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  • Cloud Transformation Services. It's Time to Focus On The How

    Cloud transformation without clear business objectives and project plans is a bumpy ride. Open this solution brief to learn how Capgemini can help provide the capabilities and foundation you need to launch a successful cloud transformation initiative.

  • Home Office completes one of the UK Government’s largest cloud transformation projects

    Capgemini plays a key role in Amazon Web Services cloud platform implementation, enabling much quicker and efficient digital improvements for UK Immigration Service. Check out the case study to learn why.

  • How Do You See the CIO's Role Evolving in a Corporate-wide Cloud Transformation?

    How will the cloud transformation impact various IT leaders? In this webinar, join Daniel Hartert, CIO for Bayer and Philips, as he discusses how the role for CIO’s is changing due to a corporate-wide cloud transformation. Watch now to learn more.

  • Creating a Composable Business with the Cloud

    Today, being agile is no longer a casual quality some companies have, survival and long-term success now depends on it! Read this white paper to learn the role of cloud transformation in creating a composable business, and the additional benefits this approach can provide.

  • Hamburg Süd Optimizes The Costs Of Intermodal Transport And Standardizes Business Processes With A Custom, Cloud-Based Solution

    Using an agile project set-up, Capgemini successfully implemented for Hamburg Süd, a subsidiary of Mærsk Line, a custom, cloud-based solution for intermodal transport services that optimized costs and standardized business processes. Read this case study for full details.

  • Drive your business with SAP S/4HANA® Cloud for automotive suppliers

    How do leaders at automotive supplier companies embark on their digital transformation journeys? Read this brochure to explore how the SAP S/4HANA Cloud can help by offering end-to-end business process support across the entire value chain, streamlining processes and providing real-time visibility for intelligent business management.


    Cloud holds limitless potential for the growth of your applications, your business, and the solutions you bring your customers – so it’s essential that you get your strategy right. Read this white paper to learn how application development and maintenance (ADM) services can facilitate cloud modernization.

  • Cloud Based Transformation For A Future-Proof It At Man Energy Solutions

    In this case study, learn how MAN Energy’s redefined its IT sourcing strategy and IT architecture by updating its existing IT operating model to support a strategic shift toward cloud. Download now to learn how they realized 4 key benefits.

  • Cloud Transformation The Keys to Success

    Given today’s IT and end user requirements, cloud migration is more relevant than ever. This e-book provides an overview of trends, best practices and key challenges as they relate to cloud transformation – read on to access your copy.

  • The People Side of Cloud Transformation

    On paper, a cloud migration seems like an easy choice to make – but business leaders need to take certain precautions in order to ensure they’re not losing sight of the needs of their people. Read this white paper for a closer look at the people side of cloud transformation.


    An industry data cloud strategy is critical to ensuring effective cloud usage – which was the topic of a recent webinar experts from Forrester Research, Google and Capgemini. Access this white paper for a recap of the webinar and learn more about data usage and how to design an industry data cloud strategy.

  • Executing Cloud Transformation

    “Cloud transformation” is no longer hypothetical – it’s a very real occurrence. In fact, as many as 92% of organizations expect their cloud use to increase as a direct result of the pandemic. Read this handbook to discover common mistakes to avoid and key considerations to implement when executing a cloud transformation strategy.

  • Moderne Integrationslösungen Als Enabler Der Cloud Transformation

    Besonders für Banken und Versicherungen bietet die Cloud eine Chance, eine vollständig digitale Experience für Ihre Kunden mit durchgängig automatisierter Verarbeitung zu ermöglichen.In diesem Whitepaper lernen Sie mehr über die Vorteile von Microservices und Cloud Computing durch den Einsatz einer modernen Integrationsarchitektur.

  • The App-Modernization Manual

    In this digital CIO handbook, explore the 3 key tenets of successful app modernization and discover how to define modernization for your organization. Download your copy of the App Modernization Manual here for a definitive guide to intelligent apps.

  • Economic Application Portfolio Management (Eapm)

    Application portfolio management is the way for IT admins to understand app performance. Now Capgemini is introducing Economic APM, or eAPM. Read this 7-page brochure to learn how eAPM combines a proven portfolio assessment methodology with graphical analysis.

  • The Cloud Imperative For Telcos’ Data Analytics

    In this white paper, The Cloud Imperative for Telcos’ Data Analytics, explore how the flexibility and scalability of the cloud can help address some of the Telco industry’s most pressing questions about cloud migration and data estate modernization. Download the white paper to get started.

  • Designing A Scalable, High Availability And Future-Proof Platform

    Designing a scalable, high availability and future-proof platform is a cornerstone for many cloud projects. Download this white paper to learn how the right Kubernetes cluster components can help you achieve this and more.

  • CONA Services Supports Coca-Cola Bottlers’ Growth With SAP HANA Migration To Microsoft Azure

    In this case study, discover why CONA Services migrated its existing SAP HANA applications to Microsoft Azure—and how itworked closely with Capgemini, Microsoft, and SAP to complete one of the biggest migrations of its kind. Download the case study to learn more.

  • The Digital CIO’s Handbook For Manufacturers

    How can manufacturers successfully operate as a digital business by leveraging cloud and application technologies? And what does success look like? Read this e-book to get insights and perspectives on how manufacturers can make digital business a reality.

  • Action Migrates To The Microsoft Azure Cloud

    In this case study, Action Service & Distributie B.V sought to grow by 250% in Europe in the coming years—but to achieve this, they recognized the need for a cost-efficient IT landscape with sufficient capacity, flexibility and innovative power. Download now to learn why they chose Microsoft Azure.

  • Digital Transformation Strategy: Planning Around Tech Disruptors

    Two years ago, most companies found themselves restructuring their digital transformation strategies. This e-guide takes you through the key points your digital transformation roadmap will need to account for and where IoT fits into it.

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