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  • The Contact Center Playbook

    Explore this collection of case studies to learn how 5 small to mid-size businesses (across various industries) are boosting customer satisfaction and productivity, while reducing operational costs, with RingCentral Contact Center.

  • Emergency Medicine Telehealth: What’S Possible And What’S Practical

    The role of telehealth technology has exploded throughout the pandemic, and now, the industry is increasingly looking to push telehealth usage beyond consultation. Explore this infographic to discover some of the compelling ways telehealth can enhance emergency medicine in the field and emergency departments.

  • Streamlined Communications: A How-To Guide For Construction Firms

    Getting on the same page when it comes to communicating with your teammates, partners, and clients is no easy feat. Luckily, this guide – Streamlined Communications: A How-To Guide for Construction Firms – is here to help. Download this guide to get started.

  • Future-Proof Your Workplace

    In this e-book, discover the communications essentials that every business needs to succeed in the future workplace and showcase the power of bringing integrated apps into where you get work done, such as Microsoft Teams and CRM platforms.

  • Communication Matters

    Read this e-book to explore 5 communication experiences that illustrate how a unified communications and collaboration strategy can create an effortless employee experience that allows your team to better serve shoppers at all stages of their journey.

  • 5 Online Collaboration Tools For Students

    When learning takes place online, encouraging collaboration among students can seem a daunting prospect. But with today’s digital tools, technology can also enhance students’ intellectual potential to almost dizzying heights. Download this infographic to learn about 5 online collaboration tools that can help students succeed from anywhere.

  • Customer Satisfaction Checklist For The Modern Construction Business

    Download this checklist to help your construction company evaluate its digital customer experience offerings and gain insights that will drive your communications-enabled customer engagement plan to meet your customers’, employees’ and colleagues’ expectations.

  • Best Practices and Readiness Guide for Success

    Download this white paper to learn about the top 5 ways a cloud contact center ensures disaster recovery and access tips for effective planning and implementation to drive business value.

  • Simplifying Communications: A How-To Guide For Real Estate Professionals

    Read this e-book to consider the challenges that face real estate companies as they transition to increasingly digital work environments, explore how unified communications can facilitate this transition and look at how various real estate firms have had success in their digital transformations thanks to their unified communications strategies.

  • Unified Communications For The Modern Construction Business

    Download this infographic to learn how a unified communications platform can help construction businesses create ease in their interactions with customers, business contacts, and project partners, while improving internal record keeping and time tracking, and helping teams collaborate seamlessly from any location.

  • Are your communications slowing you down?

    Explore this infographic to learn how an integrated unified communications and contact center solution allows agents to find the right answers and resolve issues faster than ever before, improving employee and customer experiences alike.

  • Why it pays to have a single vendor for cloud communications and contact center

    Remote & hybrid work trends are transforming contact center (CC) strategies, but many businesses still rely on multiple vendors for their communications & CC needs, raising costs and causing friction in the customer experience. Download this eBook to discover the advantages of an integrated cloud communications & CC solution.

  • RingCentral’s unified communications and contact center solution

    The easier your team can collaborate, the faster they can resolve customer issues—which is why many organizations opt for integrated CCaaS and UCaaS solution. Learn about RingCentral’s unified offering and the benefits of a combined CCaaS-UCaaS system, in this white paper.

  • How Porch is saving money (25% to be exact) and time with a reliable unified solution

    Download this case study to learn how RingCentral’s unified platform for communications and call center operations is helping a home service company grow their business intelligently, increasing functionality and reliability at a lower cost.

  • What your employees need to keep your customers happy

    Download this eBook to find tips for delivering great CX by meeting employee needs and discover how integrating your UCaaS and CCaaS solutions can help your business build a strong customer-centric team and drive business value.

  • The key to building a customer-centric team

    Download this eBook to find tips for delivering great CX and discover how integrating your UCaaS and CCaaS solutions can help your business build a strong customer-centric team and drive business value.

  • Remote agent playbook

    Offering remote work is increasingly needed to court your best applicants and retain your top talent, but the fact of the matter is that it can be difficult and expensive to support work from home for your agents. Download this white paper to learn how RingCentral can help you reduce remote work costs and improve agent management.

  • How the combination of message, video, and phone will reshape the future of work

    According to Gartner, 74% of companies plan to permanently shift to more remote work in the post-pandemic era – but what will remote work look like beyond COVID? Read this e-book to find out.

  • Unrecognizable collaboration

    The communication landscape is always changing – and recently, a new communication medium has come to the fore: video. Download this report to dive deeper into 5 of the most exciting collaboration applications and how organizations are implementing them.

  • Gartner

    UCaaS providers develop and operate cloud UC services offering superior collaboration, faster deployment and often lower cost compared to premises-based solutions. Read this Gartner Magic Quadrant to select the provider that best aligns to your organization’s needs.

  • Long hold times are killing your customer experience

    For many businesses, lengthy hold times block customers from getting support through the most appropriate channels, leading to poor customer experiences and lost sales. Download this guide to find 6 business opportunities waiting in the contact center and 6 tips to improve hold times with technology.

  • Next Gen Cloud Contact Centers for Dummies

    Cloud based contact centers are the new frontier to enable modern customer engagement, but getting started can be daunting. Explore this eBook for dummies to get a full view of cloud contact centers, where the market is headed, and how you can get started, to create a digital-first customer experience that will drive satisfaction and engagement.

  • The Innovator’s Guide to the Digital-first Contact Center

    Customers now expect the flexibility of a multichannel contact center across industries, but it takes more than software to implement these channels successfully. Download this guide to learn more about key contact center trends and find 6 tips for evolving to meet your customers’ digital engagement expectations.

  • The 2020 Customer Communications Review

    Contact centers across industries have expanded far beyond phone calls to become multichannel entities of their own; email, text messaging, and other digital channels are now the norm. Download this report to review results from RingCentral's recent survey of over 500+ consumers, and how they prefer to communicate with businesses.

  • How to get maximum productivity from your remote teams

    Gartner conducted a survey of 317 CFOs that revealed 74% of companies plan to permanently shift to more remote work. This e-book provides 5 profiles of organizations and how their unified communications enable remote work productivity and collaboration, streamlined workflows, reduced costs and more.

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