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  • 6 Compelling Reasons to Modernize Your Data Warehouse

    View this white paper to explore how a modern data warehouse can help your organization extract the maximum value from your data and enhance business insights. Review your data warehouse software options with Snowflake, and review 6 compelling reasons to modernize your existing data warehouse.

  • How to Analyze JSON with SQL

    In this e-book, discover a modern approach to producing analytics from JSON data using SQL. Learn how to load your semi-structured data directly into a relational table using Snowflake, and explore how Snowflake can help your organization optimize support for processing semi-structured data and more.

  • The Data Warehouse: The Engine That Drives Data Analytics

    In this e-book, discover the challenges enterprises face when turning data into business insight. Explore the technologies available to enterprises looking to keep up with the analytics revolution, and learn how a modern cloud data warehouse can help your organization maximize speed, increase flexibility, streamline data processes, and more.

  • Steering a Multi-Cloud Strategy? Brake for Security

    View this e-book to uncover the secrets to a successful multi-cloud strategy. Explore the security challenges that enterprises face when adopting a multi-cloud approach, and learn how to work with vendors and partners to address these challenges in order to succeed in a multi-cloud environment.

  • The Data-Driven Enterprise Done Right

    Consider having secure access to a near-infinite level of data warehousing storage supporting a myriad of data sources - all without the time-consuming maintenance. Read this white paper to learn how to reinvent your analytics with data warehousing designed for the cloud.

  • Snowflake: The Data Warehouse Built for the Cloud

    Read this white paper to learn what a modern data warehousing solution built natively for the cloud can do for you analytics and data management needs.

  • How to Craft Your Data Warehouse POC

    Read this e-book to learn why cloud-native data warehousing architectures are their own unique fruit worthy of exploration and migration.

  • Migrate to the Cloud

    Migrating analytics from your current system to a cloud data warehouse doesn't need to be a massive undertaking - read this e-book for strategies and frameworks to seamlessly transition to a scalable, cost-efficient analytics solution.

  • Best Practices for Using Tableau with Snowflake

    Read this white paper to learn why you should consider an SaaS approach to data warehousing, and how Snowflake and Tableau work together to get the most out of your analytics initiatives.

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