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  • Basware Webinar

    Sign up for this 30-minute session where Alistair Gilbert, Basware Director of DevOps, will share how migrating to AWS and embracing cloud native application development helped to increase operational efficiencies and solution deployment speeds.

  • Accelerate Your Adoption of UK Public Sector Compliant Cloud

    Since organizations in the public sector face so many challenges—from compliance requirements to skill shortages—they must be careful to avoid throwing money at their current problems. In this guide, learn how government organizations can get set on a path to cloud migration success with 4 key recommendations. Save the guide here.

  • Strategic security considerations forcloud migrations

    In order improve operational speed and scalability, today’s organizations are opting for cloud environments, like AWS. Read this e-book to unlock strategic security considerations for organizations planning a cloud migration.

  • Helping Cnwl Upgrade Operations And Provide Essential Health Services Remotely

    Moving from a legacy server-based system to a modern private cloud environment can be a massive undertaking without the right resources. In this case study, explore how Rackspace’s cloud insight helped CNWL provide integrated healthcare services to a third of London’s population and many others. Click here to learn more.

  • Three Steps To A Better Cloud Migration

    Every cloud migration strategy has some gaps. There’s no way to plan for every single roadblock or risk—but with the right tools, you can get pretty close. Read this guide to discover the 3 steps that can improve your cloud migration strategy and effectively mitigate risk. Click here to learn how to prepare against the unexpected.

  • UK Public Sector Webinar

    The public sector has finally made it the cloud—but unprecedented cloud complexity is proving to be a harder challenge than expected. Tune in as experts from Microsoft and Rackspace discuss the best ways to tackle cloud complexity in Azure in this exclusive webinar. Watch here.

  • Rackspace Germany Video

    In this resource, explore how a flexible cloud consumption model helped IATA, the trade association for the world’s airlines, continuously optimize their IT environment and gain visibility into costs—all throughout a global pandemic. Get the details here.

  • The Six Steps to Mastering Cost Optimisationon AWS

    Unexpected or rising cloud costs still make cloud cost management a challenge for every organization. This e-book is here to help. Explore the 6 steps to cost optimization on Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as how to drive immediate impact on your AWS costs. Download the e-book here.

  • Supporting Relay42 to deliver up to 500,000 customer data events per second

    In this case study, explore how Relay42 utilized managed cloud services to tackle their main obstacle: orchestrating up to half a million events per second in busy periods. Read the case study here.

  • Rackspace Optimizer+ Service Block for AWS

    According to Gartner, nearly all legacy applications migrated to the public cloud will require optimization to become more cost-effective. In this data sheet, explore Optimizer+ for AWS, which can help grant you the visibility into cloud spend and cloud consumption your team needs. Read the data sheet here.

  • Rackspace Technology manages Basware’s cloud native transformation to meet the demands of over 150 million annual transactions

    In this case study, learn how a shift to public cloud for SaaS delivery freed up the resources needed to pursue—and accelerate—innovation. See how Basware, a financial supply chain solutions leader, worked with an experienced MSP to complete its journey to cloud native service delivery with AWS.

  • Optimising YourCloud Migration:

    Check out this white paper from Rackspace to learn 4 paths to consider as you make your cloud migration plans.

  • Service Blocks – build your own cloud managed service

    While cloud promises to deliver on cost efficiency, most cloud vendors offer one-size-fits-all solutions that lead to plenty of cloud spend waste. Click through to this blog to get insight into how Service Blocks work, and hear from partners that have experienced tremendous success in this custom cloud approach.

  • Service Blocks for Custom Cloud Operations

    What's the key to avoiding paying for cloud services you don't use? Customization flexibility. Watch this brief video to see how Rackspace prioritizes custom solutions with the ability to add and drop services on an as-needed basis, keeping you financially and functionally flexible.

  • Service Blocks Explained for Business Leaders

    How can business leaders make better use of cloud spending? Custom cloud services. Watch this short 3-minute video to learn about Rackspace's counter-intuitive approach to cloud as service with customization for IT cost savings.

  • The Cost of Cloud Expertise Report

    Explore theimportance of expertise to an organization'scloud evolution and the impact the currenttechnical skills gap is having on businesses.

  • The CIO's IT Transformation Survival Guide

    Many think of IT transformation as moving apps to the cloud or adopting DevOps methodologies, but it's really much more than that. Take a look at this article to learn why you likely need to reconsider how IT engages with and serves your business.

  • Navigating the Complexity of Big Data Transformation

    Step through the latest big data trends.

  • Picking the Best Approach to Multicloud Strategy

    Three industry experts assess the best approaches to a multicloud strategy, why the evolution of leaf-spine architecture didn't emerge sooner and Innovium's programmable switch.

  • Avoid Multicloud Integration Costs

    Experts anticipate significant growth in the multicloud model, but so will your application integration costs. This e-guide discusses the multicloud deployment and integration three-step process and how to go about identifying and reducing multicloud integration costs.

  • Hybrid Cloud Management: How to Choose the Right Tool

    This e-guide cuts through the hybrid cloud management hype and simplifies the decision-making process. Use this e-guide as a reference and break down your hybrid cloud management quest into the basic elements.

  • Taking Big Data Analytics to the Cloud

    Discover how HSBC, a financial services company and banking giant, adopted a cloud-first strategy to enhance analytics and solve big data business challenges. Hear from David Knott, a chief architect at HSBC, about how they addressed 5 key use cases with machine-learning and selected a cloud provider for analytics.

  • The Right Time to Manage and Analyze Big Data in the Cloud

    In this expert e-guide, we explore the roles of public and private clouds as well as on-premise systems in big data management. Learn about the potential impact of cloud services on data lakes and analytics; plus, find out how to incorporate cloud-based machine-learning and AI into your big data strategy.

  • The Top IoT and Cloud Concerns Facing Big Data Management

    In this expert e-guide, we explore the trends that are projected to dominate big data in the immediate future. Learn about growing data management opportunities in IoT, the rise in machine-learning and self-service data prep tools, cloud-based analytics, and more.

  • Seven Big Data Infrastructures to Explore

    It's time for big data to become more relevant. We're finally ready to leverage those big data promises that have long been little more than hollow promises. This e-guide explores the pros and cons of seven big data infrastructures that will help you make the most of your data efforts.

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