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  • Embedding Logi

    Logi Analytics offers an embedded analytics platform for developers and product teams.The product is built to be embedded in commercial and enterprise applications; thecompletely customizable user interface (UI) can be configured to align with customer branding and logos for seamless integration within the parent application.

  • "Is data the new oil?"

    Your organization may generate large amounts of data every day, but do you have the software capabilities to get value from it? Compare your options.

  • The Rise of Web Apps: Choosing The Right Platform that Focuses on BI

    Information-based web applications are becoming more and more prominent in today's marketplace. Organizations are scrambling to find ways to create, deploy, and manage these web apps in a cost-effective and efficient manner. This brief video introduces one possible web app management system.

  • Dashboard Design 101

    From choosing the right visualization to using space and colors wisely, this resource is your one-stop shop to learning your dashboard essentials.

  • Who is logi ?

    Access this brief video to discover one platform that caters to businesses considering self-service analytics. Find out the capabilities such a system can provide, and what benefits your company could see.

  • Top Ten Best Practices in Embeded Analytics

    Access this resource for the top 10 reasons why embedded analytics will bolster your existing business applications, and see real ways your operations can benefit from such insights.

  • Video Case Study: Baker Tilly Enhances Client Portal with Strategic Reporting

    This video case study reveals how Revas, the outsourcing arm of accounting and consulting firm Baker Tilly, found BI success with a strategic reporting tool, enabling the company to enhance its client portal, reduce client take on costs, and more.

  • Analytics Case Study: Baker Tilly Revas Finds Reporting Success

    This brief case study reveals how the right analytics tool allowed Revas, the outsourcing arm of accounting and consulting firm Baker Tilly, to upgrade reporting and enhance its client portal.

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