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  • Now Tech: Endpoint Detection And Response

    Learn how you can improve your enterprise security with endpoint detection and response vendors in this 2018 Forrester Research Report.

  • The State of Endpoint Security, 2018

    Take a look at Forrester Research's report that examines the key takeaways of endpoint security trends of 2018 and the expectations for the future.

  • The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, Q2 2018

    Learn which endpoint security provider is best for your enterprise in Forrester's evaluation of the 15 leading vendors in their Q2 2018 research report.

  • Security Products for Protection: Endpoint and Anti-Malware

    Picking a security platform can be difficult. Inside this e-guide, expert Ed Tittel explores strategies and criteria to ensure you are picking the most successful security platform for your company.

  • See an Endpoint Security Vendor Put Through Their Paces

    In this report excerpt, discover how IDC research evaluated the capabilities of an endpoint security vendor and who the major players and leaders are in the endpoint security space.

  • Expert Insight: AI, Machine Learning, and Non-Malware Attacks

    See the results of over 400 experts weighing in on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and non-malware attacks.

  • Threat Hunting For Dummies

    It's time to get proactive with threat hunting. In this Threat Hunting for Dummies e-book learn how to optimize your tools for endpoint visibility and threat intelligence and uncover 10 tips for creating effective threat hunting strategies.

  • How to Tackle Endpoint Defense Issues

    Achieving the best endpoint protection, given the rise of mobility and increase in the sophistication of the attacks, is more complicated than ever. Learn from industry experts and get up to speed on achieving the best endpoint protection.

  • Stop Ransomware Before it Starts

    There is no single solution to beat ransomware. Learn the history behind ransomware, how it works, and what you can do to protect your valuable assets. Through proper planning and preparations, you can defend your organization and protect your valuable assets.

  • Demo: Next-Gen Antivirus in Action

    Learn how next-generation antivirus protection works in this quick demonstration. Discover how to stop new and emerging malware threats, including zero-day ransomware attacks from owning your database and holding your data hostage.

  • Cb Defense: PCI DSS Anti-Virus Assessment

    This report shows the findings of Coalfire System Inc.'s independent technical assessment of Cb Defense next-generation antivirus platform.

  • Vendor Comparison: Endpoint Security Leaders Revealed

    Discover which endpoint security provider Forrester determined was the leader in their field. Learn how to replace your old antivirus solution and arm incident-response teams with advanced tools to proactively hunt down threats.

  • DraftKings Replaces Traditional Antivirus with Next-Gen AV (NGAV)

    Discover how DraftKings went about finding a comprehensive next-generation antivirus solution that wouldn't impact business operations. While DraftKings evaluated over 100 different providers, only one allowed them to continue working as normal, while protecting their network in the background.

  • Endpoint Security Suite Evaluations

    In Forrester's 25-criteria evaluation of endpoint security suite providers, analysts identified the 15 most significant vendors, then researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report shows how each provider measures up and helps security professionals make the right choice.

  • If A Hacker Wants Your Data, Make Sure They Really Work For It

    This e-guide teaches you how to implement layered security within the infrastructure you control. Discover how to put strict controls on highly sensitive data and less stringent controls on data that's not so important with network segmentation. You can't entirely eliminate the risk of a breach, but you can make it harder on the attackers.

  • Cb Defense

    Discover how you can gain next-generation AV to stop more attacks, see more threats, and close more security gaps than ever before. Get unprecedented visibility and actionable intelligence while protecting servers, laptops, and desktops from advanced attackers.

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