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  • 5 Tips for Evaluating AI-Driven Security Solutions

    In this new era of cybersecurity, vendors like to boast about their supposed AI capabilities. The problem is that AI has become a favorite term of marketers and has been watered down to buzzword status. Read this evaluation guide to learn how to cut through the noise and evaluate AI solutions.

  • Ten Signs It’s Time to Review Your Endpoint Protection Guide

    The ongoing trend of successful cyberattacks continues to illustrate that current cybersecurity practices and solutions may not be able to keep pace with sophisticated and evolving modern threats. Download this guide to learn the 10 signs that indicate it's time to review and reevaluate your endpoint protection.

  • Why It’s Time for a Next-Gen Approach to BYOD Security, Privacy, and Productivity

    As more remote employees use their own desktops, laptops and tablets, BYOD is gaining momentum. A next-generation approach to security can maximize user productivity and satisfaction, while cutting costs and allowing for better business continuity. Read the business brief to learn more.

  • Critical Event Management Capabilities Drive Organizational Resiliency Amidst Uncertainty

    Recent critical events have shown enterprises that the ability to keep personnel safe and informed with secure and instant communication is essential. IDC concludes that a business continuity IT platform like BlackBerry Alert can help, while reducing organizational costs. Read more in this brief.

  • Life After McAfee Business Brief

    When McAfee sold their enterprise software business, many of their customers were put into a state of uncertainty regarding their organizational security. Will the existing solutions be supported in the future? Is it time to switch to a new platform? Download this brief to get some advice.

  • Responding Smarter, Faster and Better

    A critical event is disruptive enough to pose a significant risk or threat to an organization and its assets. Responding effectively to major incidents now requires capabilities beyond human expertise, diligence, and manual processes. Download this white paper to learn how BlackBerry®Alert can help.

  • Replacing Legacy AV

    Sophisticated new threats are outpacing organizations relying on a legacy antivirus solution. As these threats evolve, enterprises need security that can keep up. BlackBerry Cyber Suite is an AI-based platform that can help increase defenses dramatically. Learn more in this solution brief.

  • IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management Software 2021 Vendor Assessment

    In the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Unified Endpoint Management Software 2021 Vendor Assessment, BlackBerry was positioned as a leader of UEM software technology. Read this report to learn more about why BlackBerry was named a Leader.

  • 2021 Threat Report

    The BlackBerry 2021 Threat Report examines and analyzes the biggest cybersecurity events of the current and past year. This edition covers COVID-19 exploitation, election vulnerabilities, top malware attacks, and many other contemporary issues. Download it now.

  • Incident Response Solution Brief

    Many organizations today are unprepared to respond effectively to a serious security incident. This is often due to chronic resource issues and inadequate planning. Read this solution brief to learn how BlackBerry Security Services and their AI-powered tools can help your team be ready.

  • Ransomware Prevention Is Possible

    Each year, ransomware becomes a more rampant and devastating for its victims. In fact, it’s expected that by the end of 2021, a ransomware attack will occur every 11 seconds. Read this whitepaper to learn more about ransomware attacks and the preventative steps your organization can – and should – take.

  • The New Reality

    Although issues related to protecting and managing endpoints existed long before COVID-19, the recent pandemic put a spotlight on these issues. In order to address these challenges, organizations are opting for unified endpoint security solutions – read on for an in-depth look at what that entails and why it’s gaining popularity.

  • Continuous Authentication as the Zero Trust Multiplier

    The spike in remote work as a result of COVID-19 has all but eliminated the existence of organizational perimeters. Luckily, widely embraced approaches like zero trust serve as a powerful foundation for a robust security strategy. In this article, discover why continuous authentication is the logical next step in zero trust approaches.

  • Dexar Group Takes on Cybersecurity

    In this case study, follow the Dexar Group, a real estate and property management organization, as they partner with ForwardIT to deploy CylancePROTECT and reduce the time and effort needed to managed their nearly 450 endpoints, addressing the security needs of their remote employees and BYOD devices.

  • Nefilim Ransomware and Mitigating Attacks in the COVID-19 Era

    In Australia, organizations across every sector have been on the receiving end of increasingly frequent and complex malware and ransomware attacks. This article highlights one of the most prominent ransomware attacks, discusses cybersecurity in the COVID-19 era, and more. Read on to get started.

  • B&R Enclosures Takes on Cybersecurity

    In this case study, follow B&R Enclosures, leading specialist in the design and manufacture of industrial equipment in the ‘Australasia’ region, as they incorporate CylancePROTECT in the wake of 2 ransomware attacks in order to leverage the power of AI to detect and prevent future malware and ransomware campaigns.

  • The Australian Museum Takes on Cybersecurity

    In this case study, follow the Australian Museum, keepers of a vast collection of sensitive historic and cultural information, as they partner with CylancePROTECT to implement a multi-layer approach to security that enables them to prevent malware attacks and secure their invaluable research data.

  • Property Brokers Take On Cybersecurity

    In this case study, learn how Property Brokers, New Zealand’s largest provincial real estate organization was able to secure their company-owned endpoints using CylancePROTECT.

  • Understanding and Fighting Cybersecurity Threats in Telemedicine

    The recent spread of COVID-19 has created a surge in demand for increasingly popular telemedicine services. Unfortunately, cybercriminals caught wind of this lucrative new vector, putting practitioners and patients at risk. Download this white paper for an overview of the cybersecurity risks in telemedicine and how to overcome them.

  • BlackBerry Spark Solution Brief

    By harnessing artificial intelligence, machine learning, simplified management, and automation, BlackBerry Spark Suite provides visibility across all endpoints, including desktops, mobile devices, servers, and IoT. Download this solution brief to learn more about Blackberry Spark Suite.

  • Satellite Case Study

    In this case study learn how BlackBerry Cylance was able to help Satellite Healthcare meet their security requirements and ensure uninterrupted access to electronic medical record (EMR) and clinical desktop systems healthcare professionals rely upon to provide quality care.

  • A Devastating Assault on Healthcare

    The typical healthcare environment is a perfect storm of vulnerabilities, making it attractive to ransomware attacks. In this white paper, learn how BlackBerry Cylance helps strengthen cybersecurity in healthcare organizations with a prevention-first, predictive security approach.

  • Phoenix Children's Takes on Cybersecurity

    In this case study, learn how Phoenix Children's Hospital used CylancePROTECT to help protect against attackers hacking into patient data and disrupting hospital operations.

  • BlackBerry Cylance Cybersecurity Maturity Evaluation Guide

    In this guide, discover a methodology and roadmap for organizations of all sizes to use in assessing and advancing the maturity of their cyber risk management programs.

  • Expanding Machine Learning Applications on the Endpoint

    Endpoint detection and response (EDR) has emerged as a key component of an endpoint security strategy. But according to recent research, customers believe there is still opportunity for improvements in EDR. Download this report to learn about the current EDR approaches taken and how machine learning can benefit EDR.

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