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  • Knowing the Unknowns of Cloud Service Costs

    In this guide, access a collection of 5 practical steps you can take to organize cloud budgeting, usage, and costs across your enterprise, ultimately increasing visibility and predictability.

  • Make Your Hybrid Cloud Secure and Compliant

    Click into this report to learn how your organization can navigate the security pitfalls and dynamic regulatory restrictions that surround hybrid cloud adoption.

  • Out-task Or Outsource?

    In this guide, find out what separates out-tasking and outsourcing from one another, and get several use cases that stand to benefit from each method. Plus, discover a seven-step roadmap that can help your organization find its best case IT service distribution scenario.

  • Cloud Adoption: Avoiding Bill Shock

    Jump into this whitepaper to find out how to leap common cloud service pitfalls – and avoid any unwelcome surprises come billing time.

  • Your Practical Guide to the Hybrid Cloud

    Check out this six-step guide to the hybrid cloud, designed to catch you up to speed with the status of hybrid cloud computing amongst today's IT organisations – whether you're new to hybrid cloud or just looking for a refresher.

  • The Changing Role of the IT Manager

    Striking a balance between IT in its traditional support function and IT as a value-adding entity is no easy feat. Keep reading to find out nine key recommendations for IT managers on how to continuously develop their careers and keep in tune with current and upcoming shifts in the industry.

  • 7 Lessons for Defining Your Cloud Strategy

    An ill-equipped cloud strategy can leave hopeful firms facing unexpected costs and stuck untangling a mess of awkward business processes. In this guide, get the seven core cloud lessons to keep in mind as you evaluate your organisation's compatibility with the cloud to avoid failure.

  • Digital Killed the Business SLA

    Keep reading to learn about XLAs (Experience Level Agreements), an alternative to traditional SLAs that caters to the parameter shift of modern businesses by cementing user experience as the principal focus of service providers.

  • Does Your IT Department Say 'Yes' to Innovation?

    In this checklist, take a look at the top 6 questions to pose to your IT team about their role as innovators within the organisation, and find out if you're ready to tackle digital transformation head on with the functionality of the cloud.

  • Agents of Change: Six Crucial Drivers of Digital Transformation

    Click into this report to learn about the six most impactful 'agents of change' that all organisations should prioritise during digital transformation. You'll also find in-depth examinations of major technology and cultural shifts that have proven to be essential to modern business success.

  • Your Roadmap to IT Automation

    Automation deployment is an extremely technical process, requiring skills that most organisations don't have on hand. In this automation roadmap, learn where to start your organisation on its journey, and how to find the right automation partner with the knowledge and expertise to guide the way.

  • 5 Critical Questions to Ask Your CSP Before Entering an Agreement

    There are five areas organisations should address at the beginning of every cloud service provider agreement. Read on now to discover those 5 crucial questions to ask a potential CSP before committing to the relationship.

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