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  • Increasing operational efficiency with monitoring best practices

    Many managed service providers are battling with higher headcounts, downtime and time spent on laborious manual processes. Read this white paper for a guide to unlocking automation, monitoring and next-gen capabilities that address these challenges to improve your efficiency and service delivery.

  • Monitoring & automation: a primer for MSPs

    Evolving market needs, employee attrition, outages, lack of resources, cyberattacks and increasingly complex hybrid infrastructures all present new challenges to managed service providers (MSPs). Read this e-book to learn how monitoring and IT

  • LogicMonitor Video 1 Client Onboarding Demo

    LogicMonitor provides strong capabilities for MSPs, from automated client onboarding to role-based access controls. Watch this 10-minute client onboarding demo to discover how LogicMonitor decreases contract time to value, improves security and device management, and helps you comanage environments with your own customers.

  • The Next-Gen Managed Service Provider

    AIOps and automation technologies are a chance for MSPs to futureproof their businesses. But adoption seems to be lagging in this industry, with MSP leaders estimating that an average of 41% of their relevant business processes have not been automated. Access this e-book to learn how 600 MSP leaders are addressing challenges with automation.

  • Automate Your MSP into the Next Generation

    LogicMonitor helps MSPs deploy faster thanks to a cloud-based SaaS model, monitor more with comprehensive coverage via a single pane of glass, and automate more with integrated workflows and out-of-the-box automation options. Tune into this webinar to learn more about the benefits of automation for MSPs and discover how LogicMonitor can help.

  • LogicMonitor Video 2 MSP AlOps Demo

    Monitoring is critical for MSPs if they want to make sure their clients are getting the best possible performance from their service providers. Tune into this short demo to learn how LogicMonitor enables intelligent, automated monitoring with features including dynamic thresholds, root cause analysis, forecasting, and much more.

  • MSP Architecture Demo

    LogicMonitor is a SaaS-based infrastructure performance health and monitoring tool, optimized to meet the needs of MSPs. Check out this 15-minute peek into LogicMonitor’s workflow integrations, custom dashboards, and monitoring capabilities to learn how you can take your service to the next level with the right IT tools.

  • Reduce Costs + Accelerate Workflows with LM Intelligence

    LogicMonitor’s LM Intelligence is designed to help make MSPs more efficient and more secure. This webinar will walk you through the practical applications of their monitoring service, including the LogicMonitor Early Warning system and AI-powered log anomaly detection. Tune in today to discover how LogicMonitor can improve your business.

  • Empowering Next-Gen MSPs with AIOps

    As cloud managed services deals require more hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities from the provider, MSPs need to focus on somehow expanding their IT operations support to complex cloud environments without significantly increasing costs. Enter AIOps. Read on to learn how this infrastructure management approach is solving cloud MSP headaches.

  • The Value of Monitoring

    Monitoring and observability grant you the power to detect problems quickly—and address them even faster. In this E-Guide, access 3 exclusive articles and explore how you can master containerized microservices monitoring.

  • SaaS vs. Premise-based Monitoring: 9 Reasons Why SaaS Makes More Sense

    Access this resource for the 9 benefits of SaaS, and to find out why server and network monitoring is ideal for a cloud-based model.

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