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  • IDC Technology Spotlight: Threat Visibility and Management are Critical in Managed Security Services

    As cyberattackers become better, faster and more sophisticated, security teams are forced to upgrade their ability to detect and respond to intrusions. These professionals face a growing number of security alerts that may or may not reveal a true threat. Read this article to see how managed service providers may be able to help.

  • Cyber Resilience as a Competitive Advantage

    Now more than ever, customers are attuned to the impact of security threats to their own data. As a result, having strong cyber resilience may grant your organization an unexpected competitive advantage. Read this article to learn 6 cybersecurity best practices that will build your resilience in a way that can help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Agile IT Infrastructure and Architecture

    With the newly remote workforce, there has been a significant acceleration of the migration to the cloud in just the past few months. In this Q&A video, hear about the trends one IDC research expert is seeing in response to the accelerated move, including changes to network needs, IT budgets and more.

  • The Role of SD-WAN in Securing the Expanding Network Perimeter

    SD-WAN’s growth is certainly a testament to some of the more well-known benefits of the technology. However, we should not overlook how some of these same features can be optimized to boost network security. In this blog post, learn how to optimize your SD-WAN to its full potential for advanced security protection.

  • Enabling New Ways of Doing Business with Agile IT Architectures

    Due to the pandemic, companies in all industries and of all sizes are forced to rethink how to conduct business, how to enable employees and how to deliver products and services. To support the required changes, companies need to start with rethinking their enterprise IT and network architectures. Download this white paper to learn more.

  • Report: Shifting Cybersecurity to Support the Expanded Remote Workforce

    The COVID-19 pandemic spurred a seismic shift in work patterns and processes, forcing a rapid pivot to remote work. As a result, IT leaders have been forced to reevaluate technology initiatives and rethink current and future policies. Read this survey by IDG and Comcast Business to see why changes to the traditional workplace are just beginning.

  • How Companies Are Reorienting Around Digital Agility

    Remote operations aren't going anywhere any time soon and may become permanent long after the pandemic is over. Open up this article to read some key findings and considerations for how technology priorities have shifted due to COVID-19.

  • The Power of WiFi and LoRaWAN to Optimize IoT Operations

    The ability to integrate modern devices with internet connectivity is good for business. But all of this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In this blog, learn how underlying network technologies such as 5G, WiFi, and low-power, long-range wide-area networks (LoRaWAN), need to work in tandem as organizations seek to optimize sought-after efficiencies.

  • You’ve Uncovered the Weak Spots in Your Omnichannel Approach: Now What?

    Download this white paper to explore insights and strategies that can help you pivot to digital business, navigate new work environments, and manage changing customer expectations amid uncertainty.

  • How Wi-Fi 6 Will Deliver Secure, Stable, and Superior Customer Experiences Across Industries

    With the advent of Wi-Fi 6, IT leaders are considering whether their businesses require the improved speed and performance promised by the latest revision of the wireless standard. But if customer experience is any measure of business success, then it is sure to be on many IT wish lists. Download this blog to learn more about Wi-Fi 6.

  • Technology Enables Healthcare Providers to Deliver More Frequent At-Home Care

    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare technology leaders quickly partnered with telecommunications companies to ramp up data capabilities and network infrastructures to support a telehealth system. Download this blog post to learn more about the technology that enables healthcare providers to deliver more frequent at-home care.

  • How to Choose the Right SD-WAN Transport and Why It Matters

    Faster speeds, higher capacity pipes and smarter connections, starting in the last mile and progressing to the core of corporate networks, are critically important to businesses. In this blog, uncover 6 critical questions to ask when choosing an SD-WAN transport.

  • IT Considerations for Change Management

    As stay-at-home advisories and non-essential business closures begin to ease up, businesses will need to undergo sweeping operational changes as workplaces slowly begin shifting back to a more normal environment. In this blog post, learn how your network and network monitoring tools can help enable your organization’s return to work.

