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  • Businesses at Work 2022

    In today’s “new normal,” many workforces will be partly or wholly remote, which is driving increased adoption of tools that promote and secure remote collaboration and keep employees connected and engaged. Access this report to uncover the “best-of-breed” applications for your evolving workforce.

  • Beach Energy Builds a Flexible, Secure IT Environment with Okta

    When Beach Energy acquired and integrated Lattice Energy in 2017, its workforce quickly expanded from 180 to 1,000 users. Access this case study to learn how they gained strong, flexible security measures capable of supporting employees working remotely.

  • State of Identity in Asia/Pacific - 2022

    As per IDC's Asia/Pacific (AP) Security Services Survey conducted in 2021 across 879 organizations in the Asia/Pacific region, identity security was the top area of focus for more than 40% of organizations surveyed. Tap into this report to learn how an identity as a service (IDaaS) can provide distinct benefits.

  • Magic Quadrant for Access Management

    Access management has become the source of trust for identity-first security. Increased dependence on identities for access anywhere, anytime, requires AM to be more reliable and easier to adopt. Read this Gartner Magic Quadrant to view trends in identity orchestration, IAM convergence and SaaS resilience and their outlook for 2022.

  • Move Beyond Passwords

    The risk of compromised credentials, support costs and the burden on end users to remember multiple passwords are all eliminating the case for passwords altogether. On the flip side, emerging standards for passwordless authentication are helping build business cases. View this white paper to explore the why and how of passwordless authentication.

  • How Okta Integrates Applications: An Architectural Overview

    In this product overview, discover how Okta uniquely enables SSO into any web or mobile application using open standards, or proprietary APIs, or Secure Web Authentication (SWA) and by SAML-enabling on-prem web applications.

  • Okta Video 8

    Tune into the webinar, ‘Your IAM Strategy in a Post-Pandemic World’ where industry leaders discuss how to overcome the inevitable challenges around identity and access management as your staff becomes more mobile and your organization moves more services to the cloud.

  • Retiring Web Access Management (Wam)

    Many organizations have adopted web access management (WAM) solutions to secure access to web applications on-premises. But with the emergence of SaaS, mobile apps and IaaS, enabling access to all systems and users has broken the WAM security model. Take a look at this data sheet to learn how to modernize identity management.

  • Burdens Of Homegrown Customer Identity That Hinder Digital Transformation

    When your organization is building to scale, you must place your customers first. Customer identity and access management (CIAM) are the front door to your company’s digital experiences. But many are still using homegrown CIAM, and this puts up roadbloacks to transformation. Dive into this white paper to see why your CIAM may need an update.

  • Okta + HYPR: Secure, Passwordless Authentication for Employees and Consumers

    Passwords present a significant weakness in an organization’s security architecture, and cybercriminals are keen on exploiting this weakness. Read this data sheet to learn how Okta and HYPR are enabling organizations to eliminate passwords in favor of passwordless authentication methods.

  • Secure Remote Work Toolkit Ebook

    Learn how to keep your hybrid workforce running efficiently by ensuring remote authentication is secure and frictionless.

  • Surviving Beyond the New Normal: It's more than securing your remote workers

    In today’s organizations, directory structures need to be able to handle quick moves to new cloud applications and other systems. This means you need top-of-the-line identity management. Watch this webinar to get a clear-eyed view of the stresses these new requirements put on Azure AD and how Okta’s modern identity platform may be able to help.

  • Decoding Customer IAM (CIAM) vs. IAM

    Access this paper to learn about Customer IAM and how it is similar to IAM and learn the key ways they are different from each other. Find out which could be the right choice for your organization.

  • Build vs. Buy: Key considerations and the advantages of a pre-built identity solution

    Every team building a new web or mobile application faces a choice: build the entire application in-house or selectively use out-of-the-box services. This paper will help you decide which solution is right for you.

  • Transforming customer experiences

    Learn how a modern customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution can be a big part of your organization's digital transformation of its users customer experience while staying secure.

  • Bring Secure, Frictionless Customer Experiences to Market Faster with Modern CIAM

    Learn how a modern customer identity and access management (CIAM) can reduce development time of digital experiences and eliminate potential security gaps by putting the customer's identity front and center.

  • The new workplace. Re-imagining work after 2020.

    For this report, 6,000 office workers across the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands were surveyed. The questions revolved around their readiness to work from home, their employers’ remote security, and the change in culture that comes with working remotely.Read on to see how their perceptions compare to your own.

  • Unlocking Omni-channel With Unified Customer Identity

    To meet the growing needs of online consumers, organizations have begun to adopt 2 key approaches: customer identity & access management (CIAM), and omni-channel integration. Read this paper to learn more about this approach?

  • Identity and Access Management Tools to Look Out For

    Technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, microservices and cloud computing are making their way into IAM tools – all with the goal of making them more seamless, accessible and automated for both end users and IT. So, what does the future hold for IAM? Tap into this essential guide to find out.

  • Okta Active Directory Integration - An Architecture Overview

    This white paper details a cloud-based identity and access management service that assists in the integration process from current on-premise applications.

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