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  • Powering Growth and Innovation in a Hybrid Cloud World

    In this e-book, find out why having a data management strategy for hybrid cloud is a critical business need today.

  • Enabling Data Autonomy for a Modern, Real-time Enterprise

    Hybrid or multi-cloud database frameworks are becoming more common and there's good reason for this, but with too much cloud reliance comes the risk of brand lock-in. Read this white paper to learn how an always active database solution can help keep your mass pools of data your own.

  • The Power of an Active Everywhere Database

    A RDBMS just doesn't support the same level of scalability as a DDBMS, and if you want your company to expand – then you need to be prepared for your future data management needs. Read this white paper to learn why your RDBMS can't scale in the same ways a DDBMS can.

  • Introduction to the Active Everywhere Database

    Modern data as a result of digital transformation comes in rapidly and unstructured, and requires a DBMS that can hold up to this strain. Read this white paper for a more detailed explanation of the improvements a DDBMS can have on your unstructured data management.

  • Why Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy is Not Enough

    In this article, find out why enterprises should recognize the need for a hybrid database strategy focused on connecting distributed data sources inside a hybrid IT environment, including cloud, on-prem, and even third-party data – and why ignoring it can leave a lasting business impact.

  • Big Data: Beyond the Hype

    Despite what some technology vendors might have you believe, big data isn't limited to data warehouse scenarios. This resource examines the growing prevalence of big data and explains how leading organizations are using all of this information to drive business success.

  • Introduction to Apache Cassandra

    The following white paper provides an overview of Cassandra and details how it differs from traditional database solutions. Uncover how this massively scalable NoSQL database offers more than just a solution to data, and most importantly, learn if this solution is right for you and your organization.

  • Implementing a NoSQL Strategy

    Access this white paper to uncover key reasons why enterprises are turning to NoSQL solutions. Discover an implementation strategy, and how this shift could truly benefit you and your organization as well.

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