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  • Cover Your Bases: Best Practices for Protecting Remote Work

    You have a network to protect, and this means not compromising when it comes to access management, authentication, onboarding and training. In a remote world, you need contextualized, cloud-first identity control that’s flexible, so you can handle all this and more, no problem. Download this Okta best practice guide for details.

  • Okta + Netskope + CrowdStrike + Proofpoint: Securely Enable Remote Work at Scale

    Security and access challenges have been magnified by the massive global shift towards remote work. Read this data sheet to see how Okta, Netskope, Crowdstrike and Proofpoint (also known as the Spectra Alliance) combine their efforts to enable organizations to securely enable remote work at scale.

  • The Future of CIAM: 4 Trends Shaping Identity and Access Management

    As cyberthreats evolve, so too do the tools and tactics required to safeguard user access. The following white paper highlights 4 trends shaping the identity and access management (IAM) market – read on to unlock this exclusive insight.

  • Adapt to Long-Term Remote Work with Adaptive Access Policies

    Last year, organizations scrambled to enable their employees to work remotely – but how are organizations preparing for reality of a decentralized workforce for the long term? Watch this webinar to learn more about sustainable best practices for securing and enabling a remote workforce.

  • Surviving Beyond the New Normal: It's More than Securing Your Remote Workers

    In today’s organizations, directory structures need to be able to handle quick moves to new cloud applications and other systems. This means you need top-of-the-line identity management. Watch this webinar to get a clear-eyed view of the stresses these new requirements put on Azure AD and how Okta’s modern identity platform may be able to help.

  • How to Prepare Your Remote Workforce for Success

    Learn how to keep your hybrid workforce running efficiently by ensuring remote authentication is secure and frictionless.

  • Managing Identity So You Can Scale

    Today’s users expect an experience that is not only frictionless and personalized, but also secure. To meet this demand, organizations are turning to customer identity and access management (CIAM) tools. Read this white paper to learn more about Okta’s CIAM offering and how it’s benefitted some of their key partners.

  • The Future of Work Wellcome Trust HotTopics Interview

    In this webinar, join Eileen Jennings-Brown, Head of Technology at Wellcome Trust, and Peter Stojanovic, editor at HotTopics, as they discuss the challenges and silver linings related to the new normal and the future of work.

  • The Future of Work the Hut Group HotTopics Interview

    For organizations and their employees, adjusting to remote work and digital interactions has been as challenging as it is necessary. In this webinar, join Joanna Drake, CIO of The Hut Group, and Peter Stojanovic, editor at HotTopics.HT as they discuss the new normal and the future of work.

  • Roadmap: The Future of CIAM - Oktane20

    Hear from Okta's customer identity product leaders about Okta's vision for CIAM to enable organizations to build seamless, secure customer experiences. You will also learn about the roadmap to meet advanced use cases around scale, agility, trust and integration required by rapidly evolving digital transformation needs.

  • The Future of Work Fujitsu Services HotTopics Interview

    In this podcast episode of The Future of Work Series, in partnership with Okta, interviewed Cathy Mulligan, Fujitsu's CTO for Northern & Western Europe to ask how the industry has adapted to the pandemic and what's expected of technology leaders as we seek to move forward.

  • Build vs. Buy: Key Considerations and the Advantages of a Pre-Built Identity Solution

    Architects and engineering leaders are often unsure about whether a comprehensive IAM solution from an outside vendor is right for their project. This whitepaper discusses the key considerations when making a build vs. buy decision and the advantages of a pre-built solution.

  • Live Demo - Okta Customer Identity and Access Management

    Okta APIs provide programmatic access to the Okta Identity Cloud, enabling your developers to build great customer and partner experiences. Watch the live demo to learn more.

  • The Future of Work Jesper HotTopics Interview

    In The Future of Work series, technology leaders from Bourne Leisure, Wellcome Trust, Fujitsu and The Hut Group all reveal their experiences after lockdown. What does this tell us about the future of work? Jesper Frederiksen, Okta's VP and GM, EMEA, and's Editor Peter Stojanovic review the learnings from these technology leaders.

  • Transform the Customer Experience with a Modern Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Solution

    Learn how a modern customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution can be a big part of your organization's digital transformation of its users customer experience while staying secure.

  • The Future of Work Bourne Leisure HotTopics Interview

    Watch the first episode of The Future of Work Series, in partnership with Okta, with Guy Mason, Bourne Leisure Group's CIO, in conversation with Editor Peter Stojanovic. Discover how Mason is finding his role as a leader of a remote, national team, and the new qualities he's flexing to allow his company to adapt to the future of work.

  • Top Trends in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) with analyst Mary Ruddy

    Customer identity has gone mainstream. A seamless customer experience across devices is now expected. At the same time, security and privacy concerns are at an all-time high. View this webinar to hear from Gartner analyst Mary Ruddy and learn about findings from her recent research "Top 5 Trends in CIAM Solution Design".

  • 11-Minute Webinar: Strategies to Work from Anywhere

    Telework involves more than getting your employees up and running with video conferencing – it requires a massive shift in how people work and how you think about securing users and their devices. Don’t float adrift in a sea of distributed workforce challenges – watch this 10-minute webinar and learn how to manage access and security.

  • Building Highly Scalable Apps with Okta

    In this video, learn how, with Okta, your developers can spend less time worrying about security and authentication experiences, and more time working on the app’s core functionality.

  • From Zero to Hero: The Path to CIAM Maturity

    No matter how far along each company is on their identity journey, there’s a common set of challenges they face at every step. Download this e-book for clear next steps to take on the road to continuous customer identity and access management.

  • The importance of identity in securing your business

    Identity management plays a critical role in an organization’s ability to secure an increasingly distributed workforce. This video underlines the importance of identity management for securing your business – particularly as it relates to the current pandemic and getting adjusted to the ‘new normal’.

  • From 30% to 100% Remote: How to Lead the Rapid Shift to a Remote Workforce

    Connecting and communicating is critical for maintaining a semblance of normality, especially during times of crisis. Achieving this in the era of COVID-19, which saw the remote workforce jump from 30% to 100%, has been particularly challenging. Watch this webinar to see how IT and workplace technology experts at Okta handled this transition.

  • How Okta’s Cloud-First IT Strategy Enables a Dynamic Work Environment

    Cloud is most relevant in an age where employees are working from home. Network security is moving to the cloud, and in this webcast, Okta, a company with no data centers, explains why.

  • Bring Secure, Frictionless Customer Experiences to Market Faster with Modern CIAM

    Learn how a modern customer identity and access management (CIAM) can reduce development time of digital experiences and eliminate potential security gaps by putting the customer's identity front and center.

  • Businesses at Work (from Home) 2020 Edition

    Organization around the world have reacted to the pandemic quickly, rolling out remote communication apps, extending VPNs, and adding MFA to ensure the productivity, connectivity, and security of their (now) remote workforces. In this report, 2020 Business at Work (from Home), take a closer look at the fastest growing apps and tools.

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