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  • Bring your APIs in from the wild

    APIs are introducing a new level of complexity to organizations, creating a strong demand for centralized API management across industries. In this guide, learn how central governance can conquer complexity and bring more value to your team and your business. Get the details here.

  • 6 Reasons Companies Adopt

    Axway asked companies why they have adopted more than one API gateway. In this guide, explore the top 6 most common reasons companies have adopted multiple API gateways, from security to governance and agility. Save the guide here.

  • 9 Keys to Eliminating Shadow IT

    The cloud has set a very high bar for the experience users expect, and made it easier for LOBs to bypass IT with click-subscribe-use-pay-as-you-go access. This is especially true for managed file transfer. Explore the risks of shadow IT, and 9 keys to ensuring your MFT shared service is a success in this infographic.

  • 5 Reasons to put People at the Center of Your Business

    What does it mean to put people at the center of your business? It starts by re-evaluating your company’s track record on customer experience—and identifying key areas of improvement. Explore the top 5 reasons to centralize people as part of your CX strategy, in this infographic.

  • 10 Reasons to Move Your Managed File Transfer to a Managed Cloud Service

    Progressive enterprises are increasingly moving away from strictly ground-based managed file transfer to a managed cloud service that reduces costs and sets them up to adapt, compete and win. Explore the 10 main reasons to move to a managed cloud service in this infographic.

  • Modernize your managed file transfer and empower your business

    As you embark on your digital transformation, you’ll likely encounter challenges with traditional MFT infrastructures — sometimes referred to as the MFT backplane. Explore some of the challenges of relying on legacy MFT technology, and see how you can start modernizing your strategy, in this white paper.

  • 10 Reasons to Move Your EDI/B2B Integration to a Managed Cloud Service

    EDI/B2B integration can be full of hidden costs, fraught with security and compliance risks, and inordinately time consuming. Examine this infographic to discover how migrating your EDI/B2B setup to a managed cloud service allows you to alleviate these problems without being locked-in or trapped on your new solution.

  • 4 Challenges that arise with multiple API Gateways

    Whether your organization is prioritizing new security demands, agile and resilient infrastructure, or a move to the cloud, chances are you’ll need multiple API gateways to get there. Use this guide to identify 4 challenges that arise with multiple API gateways and how you can overcome them. Save the guide here.

  • Transform your business with digital B2B integration

    B2B data transactions can occur on any combination of channels—but this multi-channel B2B configuration is not optimal. What’s needed is a single system that governs the flow of all data transactions. Explore your options by downloading this guide to digital B2B integration.

  • API gateways: The more, the merrier?

    Enterprises end up adopting multiple API gateways for several very good reasons, from meeting different security needs to moving to the cloud—but when you have multiple API gateways, it’s harder to maintain visibility into each and every API. With this guide, Axway offers tips to make API management and integration simpler overall.

  • Best Practices for Secure Email Policy and Compliance

    Access this white paper today to learn best practices for secure email policy and compliance so you're properly prepared to combat fines, theft, or loss.

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