  • Using Network and Wi-Fi Analytics to Help with Workplace Safety

    Business leaders need to consider monitoring processes and technologies that balance maintaining safety with respect for the privacy and work habits of their employees. As such, organizations of all sizes can leverage their computer and communication networks to enable such automated monitoring processes. Read this article to learn more.

  • Real World SD-WAN: Gaining Agility, Enhancing CX & EX, and Cutting Costs

    SD-WAN is one of the fastest growing enterprise technologies, with adoption projected to grow at ~30% annually. The benefits of this technology have been widely communicated, and now, the onus lies on IT to capitalize. Read this white paper to view real-world success stories on SD-WAN and how it has improved productivity and cut costs.

  • How Hospitality Will Leverage Technology to Reinvent the Guest Experience and Keep Travelers Safe

    Hotels have been forced to postpone renovations, suspend marketing efforts and reduce salaries due to COVID-19. Although unfortunate in the short term, this crisis has given the hospitality industry a lot to think about in the way of technology and how it can be used to improve guest experience. Read this article to learn more.

  • Now is the Time to Start Expediting Your Migration to Cloud Communication

    IT departments have had to scramble for months – now is the chance to get out in front. With the UCaaS market poised to grow upwards of $25B in the US alone, read 7 reasons why cloud communications should be a key objective.

  • Remote Education: Prepping for the Long Game

    According to the UN, more than 850 million students worldwide have been forced out of the classroom due to COVID-19, and many can no longer participate in school as a result. Action must be taken to ensure that students will be back in the classroom, virtually or not. Read this blog to learn how to prepare your network for the future of learning.

  • Advances in Technology Make Virtual Health a Reality

    Virtual health, otherwise known as telehealth, has gained popularity over the last few years. More than video chat with a physician, it has emerged as an extension of, and possibly a replacement for, in-person health services. But the technology behind it must live up to expectation. Read this white paper to learn 4 challenges of virtual health.

  • Financial Services Firms Accelerate Digital-First Business

    The financial services industry is challenged as demand for digital-only services increases. They must quickly transform to accommodate the way consumers are choosing to do business and pay bills, and COVID-19 has required the pace of this transformation to be even quicker. Read this article to learn predictions about the industry.

  • You've Uncovered the Weak Spots in your Omnichannel Approach: Now What?

    Establishing the right foundation for omni-channel approaches involves a number of factors, but it starts with an agile, flexible network that gives you centralized control across all of your locations and lets you view your entire architecture on a single pane of glass. Download this blog post to learn more.

  • Achieve Your Network Uptime Goals and Application High Availability with SD-WAN

    Today’s businesses have zero tolerance for network or communications downtime. Fortunately, there are smart and cost-effective ways to stay ahead of potential disruptions. In this blog post, learn how your network can stay highly available with a well-designed SD-WAN.

  • Adopting a Remote-First Approach to Meet Employees and Customers Where They Are

    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been widespread. For many businesses, the dispersed workforce caused by social distancing restrictions, has created the need to do things differently and reach customers in new ways. In this white paper, learn how your organization can help address a number of challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Are All SD-WANs Created Equal? The Benefits of a MEF-Certified SD-WAN

    There are roughly 70 available SD-WAN options on the market, and enterprises are looking for a way to determine which of them will meet their networking use case and service resiliency requirements. Fortunately, the Metro Ethernet Foundation is able to provide a global standard for SD-WAN offerings. Read this article to learn more.

  • As the Simplicity of DIY SD-WAN is Debunked, Flexible Managed Models Emerge

    Organizations have realized that DIY SD-WAN poses too many challenges to gain any sort of benefit. As of March 2020, Gartner confirms that enterprise spend on managed SD-WAN is expected to grow 76% per year. To stay ahead, read this article, and learn 4 key factors to adoption as you navigate the crowded SD-WAN marketplace.

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