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  • Azure Cloud Migration Strategy

    Regardless of what kind of workload you need to move, common cloud adoption challenges can stall your migration progress. Luckily, with managed cloud services, your enterprise can migrate workloads with the help of some cloud migration pros—like Rackspace—who know how to navigate these challenges.

  • Migrating to Google Cloud – Creating a platform for growth

    With the help of managed cloud services, companies can work through the growing pains of scaling on demand and migrate their technical infrastructure to the cloud. In this case study, learn how Rackspace helped one business migrate to Google Cloud for better scalability.

  • GCP Migration: How Rackspace First Mover works

    When moving your first workload to the Google Cloud Platform, there are 5 strategies to prioritize in your plan. Whether your team is working on its “first mover” in the cloud or your cloud migration has stalled, this guide can help you compress a single workload migration into an executed sprint and, most importantly, get the job done.

  • Season 2 Episode 4 OnCloud vs ToCloud - who's born in the cloud?

    There’s a great debate in cloud computing world right now: Is it better to migrate to the cloud, or create in the cloud? In this episode of CloudSpotting, learn about the cloud-native maturity matrix, overarching cloud migration trends, and how your business fits into the picture. Tune in here.

  • Helping Oxfam reach its goal of ending poverty, faster

    Oxfam, a non-profit organization working to end poverty, needed to reassess its own costs of operation. Using Rackspace’s cloud services, the organization was able to reduce their monthly expenditure by 20% by migrating 31 workloads to Azure in just a few months. Learn how they did it in this video.

  • Accelerate, simplify and transform your IT

    When making cloud decisions, the best approach is to stay unbiased yet opinionated. You know your business’s demands and the standards your business must maintain. Rackspace uses the same approach with their professional and managed cloud services. Learn how Rackspace enables continuous modernization, cloud specialization, and more in this guide.

  • Wyndham makes online hotel booking seamless across its 20 iconic brands

    Open this case study to learn how, in just 4 months, Wyndham executed a cloud migration that was projected to take a year and delivered an improved customer experience across their 9,000 hotels globally.

  • Move, Transform & Govern: Mastering the cloud’s biggest challenges

    Almost every organization today has 3 cloud challenges ahead of them: Moving, transformation, and governance. In this webinar, follow along as Rackspace breaks down these cloud challenges and offers easy-to-implement solutions that any organization can trust and rely on.

  • E-Handbook: Effective ways to contain your cloud spending

    Scalability issues are consistently at the top of the list when it comes to racking up cloud costs. In this E-Handbook, learn about the various strategies your organization or team can adopt to minimize cloud scaling costs, from cloud cost calculators to data transfers.

  • E-Handbook: How to secure a multi-cloud architecture

    When it comes to security, more providers can mean more problems. While multi-cloud architecture grants teams with stronger applications and data, IT leaders must ensure that security is keeping pace. In this E-Handbook, find 4 articles exploring multi-cloud security and the best practices IT leaders should keep in mind for their teams.

  • Running SAP on Azure with Rackspace

    Watch this webinar to learn how Rackspace can help you accelerate your SAP cloud migration journey to Azure with their managed services offering.

  • How to Optimize the Performance of your Digital Experience Platform

    Cutting-edge digital experience platforms can deliver a powerful competitive advantage, but implementing and maintaining them is often difficult, expensive and time-consuming. But Rackspace’s Application Services for Digital Experience can help. Watch this webinar to learn how they can help you architect, monitor and host your DEP.

  • McKesson cures private cloud pains with public cloud

    Keeping patients safe is top priority. That includes protecting patient data as well as patient health. In this case study, explore how the U.S.’s largest healthcare organization transitioned to public cloud. The migration allowed for centralized IT operations with improved compliance, customer experience, and security.

  • Cloud Native Security

    The global shift towards cloud tools and capabilities has completely changed the cybersecurity landscape. Now more than ever, organizations need to re-evaluate their cloud security strategy to reflect today’s challenges. In this webcast, join security experts at Rackspace and AWS as they discuss these challenges and explore how to address them.

  • The 2020 Cloud Strategy Workbook

    As cloud capabilities mature to support big data analytics, the rollout of 5G, machine learning, and more, IT leaders search for the best way to use hybrid cloud solutions in their business. In this 2020 Cloud Strategy Workbook, learn how to evaluate and improve your approach to hybrid cloud so you can reap the benefits even sooner.

  • Professional Services: Cloud-Readiness Assessment

    One of the hardest aspects of a cloud migration is knowing when you’re ready. Figuring out the timing of a move is critical—so is understanding if you have the right resources set up to initiate the shift. With this Cloud-Readiness Assessment tool by Rackspace, your business no longer has to rely on guesswork.

  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model

    In this e-book, learn how AWS and Rackspace make it easy to tailor your security to meet the requirements of your business as you grow.

  • The Application Modernization Playbook

    Application modernization and digital transformation can be catch-all terms. They can also keep your business ahead of the competition. For many organizations, success looks like continuous application modernization. Learn about the benefits and opportunities available to your organization with application modernization. Download the guide here.

  • 5 Reasons You Should Be Looking at Microsoft 365 Now

    Moving to cloud-based apps in Office 365 can offer a lot of benefits. But in order to reap those rewards, you first need to have a successful deployment. Find out how Rackspace can help ensure that happens in this webinar, and review the top 5 reasons to start your move to Microsoft 365 today.

  • Simple Strategies for a Better SAP Experience

    Open this white paper to learn how Rackspace can help you make the all important SAP migration, and how they can help ease you over some of the most difficult speed bumps that many others have already dealt with.

  • Finding Peace of Mind in Your Security Strategy

    As successful breaches continue to plague organizations, it’s more important than ever to evaluate common risk areas and address them accordingly. In this webcast, join the SVP of Security at Alert Logic as he highlights key areas of vulnerabilities and how threats are evolving with organizational infrastructure.

  • Season 2 Episode 3 Diving into WAF and on Ways to Prevent DDoS

    In this episode of ‘CloudSpotting’ by Rackspace, join the hosts as they explore Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and the business impacts of DDoS. Give the podcast a listen now.

  • Locking Down Private Security

    The most common concerns related to cloud migrations are typically related to security. However, cloud users – especially private cloud users – often realize improvements to their security. In this white paper, discover key security challenges and learn how organizations are evolving their defenses to meet the needs of the private cloud.

  • Getting Started with Azure in the Public Sector

    86% of public sector IT leaders consider digital transformation their top priority. For most organizations, going digital means migrating to the cloud. This webinar breaks down the basics of using Microsoft Azure in the public sector, including tips for Azure cost management, security, and design.

  • Outsource? Insource? Smart source? What's best for the public sector?

    The public sector is changing the way it thinks about and manages IT resources. As a result, there is a new and powerful drive to improve the sourcing of IT infrastructure, services and applications. However, the public sector has three options in front of them: outsourcing, insourcing, and smart sourcing. Watch the webinar here to learn more.

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