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  • ABN AMRO and Nexus Lifecycle

    For a long time, development at ABN AMRO used a waterfall methodology. After a transition to DevOps, ABN AMRO wanted to take it one step further. In this resource, learn why they chose Nexus Lifecycle and Nexus Repository for open source monitoring and a binary artifact store.

  • Technology Insight for Software Composition Analysis

    In this exclusive Gartner report, learn how security and risk management teams can better account for open-source security. The report explores 5 key findings on open-source security and provides 4 concrete recommendations on where security leaders can start.

  • DevOps at ABN AMRO: Securing your Software Supply Chain

    Everyone has a software supply chain—even if you don’t call it that. In this resource, join Stefan Simenon, Head of Center of Expertise Software Development and Tooling at ABN AMRO, as he explores why the industry is so reliant on the software supply chain—and how your business can strengthen security across it.

  • Equifax Success in Security Transformation

    Access this case study to learn how Equifax achieved a security transformation through Sonatype Nexus Life cycle and Nexus Repository.

  • Top 10 Considerations When Selecting a Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Solution

    With so much at stake using open source code, it is important that you choose the perfect software composition analysis (SCA) solution for your needs. Access this white paper to learn the top 10 considerations when choosing an SCA solution.

  • The EDF Group with Nexus Lifecycle and IQ Server

    Open this case study to learn how one of the world’s largest generators of electricity was able to integrate open source security and license compliance into their DevOps process.

  • BNY Mellon | Pershing Upgrades DevOps Culture

    Startups may be able to quickly pivot their core business models or technology infrastructures, but established enterprises simply don’t have this luxury. In this case study, learn how Pershing was able to move towards the path of DevOps transformation that allows them to produce applications faster than ever.

  • Endress+Hauser and the Nexus Platform

    Take a look at this case study to learn how Endress+Hauser, a process automation company, worked with Sonatype to monitor application health for apps built with open source software.

  • State of the 2020 Software Supply Chain

    Check out Sonatype’s State of the Software Supply Chain Report to learn about open source security and governance trends for development teams, and what your team may need to change in order to remain as secure as possible.

  • Nexus Innovator: David Radford-Grant of Achievers

    DevOps can be challenging to manage and secure, but Nexus development tools are able to provide immediately recognizable benefits to organizations. It delivers high availability without intermittent outages or exorbitant pricing. Read this case study about an employee at an company called Achievers to learn more about the utility it can provide.

  • Bloomberg Industry Group Strengthens Their Software Supply Chain

    One of the most difficult parts of using open source software is having to search for vulnerabilities. But this process can be made easier through the improvement of open source governance. Read this case study to view an example of how Bloomberg Industry Group was able to secure their DevOps operations and pave the way for DevSecOps in doing so.

  • Your Application Is Mostly Written By Strangers

    Not all open source software is created equally. Watch this webinar to learn about an open source security solution that can help you scan open source code for vulnerabilities and mitigate them before any issues arise.

  • DevSecOps - A Journey in the Insurance Industry

    Watch this webinar to learn about an open source security tool that can help you to shift security left in your development process, as well as scan open source code for potential vulnerabilities before they hit.

  • Agile Transformation at TD Bank

    TD Bank’s application development organization followed a traditional waterfall approach until 2014. They recognized that they needed to modernize and embarked on an agile transformation. Learn how they were able to become agile quickly in this case study.

  • Trilliant, with Nexus Lifecycle, Helps Utility Companies Improve “Smart Cities”

    Open source code is always tempting to use as it cuts down heavily on tedious coding tasks, but unchecked open source code can bring security threats into your applications, as well as licensing issues, if not monitored constantly. Open this open source security case study to learn more.

  • Why Precision Matters in Managing Open Source Software

    You can’t protect what you can’t see. This basic tenet of security has been the focus for open source software as of late. Enter Nexus Intelligence and Advanced Binary Fingerprinting, two advanced security tools that offer more visibility into your open source code than ever before. Learn about the tools here.

  • Nexus Innovator

    DevSecOps is such a new and evolving practice that it is helpful to hear from someone who can articulate, “Yes. DevSecOps works in theory AND in practice.” In this guide, explore the four-part DevSecOps evolution and how organizations can practically apply these practices to foster innovation and quality development.

  • Automating Secure Software Development at Instinet

    The financial impact of software errors is hard to ignore. Even a small bug can have disastrous consequences in the financial district. Learn how to automate and secure your software development process in this video.

  • Integrating Security into a DevOps CI/CD Pipeline (Security At Scale)

    Watch this webinar to learn more about the shift left of security into the development process, how your organization can get started shifting left, and how this shift might impact developers’ day to day tasks.

  • Automating Secure Software Development at ASX

    In this video, follow along as ASX describes their journey to automating secure software development. Along the way, ASX used technologies such as Kubernetes, microservices, and continuous integration and development to maintain compliance, integrate security, and more. Discover the biggest challenges and the lessons learned from ASX’s journey.

  • 2020 DevSecOps Community Survey

    In the longest and largest survey of DevSecOps practices in the industry, Sonatype's 7th annual survey results are in. This time, they've surveyed 5,045 respondents from over 70 countries about DevOps maturity, job satisfaction, developer productivity, and more. Dive into the results here to explore the key findings.

  • Sonatype Nexus Lifecycle Review From A Customer

    Accuracy matters in security management. As it happens, security management at a reasonable cost matters quite a bit too. Luckily, select security platforms offer both. Sonatype’s Nexus Lifecycle ensures quality open source software security. Read how Sonatype helped one business improve their proactivity in this IT Central Station review.

  • Software Composition Analysis: Getting to the signal through the noise

    Software composition analysis (SCA) is back. But what is it, again? As innovation centers around open source software, security threats need to be assessed, monitored, and quashed. This is where SCA comes in. Read this report to learn what exactly SCA is and how it dismantles major security threats in open source software –with automated ease.

  • Open Source Security Intelligence

    Is open source security a priority for your organization? If not, be sure to add it to your list of resolutions for 2020. This case study compares how two top vendors – Nexus Intelligence with Black Duck – address common security threats for open source components. Read the study now to see who came out on top.

  • Software Composition Analysis: An examination of critical SCA concepts

    Based on Sonatype’s data, around 313,000 java components are downloaded each year. Of those downloads, 27,704 are components with known vulnerabilities – that’s 8.8%. With software composition analysis (SCA), security integrates seamlessly with open source innovation. Check out Sonatype’s webinar to find out how.

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