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  • Know the Ins and Outs of HIPAA Compliance

    Though ensuring HIPAA compliance can be complicated, a complaint can produce fines, long-term damage to your organization’s reputation, or worse. Dive into this guide to learn strategies for factoring HIPAA compliance into your enterprise data planning – and find out how to enhance the security of all the data under your purview.

  • Network Edge Infrastructure & SD-WAN Performance Guide

    SD-WAN marketing almost always mentions the benefit of cost savings. Cut through the hype and discover how SD-WAN works with MPLS and internet connectivity to drive savings. Also, inside this guide, discover 5 components to help improve your edge infrastructure.

  • Protect Your Network: Best Practices, Incidents & Other Security Considerations

    Machine learning and automation have advanced security response methods. However, hackers are equally adept at bypassing even the most sophisticated security measures. So, how can organizations address these challenges? Download this e-guide to discover network security best practices, incidents and other security considerations.

  • 2020 Networking Trends: What Changes, and What Stays the Same?

    2020 promises to be another year in which network development accelerates. But with so many options, routes to take, and decisions to make, how should you strategize your network development over the next year? In this e-guide, you'll find out which current trends will stick around, which new ones will emerge, and which fads promise to fade away.

  • Wireless networking technology and market updates

    Check out this e-guide to learn 10 steps to troubleshoot your wireless network, 6 upcoming wireless networking trends, and 3 steps to achieve improved network speed.

  • 9 Solutions for Returning to Work Safely

    As organizations start to progress towards a “return to normalcy,” the actual return to the office is going to be far from normal. Inside this guide, read through the nine core problems facing organizations like yours as they plan their eventual return to the office.

  • How Smart is Your Retail?

    Download this eBook to explore some ways businesses are already improving their customer experience and see how Zones can help your business implement those same solutions.

  • Why a Backup Strategy is Essential for Microsoft Office 365

    Download this guide to learn why an Office 365 backup strategy is essential for security, compliance, and business continuity – and how to start taking the necessary steps towards building a strategy of your own.

  • Building a Flexible Data Solution

    In this webinar, Zones and Dell Technologies will share best practices and discuss how to create an all-flash storage strategy that will provide a general understanding of building for multi-cloud, operational agility and automation with modern DevOps, and designing for performance and optimizing for efficiency.

  • How Early Adoption of Wi-Fi 6 Drives Performance

    Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11ax, is one of the most important updates to Wi-Fi that has come out in the last few years. Not only will Wi-Fi 6 increase speeds, but it helps overcome some of the challenges of dense wireless deployments. In this webcast, learn more about Wi-Fi 6, including what it is, its capabilities and use cases and more.

  • Coronavirus: Contactless limit rises as retailers make point-of-sale changes

    The spending limit for contactless card payments has increased from £30 to £45 this week in the UK, with the continuing Covid-19 coronavirus crisis accelerating a move that was already in the planning. Learn about the benefits and implications of this increase in this expert guide.

  • Pandemic Illustrates Value of Digital Services in Healthcare

    Save this E-Guide to learn how digital technologies can be utilized by healthcare organizations to substantially improve both clinician and patient experiences, what technology areas healthcare CIOs should be focused on, and much more.

  • How to Transform Your Employee Experience

    When it comes to ensuring an excellent IT employee experiences, the secret ingredients can be boiled down to two: productivity and retention. Dive inside this white paper to learn how to start transforming your employee experience for the better.

  • Digital Workspace Enabling a Modern Employee Experience

    Tune into this webinar to learn best practices to enabling modern employee experiences through digital workspace technology that prioritizes flexible work, application security, and more.

  • Infrastructure and Data Recovery Planning

    Using Oracle Cloud as a BC/DR target allows organizations to minimize traditional DR costs while realizing 5 key benefits. Tune into this webinar to discover these 5 benefits as well as learn how Zones’ disaster recovery services can help you assess your current environment and implement an optimal DR plan.

  • How do you Build a Governance Process? Start with a Solid Foundation

    A cloud-first infrastructure can introduce a storm of new costs, benefits, and variables. Learn how you can bring order to the chaos with a Cloud Governance Framework.

  • Are You Getting the Most Bang for Your Cloud Buck?

    It can be incredibly difficult managing a cloud environment – and even harder to manage the bill. With Zones, your organization can partner up to collaborate on assessing, planning, and designing the optimal cloud environment and cloud cost model. Learn more about what Zones has to offer in this eBook. Download it here.

  • Are you really cloud-first?

    Cloud-first strategies can keep your organization modernized and competitive. Being cloud-first means prioritizing and promoting the cloud, whether that looks like adjusting your IT architecture or carefully selecting a cloud provider. This guide outlines 3 steps to take to evaluate your cloud-first strategy. Download the guide now.

  • The hybrid cloud and your company.

    Virtualization helps simplify IT, lower costs, and improve application performance. In this guide, take a virtualization assessment to learn more about how effectively your organization balances physical and virtual storage. Download the guide here.

  • Cloud Governance: Prevention, Detection, & Correction

    The traditional approach to cloud governance relies on IT gatekeepers to block certain users from accessing the cloud environment. But this approach creates a backlog of access requests and slows processes down. Watch Zones’ webinar to learn about effective cloud governance frameworks, and how removing gatekeepers minimizes security risks.

  • A closer look at converged infrastructures and server density

    In this expert e-guide, examine the pros and cons of increasing storage and server density, and learn how careful planning can improve computing densities as well as minimize potential risks. Additionally, get an in-depth look at converged infrastructures.

  • The Challenges and Benefits of Private Clouds

    In this exclusive e-guide, Mark Bowker, analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group, offers key insight into CIO and IT management issues with the private cloud. Read now to learn about private cloud implications for business needs, and discover how to lay the foundation for this data center model.

  • Convergence Trends, Strategies, and Next Steps

    Check out this expert E-Guide to learn about hyperconvergence, and how it sets itself apart from traditional converged infrastructure.

  • Storage Changes to Look For in 2013

    This E-Guide elaborates on the latest data storage trends, including unstructured data growth, demands for multi-tenancy in the cloud, software-defined networking, and more. Learn about recent announcements from HP, how their new offerings differ from those of their competitors, and whether experts think they are worth your consideration.

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