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  • TechnoVision 2020: Financial Services

    The financial and banking industry has undergone a lot of changes as a result of COVID-19. Adapting to these changes can be challenging, but using TechnoVision’s Change Making framework can help simplify the process. Download this to explore TechnoVision’s Financial Services strategy, and how to get started.

  • Invisible Infostructure

    Infostructure—that must be a spelling mistake, right? Dive into this guide to learn more about the growing need for an “invisible infostructure” and how to keep your enterprise aligned with modern infrastructure demands.

  • Design for Digital

    What does modernization mean for your organization? What type of trends exist out in the market that you really need to be paying attention to? Find out in this TechnoVision 2020 report.

  • Power of Analytics in a Digital Workplace

    While many people think of analytics as simply another business tool, it’s best understood as something more than that. Listen to this podcast, or check out its transcript, to learn how analytics solutions are unifying and satisfying the goals of three crucial audiences: users, IT, and business leaders.

  • Thriving on Data

    Businesses like yours are looking to be data-driven, even as the ongoing pandemic exposes flaws in companies’ data systems. Read on to learn why many organizations aren’t achieving their data accessibility, security, and quality goals—and how you can succeed where others fail.

  • Implementing AI for everyone: Banking’s #1 new year’s resolution

    In this article, Capgemini sets out to the answer how AI can be leveraged effectively throughout the back, middle, and front office. AI is critical for any business—but banking leaders in particular are paying special attention to AI-enabled capabilities and software to support customer service, fraud detection, and more. Find all the answers here.

  • Process on the Fly

    Dive into this report to gain a deeper understanding of process technology, including Robotic Process Automation, as industry experts discuss leading market trends and distill them into the information most valuable for you.

  • Digital Customer Experience Through E-IoT, and the Need for Increased Security

    This blog post highlights recent research from a Gartner survey that identified 5 emerging technologies that will have the biggest impact on improving the customer experience (CX). Read on here to find out more and to take advantage of these technologies.

  • TechnoVision 2020

    In this year’s TechnoVision report, Capgemini considers the top challenges of pursuing digital transformation in the era of COVID-19—and offers a tailored roadmap out of the crisis. Download the full report to read all the key findings, from revamping collaboration to evolving IT infrastructure.

  • TechnoVision 2020: Change Making Simplified

    Charting a way forward with technology amid these challenging times will take raw creativity, coupled with guiding design principles and continuous dialogue. These are the qualities Capgemini wanted to replicate in TechnoVision. Download your copy of the TechnoVision Change Making guide to get started today.

  • Hydro One Adapts Payroll to Help Manage Disruption

    When the Province of Ontario announced a directive for employees to work from home, the payroll team at Hydro One quickly worked to move operations off-site and keep its processes on track. Read this case study to learn how Hydro One achieved this feat and successfully managed their changing workforce.

  • Edge is the New Norm

    Tune into Capgemini’s newest podcast, Edge is the New Norm, to listen to guest speaker, Jonathan Phillip Howell from Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, and Jon Harriman from Capgemini, as they share their thoughts on edge computing. Download the podcast now.

  • Building a digital manufacturing foundation in the cloud

    Predictive maintenance is a challenging process. When done well, the process leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to stay proactive about data. Learn about the 3 concrete steps that a leading aerospace manufacturer embraced to modernize their applications and improve predictive maintenance.

  • The Future-as-a-Service, part 2: Why your company needs systems integration now more than ever

    As-a-Service models continue to dominate IT—and unless you’re a startup, your company has a history of software that needs to integrate with these as-a-service technologies. Learn how an effective systems integrator can act as your trusted SaaS- and cloud-agnostic partner in this Capgemini article.

  • The Future-as-a-Service Part 1: Why every software company must become a SaaS company

    Access this blog post to explore the software-as-a-service implications for vendors and customers including the 4 types of vendors dominating the IT industry, how to deliver “as-a-service” at scale, and the advantage of being a cloud-automation partner.

  • Pragmatic Zero Trust

    There is no consistent view of what ‘zero trust’ means in practice, particularly now that vendor marketing teams have the term firmly within their sights and intend to label everything ‘zero trust’ as a result. Read this short blog post to cut through the marketing hype and learn the history, nature, and possible future of ‘zero trust.’

  • 3 Enterprise Cybersecurity Resolutions For 2020

    In this article, revisit 3 enterprise cybersecurity resolutions made back at the beginning of 2020 which outline best practices for security leaders for the new year as well as the new decade. Read on for a full overview of each resolution.

  • Cloud native continues to grow in popularity despite misconceptions

    Cloud native is here to stay. As legacy models are slowly but surely being abandoned, the overwhelmingly positive benefits of a cloud native approach ensure that the approach will stay relevant for a long, long time. So, how can you jump on the cloud native bandwagon? Start here, with this Capgemini article.

  • Demystifying Converged OT IoT Security

    The emergence of IoT devices has created additional stress among IT and security teams. In fact, 80% of security professionals agree that IoT breaches are more expensive to find and fix than traditional breaches. Since it doesn’t look like IoT is going anywhere, what can these teams to do address these threats? Read on to find out.

  • Get Your Cloud Strategy Right: Know-How

    Access this resource from Capegemini to hear a discussion with lead of AI for Google Cloud on why it’s important to have a cloud strategy, how to adopt a cloud strategy, the different stages of cloud adoption, and much more.

  • How to Optimize DevOps with the Help of Containers

    Access this blog post to learn about a paradigm shift in DevOps and see how implementing a container-as-a-service can help organizations achieve 7 key benefits.

  • Capgemini named a Leader in the 2020 ISG Provider Lens™

    Capgemini has recently been named a market leader in Service Integration and Management (SIAM) by ISG. SIAM is an incredibly important pillar of any digital transformation strategy. Open this report to learn more.

  • A Forced Shift: Digital Workforce Transformation Enabled by “work from home”

    Check out this blog post to see a few observations, learnings, and best practices implemented in a successful, large-scale WFH migration program at a large enterprise, categorized into 8 parts.

  • Containerization – why now?

    Lots of your peers have needed some container help along the road. Check out this blog to learn how Capgemini can help your organization plunge into containerization, and learn about the new Managed Kubernetes Service, which provides the Kubernetes experiences without requiring the infrastructure of operating system typically required.

  • Making the Workplace More Human with AI and Automation

    Access this blog post to learn how the rapidly automated workforce will inevitably change the workplace by looking at use cases from a knowledge worker’s perspective.

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