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  • Monitoring Your Call Center to Optimize Operations

    Access this expert guide to learn how, with the right call center monitoring program and the know-how to calculate agent utilization, businesses can transition the call center from an expense center to a strategic asset.

  • Guide to Improving Customer Satisfaction and Agent Performance

    Access this expert guide to learn about strategies and technologies that can help you develop agility and transparency in your contact center that will attract and retain customers and talent.

  • Guide to Empathetic Chatbots: The Future of Customer Service

    Today's customers have high expectations for empathetic, speedy service on the channels they prefer. Automated chatbots are a popular solution to meet demands, but infusing empathy into unique interactions isn't easy. Read this expert guide to learn how new technologies like NLP & sentiment analysis are evolving to address this challenge.

  • Determine Whether A Call or Contact Center Is Right for Your Customers

    While the line between call centers and contact centers is fuzzy, decision-makers must understand how these centers differ to optimize the value of their systems.Read on to access up to date definitions of each solution, and a closer look at 5 key differences.

  • Don't Let Chatbots Tank your Customer Service: A Contact Center Writer's View

    Chatbots and AI solutions are being deployed to streamline customer engagements and meet high volumes of service requests. But it can be difficult to generate interactions that are relevant, useful, and deliver a personal feel with AI. Read this guide to access insights from a contact center writer and learn about key chatbot pitfalls to avoid.

  • The American Rescue Plan Act Of 2021: A Guide For K-12 Educators

    The American Rescue Plan represents the largest federal education funding plan in the country’s history. With such an unprecedented $122.7 billion in play, it can be difficult to fully understand how and what the money is going to be spent on. Download the full PDF and gain a better understanding of the American Rescue Plan and its UC implications.

  • Video Conferencing Checklist For Teachers

    When you’re accustomed to doing things a certain way, a drastic change can be intimidating. Conducting lectures or seminars virtually is no exception. Tap into this checklist of actions you may want to take before, during, and after a video conference.

  • The American Rescue Plan Act Of 2021: A Guide For Higher Education

    In this guide about The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, you’ll find a summary of provisions for higher education institutions in the U.S., how allocations are made to institutions, and how institutions must use those funds. Read this guide to find out more.

  • Four Essential Elements Of Online Project-based Learning

    From workplace challenges to the daily to-do list, real life is a series of projects. The question is, do schools adequately prepare students for this kind of environment, particularly in the digital domain? Some say not – and that’s where project-based learning, or PBL, can help. Access this brief guide to find 4 essential tips to help you succeed

  • Ciso Guide: Securing Cloud Communication And Collaboration

    Tap into this e-book to learn about essential cyber security, data privacy, and compliance requirements for cloud communications that help protect your organization from cyberattacks and regulatory fines.

  • Enhanced Learning In The New Digital Classroom

    As most schools have returned to in-person instruction, they are looking for ways to leverage digital solutions to further enhance the teaching and learning experience. Access this research report to access insights from educators on how virtual learning has impacted student experiences, learn about IT investment priorities, and more.

  • Microsoft Teams & Telephony

    Leveraging calling services from a UCaaS provider combined with Microsoft Teams can provide businesses with the best opportunity to minimize telecom costs while delivering advanced features and better reliability. Read more to learn how to integrate the benefits of Teams with your UCaaS provider and implement a top-tier hybrid environment.

  • Cloud Communications: A Methodology For Successful Deployment For Schools, Districts, Or Universities

    A cloud-based communications solution offers educational organizations a number of benefits including increased reliability, speedy scalability, and more. Explore this e-book to learn how the right cloud communications partner can help educational organizations drive all stages of migration to ensure the best results possible.

  • How Ringcentral Helped These 6 Companies Better Serve Their Customers

    Studies have shown that 1/3 of customers will stop doing business with a company after one bad experience. If it happens twice, that number almost reaches 100%. Knowing this, having the right technology is the key to providing the ideal customer experience. Read more to learn about customer engagement solutions that maintain customer loyalty.

  • How Does Your Contact Center Maturity Compare To Your Competition?

    Worried about how you stack up against your competition when it comes to providing seamless customer experiences? Explore this guide featuring Forbes market research and a deep dive into the top 4 contact center success factors to learn how you can accurately measure your CC maturity & discover which business areas need strengthening.

  • Checklist: How Good Is Your Communications System?

    Access this checklist to determine if your current communications system is meeting the needs of a modern workforce & discover key capability areas to invest in to ensure your teams can work their way.

  • Checklist: How Good Is Your Communications System?

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  • Microsoft Teams and Telephony: Why Small Businesses Prefer UCaaS Providers

    This report unveils why, when it comes to integrating calling into Microsoft Teams, services from a UCaaS provider provide small and mid-size businesses with the best opportunity to minimize telecom costs, maximize reliability, and provide access to advanced calling features. Access your copy now to discover more key insights.

  • A Phoney Prediction Assumptions That Voice Is Dead Are Wrong: Here's Why It's Crucial For Your Business

    In a world where your employees and customers depend on voice communication to go about daily tasks and build relationships, a complete cloud phone system will cover all bases. Access this white paper to learn how employees use voice today & discover the tools you’ll need to equip them for successful collaboration going forward.

  • What Your Employees Need To Keep Your Customers Happy

    If you want to be a customer-centric organization, you must focus on your employees first. Download this eBook to learn how investing in employee experience results in a more successful customer experience.

  • MetriStar Top Provider Award Contact Center Platforms

    One of the world’s most innovative research firms, Metrigy, recently conducted it’s global “Customer Experience MetriCast 2022” research study. This comprehensive look at the voice industry takes a deep dive into what they see as the number one

  • Determine Whether A Call or Contact Center Is Right for Your Customers

    While the line between call centers and contact centers is fuzzy, decision-makers must understand how these centers differ to optimize the value of their systems.Read on to access up to date definitions of each solution, and a closer look at 5 key differences.

  • Hybrid Work Why It's Time To Move Your On-Premises PBX To The Cloud

    Until recently, businesses had one choice when it came to PBX and UC technology: on-premises solutions. The problem is, on-premises solutions are expensive and resource intensive, requiring a significant amount of IT staff to deploy, manage and maintain. Read this paper to learn why the time to switch to cloud PBX is now.

  • What Your Business Needs For A Hybrid And Remote-First Workplace

    Read this white paper to learn why modern work demands greater flexibility and discover how organizations that use cloud-based communications—like unified communications—can seamlessly manage users, provision new phones, and monitor their entire system from anywhere.

  • Checklist: Managing Work-From-Home Contact Center Agents

    Download this readiness guide to access a virtual contact center management checklist that covers the technology tools, scripting best practices, and employee management strategies you’ll need to succeed & discover how RingCentral can help you handle these changes in operations with ease.

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