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  • Scale-Out NAS Showing Its Age

    For many years, scale-out NAS has been a savior for organizations with a requirement to store and/or share lots of files. But, now that NAS has matured, the wrinkles of age are already showing. Read about where scale-out NAS stands today. The good. The bad. The ugly.

  • Protect Your Enterprise from Ransomware Attacks with These Four Technologies

    As ransomware attacks continue to rise, IT needs to not only ensure that they can recover in a timely manner post-attack, but also that they are recovering from an uninfected copy. Read this report from Forrester Research to learn how you can deploy four key technologies to improve your organization’s resilience against ransomware.

  • Buyer's Guide to Modern Backup

    Read this buyer's guide to understand the key considerations when choosing an enterprise-grade, modern, web-scale backup and recovery solution. Determine the right needs for your organization by learning the fundamental questions to ask about your current environment, the range of backup and recovery issues currently faced by enterprises, and more.

  • Architecture Matters: Go Beyond Scale-Out NAS

    Traditional network-attached, or scale-up, storage (NAS) has limited scale and is optimized for only a specific subset of unstructured data workloads. Read this white paper to learn how to identify a web-scale solution that’s architected to meet the needs of your current and future data workloads.

  • What is Web-Scale NAS?

    What’s the difference between web-scale NAS and scale-out NAS? Watch this video to learn how to overcome the shortcomings of traditional scale-out NAS, and how a modern approach that goes beyond scale-out NAS, can provide simplified management, boundless capacity, and lower operational costs in the cloud or on-premises.

  • Conversational Geek: Office 365 Backup

    Did you know that backing up your data in Office 365 is a shared responsibility? Read this eBook to find out why Office 365 data must be included in your backup, how to avoid lost time and profits caused by major outages, and how to ensure you can recover quickly and keep operations running.

  • Beyond NAS: A Transformative Approach to Unstructured Data

    Traditional NAS platforms are not equipped to handle today’s data and application needs. Read this white paper to see why the future of scale-out NAS must begin with a blank sheet of paper that provides a fresh solution that is data-centric, API-driven, software-defined, and provides global space efficiency, along with integrated cybersecurity.

  • Avoid Ransomware Disasters With a Better Backup and Recovery Strategy

    Ransomware attacks will happen. Has your IT team safeguarded backup data copies and prioritized business-critical application recovery? Read this Gartner report to learn how you can use backup and recovery technologies to combat ransomware and evaluate your team’s recovery readiness.

  • 3 Reasons to Move Long-Term Retention to the Cloud

    Legacy archiving products—namely tape and magnetic disk—are costly, risky, and have slow recovery times. Why are enterprises like yours choosing a modern, cloud-native solution for archiving data long term? Keep these three tips in mind as you consider your next long- term retention (LTR) investment.

  • Ransomware Recoverability Must Be A Critical Component of Your Business Continuity Plans

    IT infrastructure and operations leaders asked decision-makers to gauge their team’s readiness in recovering post-ransomware attacks. See how you stack up and why ransomware recoverability is a critical component of your business continuity plans.

  • Data Protection for Modern Workloads: Protecting Office 365 with Cohesity

    This ESG report examines the intricacies of Office 365 data protection, invites you to take a closer look at your business' SaaS recovery capabilities, and introduces a solution that can close any potential O365 protection gaps. Access now to ensure that your Office 365 data protection is in check.

  • IDC Report: Large Italian Bank Adopts Cohesity

    Read this case study to learn how one of the largest northern Italian banks eliminated harmful backup silos for good, successfully consolidated workloads, and automated recovery across their entire infrastructure using a hyper-converged data protection platform.

  • Effective Data Management for NoSQL and Hadoop Environments

    The following ESG paper digs into the most important data protection and orchestration considerations for Hadoop and NoSQL deployments. Access now for more on the impact of Hadoop and NoSQL data loss and how to establish more flexible protection for these workloads in your organization.

  • 4 Ways to Get More Mileage Out of Your Backup Data

    Download this tip sheet to learn 4 ways you can get more mileage out of your backup data by repurposing it for business needs.

  • Why Your Business Needs to Back Up Microsoft Office 365

    Download this tip sheet for 4 essential reasons to back up Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online in your organization and for guidance on doing so.

  • Protect and Manage Secondary Data and Apps in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

    Five enterprises share their experiences in unifying hybrid cloud backup silos with hyper-converged data protection in the following e-book. To learn how your organization can similarly lower backup costs and solve critical secondary data challenges, download it now.

  • 5 Must-Haves for Your Enterprise Backup

    Read this tip sheet to view 5 must-have enterprise backup capabilities for when you're evaluating your current, or next, enterprise backup and recovery investment.

  • 5 Ways Ransomware Attacks Backup Software

    It's important to keep five critical considerations in mind when you're strategizing how best to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to a ransomware attack on your backups. View them in this resource.

  • Drive More Business Value with a Modern Backup

    This paper introduces a cloud-ready, API-rich converged infrastructure that unifies data backup, recovery, and management to ensure your business is extracting more value from its data. Read on to learn how to put backup data to use to meet evolving business requirements.

  • Modern, Web-Scale Data Protection for the Cloud Era

    This solution brief introduces an alternative method of backup and recovery, converged data protection. Read on for the top 8 advantages of this approach, a chart comparing converged to legacy data protection, and a rundown of Cohesity's solution.

  • Streamline Operations with Easy, Flexible, and Fast Data Protection

    Legacy solutions for data backup and recovery can mean endless hours of managing different software and hardware siloes. This custom resource center will introduce you to a software-defined data protection solution that will allow you to manage all data protection from one single interface. Access it here.

  • Making the Most of the Hyper-converged Cloud

    This expert guide from will help you navigate the new hyper-converged cloud space. Download your copy to learn how vendor offerings differ from one another, and view one such product— Cohesity CloudSpin—that provides developers with quick access to back up data in the cloud for test/dev.

  • Hyper-converged Secondary Storage: More Than Just a Trend

    This guide delves into Cohesity's hyper-converged secondary storage platform, and explains why this new category of backup offerings is more than just a trend. Read on for the exclusive details, including an article illustrating how Cohesity's scale-out system replaced legacy EMC at Piedmont HealthCare in North Carolina.

  • Secondary Data Storage: A Massively Scalable Transformation

    In this expert-guide, learn why the market is trending towards interactive, online, secondary storage architectures by converging backup and archiving. Read on to discover what these new architectures can offer you, as well as what features vendors are offering to support massively scalable secondary storage

  • Discover a Myriad of New and Exciting Backup Technologies

    In this expert-guide, learn how new software is turning backups from a necessary evil, into something that can help your ROI and improve business innovation. Find out more about copy data management tools, instant recovery sandboxes, and more inside.

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