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  • Veritas Alta SaaS Protection Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo Location Control

    Data regulations are a tricky subject for business leaders to navigate. With so many rules, it’s hard to keep track. One thing to note is that these regulations aren’t limited to your day-to-day data, but anything that is archived and backed up. For international organizations, this poses serious challenges. Read on to see how to overcome them.

  • Veritas Alta Recovery Vault

    All enterprises have some kind of data storage solution. Some are more advanced than the others, but the need to access data quickly and seamlessly is critical no matter what. However, unprotected data, is a disaster waiting to happen. Read on to learn how to overcome the challenges faced by traditional cloud data protection.

  • Veritas Alta SaaS Protection

    Without your own data protection strategy, your organization will be left vulnerable to the risks of data deletion and ransomware attacks. Read this product overview to learn how you may be able to leverage Veritas to enable better protection across your SaaS platforms and ensure that data can be recovered quickly in the event of a disaster.

  • Veritas Cloud Scale Technology

    Cloud-native can’t protect your data. Organizations need a comprehensive protection strategy to ensure their cloud data is secure. Read on to learn how Cloud Scale Technology can help you unlock the flexibility of the cloud while enabling a consistent user experience under a single interface designed to protect your IT infrastructure.

  • Protect Your Critical SaaS Data

    The truth of SaaS solutions is that you, and you alone, are responsible for protecting your own data. You need a backup and recovery solution for your SaaS applications – otherwise, you are leaving your business vulnerable to data loss. Read on to gain a deeper understanding of why SaaS solutions’ native tools are not enough to protect your data.

  • Cloud Optimization in Veritas Alta and NetBackup

    Of all the benefits and challenges that come with cloud migration and digital transformation, the one item with the most ambiguity is cost. As organizations rush to the cloud, many do not know what they are consuming and spending. To solve for this, cloud optimization is the key. Read on to learn why and how to optimize your resources.

  • Veritas AltaTM eDiscovery

    For organizations that must adhere to retention policies, then storage is a major factor in how effective your legal team can be. Top organizations need the ability to collect, review, and produce electronically stored data, and do it quickly. Your company’s future may depend on it. Read on to find out more about a platform that’s here to help.

  • Top Reasons for Veritas Alta Shared Storage

    Organizations of all sizes are moving to the cloud to reduce their lower infrastructure costs while increasing business agility and flexibility. While all of that is great, migration comes with a few challenges like unknown costs, security, and most importantly, data mobility. Read on to learn how to overcome this and benefit from shared storage.

  • Immutable Backups are Crucial to Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Security

    How do you ensure that backup data is not vulnerable? Immutable backups guarantee that your data backups are authentic, accurate, and preserved. Read on to learn how you can enable the multi-layered infrastructure immutability and indelibility necessary for cloud data protection by leveraging Veritas NetBackup.

  • 2022 Research Report on Securing Your Enterprise in a Multi-Cloud Environment

    97% of Australian leaders acknowledged they need to improve their ability to track their entire data footprint. Access this research content to better understand the risks of using CSP backup tools and learn how enterprises are ensuring data protection and disaster recovery.

  • Veritas Alta Archiving

    Collecting a lot of data is great, but not if you can’t manage it. To utilize data in the most efficient way possible, organizations must be able to capture, ingest, supervise, and discover it. With those capabilities, businesses can reduce costs, increase productivity, and stay compliant. Read on to learn more about a platform that does just that.

  • Veritas Alta Classification

    When your data is all over the place and unmanaged, your business faces serious risks when it comes to risk detection and data classification. Most agree that data is the new currency in the digital age, so protecting your data and limiting sensitive data

  • Veritas Alta Application Resiliency in the Cloud

    It is the balance of IT: as organizations abandon the on-prem data center, the rise of cloud services has taken over as the infrastructure of choice. With many options available, it is no surprise that 80% of businesses now have workloads in multiple clouds. Read on to learn about a platform that can protect your infrastructure and grows with you.

  • Veritas Alta Capture

    If your organization has communication tools in a cloud environment such as file sharing, social media, or mobile chat, then you know the importance of archiving that data. If you don’t, there could be compliance risks and legal issues if conversations are needed during litigation. Read on to learn about a platform that does just that.

  • Application Resiliency for Multi-Cloud Deployments

    Multi-cloud is a new buzzword in technology that refers to connecting services and infrastructures across public cloud platforms. Organizations staying ahead of the curve are using multi-cloud to increase resiliency and efficiency. Diversifying your cloud footprint allows for greater resiliency, and better use of infrastructure. Read on to see why.

  • Veritas Alta™ Application Resiliency and Veritas Alta Shared Storage

    So many organizations are turning to cloud transformation and multi-cloud operations. They are also adding cloud-based container services to provide the functionality needed to streamline operations. When added with a software-defined persistent storage and resiliency functionality, and efficiency can be achieved. Read on to learn more.

  • Veritas Alta Surveillance

    Veritas Alta Surveillance is a powerful compliance solution that gives organizations the opportunity to perform a streamlined supervisory review of regulated communications. Read on to learn how it may be able to help you decrease the cost and effort of ensuring compliance review through targeted sampling.

  • Veritas Alta Shared Storage

    The promise of cost saving by moving to the cloud is not always attained, with more than 30 percent of customers reporting that cloud storage failed to reduce cost. Access this product overview to learn how you can leverage Veritas Alta Shared Storage to unlock the potential of your cloud investment.

  • The cloud isn’t a silver bullet: Three myths debunked about the technology

    There are a variety of misconceptions about the cloud that lead to organizations not getting the most out of their investment. Read this white paper to learn about 3 cloud myths and how they can be debunked to help you maximize the potential of your cloud infrastructure.

  • Security, scrutiny and supply chain: tech in 2023

    As the threat landscape continues to evolve and grow, IT leaders will only find themselves with more obstacles to navigate moving forward. It’s important for organizations to be wary of potential challenges that are likely to come their way. Read on to learn about 6 key technology trends that IT teams should be on the lookout for in 2023.

  • Top Reasons to Protect Your Multi-Cloud with Veritas Alta Data Protection

    Protecting your data in the cloud should be no different than your on-premises approach. However, unless you have read the fine print, you may not be aware of the limitations of built-in data protection. Read on to learn how you enable unified and secure enterprise protection throughout your multicloud environment.

  • Availability and Resiliency for the Modern Enterprise

    Tap into this product overview to understand how Veritas can help your organization reduce complexity and simplify operations with a single platform for visibility and control for availability and resiliency operations, including native integrations that operate as a single solution.

  • Cross-Cloud AI-Powered Anomaly Detection A powerful tool for monitoring your cloud data and user activity

    Being notified immediately of anything out of the ordinary in your cloud environment provides an advantage by allowing you to act quickly. That’s why Veritas is enabling organizations to take control of their expanding cloud data with an AI-powered watchtower that enables cross-cloud anomaly detection. Read on to learn more.

  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Solutions for the Cloud Architect

    Tap into this product overview to learn how the Veritas strategy for designing and managing intelligent hybrid multi-cloud environments can help you build a foundation for running your business technology using a single, unified strategy.

  • Reining in Cloud Complexity: 5 Critical Things for IT Leaders to Consider

    As data becomes one of the most valuable assets in ecommerce today, it can be either a blessing or a curse to some organizations. With the unlimited growth opportunities comes extremely complex challenges such as ensuring security and resiliency. Read on to learn more about how to overcome common cloud challenges and simplify your workflows.

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