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  • IoT Barometer 2019 Executive Summary

    Where is your organization in terms of adopting IoT? You could be missing out on some big benefits. Explore results from Vodafone's 2019 IoT Barometer, and find out why 79% of IoT adopters say the technology is enabling positive outcomes that would be impossible without it.

  • Connect Your Cities With 5G

    5G and IoT are quickly being integrated into retail stores and supply chains—but how else can the technology be used? Smart cities are emerging as 1 idea. In this infographic, find out how 5G can be used to power smart cities.

  • Create an Immersive Learning Experience with 5G

    Virtual, augmented and mixed reality are increasingly being used as tools for education, inspiring stronger recall and deeper engagement. With 5G, interactive environments can make the learning experience a truly immersive one. In this white paper, learn how 5G could transform the classroom.

  • How 5G Promises to Transform Business

    What comes to mind when you think about 5G? For most people, it's faster and more reliable connectivity. But there's more to 5G than higher speeds. Find out how 5G is going to pave the way for all sorts of business possibilities and new user experiences in this infographic.

  • 5G: What's Actually Happening?

    Everyone's talking about 5G and its potential—but what's actually happening in the market? Find out in this infographic, which explores some of Vodafone's 5G trials.

  • 5G Digital Innovation Hub

    Watch this video to learn about Vodafone's Digital Innovation Hub—which provides entrepreneurs with access to network experts and the latest technologies to work together and exchange ideas about 5G.

  • How SDN Can Help You Meet the Demands of Digital Business

    Learn about SDN and how it can help you meet the demands of digital business in this brief video.

  • Our Next Generation 5G Network: Your Connected Vehicles

    In this infographic, read about the future of automotive with 5G and internet of things (IoT) and discover how it will transform the way we drive, deliver and commute.

  • 5G: Imagine the Possibilities

    5G enables us to turn innovative ideas into reality. A new generation of communications, remote working in real-time, smart connected cities and more will make innovation possible anytime and anywhere. Learn more about it in this brief video.

  • 5G Capabilities and What They Can Bring to Your Business

    As new technologies arise, businesses leap into the digital world, and embrace innovations that suit their profile the most. But, new technology requires a new network—one that's built on 5G. Learn about 5G and how you can get started with it in this white paper.

  • Your Return on IoT Investment

    Today, IoT is a reality for many businesses around the world—partly in thanks to the increased number of ready-to-go platforms on the market. In this white paper, learn about 1 company's IoT offerings, and explore common use cases.

  • IoT: Connecting a Smarter World

    IoT is transforming every industry. From smart thermostats helping utilities companies offer better value, to connected cars enabling manufacturers to offer new services—many businesses are already benefitting from IoT. Download this white paper to explore use cases across multiple industries.

  • The 5G Revolution is Evolution

    Consumers are slowly waking up to 5G, but it's already helping enterprises all over the world to prepare for the future. Learn about innovative 5G use cases in this white paper.

  • How SDN Can Help Support Digital Initiatives

    In this webinar, learn about SDN and how you can apply it to your network to achieve digital transformation initiatives.

  • What Can IoT Do for You?

    Is your organization taking advantage of all the opportunities IoT can offer? This brief webinar covers various use cases for IoT and explains how your company can start taking advantage of the technology now.

  • Vodafone Business Broadband and Phone

    Whether you're a small business or a global enterprise, you need a way to communicate with each other. In this white paper, learn about 1 communication system and its features.

  • Your IoT-driven Future

    In this 2019 IoT barometer report, discover the benefits of investing in IoT as well as tools for comparing how you are doing relative to other companies like yours.

  • What Can IoT Do for You?

    In this brief webinar, learn about Vodafone's different IoT offerings and hear real-world examples of how companies have embraced this technology.

  • SDN Sales Conversations

    In this resource, discover the top 5 talking points in SDN sales conversations.

  • 5 Steps to SDN Success with Vodafone Ready Network

    In this infographic, discover the 5 steps on how to be successful with SDN and Vodafone Ready Network.

  • Your Digital Transformation With SDN

    In this white paper, three of Vodafone's senior leaders share their excitement about Ready Network – an agile, open and secure SDN that's built for modern digital businesses like yours.

  • Vodafone SD-WAN: Your Business Fit for Digital

    Discover how Vodafone SD-WAN is designed to deliver a secure, agile network with strong application visibility & performance for cloud apps.

  • How 1 Company Boosted Communication Across Sites, Staff & More

    Life's Kitchen is a company that provides event management and catering services. They were searching for a more reliable way for staff to communicate across sites, and perform call-handling and diversion. Learn how Life's Kitchen achieved their goals with Vodafone in this case study.

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