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  • Fujitsu & VMware – Multi-Cloud Security

    In this video, Fujitsu & VMware experts offer insights, guidance, and solutions to overcome the challenges of cloud security to ensure your applications, workloads and data are ‘secure by design’ – whether at rest or in motion as you transform.

  • Fujitsu & VMware – Accelerating application development

    Containers and cloud-native tools are key for rapid app dev. What other tools are handy? This quick video answers this and other questions, including: What should be front-of-mind when transforming apps? How can app dev be accelerated? How can Fujitsu and VMware help with containers and cloud-native technologies? Watch the video here.

  • Fujitsu Cloud Service for AWS Optimization

    It can be hard to use AWS to its full potential, as many companies find themselves bogged down in menial tasks as they try to establish and maintain their data warehouses in a new environment. Read the attached white paper to learn how Fujitsu offers a service that can free your specialists from simply maintaining AWS and allow them to innovate.

  • Fujitsu helps you cuts through AWS complexity

    AWS offers companies a variety of benefits ranging from scalability to reliability, but the process of moving all of your company’s critical services from your legacy database can be a massive challenge. How are you supposed to navigate this complex process? Read this white paper to learn how Fujitsu’s Cloud Service for AWS can help.

  • Fujitsu & VMware – Transforming applications with Multi-Cloud

    Building, testing, and deploying applications is a process that any company should be focused on making easier. When using the right service providers and software, the cloud becomes a great way to streamline your DevOps process. Watch this short video to see how Fujitsu and VMware work together to help transform business applications.

  • Moving to Hybrid IT?

    Either you start with an on-prem data center and mix in services from the public cloud, or you start with the cloud and work in on-prem services. Both lead you to the same destination: a hybrid IT environment. This video includes 10 questions businesses should mull over when thinking about a hybrid IT strategy. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Fujitsu Cloud Service for AWS Modernization

    To make the most out of AWS Cloud, there are many considerations a company must decide on beyond applications and databases. Access this data sheet to learn about a cloud service solution that delivers additional agility, lower costing operations, and allows organizations to benefit from the leading hyper-scaler through 3 key areas.

  • Hybrid IT from an infrastructure perspective

    Companies are moving to hybrid IT to handle their complex, fluid data needs but may face transition pains and costs. Access this webcast to learn the best practices when moving to hybrid IT by asking 10 key questions.

  • Fujitsu Cloud Service for AWS Co-creation lays the foundations to speed up your migration to AWS.

    One way for your organization to jumpstart digital transformation is to migrate to AWS. Before you can get started with the move, your business should assess what it currently has. This resource provides details into Fujitsu Cloud Service for AWS, a which helps your business transition to AWS in three simple stages. Find out more here.

  • The Galway Clinic transforms its server and desktop environments with virtualisation

    Find out how the Galway Clinic, a private healthcare facility located in the West of Ireland, was able to virtualize servers and vastly improve application and IT service delivery.

  • Combine Cost Effectiveness with End User Satisfaction

    This whitepaper will teach you more about assessing your workforce needs in order to make informed decisions about optimization plans.

  • End User Services - Experience true collaboration & business agility

    This whitepaper reviews a portfolio of management solutions that simplifies end-user management and service delivery through workplace assessment tools, managed mobile services, managed file services, and much more.

  • Dynamic Infrastructures for VMware vCloud

    Check out this exclusive white paper to discover how a VMware-based infrastructure solution can accelerate cloud infrastructure implementation, while reducing maintenance costs and effort.

  • Integration of ETERNUS DX Storage Systems in VMware Environments

    This whitepaper examines a disk storage system that can be integrated with VMware environments in order to ease storage management.

  • Meeting Backup and Archive Challenges - Today and Tomorrow

    This exclusive paper discusses the backup and recovery challenges that organizations today face, focusing on how you can overcome common data management and archiving challenges to ensure that, in the event of disaster, your critical data and services are up and running as fast as possible.

  • Video: FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS8000 - Unified Data Protection Appliance

    This exclusive webcast examines a unified data protection appliance for the complete consolidation of backup and archiving infrastructures of open systems and mainframes, providing flexible service levels regarding capacity, speed, and costs. Tune in now to learn how this tool can help safeguard your critical information.

  • Storage Virtualization – How it Can Revolutionize your Disaster Recovery

    In this E-guide, experts unveil the ways that server virtualization can improve disaster recovery including reducing recovery times. Read on now to determine what systems in your business need to be virtualized, and the best practices to do so.

  • Maximize the Benefits from Storage Virtualization

    In this E-guide, experts deliver key tips on the benefits and methods of storage virtualization, along with storage best practices for virtual server environments. Read on now to discover how to lower your storage costs and simplify management.

  • PEG Bandwidth Success Story

    As businesses continue to search for ways to reduce cost and limit risk, optimizing network infrastructure is a crucial part to achieve these goals. This guide explores one company and how they utilized PEG bandwidth to establish quality network operations and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Want to Improve the ROI of your Virtualized Server Environments? Here's How.

    In this ESG white paper, you will discover how a state-of-the-art disk array can help alleviate server virtualization challenges and pain points. You will also learn how this innovative technology can help increase your ROI while optimizing your storage infrastructure.

  • Top-Notch Vendor Duo Delivers Agile Solutions for Virtualization

    This informative white paper showcases a comprehensive disk array technology that provides various functions to handle mission critical operations.

  • Flexibly Align Data Protection to different SLAs

    This exclusive white paper discusses a data backup tool that can flexibly align data protection to different service level agreements (SLAs) to enhance your data protection environment and ensure speedy recovery when disaster inevitably strikes.

  • Minimize Downtime With a Disaster-Resilient Architecture

    This exclusive paper examines a backup and recovery solution that helps software-based backup data protection infrastructures reach previously unknown service levels.

  • A Practical Disaster Recovery Protection Tool

    This exclusive paper examines a set of disk-based backup solutions that use data deduplication technology to reduce the disk capacity required to store backup data by 90%, making WAN-based replication a practical DR protection tool.

  • Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server – E-Guide

    Quickly changing business requirements need an IT infrastructure that guarantees maximum productivity, cost efficiency, and agility. Access this e-guide today to learn about servers that offer high availability, strong power management, and expert budgeting.

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