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  • The Data Economy Report: France Edition

    In this Data Economy Report, you'll discover the challenges and investment priorities that are fueling the digital transformation objectives of French companies. Keep reading to explore the technology choices that are helping market leaders stand out from the crowd, as well.

  • The Data Economy Report: Industry Insights to Balance Infrastructure and Applications

    The following report presents a global study measuring the challenges today's businesses face in putting their data to work to drive digital innovation. Download the report for more on your colleagues' investment priorities, how to move forward with the GDPR, and more.

  • AI Report: Asia Pacific and Japan

    85% of global business leaders say AI is important for analytics, to improve efficiency and reduce human error, according to a survey conducted by MIT. Read this full 19-page report that summarizes the findings from MIT's survey for more on how businesses are using AI today, and how they plan to in the future.

  • Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Case Study

    This case study of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport demonstrates how all-flash improved their abilities to store, manage, and serve up all of their data to the workload-intensive apps their engineers, analysts, and race strategists use. The supported workloads include SAP, SQL Server, Oracle, VMware vSphere, and more.

  • How to Achieve Breakthrough BC/DR While Controlling Costs and Complexity

    This custom white paper outlines a new active/active stretched cluster technology with transparent failover that allows companies of all sizes to achieve the highest levels of business continuity. Designed to work with all-flash arrays, read on for the complete description of its features.

  • How to Accelerate Digital Initiatives While Inverting IT Spending

    Your storage systems' ability to process massive data sets is a critical determinant of your success. Accessing this infographic will make you privy to 4 steps to support any digital initiatives your organization may be undertaking, or considering, without increasing IT spending using all-flash arrays.

  • Business Continuity Is Coming of Age

    This paper presents an alternate route to better business continuity, predicated on preventative measures that utilize asynchronous active/active replication. Read on for the rundown of this approach which mitigates the impact of downtime.

  • Why Flash is a Critical Enabler for Digital Transformation

    For any organization to manage data flow, their underlying storage system must be able to support 3rd Platform initiatives. Read this IDC white paper to learn how all-flash can strengthen your infrastructure to prepare for similar 3rd Platform and digital initiatives, enabling immediate, secure, and cost-effective access to data.

  • The Emergence of a New, Highly Flash-Optimized Tier 1 Storage Platform

    This IDC paper examines the emergence of new Tier-1, purpose-built all-flash arrays (AFAs) for dense, multitenant and mixed workload environments—opportunities and challenges included. It also analyses Pure Storage's stance in the evolving AFA market. Read on for IDC's insights.

  • Data Hub: A Modern Vision for Storage

    To address the limitations of siloed storage systems, this paper highlights an alternate approach: the data hub, which delivers multiple streams of the same data with the varying levels of performance required by each workflow. Read the paper here.

  • Pure Storage Purity//FB and Its Core Technologies

    Enter the data hub, a data-centric architecture that's designed to share data and power analytics and AI. Read on for the 4 essential ingredients for a data hub, and meet a flash system designed to deliver these qualities.

  • All-Flash NVMe: Ready for Prime Time

    Download this custom article for an analysis of the question, "Is NVMe enterprise-ready?" and for several considerations when selecting an NVMe solution.

  • Q&A: Esteban Rubens on Machine Learning, Reliability and the Growing Importance of Flash Storage in Medical Imaging

    Inside, uncover a Q&A with Esteban Rubens, Global Enterprise Imaging Principal at Pure Storage, and learn about flash storage in medical imaging and some of the fastest growing trends affecting health IT today.

  • AI in Healthcare: Defining the Roadmap

    AI is rewiring the way doctors predict, diagnose and treat disease, how exams are carried out and how health systems are run. The goal is generating more precise diagnoses and treatment strategies using individualized data to care for a specific patient – using AI on real data collected on real patients over a long period of time.

  • All-Flash Storage: Improving How Physicians Deliver Patient Care

    In this IDC white paper, explore important healthcare IT storage needs for the growing provider market, focusing on how all-flash storage solutions can be used to provide faster access to patient data.

  • Health Catalyst Reduces Data on Flash Array to Simplify Security

    In this case study, learn how Health Catalyst leveraged tools to deliver real-time information and decision support to clinicians and other care-givers as a way to optimize the quality and reduce the cost of patient care.

  • Rising to the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

    In this white paper, find out how your healthcare organization can harness the potential of AI, overcome the challenge with innovation and collaboration, and meet the infrastructure needs of AI development and deployment. Continue reading to learn how to rise to the challenges of AI in healthcare.

  • Top 5 Reasons to Choose Flashstack for Healthcare

    In this solution brief, examine the top 5 reasons to use a converged infrastructure platform when deploying your next-generation workload in healthcare.

  • Pure Solutions Drive Healthcare Results

    Inside, find out why provider organizations should be building a platform for integrated care, and find ways to improve outcomes and access while reducing cost. Learn how a high-performance infrastructure can deliver new workflows, tools, and analytics to provide patients with more personalized and customized care.

  • Worldwide All-Flash Array Vendor Assessment

    Read this IDC MarketScape Report to examine one vendor, Pure Storage's, all-flash array offerings in terms of the vendor's strengths and challenges. This report evaluated AFAs against a specific use case: dense mixed workload consolidation that includes at least some mission-critical workloads.

  • AI and Big Data in the SAP World

    This paper looks at how one can manage and process large volumes of data within SAP HANA with data tiering on Pure Storage products like FlashArray and FlashStack. By downloading, you'll also view options for delivering enterprise-grade analytics to frameworks like Hadoop, a new AI-ready infrastructure, and more.

  • The Road to SAP HANA

    There are 6 steps everyone needs to take prior to a full SAP HANA implementation. And this white paper outlines those steps in detail, with specifics on ensuring your underlying storage infrastructure and data protection measures are equipped for the SAP HANA environment. Download your roadmap today.

  • Modernize Your SAP Implementation to Make Real-time Business a Reality

    Download this paper to easily consolidate your various SAP environments and apps by re-platforming onto all-flash SSD. Read on to learn how this re-platforming will provide scalability and predictable performance, and deliver the data value needed to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

  • Why Run SAP Solutions on All-flash?

    Keeping this in mind, this e-book provides 10 tangible benefits of running your traditional SAP and SAP HANA environments on all-flash, such as performance gains, the ability to virtualize SAP solutions, and higher ROI. Read on for the remaining benefits.

  • Generate More Value from SAP with All-Flash Storage

    IDC interviewed seven organizations about their experiences using Pure Storage FlashArrays to support apps from SAP SE, offering feedback on the all-flash system's ability to provide a high-performance and agile foundation them, deliver data reduction that lowers operating costs, and more. Download this paper for the results.

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