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  • Government Amazon antitrust inquiries scrutinize market dominance

    There are 2 sides to Amazon: the well-known consumer-facing side, and the AWS side. The 2 have 1 thing in common: monopoly. In fact, this September, Congress and the FTC stepped in to assess Amazon’s control over different markets. This article delves into what federal repercussions for Amazon could look like. Read the article now to learn more.

  • AWS Security Faces Challenges After a Decade of Dominance

    After a decade of dominating the public cloud market and influencing cloud security, AWS is faced with new challenges stemming from old problems and increasing competition. In this article, security expert Rob Wright highlights everything you need to know about AWS security’s road ahead.

  • Amazon's growth strategy could target 5 key markets

    Thanks to Amazon Prime, you only need to plan 2 days ahead. The company itself, though, requires a bit more time planning than that. It’s hard to predict where Amazon plans to go next. This article examines Amazon’s growth strategy, specifically the 5 key markets the company is likely to target in the future. Read the article here to learn more.

  • Amazon healthcare strategy is built on pilot projects

    In this article, learn about Amazon’s healthcare venture known as Haven, and how their entrance into the healthcare sector fits into their broader company goals.

  • How Amazon HR Influences Hiring Trends

    Amazon recently reached the 750,000 employee mark. As the company gets larger, so does its potential to shape wages and hiring. Read this article to learn how Amazon has—and will continue to—influence hiring trends.

  • Amazon Stores Struggle to Move from the Cloud to Solid Ground

    Looking for new kingdoms to conquer, Amazon is aggressively moving into physical retail locations. This time the e-commerce giant may face tougher competition. Learn about the struggles Amazon is facing as they move from the cloud to solid ground in this article.

  • AWS Storage Changes the Game Inside, Outside Data Centers

    Read this custom resource to learn the about long-term influence of Amazon storage centers on S3 API for object systems and how AWS’s impact on pricing, data durability, and IT infrastructure planning and decision-making.

  • AWS AI tools Focus on Developers

    Inside this article from, take a closer look at Amazon’s latest suite of developer-focused AI tools and services, including tools like SageMaker designed for use by newcomers to machine learning development.

  • AWS Seeks Niche in the Cloud UC Market

    In this resource, learn how AWS could play a bigger role in the cloud UC market in 2020 and beyond by targeting developers and existing AWS customers.

  • How Amazon Customer Experience Became E-Commerce Standard

    Amazon made personalization, one-click shopping, quick shipping and easy returns de facto standards for all B2C and now, B2B businesses. Read this article to learn how the company did it, and what's next.

  • Amazon Supply Chain Model Disrupts Entire Industry

    Amazon has conditioned consumers to get goods as quickly as possible, which has affected the global supply chain industry from top to bottom, including inventory management and logistics. Find out exactly how Amazon has impacted—and transformed—the supply chain in this article.

  • How to Measure and Cut AWS Costs

    This expert e-guide explores different cost management tools for Amazon Web Services (AWS) so that you can track, manage, and cut costs effectively.

  • Sizing Up the AWS Storage Options

    Amazon cloud storage is offered in range of classes and at a range of prices. Evaluate the options before committing data.

  • Untangling DevOps in AWS

    The DevOps model is gaining popularity, and adopting DevOps in AWS is a tantalizing prospect. Using DevOps, there are many perks in AWS, continuous integration and continuous delivery among them. Access our expert guide to incorporating DevOps with AWS and map out your strategy.

  • Making an Instance Decision

    There are plenty of options when picking an AWS instance type, each one purposed differently. It will benefit your workflow to understand which instance type suits your application's needs.

  • The Benefits of Monitoring AWS Performance

    AWS may be a public service, but with AWS performance monitoring, you can ensure it's properly servicing your business. Using AWS monitoring tools, crucial information can be gained on what's going right and wrong. Access this expert guide to learn how to make the most of your AWS tools and find the insights you need.

  • Ensure You're Secure

    Securing AWS requires a cooperative effort. Amazon will safeguard the infrastructure, but users need to be vigilant about protecting applications and data in the cloud.

  • The Best Plan to Avoid the Worst Outcome

    A disaster recovery plan in AWS requires a close look at availability zones, load balancing, secondary sites and testing.

  • Your Role in AWS Security

    This handbook features how AWS's IAM capabilities, particularly the ability to create groups, form the basis for a secure AWS access policy. Plus, uncover FAQs about AWS security as cloud expert Dan Sullivan examines the role OS's can play in bolstering the security of an AWS environment.

  • Tapping into the Growing AWS Ecosystem

    This expert handbook explores the various types of businesses that comprise the Amazon network of partners, including the differences between standard and advanced levels. Read on to learn about several cloud architects use of software development kits (SDKs) and examine the approaches a business might take when engaging an AWS integrator.

  • Managing AWS Costs

    Access this exclusive e-book to discover tools to help monitor, analyze, and optimize your AWS cloud costs and find out key facts to keep in mind when trying to economically run AWS resources. Also, examine tactics to help gain an understanding of application capacity requirements in order to help determine cloud costs.

  • Why the Cloud Puts the Need for DevOps in Overdrive

    In this guide, you'll uncover expert tips for getting everyone on board with cloud DevOps within your organization. In addition, read on to learn how AWS tools can enable you to address the security concerns that accompany DevOps.

  • Effective Approaches to AWS Cloud Monitoring

    Monitoring performance in AWS may require something beyond native tools such as CloudWatch.

  • AWS billing prompts use of third-party cloud cost analysis tools

    This e-guide highlights how companies, such as Cloudyn Ltd., help companies identify spending patterns and create financial forecasts to keep the financial planning process under control. Learn more about how big data analytics can help consolidate AWS billing accounts.

  • Sorting Storage Options on AWS

    Sorting through AWS Data Storage options is no small task. With a little background, however, you can successfully -- and securely -- choose the right option for your company.

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