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  • Connected Collaboration Working Better, Together

    Effective communication and employee collaboration are critical to the overall success of a remote or hybrid workforce. Access this brochure for a comprehensive overview at the key tenets and core function areas of Capgemini’s Connected Collaboration Portfolio.

  • Webinar: ISG, Capgemini And Servicenow Unlock The Power Of Digital

    In this webinar, ISG, Capgemini, and ServiceNow experts describe the evolution and best practices in IT services governance, from service provider support activities, to smart SIAM processes and their underlying technologies. Click in now to watch.

  • The Future Of IT Is As-A-Service

    In this video series, Tom Gallagher, VP of Cloud Infrastructure Services at Capgemini, discusses the newest concept of IT-as-a-Service, explaining what it is and how it works so IT can start making decisions more quickly, and in real time.

  • Gain Key Insights From Texas’ Digital Transformation Webinar

    In this webinar, learn about the State of Texas’ digital transformation journey with the help of Capgemini and ServiceNow. Watch now to learn more.

  • Art Of The Possible: The CIO Guide To Data Center Freedom

    Businesses are wise to transform their IT estate into a cloud-smart model and to self-fund IT modernization to emerge with flexible and responsive cloud-based systems.But is a data center exit what you need to achieve these business objectives? Read this blog post for the CIO’s guide to data center freedom for more.

  • Achieving Cybersecurity Resilience Is The Mission

    In order to achieve ideal cybersecurity, you must leverage the resources of a strong, flexible partner who can help you execute a proven strategy designed to safeguard your enterprise, business and customers. In this white paper, explore how Capgemini aims to give you the tools you need to strengthen your cyber defense program.

  • Data Center Transformation

    Watch this short video to learn how Capgemini allows you to take the complexity out of the modern data center equation, focus on business priorities, and achieve next-gen run capabilities.

  • Capgemini Cloud Platform Dedicated Hosting

    Access this brochure to learn about how to find the right cloud migration strategy.

  • Capgemini Video

    Watch this webinar featuring a panel of cybersecurity leaders and experts to understand how the role of security operations is changing in 2021 and how security operations centers (SOCs) must adjust accordingly through systems integration.

  • Cybersecurity Defense Maturity Evaluation

    Access this resource to learn how Capgemini’s Cybersecurity Defense Maturity Evaluation can help you measure the effectiveness of your security organization, capabilities and operations. Use it to know where you stand so you can identify gaps and develop plans to increase effectiveness across your entire enterprise.

  • ISG Provider Lens™ And Capgemini On Art Of The Possible: Data Center

    Contrary to popular opinion, achieving data center freedom doesn't always mean moving away from the data center to the cloud. Jump into this video to hear ISG's Jan Erik Aase and Capgemini's Ryan Murphy, VP, Cloud Center of Excellence leader, discuss why this is and how a data center exit can provide the freedom to achieve business objectives.

  • Capgemini Named A Leader Among Multicloud Managed Services Providers By Independent Research Firm

    Access this blog post to learn why one cloud provider is recognized as a leader in “The Forrester Wave™: Multicloud Managed Services Providers, Q4 2020” report.

  • A Forced Shift: Digital Workforce Transformation Enabled By “Work From Home”

    Since COVID-19 wreaked havoc worldwide, work has drastically changed. IT leaders’ rushed to implement new technologies to support employees now working from home. Click into this resource to take a look at observations, learnings, and best practices applied in successful, work-from-home migration programs at one large enterprise.

  • Enhancing Cybersecurity Incident-Response Plans

    Looking for collaboration and support for your security needs? Want operational assistance and additional capacity in case of an attack? Discover how incident-response services provide remote cyber-support for companies facing cybersecurity attacks.

  • Signant Health Accelerates Clinical Trials

    After analyzing its service-desk capabilities, Signant Health knew it needed to transform the patient experience, focusing on three key goals: patient retention, support, and speed. Open up this paper to see which solution Signant Health implemented to help meet those goals, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • Webinar: Media Company Reimagines Its Employee User Experience

    Despite running a business model of five distributed businesses that operate independently, one media company wanted uniform and consumer-grade service and support. Tune into this video to see the steps they took to reimagine their ITSM platform, as well as a look at the lessons learned and the final results of this change.

  • Let Your Business Goals Drive Your Cloud Transformation

    Open up this resource to explore how to get started overcoming the challenges of cloud transformation – such as complexity, cost pressures, and skill shortages – as well as some recommendations from Gartner for cloud services that can get you started on your journey.

  • Capgemini Cloud Platform

    Access this brochure to learn how organizations can build and use an end-to-end approach to maximizing cloud value.

  • Virtual Organizations Need Real Leadership: COVID-19 And The Virtual Operating Model

    This Capgemini Research Institute report focuses in on one of the biggest outcomes of the pandemic: Remote work. More specifically, the new leader-employee relationship. Dive in now to sharpen up your skills on this topic, covering key focus areas like leading effectively, motivating a remote workforce, fostering collaboration, and more.

  • ISG Provider Lens™ And Capgemini On Art Of The Possible: Data Center

    Contrary to popular opinion, achieving data center freedom doesn't always mean moving away from the data center to the cloud. Jump into this video to hear ISG's Jan Erik Aase and Capgemini's Ryan Murphy, VP, Cloud Center of Excellence leader, discuss why this is and how a data center exit can provide the freedom to achieve business objectives.

  • Zero Trust Ics Network Assessment

    As industrial control systems (ICS) and process control network (PCN) adversaries become more sophisticated, the concept of zero trust throughout these environments becomes necessitated. Download this data sheet to explore Capgemini’s Zero Trust ICS assessment, designed to help enhance overall control system segmentation and security.

  • Webinar: Capgemini Modernizes Hydro One’s IT Infrastructure To Meet Market Demands

    Tune into this webinar to hear Eric Killinger, Director of IT strategy at Hyrdro One, outline how the organization transitioned its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud while also implementing businesss changes to support the new technology, covering challenges, solutions, and final results.

  • Technology Is At The Heart Of Transformation

    The pandemic has significantly disrupted businesses globally, but many organizations see it as an opportunity to transform their business and make changes that will help them succeed in the new normal. Open this report to learn more about future of work trends and see why the pandemic has cemented technology’s role at the heart of transformation.

  • Four Ways To Transform Support For Franchisees

    Digital technologies are driving change to traditional business models, and suppliers and stakeholders now want the same level of experience that consumers receive. Open this paper to learn how the service-delivery model should be governed to keep all parties happy, as well as a look at 4 ways to transform support for franchisees.

  • 2020 Capgemini Cyber Resilience Study

    Download this Forrester report to learn what 200 cybersecurity decision makers had to say regarding cyber resilience as an element of secure digital transformation.

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