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  • Guide to Zero Trust for Financial Services Organizations

    Traditional security and implicit trust are no longer viable for financial institutions. Security teams are under pressure to provide adequate security that meets compliance requirements and customer needs. In this white paper, learn about zero-trust and see why top industry executives are adopting this approach. Read on to learn more.

  • Guide to Zero Trust for Healthcare Organizations

    Healthcare organizations can no longer implicitly trust the users, devices and applications on their networks. This is the concept behind the move towards Zero Trust. In this guide, learn how healthcare organizations can design and implement Zero Trust architectures around the key concepts of network and data visibility.

  • TLS Versions: North-South and East-West Web Traffic Analysis

    The wide adoption of SSL/TLS — not only for public internet traffic, but for internal east-west traffic as well — underscores the criticality for inspecting encrypted traffic. In this report, explore key findings from Gigamon’s study of 275 billion HTTP and HTTPS live network flows.

  • Guide to Zero Trust for Federal Agencies

    Cyberattacks targeting federal agencies are growing in both volume and complexity, and existing tactics are unable to protect these networks. To meet rising threats, security leaders are adopting a zero-trust model, a concept that states that users, devices and apps can’t be trusted without authentication. Read on to learn more.

  • 7 Insights into Today’s Network Monitoring and Management Approaches

    Managing today’s complex networks isn’t an easy task to navigate. In this infographic, explore 7 monitoring and management trends and challenges network operations executives are experiencing today.

  • Federal Agency Turns to SAIC for Cybersecurity Resiliency

    A large U.S. federal agency brought in SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) to assess and revamp their aged network security infrastructure. Learn how the SAIC team brought new security tools into the agency’s infrastructure and helped improve their security posture and network operations.

  • Security at the Speed of Your Network

    Read “Security at the Speed of Your Network” to learn how to use an architectural approach that improves security posture and reduces costs without painful compromises on performance.

  • Understanding the Value of Application-Aware Network Operations

    Achieving application-level visibility is hard. What’s needed are application-aware network packet brokers to reduce the overhead on packet inspection by delivering only relevant data to tools. Download the EMA report, “Understanding the Value of Application-Aware Network Operations” to learn more about the benefits of true application visibility.

  • Why Should I Care About SSL/TLS Decryption?

    On the heels of the Equifax breach, we are reminded of the importance of efficient decryption for effective threat detection. In this webcast, Druce McFarlane, Director of Product Management at Gigamon, discusses how TLS/SSL encryption has become a threat vector, and how to make sure your detection tools are working at their greatest capacity.

  • Gigamon Industry Brief: Enterprise

    Network performance and security are vital elements of any business. With the added complexity of distributed network architectures, full visibility is necessary to ensure continued high performance and security. In this brief, learn how Gigamon Visibility Platform can help balance the needs for network efficiency and security.

  • Test and Deploy New Cybersecurity Technologies Faster

    With new threats emerging every day, IT organizations need to frequently introduce new cybersecurity tools and technologies. In this brief, learn how GigaSECURE Security Delivery Platform can help dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to test and deploy new security technologies and tools.

  • Financial Services: How to Achieve the Proper Network Visibility

    In this white paper, learn about the Gigamon Visibility Platform and how it enables financial services firms to build an effective network security infrastructure, maximize tool efficiency without compromising network resiliency, and ensure compliance with strict industry mandates.

  • How to Choose a Next-Generation Network Packet Broker with Confidence

    Download this brief infographic for a checklist of features to look for when choosing a next-generation network packet broker.

  • Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Gigamon

    Download ESG's report, "Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Gigamon," to see how Gigamon reduces false positives by 70%, decreases the cost of security personnel by 50% and eliminates redundant systems. See why ESG believes Gigamon is a critical tool for security success in today's digital age. Read more now!

  • How To Strengthen Security While Optimizing Network Performance

    Download "How to Strengthen Security While Optimizing Network Performance" to see how next-generation network packet brokers (NGNPBs) mitigate security tool sprawl, simplify IT management and improve network availability.

  • Guide to full network visibility and SSL/TLS decryption

    Download the new Definitive Guide™ to Next-Generation Network Packet Brokers to learn why you should shift your infrastructure strategy to include NGNPBs, which offer new, expanded feature sets that simplify your architecture, realize the true ROI of your security tools and give you visibility into critical security threats.

  • Network Architecture with Security in Mind

    Download the SANS whitepaper "Network Architecture with Security in Mind" and learn about a new security approach that relies on pervasive visibility to send the right data to the right tools that are already in place, rather than adding more performance-hindering layers of security.

  • The Surprising Ways that Inline Bypass Helps Protect Network Operations

    In this white paper, learn about inline bypass and how it can help remove failure points by automatically distributing traffic to the right security tools, keeping both traffic and protection up and running. Find out how you can maximize threat prevention, security resilience and network uptime.

  • The Benefits of Conducting a Network Security Overview

    By preventing rogue projects from proliferating, and adopting a holistic approach to security, you can begin to prove the value of the security team. Access this e-guide to learn more about the benefits of conducting security overviews of every enterprise initiative and tightening up your enterprise's cybersecurity practices.

  • How Application Session Filtering Improves Your Organization

    Learn how application session filtering allows you better visibility to boost security and simplify management.

  • How to Enable Real-Time Threat Protection

    Discover how a new security solution enables scalable threat protection and adaptable traffic visibility.

  • Traffic Visibility and IPS for Continuous Monitoring

    Find out how the best next-gen intrusion prevention system ensures uptime while monitoring for threats.

  • SSL Decryption: Uncovering The New Infrastructure Blind Spot

    SSL is vital but it limits visibility for monitoring. Find out how to build trusted cloud services and SSL connections.

  • 5 Key Design Principles for Security Professionals

    Learn the best ways to ensure your design allows you to monitor today's increasingly complex networks and critical data.

  • Enhanced Security for Virtual Server Infrastructure

    Architects need to see into virtual server environments. Learn to enable access to packet-level virtual traffic detail.

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