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  • Case Study: SOFI

    Personal finance company SoFi realized that, in order to enhance their customer service, they needed to improve their phone system. Dig into this case study to learn about the streamlined and easy-to-implement solution that enabled the company to achieve both goals.

  • Emergency Medicine Telehealth: What’s Possible And What’s Practical

    As telehealth continues to take root in modern medicine, new avenues of care have emerged. One avenue loaded with possibilities is emergency medicine telehealth. Download this infographic to discover how telehealth can enhance emergency medicine both in the field and in hospitals.

  • Grow Organic Practice Revenue By 10% With Telehealth Services

    When calculating the ROI of your telehealth communications platform, you must keep in mind several key factors. Tap into this data sheet to discover what those are.

  • How Unified Communications can Deliver Certainty in Times of Crisis

    Along with supporting business resiliency during times of crisis, unified communications solutions can future-proof organizations. How? This white paper delves into 5 notable ways. Read on to uncover them.

  • Integrating Unified Communications And Contact Center

    How can integrating UCaaS and contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) enhance the experiences of customers and employees alike? Download this white paper to find out.

  • Ringcentral MVP™ For Healthcare Providers

    Whether they’re connecting with patients or their internal team, healthcare providers need secure, seamless communications in order to perform the best care possible. Dig into this data sheet to learn how cloud communications platforms can improve how providers collaborate through messaging, telehealth and more.

  • Quick Guide To HIPAA-Compliant Communication Between Healthcare Providers

    Connected medical teams provide strong patient care. Though, a complex obstactle exists on teams’ paths to connection: ensuring HIPAA-compliant communications. Step in the “Quick Guide to HIPAA-compliant Communication between Healthcare Providers.” Tap into the book to unlock insights.

  • 5 Customer Experience Strategies For Financial Services Contact Centers

    When it comes to the financial services sector, have a top-notch contact center that can provide unbeatable customer service is the goal, especially when it comes to handling people’s money. When your customers call in, they expect speed and personalization. To achieve this there are 5 key strategies to help. Read on to see what they are.

  • How Ringcentral Helped These 6 Companies Better Serve Their Customers

    One harsh truth in business is that for most organizations, one third of your customers will leave after a single negative experience. That number skyrockets if they have one or two more like that. Having the right multi-channel customer engagement solution can be the difference. Read on to learn about one and the business it has already helped.

  • Ensuring Compliant Communications In Financial Services

    The pandemic changed how banking institutions and their customers communicate. However, today, banks are available by phone, video, chat, text, and messaging due to the increased customer demand for multi-channel communication options. But if your communication platforms are not compliant, you risk losing customers. Read on to see why.

  • How A Cloud Communications Platform Puts Connection At The Center Of Care

    A visit to the doctor or hospital is more than just an interaction between the patient and the doctor. Stakeholders like providers and payers are also involved. With this many hands in the process of care, communications need to be simple and clear. Read on to see a personal story that highlights the impact of cloud communications in healthcare.

  • Ring Central Unify Your Communications

    When transitioning to cloud communications, businesses can benefit from leveraging a single platform instead of various solutions from various vendors. Download this e-book to explore 5 reasons why this is the case.

  • How To Improve Your Customer Experience By Elevating Your Employee Experience

    If you want to elevate your organization’s customer experience, begin by enhancing your employee experience. This e-book explores how you can do so by leveraging a combined UC and contact center solution to level up your UCaaS. Read on to discover 5 benefits of this approach.

  • Microsoft Teams And Telephony: Why Financial Services Firms Must Consider Ucaas Providers

    Supporting work-from-home initiatives, enabling cost savings, enhancing security—these are some of the drivers that led financial services companies to adopt UCaaS. Learn about the UCaaS experiences of 43 companies in this Metrigy report, “Microsoft Teams and Telephony: Why Financial Services Firms Must Consider UCaaS Providers.”

  • Solve Hybrid Work Compliance Challenges With Theta Lake And Ringcentral

    Along with ushering in great flexibility, hybrid and remote work have presented some security concerns, such as compliance issues in collaboration. This ZK Research report explores how businesses can remedy those issues by enlisting the help of RingCentral and Theta Lake. Read on to learn all about their partnership.

  • The Key To Building A Customer-Centric Culture

    Customers have come to expect frictionless customer experiences. Therefore, to stay competitive, your business must deliver them. One way to do so is by combining UCaaS and CCaaS (contact center as a service). Download this e-book to learn about the myriad benefits that the approach can deliver, such as enhancing agent productivity.

  • Maximizing Productivity in the Contact Center

    In order for your contact agents to meet customer expectations, you need to provide your workforce with positive employee experiences. Dig into this white paper to understand the key role that connected experiences play in employee satisfaction and productivity.

  • Making Magical Moments in CX

    “Happy agents make happy customers. It’s a powerful virtuous cycle,” explains RingCentral’s AVP of Product Marketing, Gayathri Krishnamurthy. Because of this cycle, organizations have much to gain from fusing their CX and EX. Learn about the benefits of doing so in this white paper.

  • The US Customer Experience Decision-Makers’ Guide 2022-23

    Analyzing the questionnaire results of 184 CX and customer contact leaders, this report explores the CX strategies, performances and technologies of U.S. organizations. Unlock these insights by downloading the report.

  • 10 Ways Voice Will Disrupt The Workplace In The Next 5 Years

    According to a recent report, more than 50% of workers say voice calls are faster and make it easier to get their thoughts across. This white paper provides 10 ways that voice is transforming workplace communication. Continue reading to learn more.

  • Hybrid Work Why It's Time To Move Your On-Premises PBX To The Cloud

    With 66% percent of employees expected to continue with hybrid work or stay completely remote, it has become crucial for companies to transfer their workflows to the cloud. But with so many still using on-premises solutions to communicate and collaborate, how can you accommodate your needs? Access this white paper to learn more.

  • National Pharmacies

    South Australia’s National Pharmacies identified a problem: its communications system was no longer able to provide access for its 260,000 members. To tackle this problem, National Pharmacies sought RightCentral’s help. Browse this case study to learn how RingCentral enabled annual telecommunications cost savings of up to $60,000.

  • City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

    Imagine an entire city with a single, integrated voice platform across all sites over a geographic area. You can envision the improved communications, troubleshooting, and customer satisfaction. Now, you can go through a case study on how one Australian city made that vision a reality and still enjoys those benefits today. Read on to learn more.

  • Mortgage Choice

    When Mortgage Choice began to struggle with their unreliable VoIP services, they sought out a cloud-based UCaaS platform that would help them centralize their systems. Luckily, they found RingCentral who was able to provide them with the support they needed. Browse this case study to hear the full story.

  • Power Of Voice Communication At Work

    Phone communication is alive and well. 65% of people between 25 and 49 report that they to use voice-enabled communication devices such as phones at least once a day to chat with others, meaning that it’s crucial for organizations to not only continue their services, but to modernize their solutions. Access this white paper to learn more.

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