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  • What are Cloud Backup Solutions?

    Organizations that rely heavily on data and technology must have a strong data backup strategy. Using the cloud is important to manage and distribute data, but it still needs to be backed up. The cloud backup market value will be over $6B by 2025, and it’s growing double digits every year. Read on to learn more and be prepared for a data disaster.

  • Cloud Disaster Recovery in Cloud Computing

    The advancement of cloud computing has gone global. Today, almost 70% of businesses now use cloud service plans. However, this changes everything when it comes to disaster recovery. Cloud computing is powerful and efficient, but it can be affected by a disaster. Read on to learn more and make sure it does not happen to you.

  • Hybrid Cloud Data Protection— The Economical Way

    The pandemic taught us many lessons, but one key trend that has emerged is how organizations are reducing their storage costs by utilizing public cloud storage. While there are expenses associated with a hybrid cloud environment, but when used correctly, a public cloud platform can save you serious money. Read on to learn more.

  • 3 key issues facing modern CISOs

    Evolving cyber threats and expanding attack surfaces are causing increased security risk for organizations and their stakeholders. Access this video to understand 3 key issues facing modern CISOs and learn why the ability to recover from a cyberattack is equally as important as the ability to defend against one.

  • Gain Agility, Security, and Affordability in the Cloud

    With the right set of cloud capabilities, organization can gain the agility and control needed to scale up or down cost-effectively. Access this product overview to learn how you can overcome the 3 biggest challenges of cloud at scale and understand the importance of unified data management.

  • Best Practices to Combat the Threat of Ransomware with Veritas

    In a short time, cybersecurity and ransomware have become the top concern for every industry. Reports estimate there is an attack every 19 seconds with over 600 million cyber-attacks happening globally per year. There is even organized cybercrime such as ransomware as a service. To protect you in this volatile world, read on to learn more.

  • Cloud Management Solutions: What is Cloud Management?

    To scale up and bolster security, many businesses are turning to cloud management. But how does cloud management work? This blog overviews the process of cloud management and introduces 3 types of cloud computing services. Read on to learn 16 benefits of cloud management.

  • Transform, Protect, and Optimize Your Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

    A simple and scalable infrastructure enables data protection across a multi-cloud environment. To assist businesses in their digital transformations, Veritas has emerged as a partner. Explore this infographic to learn how Veritas can help businesses create more agile, protected and cost-effective infrastructures.

  • What is Cloud Backup?

    Many businesses turn to a cloud backup service to ensure information security. When deciding to use cloud backup, a business must choose between 3 different types: full backup, incremental backup and differential backup. Explore this blog to learn about each type of cloud backup and to unlock 4 benefits of using a cloud backup service.

  • Data Protection in the Cloud: Benefits and Best Practices

    With enterprises storing a higher volume of information in the cloud, data protection has become imperative for security teams. This blog overviews best practices for cloud data protection. These measures include backing up your data, evaluating your built-in security and using file-level encryption. Read on to unlock 3 more best practices.

  • Veritas Technologies Named A Leader In The 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ For Enterprise Backup And Recovery Software Solutions For The 17th Time

    Enterprises are constantly challenged with managing data growth across complex multi-cloud environments which brings larger attack surfaces and increased threat risk. To find out what solution Gartner has put in the Magic Quadrant 17 times now, read on to learn more.

  • 10 Cybersecurity Best Practices That Ransomware Fears Most

    Every organization needs to be aware of the threat of ransomware. Today, ransomware affects everyone from enterprises to SMBs. This means it is not a matter of if, but when you will be attacked. However, it is not an invincible opponent. Ransomware is only as strong as your organizations weakest link. Read on to learn more and harden your security.

  • Control Cloud At-Scale Complexity

    The cloud offers major advantages for organizations, but if it’s not managed closely your budget can get out of control without you realizing it. Read on to learn more about a solution that helps better manage the cloud.

  • Veritas L!VE: Cyber Attacks and Ransomware on the Rise for SMBs

    Downtime and the associated costs of a ransomware attack are bad for any organization, but it can absolutely destroy a small business. In this video you will get a break down on why data management and protection should be a part of every small business’s strategy. Watch this video to learn more about the threats out there and how to overcome them.

  • Protecting Against Kubernetes-Borne Ransomware

    For a while, most IT professionals operated under the assumption that Kubernetes and container technology in general was basically immune from malware. However, last year, a cyber-attack on a Kubernetes environment caused all kinds of problems for one organization. Read more to find out what happened and how they recovered.

  • In The Great Resignation, A Toxic Work Culture Is A Cyber Risk

    In today’s workplace, the Great Resignation has become a global phenomenon and shows no signs of slowing down. The motivator for each person is different, but one key data point is that a toxic workplace culture is the reason most leave. Don’t let unhappy employees leave your organization vulnerable to cyber risk. Read on to see more.

  • NetBackup SaaS Protection

    As the growth of SaaS solutions continues to grow by double digits year after year, organizations are consuming more SaaS products than ever before. It does’t matter if your business is using Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Box, or others – learn about an enterprise-centric SaaS backup and protection solution and control your data.

  • 3 Things The C-Suite Should Know About Data Management And Protection

    Given how critical of an asset data has become, organizations need to prioritize data integrity to avoid significant risk to their companies and their consumers. Access this blog post to learn 3 things every c-suite should know about data management and protection.

  • Changing The Data Management Game: Introducing Veritas Cloud Scale Technology

    Read this ESG Showcase to understand why it has never been more pressing for organizations to employ autonomous intelligent data management to help them keep pace with organizational and business needs.

  • Bolstering Your Cyberresiliencewith Veritas

    Cyber threats leave devastating impacts. Bolstering attack surfaces with a strong foundation that detects, defends, and recovers effectively is crucial for a business to keep its operations moving forward without disruption. This ESG

  • 5 Ways Netbackup Helps You Defend Against Ransomware

    Ransomware attacks are becoming more prevalent and damaging.Front-line defense is not enough to defend against sophisticated ransomware attacks. Enterprises need a multi-layered resiliency framework that bolsters their overall cybersecurity strategy. This resource covers 5 ways Veritas NetBackup promotes resiliency in your cyber security strategy.

  • Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions

    Enterprises are improving their security posture to combat the prevalence of cyber threats. Rearchitecting their current backup and recovery plan with a simpler solution is critical to a successful disaster recovery strategy. This Gartner Magic Quadrant

  • Intelligent Hybrid Multi-Cloud For The Modern Enterprise

    Read this product overview to learn about Veritas’ strategy for designing and managing intelligent hybrid multi-cloud environments for any type of application or IT service.

  • The Veritas Ransomware Resiliency Strategy

    As ransomware attacks evolve and become more sophisticated, it’s of paramount importance for your business to be able to adapt to rapidly changing threat vectors to avoid service downtime and data loss. Access this product overview to learn how you can help your organization establish a robust ransomware resiliency strategy.

  • Extend Data Protection Across Azure And Microsoft 365 With Veritas Solutions

    Regardless of how strong your IT security is, a truly holistic approach to data protection requires a flexible and scalable data backup and recovery solution. Read on to understand the growing threat of ransomware and learn about backup solutions that can help you ensure your data is secure, backed up and always accessible.

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