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  • Big Data Lake with Cloudian HyperStore on Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub

    Access this data sheet to discover Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub, which offers a central, scalable, flexible, secure environment for handling all types of workloads and Hadoop data.

  • Data Protection for Elasticsearch Environments with Cloudian HyperStore

    Today’s backup targets all have limitations that can hinder your ability to meet business objectives. Click on this datasheet to learn about Cloudian Hyperstore, a leading on-prem S3 based object storage platform that yields 7 advantages over its competitors and offers 7 benefits when implemented in ElasticSearch environments.

  • Cloudian HyperStore Compliance Assessment

    In this e-book, Cohasset Associates has been called upon to assess the capabilities of Cloudian HyperStore. Read on to learn Cohasset’s opinion on HyperStore which includes whether or not it retains records requiring time-based retention in compliance with the recording and non-rewritable, non-erasable storage of electronic records.

  • Cloudian Solutions for Ransomware

    With the WORM approach, once data is written, it cannot be changed or deleted until a certain amount of time has passed, and because the data cannot be modified, it cannot be encrypted, making malware ineffective. Check out this datasheet to learn the 3 ways that WORM-equipped storage can be deployed to protect your apps.

  • Protect Your Data From Ransomware with Veeam & Cloudian

    Dig into this webcast to discover how ransomware works and how Veeam and Cloudian offer customers a way to lock down backup data so it cannot be changed or deleted by ransomware.

  • Protect Your Data from Ransomware with Veeam and Cloudian Solution Brief

    Cloudian HyperStore enterprise storage complements on-premise disk-based storage and built-in ransomware protection by providing a local, S3-compliant object storage target for Veeam backups over your local, high-speed network. Dig into this datasheet to discover the use cases of this solution and the 6 benefits it offers.

  • Lock Ransomware Out with Veeam & Cloudian

    Ransomware has been identified by the World Economic Forum as one of the top five economic risks facing society today, rivaling global warming. Access this webcast to understand how a joint solution from Veeam and Cloudian can provide a hardened approach to keep your data safe from this threat.

  • Data Protection with Veeam and Cloudian

    Read over this datasheet to explore the Hyper-Availability Platform from Veeam which boasts 8 distinguishing features and benefits—including its ability to integrate with the cloud to leverage additional capacity.

  • Four Technologies Combine to Protect You from Ransomware Attacks

    Read this report from Forrester Research to learn how you can deploy four key technologies to improve your organization’s resilience against ransomware and to boost your detection, remediation, protection, and recovery from this growing threat.

  • Object Storage Architecture Removes File Crawl Issues

    In this expert guide, find out the many differences of object storage that make it that much more efficient and economical fit for your enterprise, such as active or cold archiving, search, analytics, and more.

  • Object Storage Vendors Push NAS Out of the Enterprise

    Discover 8 object storage use cases where traditional storage systems can't compete, and 5 reasons why it may be more suitable for your organization, such as scalability, resiliency, standards-based accessibility, and more.

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