leveraging relevant data to map out how different providers are performing. Download the full report to learn more.

  • Zero Trust Impact Report

    In this eGuide, you will hear that many organizations have begun to implement Zero Trust architectures to modernize their cybersecurity programs and attempt to limit the impact of attacks. Take this survey and gain insight into how organizations are faring with their Zero Trust initiatives.

  • Security Risks 2021: Ransomware And The Return To The Office

    Although 2020 was a year largely defined by remote work, organizations are expected to transition towards a more hybrid work model for 2021 and beyond. Read this exclusive research report to unlock expert insight into the key security risks and challenges of a hybrid work model.

  • Servicenow Finds The Smarter Way To Segment Using Illumio

    ServiceNow is a premier cloud platform for IT service management. When they identified the need to address a flat network and properly secure their domain controllers and core services, they knew it was time to refine their network segmentation strategy. Leverage this case study to see how Illumio’s Secure Cloud platform delivered value.

  • How To Build A Micro-segmentation Strategy

    Download this white paper to learn how to build an effective micro-segmentation strategy including identifying high-value assets, mapping your application dependencies and enrich with vulnerability data, understanding the types of segmentation for security, and more.

  • Secure Beyond Breach: A Practical Guide

    Based on real-world scenarios and written by industry experts who have been in the trenches, Secure Beyond Breach is a practical guide that details how to implement a micro-segmentation strategy from start to finish. It's an essential read for all cybersecurity professionals, from security architects to IT infrastructure teams to CISOs.

  • Enable End-to-end Zero Trust To Achieve Effective Outcomes

    Illumio was highlighted as a leader in The Forrester Wave: Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers report based on their current offering and strategy regarding end-to-end Zero Trust in the post-perimeter era. Read this report to learn more about Illumio’s offering and discover why Forrester gave it such high regards.

  • Efficacy Of Micro-segmentation Assessment Report

    The purpose of incorporating micro-segmentation as part of a larger Zero Trust security strategy is to prevent threat actors from moving laterally within a network – but how effective is micro-segmentation in practice? Read this research report for an in-depth analysis of the capabilities, challenges and potential benefits of micro-segmentation.

  • The New Age of Microsegmentation

    Why has a microsegmentation security strategy become so popular? In this e-guide, experts Andrew Froehlich and Dave Shackleford discuss the benefits and drawbacks of microsegmentation and how to get the most of your security approach.

  • The Adaptive Security Platform: Secure the Modern Data Center

    In this e-guide, uncover an interview with two security gurus from Illumio, a winner of our Network Innovation Award, on their Adaptive Security Platform (ASP). Learn the basics about this platform, and gain insights on how you can reduce complexity and develop a discerning data center security posture.

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