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  • Delivering transformation by focusing on business outcomes and digital change

    There are many assets and services that can future-proof a business by streamlining operations and deploying the latest technologies in the most optimal ways. Read this whitepaper to learn 6 different business and digital change observations to better predict the scope of digital change.

  • Delivering operational excellence while managing constant change

    Efficient and productive operations are those which prepare for and welcome a constantly changing industry. Your application development and maintenance (ADM) should incorporate the right strategies, such as agile methods and leaving legacy IT. Improve your organization’s ADM by reading this white paper on the best practices for operations now.

  • Cloud Security – Fix Governance not just technology

    When it comes to developing security management programs, most enterprises focus on technology service and functionality rather than thinking strategically. A security approach that prioritizes governance allows for organizations to centralize strategic efforts and ensure cloud adoption preparedness. Read on to learn more.

  • The State of Texas protects its data with a Defense in Depth cybersecurity strategy

    In this case study, uncover how the State of Texas Department of Information Resources developed a holistic security strategy in order to preserve the privacy of citizen data and protect personally identifiable information for users across the state.

  • ADMnext reduces costs during a market downturn at a global oilfield services company

    The waterfall method for application development has been known to be inflexible. While most organizations have since moved on to Agile or other DevOps methods, many are still stuck. One oilfield company converted from a waterfall method to a DevOps approach for application development and maintenance. Read the full Capgemini case study now.

  • Five ways to boost innovation in the cloud

    To maintain a competitive innovation strategy, organizations are turning to Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS) to stay agile and avoid vendor lock-in. So which PaaS will best meet your business’s needs? In Capgemini’s article, they compare various PaaS options to boost cloud innovation. Read the article now.

  • Bringing innovation and delivery excellence to a leading imaging solutions provider with ADMnext

    It’s important to not take work too seriously all the time. Sound too optimistic? In Capgemini’s case study, they delivered a gamification initiative (focused on automation, application management, and monitoring) that transformed light-hearted in-office competition into implemented business practices. Read about the details here.

  • Global fast food chain rapidly scales digital solutions in over 37,000 stores with ADMnext

    As mobile pay, digital kiosks, and online resources become more central to restaurant operations, organizations need to keep customer experience modern, flexible, and mobile. In this case study, Capgemini helped an American fast food chain improve customers’ digital experiences using ADMnext. Read about their success here.

  • State of Georgia Becomes an Adaptive Provider of Modern IT Services

    Inside, learn how the Georgia Enterprise Technology Services (GETS) program, the IT infrastructure and network services provider for the state’s 89 executive branch agencies, consolidated its server and network resources to create an efficient, multi-service IT ecosystem.

  • Innovation in retail: Using cybersecurity as a competitive advantage

    While cybersecurity measures enable retail organizations to identify and mitigate potential threats, it’s important to consider that data protection can be considered a competitive advantage. In this blog post, explore the importance of security for retail consumers, how GDPR is shaping the industry, and the role of SOCs in quantifying risks.

  • Transforming the Delivery of Government Services the Texas Way

    Inside this publication, learn how the state of Texas’ Department of Information Resources (DIR) utilized a multi-sourcing service integration model to guide its digital transformation efforts – earning the ability to deliver world-class IT services to agencies across the state.

  • Capgemini’s Business Command Center: Simplify DX

    Watch this brief video to learn about Capgemini’s Business Command Center—which can help simplify digital transformation by bringing together processes, applications, and IT in 1 single pane of glass.

  • Driving Digital Transformation at a leading furniture retail company with ADMnext

    For businesses focused on online customers and sales, adopting an IT strategy that improves SKU processes and modernizes eCommerce platforms is critical. Read how an online retailer converted legacy platforms into microservices-, API-, and cloud-based platforms, making the digital experience of their retail better for all users.

  • Transforming a leading pharmaceutical company’s purchase department with automation and ADMnext

    As the amount of data involved in any given organization continues to rise, automated processes are becoming more and more of a necessity. Automation can help with data management, budgeting, and productivity. Read Capgemini’s case study to see how automation reduced costs and improved time to market for a large pharmaceutical company.

  • How to accelerate your cloud journey in three stages

    Migrating your organization to the cloud is the ideal, but that doesn’t make it an attainable one. It’s hard to properly assess if your organization is ready for a cloud migration. Capgemini’s blog takes you through the 3 stages of preparing for a cloud journey. Read the blog now to see if your organization is in the right spot for a migration.

  • Cloud can mean better security, not less security

    While security concerns are legitimate, businesses cannot afford to let security challenges hold them back from embracing cloud technology. Especially since cloud also offers security advantages. In this article, uncover 3 categories of cloud security concerns and explore the tactics and technologies that can enhance cybersecurity efforts.

  • Focusing application development and maintenance on delivering key business outcomes

    To keep up with rapid digital transformation, application development and maintenance (ADM) needs to balance the needs of both IT and business teams. Read this exclusive TechTarget white paper to learn how ADMnext integrates business and IT to produce better outcomes for all.

  • The barriers to cloud adoption and how to overcome them

    Cloud adoption is now considered a best practice – but there are plenty of obstacles still blocking the path to a successful migration. Shadow IT, security concerns, and monolithic legacy applications can all hold your business back. Check out Capgemini’s blog to see how your organization can overcome these challenges.

  • Manage your risk at the new U.S. Security Operations Center (SOC) in Columbia, S.C.

    Security operations centers (SOCs) enable organizations to outsource their cybersecurity needs to experts who can monitor, identify and mitigate security threats. Continue to learn more about the new SOC in Columbia, SC, and leverage the perspective of experts at Capgemini as they discuss SOCs and the importance of cloud cybersecurity.

  • Hydro One Modernizes IT Infrastructure to Meet Market Demands

    Tune into this video case study to learn how Hydro One, a Canadian utilities provider, transformed their IT infrastructure using software-defined data center technology to meet market demands head on. Plus, learn how they used their SDDC deployment to achieve greater systems visibility, lower operating costs, and more.

  • Business-focused ADM for Accelerated Growth

    Open this resource to learn why CIOs and IT leaders are beginning to look for alternatives to their legacy system constraints – and how some are already earning the scalable, cost-effective consumption models that their businesses yearn for.

  • Digital Transformation Strategy: Planning Around Tech Disruptors

    Two years ago, most companies found themselves restructuring their digital transformation strategies. This e-guide takes you through the key points your digital transformation roadmap will need to account for and where IoT fits into it.

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