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  • Hedvig Storage for the Cloud

    Moving to the cloud is easier than ever with the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform. Watch this video to get a brief overview of the platform and to learn it can benefit your business, as well.

  • How Hedvig Is Re-architecting Software-defined Storage

    Software-defined storage (SDS) is now capable of communicating with multiple clouds, data centers, and apps to adapt to the evolving data landscape. Tune into this video to find out how.

  • Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform Technical and Architectural Overview White Paper

    Software-defined storage has emerged as a solution to store, protect, and replicate data across any number of private and/or public cloud data centers. Open this whitepaper to learn more about one such solution.

  • Integrating Hedvig with Rancher-managed Kubernetes Clusters

    The following document outlines how to integrate Hedvig's software-defined storage (SDS) with Rancher-managed Kubernetes clusters to enable persistent storage for stateful applications in those clusters.

  • VM-aware Software-defined Storage for VMware

    This resource reviews a VM-aware software-defined storage system built to simplify storage provisioning and management for VMware vSphere environments. Read on to see how it works, view the top 7 features, and learn how it may simplify your company's virtual environment management.

  • Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform: The Prescient Alternative to Data Domain

    This paper digs into Data Domain's shortcomings and highlights 6 advantages software-defined storage (SDS) has over Data Domain. Read on to examine these benefits and to view a head-to-head, 13-criteria comparison of the Hedvig SDS platform against Data Domain.

  • Running Stateful Containers with Kubernetes

    Inside this 22-page guide, learn how to select and build out storage groundwork that can support persistent, stateful Kubernetes containers – keeping container environments as scalable as possible in the process.

  • The Future of Storage: A Universal Data Plane

    What if there was a way to manage data across any tier, any workload, and any cloud? This paper will show you how to do so by establishing a universal data plane with software-defined storage. Read on to make simpler multi-cloud and cross-cloud data management a reality in your organization.

  • Software-Defined Storage for Backup and Recovery

    This resource outlines a software-defined storage system built to deliver elastic, resilient storage for backup and recovery operations. Download now to see how this system utilizes commodity server infrastructure and cloud instances to form a dynamically scalable, hybrid, backup storage system.

  • LKAB Case Study

    Read on to learn how LKAB overcame their disk space issues and can now keep pace with changing business requirements with a software-defined storage solution that takes advantage of LKAB's Cisco UCS hardware to deliver elastic block, file, and object storage.

  • Hedvig OpenStorage Plugin for Veritas NetBackup

    In this paper, you'll learn about a distributed, software-defined storage system that provides elastic and resilient performance designed to support multi-site backup and DR operations. Read on for the full benefit set, including how it easily integrates with Veritas NetBackup.

  • Case Study: Pittsburg State University and Hedvig

    Join PSU on their journey as they worked through their aging SAN issues to successfully build out a new DR plan with a 3-site, distributed Hedvig storage environment that contains object storage capabilities, backup integration, container support, and hybrid-cloud/multi-cloud support.

  • Six Considerations When Evaluating Hybrid Cloud

    Click into this quick guide to learn the six major considerations your enterprise should use to evaluate the viability of a hybrid cloud strategy within your organization, from assessing agility demands to chewing over possible expenditure concerns.

  • Backup Tool Kit

    This paper describes 5 things you can do to proactively minimize data center downtime. Included also is a rundown of a storage platform that integrates with your data protection software to deliver elastic backup and recovery utilizing commodity server infrastructure and cloud instances. Read on here.

  • Datasheet: Hedvig Backup Appliances

    With the support for all major backup applications, download this datasheet for Hedvig's backup appliances' features and technical specifications, including their ability to scale from as small as 3 nodes and 1 site and up to 1000 nodes in 100s of sites, and to utilize all major cloud provider instances.

  • 4 Options for Architecting Hybrid Cloud Storage

    The checklist included in this resource outlines four architectural options for establishing hybrid cloud storage in your organization. Each option also highlights which software-defined storage capabilities you'll need to successfully implement that hybrid strategy. Read on to view them.

  • How to Find a Digital Transformation-Ready Backup Target

    In this white paper, learn about a software-defined-storage architecture that can be used as a backup target for today's high availability systems.

  • Software-defined vs. Traditional Storage and the Blurring of Private and Public Clouds

    In this expert guide, SearchCloudStorage joins Avinash Lakshman, CEO and founder of Hedvig Inc, to demonstrate the flexibility achieved by employing a self-service public cloud provider that uses replication- and erasure coding-based storage. Read on to learn if replication-based SDS is more affordable than traditional storage.

  • What you should know: Hot data backup techniques and trends

    One of the new data backup techniques fundamentally changing the way people recover from a storage system failure is recovery-in-place. Discover best use cases and how to fully leverage recovery-in-place. Read on to learn six more business continuity management system trends shaping the industry.

  • Backup target features expand use cases and evolve for better data protection

    Disk-based backup targets have evolved to become far more than just cheap disk arrays. It is vital to understand the different capabilities these systems can offer. In this guide discover new features such as in-place recovery - that allows a virtual machine to instantiate its data store directly from an appliance.

  • Software-Defined Storage Is Now Better Than Ever

    Offering off-site storage easily accessible from a single point, software-defined storage may be what's needed to wrangle in the data sprawl. In this eGuide, learn about a new software-defined storage system that provides data management across all clouds and 3rd parties.

  • Understanding VM-aware Storage Options

    This expert e-Guide takes a closer look at VM-aware storage options that can simplify the provisioning and deployment of virtual machines. Read on to learn about how to meet the requirements for VM-aware storage, and see if it's a good fit for your organization.

  • Improving Business Continuity with a Virtual DR Strategy

    This expert e-Guide examines how you can improve business continuity with an effective virtual disaster recovery strategy. Learn how to craft a solid virtual DR strategy and discover key tips and advice to help you get started today.

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