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  • How a history of paranoia and strategies for next-gen architecture are helping with internet-based services during COVID-19

    The pandemic has pushed companies to fast-track deployments for cloud and datacenter connectivity. In this 451 Research report, learn about the implications of these rushed projects—and how next-gen architecture’s history of paranoia has already pushed the market forward.

  • Redefining Network Optimization for an “Anywhere Workforce”

    Many organizations had already begun transitioning and updating their network optimization journey when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, creating fundamental changes in when, where and how employees worked. In this white paper, explore the key role network optimization will play to support new workforce business plans.

  • COVID-19: Keeping the Datacenter Lights on During a Crisis

    Dive into this report from 451 Research to learn why governments are increasingly considering data centers as mission-critical infrastructure alongside power and water utilities – and what this designation means for data center operators as they work to keep the lights on.

  • A New Approach to Disaster Recovery for a Modern Era

    Access this custom white paper to learn 11 ways you can update or even overhaul your disaster recovery plans to include a wide range of new capabilities in the work from home era and discover how Equinix can help.

  • Market Trends: SD-WAN and NFV for Enterprise Network Services

    Digital and cloud IT strategies are widespread trends. For most enterprises, these endeavors bring the need to transform their WANs. In response to this need, SD-WAN and NFV-based services are now offered by service providers. To learn more about market trends in the SD-WAN and NFV service market, download this Gartner report.

  • Flexible Solutions for a Rapidly Changing Business World

    Enterprises that may now be fast-forwarding execution of their digital business strategy or quickly putting one in place can do so with the help of Equinix Global Solutions Architects (GSAs). In this brief, take a look at the most common digital concerns that IT leaders have recently faced and explore examples of how Equinix GSAs have helped.

  • Build Online Collaboration and Secure Access for Remote Workers

    A leading global pain point for many organizations is the need to add capacity from VPN concentrators for employees now working from home. In this brief, learn how Equinix can help enterprises enable thousands of employees working from home to access mission-critical applications and connect with partners and networks to keep business moving.

  • Accelerated Global Expansion of Scalable, High-Performance Unified Communications

    Unified Communications platforms require extensive scalability and flexibility in today’s digital workplace. They also require reliable data backup and disaster recovery so that they can remain functional in the face of unpredictability.In this case study, read about how Zoom was able to prepare for the unknown with a high-performance platform.

  • Infrastructure Is Everywhere: The Evolution of Data Centers

    IT infrastructure is no longer something that needs to be optimized to reduce operating costs. Open this analyst report to learn how we’re moving away from data centers and toward centers of data, and what that means for you.

  • Succeeding in the Era of Remote Work: Business Benefits of Online Collaboration

    Years ago, voices like Harvard Business Review were proclaiming that online collaboration was a strong compliment to in-person work environments. As COVID-19 changes the business world, it’s clearly time to embrace it as a real long-term solution. Check out this white paper to learn what embracing online collaboration as a permanent asset entails.

  • Digital experiences are front and center in coping with coronavirus

    This 451 Research report offers 5 insights to keep in mind as the digital experience becomes more and more critical for positive business outcomes, especially in these times. Save the report now for guidance on measuring digital performance, ensuring consumer data privacy, and more.

  • How Leading Companies Support Remote Work and Digital Experience

    The digital world, the infrastructure and the applications that we all use are scaling to support the unprecedented growth and change in traffic caused by COVID-19. In this webcast, hear from network leaders from Dropbox, Equinix, Netflix, and Zoom about how they are scaling their networks and services during the coronavirus epidemic.

  • Providers Address Capacity, Supply-Chain Challenges Brought on by COVID-19

    Service providers are adapting to changing traffic demands driven by COVID-19 quarantines by building up more capacity, expanding the locations of their points of presence, and even shifting their supply chains. In this article, network leaders from DropBox, Equinix, Netflix and Zoom talk about their experiences.

  • Virtual Panel: How Leading Companies Support Remote Work and Digital Experience

    For companies supporting remote work, business is booming. But how exactly are companies like Dropbox, Netflix, Zoom, and Equinix scaling their networks and services right now? In this virtual panel event, hear from network leaders from these companies as they discuss their approach to quality digital experiences.

  • Organizations Increasing Their Adoption of Network Functions Virtualization

    IT infrastructure has become more complex than ever, especially when it comes to networking and the reality of highly distributed infrastructures. That’s why many enterprises are turning to network functions virtualization (NFV). In this white paper, learn about the state of NFV adoption and how you can optimize the benefits of the technology.

  • 2020 State of NFV Report

    In October 2012, 7 CSPs teamed up under the auspices of ETSI to launch network functions virtualization (NFV). The subsequent years have seen much progress in the adoption of virtualization, but also much confusion. In this NFV Report, take a look at the overall state of NFV in the market today and explore the major trends and challenges.

  • How to Overcome Four Major Challenges in Edge Computing

    As enterprises diversify from a single edge computing use case to many, infrastructure and operations leaders will need an overall edge computing strategy that addresses 4 major challenges in edge computing. In this Gartner report, explore each of these 4 challenges and find recommendations for addressing them.

  • Market Trends: CSPs Must Accelerate Direct Connections to Cloud

    With adoption of cloud services gaining momentum, product leaders of communications technology service providers must accelerate deployment of direct network connections to cloud providers to improve application performance for customers and protect network service revenues. Download this Gartner report to learn more.

  • Worldwide Colocation and Interconnection Services 2019-2020 Vendor Assessment

    Dive inside this IDC MarketScape report to learn how the leading colocation and interconnection providers around the world stack up against one another – and using key evaluation factors like hyper-scalability and international footprint, which provider might be the right choice for an organization like yours.

  • Architecting Hybrid IT and Edge for Digital Advantage

    As the deployment options for hybrid IT continue to transform core business processes, enterprises are being pushed closer to the edge. Enterprises can respond by turning to a new architecture based on interconnection and leveraging colocation in multitenant datacenters. In this Pathfinder report, learn more about the benefits of strategy.

  • Digital Payment Adoption Around the World

    Globally, payments are going digital—most likely due to the abundance of new electronic pay methods available, and the opportunity to boost convenience, speed and overall CX. But what does adoption look like worldwide? Find out in this white paper, which looks at the key trends currently shaping digital payments markets around the world.

  • 3 Essential Insights to Advance Your Digital Strategy at the Edge

    The need for a digital-ready infrastructure continues to grow as workloads move to the edge. Relying too heavily on cloud-based services can cause your bandwidth prices to spike. Instead, edge servers allow for faster data processing and storage at a lower cost. Check out Equinix’s top insights on how to advance your digital edge strategy.

  • Infrastructure Is Everywhere: The Evolution of Data Centers

    Dive into this Gartner analyst report, authored by David Cappuccio & Bob Gill, to learn more about the evolution of the data center, from its physical origins to its increasingly omnipresent status—and, in turn, discover how IT professionals will come to adapt to a world where infrastructure is global.

  • Exploring the Edge: 12 Frontiers of Edge Computing

    Edge computing use cases are a dime-a-dozen, ranging from Internet of Things to branch networking. Jump inside this Gartner report to take a closer look at the 12 categories of edge computing use cases that industry analysts have identified.

  • Gartner- 7 Elements for Creating a Pragmatic Enterprise Cloud Strategy

    Even though cloud adoption continues to rise, enterprises continue to struggle with forming practical adoption strategies that optimize IT architecture. Read this blog which outlines these 5 risk domains, and provides a comprehensive set of recommendations to build your cloud strategy.

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