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  • Big Data Transformation Story: Matillion

    When Swiss energy company BKW Energie AG wanted to transform their data infrastructure to handle big data loads in the cloud, they realized that it wasn’t something they could do themselves. Check out this webinar to see what their digital transformation journey looked like, how long it took, and how successful it was.

  • Data Integration and Transformation in a Cloud Data Architecture

    How do data integration and data transformation in a cloud data architecture differ from a traditional on-premises approach? Join this webinar to find out.

  • How to Build a Data Analytics Platform

    Access this white paper to discover how a cloud-based data analytics platform can integrate a multitude of data sources into an enterprise wide analytics system and 6 benefits this can lead to.

  • Build a Modern Data Team

    As companies shift their data architectures to the cloud, and SaaS solutions accommodate more data types, they’re finding their old data teams aren’t quite ready for today’s challenges. Review this white paper to learn how data science teams are changing their makeup, and how your business can reshape yours for the future.

  • From Data-Driven to Data Insights

    While some companies can claim to be “data-driven,” just being centered around data doesn’t necessarily equate to producing valuable business insight from that data. Check out this webinar to learn how Matillion was able to help TUI move to the cloud and start generating true insight from their data.

  • From ETL to ELT

    As the data warehousing landscape shifts, so too are data integration strategies shifting. Gone are the days of ETL—now, many data warehouses engines are using ELT technology. Read this e-book to gain a deeper understanding of the modern cloud data warehouse and how ELT works within this landscape.

  • Your Guide to a Successful Proof of Concept

    Once you’ve invested in a cloud data warehouse, you’re still only halfway to solving your database management problems like data silos. Read this guide to learn how you can use a proof of concept strategy to test the cloud data warehouse tools you’re considering. Make sure you’re investing in the right solutions for your next step in the cloud.

  • Optimizing Snowflake

    The Snowflake cloud data warehouse seems to offer a lot of competitive advantages for your business, but it can difficult to understand what benefits it offers, what differentiates it from competitors, and how your business should be using it. Read this e-book to gain an in-depth understanding of Snowflake and how your business should be using it.

  • Modernize Your Data Warehouse

    Modernizing your data warehouse infrastructure is no easy task, as finding a database that’s scalable, secure, and accessible can be a challenge. Read this guide to see what considerations you should be making as you look to modernize your data warehouses and learn how you can deal with some of the problems that are common along this journey.

  • 5 Steps Toward Data Self-Service

    Self-service analytics is a booming trend in info management. But businesses can only benefit if their users can easily access and organize their data so IT can focus on more important, engaging tasks. Read on to learn how you can implement self-service analytics in your business and the benefits of doing so.

  • Optimizing Amazon Redshift

    Amazon has stepped in and supplied a quality cloud data warehouse solution with Amazon Redshift, but businesses can still face challenges including difficulty querying data, loading data into Redshift inefficiently, and more. Read this e-book by Matillion to find out how to procure the most value from your Amazon Redshift data warehouse.

  • The Data Leader's Guide to Enterprise Cloud Security and Data Architecture

    Organizations are continuing to adopt cloud computing as a core part of their infrastructure, allowing for lower costs and improved scalability. However, there are some enduring security concerns surrounding cloud. This e-book highlights these concerns, and overviews ways to implement security controls within a cloud environment.

  • Essential Guide to Data Lakes

    Since the term “data lake” was first introduced in 2010, data lakes and various similar solutions have exploded in popularity. But businesses looking into data lakes may be asking themselves: What is a data lake? And how can we use one? Read this e-book to learn the essentials of data lakes and how to derive value from them.

  • Guide to Machine Learning

    Implementing machine learning is often a challenge, but when done correctly, it yields significant rewards: increasing productivity and reducing overhead costs, among others. Read this e-book to learn how your business should integrate machine learning into its business plan, and what you can gain from it.

  • Accelerate Time to Insight

    By automating part or all of the ETL process, your data scientists can be left to focus on higher level projects, not manage menial, repetitive tasks. Read the attached e-book to learn the essential steps you should consider as you automate your ETL and data ingestion processes, as well as questions to ask AND five must-have automation functions.

  • Optimizing Google BigQuery: A Real-World Guide

    Optimizing your data warehouse should be one of your company’s top priorities. Read this e-Book to learn how to properly structure, query, and manage Google’s BigQuery data warehouse.

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