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  • Bitdefender Security Operations Center

    The Bitdefender’s Security Operations Center (SOC), based in San Antonio, Texas is home to a team of security experts representing all essential cybersecurity skillsets, working around the clock to detect and respond to security incidents. Learn more about the benefits of the Bitdefender’s SOC by watching this brief video.

  • Kansas public finance corporation keeps out ransomware with ease

    KDFA was infected with ransomware 6 times in a 6- to 8-month period, and all prior solutions lacked effective remediation capabilities. Step in Bitdefender. Access this case study to learn how KDFA keeps out ransomware with ease and stops breaches before they impact operations

  • Bitdefender Managed Detection and Response

    Managed detection and response (MDR) is one of the fastest growing areas in cybersecurity – and for good reason. Watch this short video for an exclusive overview of the key features and potential benefits of Bitdefender’s MDR offering.

  • Bitdefender Customer Solution Center

    This short video provides an exclusive look into Bitdefender’s Customer Solution Center, a resource designed to educate users on their specific security vulnerabilities and needs by providing them with a hands-on learning experience. Watch this video to learn more about the Customer Solution Center.

  • The Forrester Wave: Endpoint Security Software As a Service

    Forrester’s evaluation of endpoint security SaaS providers identified the 12 most significant ones to research, analyze and score based on 24 criterion. Download the report to learn how each provider measures up so that you can select the right one for your needs.

  • Securing Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Environments with Bitdefender GravityZone MSP Security

    Businesses and service providers struggle with security solutions not designed for the cloud and with ensuring unified protection policies and visibility across physical, private and public clouds. Watch this video to learn about the challenges around cloud workload protection and solution capabilities in-action.

  • SeSa bolsters security posture with advanced cybersecurity

    SeSa Group, one of Italy’s largest IT solutions and services providers, was experiencing frequent ransomware attacks, costing their cybersecurity department precious time, resources and effort. View this case study to learn how they applied endpoint detection and response (EDR) to shut down ransomware and achieve greater visibility.

  • Case Study: Luton and Dunstable University Hospital

    When the WannaCry ransomware attack swept the globe, IT staff at L&D manually shut down external links, deploy patches and run intensive scans. Today, L&D uses Bitdefender GravityZone Enterprise to protect its infrastructure. Read this case study to learn about 3 major results, solution features, accelerating your cloud strategy and more.

  • Business Case Study: Magrabi

    Magrabi Hospitals and Centers, a major healthcare provider in Saudi Arabia, considered hiring additional security operations employees to provide 24x7 monitoring. Read this case study to learn why, instead, they outsourced to a managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) to get more comprehensive protection.

  • The Radicati Group: Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection 2021 Market Quadrant

    The average cost of a data breach is now nearly 4 million dollars, and according to a recent study, the sophisticated capabilities of APTs and their lack of discrimination toward company size are key concerns worldwide. This white paper includes an analysis of top 12 APT solution vendors, APT offerings and more. Read on to get started.

  • Removing security constraints on cloud and data center efficiency

    Balancing cloud protection, performance and efficiency has become paramount in today’s rapidly evolving data center environment. More specifically, security remains the top challenge for complex hybrid & multi-cloud environments. Read this e-book for a guide to starting the journey to efficient cloud workload security.

  • Unified Endpoint Prevention, Detection, Response and Risk Analytics

    GravityZone Ultra is the first solution to offer protection integrated with low overhead EDR, endpoint and user behavior risk analytics in a single agent, single console architecture. Access the solution brief to learn how GravityZone Ultra can help you reduce the endpoint attack surface, avoid breaches, and more.

  • Creditsafe earns high scores for hybrid cybersecurity

    Given its attractive nature to cybercriminals, protecting sensitive financial information has become paramount.Tap into this case study to discover how Creditsafe protects highly sensitive financial data across their endpoints and data centers.

  • IRSAP fires up cybersecurity protectionand efficiency

    Tap into this case study to learn how an Italian HVAC manufacturer blocks malware attacks, reduces frequency of PC upgrades and replacements, and streamlines security administration.

  • GravityZone Security for Containers

    Bitdefender GravityZone Security for Containers is a platform-agnostic, security solution for containers and Linux that combines server extended EDR with advanced Linux exploit detection, and attack forensics. Access the data sheet to learn more about Bitdefender’s container and cloud-native workload protection, detection and response capabilities.

  • Dissecting a Chinese APT Targeting South Eastern Asian Government Institutions

    When monitoring for activity of APT groups in the Asian region, Bitdefender researchers found signs of a complex and targeted espionage attack on potential government sector victims in Southeast Asia. Download the full report to learn more.


    A security solution in an application and desktop virtualization environment must have the least impact possible. This white paper will walk you through why security solutions affect application and desktop virtualization and help you select the right solution. Read on to get started.

  • Case Study: LTE Group

    LTE group, a learning service provider, knew that replacing their legacy phone system with Skype VoIP would be a big change. They didn’t, however, expect their Skype deployment to become infected, causing the quality of sessions to be reduced or disconnecting them altogether. This case study details how LTE group reduced their threats to zero.

  • A practical guide to effective container security

    Containers exist to help organizations improve efficiency and lower total cost of ownership for business workloads. However, as containers evolve, the decisions that need to be made regarding hosting, running and securing them evolve alongside. Download this guide to explore best practices for securing your containerized environments.

  • Case Study: Barnsley Council

    Barnsley Council, a local government authority in South Yorkshire, U.K., had put up with a security product whose weekly security scans would slow productivity to a halt. What’s more – it was unable to stand up to ransomware attacks. Read this case study to learn how Bitdefender’s layered approach gave Barnsley an upper hand in security.


    Cyberthreats have become increasingly difficult to detect as their activity can masquerade as routine behavior in your environment. Where advanced threat prevention fails, endpoint detection and response (EDR) may be your savior. Download this e-book to learn 4 benefits of EDR vs. a typical security solution.

  • Case Study: Louis

    Europe’s #1 retailer of motorcycle gear streamlines PCI DSS compliance with retail data security regulations and prevents security outbreaks. Read the case study to learn how Bitdefender helped them throughout this process.

  • Bitdefender Managed Detection & Response Service

    Security continues to increase in risk and importance for businesses globally. So, how can Bitdefender MDR service help? Bitdefender MDR service is delivered by combining industry-leading cybersecurity for endpoints, plus network and security analytics, with threat-hunting expertise. Read on to learn more about Bitdefender MDR.

  • Business Case Study: Energizer

    Energizer shields infrastructure from advanced threats, cuts time devoted to incident response by 50%, and streamlines patch compliance. Dive into the case study to find out how.

  • Endpoint Detection and Response

    Personal data records belonging to more than 4 billion people were affected by the top 10 data breaches alone in the last decade. So, what can be done? Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is built to neutralize these breaches before they happen. Access the white paper to learn more.

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