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  • 5 Reasons Why Marketing Automation Software Implementations Fail

    Marketing automation can be a game-changer when it comes to driving conversions and improving ROI. But, it's not as simple as implementing a strong platform. Read this resource for 5 common obstacles to successful marketing automation implementation—and how to overcome them.

  • Marketing Personalization Strategies You Might Be Missing

    The entry point for revenue-driving personalization isn't as hard to reach as you might think—if you have a website, a CRM tool and an adaptive marketing platform, then you have a wide array of marketing personalization opportunities available. Read this resource to learn more.

  • How AI Will Change Marketing in 2019

    Read this white paper to learn about the 5 P's of artificial intelligence, and better understand why this technology can bring big ROI when implemented into daily marketing efforts.

  • How to Use Segmentation and Automated Programs for Better Results

    According to the 2018 B2B Lead Gen Outlook, engaging prospects and converting them to sales remains to be one of the biggest challenges for marketers. Read this resource to learn how combining audience segmentation and marketing automation can pave the way for lead nurturing campaigns that deliver actual results.

  • Why You Should Invest in Marketing as a Service

    Read this resource to learn why you may want to consider investing in Marketing-as-a-Service to help target your most responsive audience with intelligent, personalized marketing automation.

  • Co-Marketing Relationships Guaranteed to Expand Your Reach

    Co-marketing is when two or more companies team-up to communicate with their distinct audiences in a collaborative fashion—and it is an extremely lucrative marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes. Read this resource to learn why if you don't have co-marketing strategies planned for this year, you could be missing out—and how to remedy this.

  • What's in an Email? Great Email Content Leads to Great Engagement

    What often makes a great piece of standalone content doesn't necessarily work in email form, resulting in poor deliverability and engagement. Read this resource to learn 5 best practices that can improve your email conversion rates.

  • How and Why to Move from an ESP to Marketing Automation

    For many businesses, email service providers can help realize short-term marketing goals by driving leads from blanket audiences—but for those looking to get higher conversion rates, it may be time to delve into marketing automation. Read this blog post to learn why marketing automation could be the next step in your email campaign strategy.

  • Act-On's Adaptive Sending vs. HubSpot's Smart Sending

    Automated emailing can work well for lead generation—but, imagine a more adaptive strategy that learns what time your recipients are most likely to open and engage with an email. View these resources to get a better understanding of adaptive email technology, and 7 steps to setting up your next lead nurture campaign.

  • Examining the Impact of GDPR One Year In

    Read this GDPR breakdown to learn what you could be missing, and how Act-On marketing automation can help improve email deliverability and protect customer data.

  • Joyride experiences a 200% increase in leads in one month with Act-On

    Read this case study to learn why Joyride Coffee's Marketing Director decided Act-On would be the CRM and marketing automation solution they needed to reach new sales lead heights.

  • Act-On Helps Ultimo Software Solutions Rev Up Their Demand Engine and Transform Their Marketing

    Read this case study to learn how the implementation of marketing automation technologies led this company to see increased click-through rates by more than 5% YOY.

  • Attraction 101: Content Marketing

    Intelligent content marketing establishes many profit opportunities throughout the entire customer journey—not the least of which is lead generation. Read this white paper to learn 3 ways to use content marketing to generate leads and fill your sales funnel.

  • Got CRM? Why You Need Marketing Automation Too

    Why marketing automation and CRM pair perfectlyRead this white paper to learn how to empower marketing and sales to collaborate for smarter decision-making regarding where to invest precious resources and how to validate activities that raise bottom line with marketing automation.

  • State of Marketing Automation Report

    Despite the increasing interest in and use of marketing automation software in recent years, there has been a surprising lack of research around how and why marketers are using these platforms—until now. Read this report for results of a massive 2019 marketers survey surrounding popular marketing automation tech and how it's being utilized.

  • Optimize the Customer Journey

    With top-performing companies being 50% more likely to optimize their customer experience, it is clear that investing effort and resources into your current customers can positively impact your bottom line—read this white paper to learn how.

  • Making Marketing Automation a Reality

    Read this e-book to learn the many benefits of marketing automation and how you can use it to unify your current marketing tools and reduce repetitive maintenance workloads.

  • Boost Website Content Engagement with Personalized Content Recommendations

    Read this white paper to learn how personalization bridges the gaps in customer engagement that segmentation strategies could not fill and how you can capitalize on this burgeoning technology to improve website customer engagement.

  • Marketing Automation Strategy: The Complete Guide

    Marketing automation is a tremendously powerful tool that can transform and improve the impact of your marketing efforts when leveraged to its fullest potential. Read this e-book for best practices in marketing automation—using Act-On as an example—and how to get the most from this highly beneficial technology.

  • Email Deliverability: It Starts with Strategy

    Most marketers know that sending one-off emails to an entire database will not deliver results—and worse, it can negatively impact customer experience and potentially damage your brand. Read this white paper to learn how to develop an intelligent email marketing strategy that utilizes segmentation to target the right audience at the right time.

  • Marketing Automation Software Buying Considerations

    In this exclusive e-guide, explore the major issues organizations face during the search for marketing automation tools, and get expert advice for marketers before rolling out multichannel marketing automation software.

  • 5 Ways Marketing Automation Can Optimize & Grow Your Business

    Many marketing teams are touting the benefits of a marketing automation platform. But many CEOs and other executives are still wondering, "What's the urgency? Is marketing automation really worth the investment?" Find out the answers to those questions in this informative white paper.

  • Best Practices For Setting Up a Lead Nurturing Program

    In this report, Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing and his fellow thought leaders demystify lead nurturing, offering best practices that you can follow when developing your own winning program.

  • Best Practices for a Lead Management Strategy

    Well-executed, lead management strategies can produce significant savings, reduce time spent in the funnel, and bring sales and marketing into closer concert -- so what constitutes a solid lead management strategy?

  • 6 Best Practices for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

    A content marketing strategy doesn't create itself. It's the result of clear intention, careful planning, and focused execution. These six best practices can help you develop and deploy effective strategies for content marketing across all channels and buying cycles.

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