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  • Acceptance Insurance Streamlines Compliance and Minimizes the Risk of Ransomware with Cohesity

    With SOX compliance and state insurance regulations, Acceptance Insurance was bleeding resources, time, and money to keep up. See how Acceptance Insurance stopped the bleeding by not only meeting SLA’s, lowering costs, and reducing time but also increasing ransomware detection and recovery capabilities. See the case study to find out how.

  • Best Practices In Cybersecurity And Cyber Resilience

    To keep your business running before, during, and even after an attack, you need more than cybersecurity. You need cyber resilience. Read this white paper to discover six best practices to reduce risk, strengthen compliance, and achieve cyber resilience—and get a checklist of key capabilities your organization needs to fight ransomware.

  • On-Demand Webcast | From Ransomware Defense to Cyber Resilience: Addressing Threats Head-On

    Ransomware is evolving, with cybercriminals going after both your IT production and backup data. If you're going to survive and thrive in a data landscape littered with cybersecurity threats, your cybersecurity strategy will need a significant boost. Watch this webcast to hear thought leading CISOs and CIOs.

  • Emmy Award-Winning Bardel Entertainment Increases Data Security And Decreases Operational Costs With Cohesity

    Bardel wanted to improve their ability to quickly recover client data from stored backups and archives after any breach or accidental data loss. Their legacy system performed adequately for many years, but the main filer was nearly out of storage capacity and performance was declining. Read this case study to learn how Cohesity helped Bardel.

  • Amplify Your Ransomware Defenses: Protect, Detect and Recover

    Ransomware and other threats have elevated data management to the forefront of security and cyber resiliency. Read this white paper to learn how Cohesity’s next-generation data management protects organizations from ransomware and data-centric threats with a platform driven by AI and ML.

  • Sky Lakes Medical Center Avoids Paying Ransom, Lowers Pacs Tco

    In October 2020, Sky Lakes Medical was breached by a massive ransomware attack. Read this case study to learn how Sky Lakes leveraged the comprehensive Cisco–Cohesity hyperscale data management solution to greatly mitigate the impact of the attack and avoid paying a penny of the ransom.

  • Enhancing Cyber Event Recovery: From Chaos to Control

    In today’s dynamic digital landscape, organizations face constant cyber threats with the potential to severely disrupt operations and compromise sensitive data. Effective cyber event response and recovery mechanisms are essential for maintaining business or operational resilience. Read on to learn more.

  • What Zero Trust means for Federal Agencies

    The evolving threat landscape has highlighted the need for federal agencies to adjust their defensive strategies significantly. Download this blog to learn about the executive order and NIST guidance around Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) and get recommendations on how to start implementing ZTA in your agency.

  • Protecting And Recovering Data In The Cloud Era, 2022–23

    As organizations continue to face an evolving and complex cybersecurity threat landscape, the protection and recovery of their data remains a top priority. In this report, analysts from Omdia’s data center storage, data management, and cloud and data center groups evaluate the leading backup and recovery vendors. Read on to learn more.

  • On-Demand Webcast | The Future of Cyber Risk

    There are major moving pieces in the world of cyber risk. Watch this webcast to hear IT and Security professionals from Stanford and Cohesity explore emerging technologies and their implications for cyber risk, including the use of deepfakes and other AI-generated content in disinformation campaigns.

  • 5 Keys to Data Resiliency in Higher Education

    As the number of ransomware attacks against colleges and universities continues to rise, campus leaders face significant challenges in protecting the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of their data. But with the right tools and tactics, these organizations can be well prepared for any type of threat. Download this solution

  • 5 Keys to Cyber Resilience in Government

    Ransomware attackers are increasingly targeting backup data and infrastructure, so governments need a comprehensive backup and recovery plan driven by cloud-based cyber resilience. This thought leadership paper reveals five reasons why your agency should move away from legacy data security and management technology to ensure your data is protected.

