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  • Multi-Factor Authentication with Azure: EasySecurity OnePassword

    Enabling multi-factor authentication can easily bolster security capabilities, while still taking advantage of the unified logon benefits of Azure AD Connect. In this step-by-step guide, learn how to navigate the configuration stages of an Office 365 SSO+MFA scenario with Azure.

  • How to Backup Customer Data to Azure

    This white paper explores a backup service you can use to backup and restore customer data directly into the Azure cloud. Click inside to find everything you need to get started with this service, from creating a recovery service vault to performing restorations of deleted data, and more.

  • State of the U.S. Cloud Channel: Revenue, Product Trends, and More

    Within this channel report, learn how to better leverage the cloud within your product offerings and how to reevaluate your cloud strategy to properly capitalize on future growth, featuring actionable insights on areas from sales planning to resource allocation.

  • 9 Myths About Moving to the Cloud

    Your small or medium sized businesses might be skeptical about moving to the cloud, expressing concerns about data security or blowing off its benefits as overstated. Click to learn how to debunk some of the most common myths associated with the cloud and Office 365.

  • Microsoft's Trusted Partner In Transformation

    Are you doing everything you can to deliver maximum value to your customers? The key lies within the vendor you choose. Click to read more about how to take steps to ensure your "as-a-service" success, and how to empower your cloud services lifecycle through the world's largest cloud ecosystem.

  • Top 10 benefits & gains of IaaS

    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will replace on-premises hardware in the coming years. Download this white paper to take a look at the top ten benefits of IaaS and see how your customers can benefit.

  • Understanding End-Users: The Future of the Cloud

    Harnessing the cloud can be an easy gateway to competitive advantage for businesses today. Yet barriers to adoption such as security concerns, pricing, and a lack of knowledge about cloud capabilities still exist. Click to learn more about these pain points with survey results from both cloud-end users and cloud resellers.

  • Empower Your Customer's Mailbox Migration Abilities

    The ability to move data quickly and seamlessly across organizations is crucial in the anywhere, anytime workforce of today. Click inside to learn about an automated cloud-based solution that empowers your customer's email platform of choice to do just that.

  • Pre-Migration Readiness for Office 365

    Access this Office 365 pre-migration assessment to determine if your infrastructure is compatible, and eliminate any surprises down the road.

  • Why Teams Use Dropbox Business With Microsoft Office 365

    Simplicity, productivity, security – these are the elements that businesses look for when seeking an integrated end-to-end collaboration solution for their workforce. In this white paper, learn more about the mobile productivity and collaboration platform that some of the leading companies turn to.

  • A Powerful Collaboration Platform for Your Business

    In today's business world, making sure your company offers mobility and accessibility is essential, as workforces come together from all corners of the globe. In this white paper, learn more about this powerful collaboration platform and how it can enhance your business's productivity.

  • The Cloud Service Model Explored

    SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS – what's the difference when it comes to your business? In this guide, get a birds-eye view over the features and capabilities of each of these service model options, and see what they can do to support your organization's cloud presence.

  • Get Quick & Easy Access to IT Staffing with IM Link

    This webcast covers an IT staffing service that will help fill in the holes in your understaffed IT department however you need it, and without breaking the bank.

  • Extend your Professional Services Capabilities with IM Virtualization Health Check

    This webcast covers the importance of having a trusted partner as you work your way through the professional service market. It also features information on a virtual environment health check process.

  • IM Wireless Network Assessment

    The need to protect your data and organization is now even more critical than before. Take a look at this brief white paper to learn how one company can help you secure your business.

  • Monitoring Physical Threats in the Modern Data Center

    Learn how your organization can protect against data center physical threats that can elude traditional monitoring methods. This paper outlines these threats and suggests approaches to deploying monitoring devices and reducing downtime.

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