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  • Crash Course: Rapid Restores with Flash and Cloud

    Inside this 42-page guide, get a thorough overview of "Flash-to-Flash-to-Cloud", a strategy designed to break-down data siloes, ensure airtight resilience and compliance, and ultimately capitalize on the economic benefits of the cloud. Access it here to learn three high-level advantages and how your company may benefit from a similar approach.

  • Pure Solutions Power EHR

    Download this white paper to learn how healthcare organizations can leverage agile technology to build private clouds and a clinical data hub to bring a secure, high-performance clinical desktop to providers.

  • Modernizing Data Protection with Performance and Simplicity

    This IDC white paper examines how Pure Storage's FlashBlade can help simplify the consolidation of multiple secondary storage processes on one platform. Download now for more details on how flash-based secondary storage systems can help your organization simultaneously protect and maximize your data's value.

  • Deep Learning: A Practitioner's Approach

    What you've heard is true - machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) really can change the way your business works for the better. Manage your expectations though. Start at the beginning - learn about the algorithms that make this tech work to decide what changes it can bring for your organization. Read this e-book for more info.

  • AI in Healthcare: Building the Foundation

    Healthcare is on a mission to innovate, powered by AI and machine learning. Download this report to learn why now is the time for medical imaging, how AI can cut healthcare's red tape, and more.

  • Rapid Restore – Just What the Doctor Ordered

    For today's healthcare organizations, data is increasingly critical to decision making, and dependence on data for clinical operations has never been higher. Download this white paper to learn how healthcare organizations can address key challenges in the data center with business continuity software.

  • AI, Analytics and the Future of Your Enterprise

    In this primer, you will learn how to overcome 3 big data challenges facing organizations today, as well as view a new class of scale-out flash storage purpose-built for modern analytics and AI. Unlocking the full value of your data starts here.

  • Guide to Supporting On-Premise Spark Deployments with a Cloud-Scale Data Platform

    Read on to explore a new scale-out all-flash storage system that can deliver previously unattainable levels of performance and efficiency for Apache Spark.

  • Pure Storage Mixes AI into a Data Management Tonic for US Healthcare Provider

    Download this case study to learn how a cloud-based, AI-driven storage management platform is providing significant value for Virginia-based healthcare provider, Carilion Clinic, and increasing their employment of IT generalists.

  • Data-Centric Architecture for Healthcare AI

    Download this white paper to learn why technologies like AI, machine learning and advanced analytics are becoming valuable tools in the effort to reduce costs, provide safer treatments and better outcomes for patients, and streamline operations.

  • Unified Hybrid Cloud Will Be Key to Successful Digital Transformation

    This 451 Research paper provides several strategies for successfully deploying hybrid cloud storage. Download now for the highlights, including overcoming hybrid cloud design hurdles, establishing consistent data services, and deployment recommendations.

  • Accelerate Deep Learning with a Modern Data Platform

    This white paper demonstrates an all-flash-based architecture purpose-built for deep learning processing. Read on for more info on how to use all-flash to accelerate your company's AI and deep learning pipelines.

  • Modern Storage Accelerates Data Insights, Speeding Innovation

    Read this MIT Technology paper to learn how all-flash storage can fulfill the demands of advanced AI applications and high-powered analytics, helping to accelerate your business outcomes for data-driven organizations.

  • Rising to the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

    We are now at the point where machine learning (ML) algorithms can predict cancer growth rates in patients - the applications are near endless. Read this white paper to learn what the future of healthcare looks like combined with current artificial intelligence (AI) and ML technology advancements.

  • Reasons to Run SAP and SAP HANA on Pure Storage All-flash Solutions

    To boost ROI, lower TCO, improve database performance, and establish high availability for your company's SAP and SAP HANA environments, download this resource. It details 10 tangible benefits of running your SAP/HANA environments on all-flash storage, with a tactile breakdown of each.

  • Your Guide to Implementing Hybrid Cloud Storage

    Download this 22-page guide to learn how to effectively deploy hybrid cloud storage to suit your company's business needs. Included are informed tactics for supporting cloud-native apps on-prem, hybrid cloud data protection approaches, and more.

  • FlashBlade Powers Real-World AI and Deep Learning Pipelines

    This technical white paper describes a flash architecture that simplifies AI system building, scaling, and operating. Read on for the top 8 features, system architecture, and infrastructure components to learn how this system may improve your company's AI data pipeline.

  • The Road to SAP HANA

    There are 6 steps everyone needs to take prior to a full SAP HANA implementation. And this white paper outlines those steps in detail, with specifics on ensuring your underlying storage infrastructure and data protection measures are equipped for the SAP HANA environment.

  • Modernize Your SAP Implementation to Make Real-time Business a Reality

    Download this paper to learn how consolidating your SAP environments on all-flash will lower the cost of HANA migration and provide the scalability, predictable performance, and insight your company requires.

  • Lower Storage Costs and Comparable Performance Justify Migrating to SAP HANA Sooner

    Access this e-book to discover how deploying SAP Dynamic Tiering on an all-flash converged infrastructure eases the burden of SAP HANA migration. Inside you'll find a cost-savings and performance comparison for this infrastructure against that of traditional SAP systems.

  • Maximize the Value of Your Data with Oracle and All-flash Systems

    Check out this resource. It outlines a 3-step process for using Pure Storage's flash-based data-centric architecture to maximize data value—from transactional data to warehousing and analytics. Continue reading here to see how your business can benefit from such an approach.

  • Using Flash Storage to Drive Performance and Efficiency in Oracle Databases

    Download this White Paper to learn the benefits of flash storage for Oracle databases, what DBAs need from flash storage, and what to look for in an all-flash solution.

  • Enterprise DBAs on Flash Storage: Real Stories

    Tech pros seek insights and share unvarnished opinions in independent forums all over the web. That's where this Real Stories project & research started. This report is drawn entirely from Pure Storage Real Users' words, observations and experiences. All Stories are used with permission.

  • The Data Economy Report: France Edition

    In this Data Economy Report, you'll discover the challenges and investment priorities that are fueling the digital transformation objectives of French companies. Keep reading to explore the technology choices that are helping market leaders stand out from the crowd, as well.

  • How to Achieve Breakthrough BC/DR While Controlling Costs and Complexity

    This custom white paper outlines a new active/active stretched cluster technology with transparent failover that allows companies of all sizes to achieve the highest levels of business continuity. Designed to work with all-flash arrays, read on for the complete description of its features.

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