  • Defend Your Data From A Ransomware Attack

    Your backup is supposed to help protect your data from ransomware, but legacy backup products often become victims themselves. For maximum protection from the crippling effects of a ransomware attack, you need a reliable recovery plan. Access this e-book to learn how you can prevent your backup from becoming a ransomware target.

  • Comprehensive Protection for Campus Data

    Amid the threat of ransomware and other cyberattacks, colleges and universities need solutions that can help them securely protect their data. Download this expert Q&A on solutions that can help colleges and universities backup, manage, and bolster their resiliency against ransomware and similar attacks.

  • Validation Of Cohesity Fortknox Cloud-Based Data Vaulting For Ransomware Resiliency

    Concerned about ransomware? After a series of lab validations, Evaluator Group reveals how Cohesity FortKnox provides an additional layer of protection against ransomware and other cyber threats. As you evaluate ransomware resiliency solutions, read Evaluator Group’s report on FortKnox’s cybersecurity capabilities.

  • What tactical data solutions can government IT leaders consider to meet tactical DataOps requirements right now?

    The transition to a “digital force” has data production and consumption growing at exponential rates. In this one-hour webinar, Cohesity experts take the nuances and challenges of battlefield data management into account as they discuss practical solutions to meet tactical DataOps requirements.

  • 5 Reasons You Need A Third-Party Solution To Back Up Microsoft 365

    Just because your data lives in the cloud doesn’t mean it’s safe or always available when you need it most. Find out the 5 reasons why your business needs a third-party data protection solution to back up Microsoft 365 data.

  • KVH Strengthens Ransomware Protection, Cuts Backup Time By Over 70% With Cohesity

    In the German state of Hessen, the public healthcare of panel doctors is overseen by Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Hessen (KVH). Read this case study to discover how Cohesity helped KVG reduce physical storage costs and increase storage efficiency, gain instant file search, and significantly lower premiums for ransomware insurance.

  • Pearl River Community College Fortifies Security With A Virtual ‘Air-Gapped’ Data Vault – In Cohesity Fortknox

    An uptick in cyberattacks on colleges, including one that hit Pearl River Community College (PRCC), prompted IT leaders to add another backup in a third location isolated from the college network. Read this case study to learn how Cohesity helped PRCC.

  • The City of Santa Monica Improves Data Security by Leveraging Cohesity for Backups and File and Object Services

    By moving to Cohesity, the City of Santa Monica was able to cut data management time by over 90% and establish consistent data retention policies across all workloads. View the case study to learn how by utilizing a Cohesity data protection solution the City’s IT team has improved data security, and been able to focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • Ransomware Readiness: An In-Depth Evaluation Guide

    This in-depth Ransomware guide gives you all the practical information and evaluation criteria you’ll need to assess data management solutions to bolster your data security strategy. Dive into the guide now.

  • Ransomware Protection for Microsoft 365

    If your business relies on Microsoft 365 for day-to-day business, it is extremely attractive for cybercriminals due to its larger user base. Preparation is key when and if disaster strikes. Get this Comprehensive Guide to Ransomware Protection for Microsoft 365 where you'll get a step-by-step actionable plan and checklist to help you stay secure.

  • Cloud Backup: A Detailed Backup-As-A-Service Evaluation Guide and Checklist

    Ready to take your cloud backup to the next level? Get this cloud backup evaluation guide to help you navigate critical BaaS capabilities, including data security, protection, and productivity. Get the cloud backup evaluation guide and checklist to help you navigate critical capabilities, so you can make the right choice for your business.

  • The Long Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness

    From a global survey of 3,400 IT and Security decision-makers, this report indicates that 71% said it would take more than four days to recover data and business processes if a cyberattack occurred. Get the report to learn from your peers how to thwart attacks and build resilience against them.

  • St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office Boosts data Protection with Cohesity BaaS

    If 911 goes down, people’s lives are at stake. That’s why St. John’s County Sheriff's Office moved to a modern backup and recovery solution that was not only secure, but simple, cost-efficient, and reduced time required to restore backups. See how the Sheriff Office is even more confident that their data is safe and their citizens are protected.

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