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  • Confluent Tiered Storage with Pure Storage

    Check out this data sheet to learn 3 key benefits of Confluent Tiered Storage with Pure Storage FlashBlade for event streaming and analytics with Apache Kafka.

  • Now Available: Pure FlashBlade For Confluent Tiered Storage

    Check out this blog post to learn how Confluent Tiered Storage provides infinite retention and disaggregated compute and storage for Apache Kafka and how the addition of Pure FlashBlade for file and object storage leads to new capabilities, scalability, and performance for analytics users.

  • Tiered Storage for Apache Kafka with Pure Storage FlashBlade

    Access this webcast to learn all the benefits of Confluent Platform 6.0 on FlashBlade and see for yourself how it can improve your tiered storage in a live demo.

  • Confluent Tiered Storage and FlashBlade Demo

    Access this video for a quick demo of Confluent Tiered Storage deployed with a Pure FlashBlade system using a 5-broker cluster and 1 gigabyte of streaming data being produced.

  • Reliability and Security in Real-time Event Streaming

    In October of 2020, Pure Storage partnered with Confluent to offer the first on-premises tiered storage solution for streaming data with a focus on reliability, security, and proactive support. Check out this blog post for an overview of the solution including 3 leading benefits.

  • Pure Storage FlashRecover Overview

    As data risk continues to skyrocket with the shift to a remote workforce, rapid recovery and restore at scale and the ability to extract insights from data is more important than ever. Access this webcast to learn 4 distinct benefits of FlashRecover from Pure Storage, a solution that meets these needs.

  • Unified Hybrid Cloud Definition Evolves with the Release of Pure Storage's New Evergreen Storage Service Program

    Access this white paper to learn the benefits, challenges, and requirements associated with achieving a unified hybrid cloud and discover how all-flash array vendor Pure Storage can help you meet this goal.

  • Define Your Hybrid Infrastructure Needs: A Segmented View of Hybrid Infrastructure Usage and Requirements

    The term “hybrid cloud” often serves as an umbrella term for a multitude of set-ups. However, the differences in usage scenarios can be critical when you’re considering a hybrid infrastructure-related offering. Learn how to identify the 6 different types of hybrid infrastructure usage with this IDC report.

  • Enterprise DBAs On Flash: Real Stories

    Enterprise database administration (DBA) is changing on their opinions of flash and Pure Storage is here to make the transition as seamless as possible. Access this white paper to learn 3 real accounts of users as they talk about how Pure Storage software benefited their database administration experience.

  • Unified Hybrid Cloud Will Be Key to Successful Digital Transformation

    Access this white paper to learn how to create a successful unified hybrid cloud with strategies from an industry-leading analysis by an extensive community of IT and line-of-business professionals, drawing on surveys of IT decision makers with specific knowledge of their organizations’ cloud strategies.

  • The Future of Workloads Without Limits

    Access this white paper to discover 8 recommendations for delivering higher storage performance, availability, and connected data to meet the demands of modern application users.

  • Real World Stories of IT Admin Heroes

    Check out this compendium of case studies to see 7 shining examples of everyday IT admin heroes as they use Pure Storage to help their organizations simplify and transform operations for mission-critical databases, virtualized environments, and analytics with all-flash and NVMe.

  • Five Ways Data-Driven Analytics Investments Have Digitally Transformed Businesses

    As businesses seek to utilize the massive amounts of data they have on hand, pivoting away from reactive analytics and towards predictive analytics, they are increasingly turning to advanced analytics to achieve these goals. Read this ESG Research Paper now to learn 5 ways that advanced analytics investments have transformed businesses.

  • Improve Fast Object Storage with Replication

    Access this white paper to view the 6 key benefits that make Pure Storage FlashBlade Object Replication so compelling to customers and discover how it supports high-performance applications.

  • Realize True Hybrid Cloud

    Check out this data sheet to learn 6 benefits of Pure Storage cloud data services that will help you run mission-critical applications seamlessly in the cloud while providing hybrid mobility, protection, and seamless management and orchestration across environments.

  • Pure FlashBlade™ for EDA Workloads

    Designed from the ground up for high-concurrency and high-performance environments, Pure Storage FlashBlade is a leading storage solution for EDA workloads. Access this data sheet to learn the 3 distinguishing factors that make up the FlashBlade difference and discover how Pure FlashBlade can work for you.

  • Cloud trends in 2020: The year of complexity, and its management

    Access this white paper to learn 5 cloud trends to watch for in 2020 – the year of complexity and its management.

  • Understanding Log Analytics at Scale

    The ever-present machine log generates tons of data, but most business struggle to find a real use for most of it. Check out this 57-page e-Book to learn how your business can best store, understand, and analyze log data at scale.

  • Validating the Economics of Improved Storage Efficiency with Pure Storage

    ESG was recently commissioned by Pure Storage to validate the effectiveness of its storage technology when compared to alternative storage solutions. Dive into this white paper to see how Pure Storage solutions stacked up and discover the efficiency and TCO benefits that your organization can realize when choosing a Pure Storage solution.

  • Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Storage Refresh

    With an evergreen, upgradeable architecture, organizations can free themselves from the relentless legacy storage refresh cycle. Look over this datasheet to learn about Pure Storage Evergreen, a solution that enables continuous updates with no planned downtime and can lead to lower TCO by improving time management.

  • Ten Ways Pure’s Flash Solution Can Help You Succeed

    Pure Storage is breaking away from the storage industry’s standards of slow downtimes, data disruption, and excessive costs with its latest flash solution. Read this datasheet to discover 10 ways that it can help your organization manage its storage needs on your terms, and upgrade on your schedule.

  • Rethinking Storage for Modern Data

    Choosing a storage solution that lets you seamlessly upgrade when the time comes, reduce planned downtimes, , and provides the freedom to upgrade on your schedule is essential. Explore this datasheet to find out about a flash storage solution that can do just that.

  • Cost Savings and Business Benefits of Pure Storage FlashArray Storage Solutions

    Forrester Research created a Total Economic Impact study and examined the ROI enterprises may realize by adopting a Pure Storage FlashArray storage solution.Check out this analyst paper to find out the key results from the research and the 8 key benefits that organizations can gleam from implementing this solution.

  • All-Flash Buyer’s Guide: Tips For Evaluating Solid-State Arrays

    Unlock this all-flash buyer’s guide to look at the top requirements that storage professionals are seeking in an all-flash solution and explore what makes an all-flash solid-state array successful in a demanding IT environment.

  • In-depth Examination of Pure Storage FlashArray

    Through customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester Research concluded that Pure Storage FlashArray has a strong three-year financial impact. Look over this datasheet to compare pre- and post-FlashArray implementation and find out the top 3 benefits of Pure Storage FlashArray.

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