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  • The Little Book of Big Success with Snowflake: Healthcare and Life Sciences

    Even as data revolutionizes healthcare delivery, methodology, and diagnostics, hospitals and other healthcare clinics find themselves relying on rigid and outdated IT infrastructure. Read on to learn how the cloud presents solutions to data management and regulatory compliance issues, among other benefits it offers healthcare professionals.

  • Data Management and the Data Lake: Advantages of a Single Platform Approach

    Organizations are often asked to make a decision: use a data late, or a data warehouse to store your organization’s data? Yet this is a false dichotomy; both can be effectively used at once. Read on to learn how you can integrate these two data solutions into one wholistic data management approach.

  • Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

    While many companies have put together a series of data management and BI solutions, they have failed in their goal of storing accurate data. Learn how Snowflake offers companies a solution to these fragmentation problems for true data management by using a multi-cluster shared architecture to deliver a quality experience in the cloud.

  • 5 Ways Data is Reshaping Retail

    The retail is being driven forward into the future by data. There are a variety of use cases retail companies employ their consumer data in: creating omnichannel experiences, sharing data with business partners, supply chain management, and more. Check out this white paper to learn how data is transforming retail.

  • The Little Book of Big Success with Snowflake: Technology

    Since companies live and die with their ability to storage and use data, it’s more important than ever for you to choose the right data solutions. Read on to learn how Snowflake is able to help you scale your storage up and down, integrate data quickly and safely, run analytics on a variety of data formats, and more.

  • The Little Book of Big Success with Snowflake: Advertising, Media, and Entertainment

    Perhaps no industry has more to gain from data collection than advertising, media and entertainment. But how can businesses use data to create insight in a timely manner without violating government regulations like the GDPR or CCPA? Check out this white paper to learn how to unlock the value of your data, quickly, with Snowflake.

  • Cloud Data Platforms for Dummies

    Data platforms are all the rage in data management and business intelligence these days; after all, who wouldn’t want a centralized system to organize, integrate, and analyze data on all at once? Check out this e book, Cloud Data Platforms for Dummies, to learn how to evaluate, select, and implement the right cloud data platform for your company.

  • 5 Ways Data is Redefining Financial Services

    While financial institutions have much to gain from leveraging customer data into insight, they’re also challenged by having some of the strictest regulations. Check out this white paper to learn how data is changing the financial services industry, and why companies are now making corresponding investments in data management solutions.

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