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  • Ecosystems are Critical to Feed Digital Acceleration

    This virtual fireside chat is tailored to IT leaders looking at making the most of their digital infrastructure investment and addresses the challenges associated in the shift. Access it here to learn more.

  • Fueling the Platform Economy

    In this keynote address at the 2021 Platform Equinix Digital Leaders Summit, hear Justin Dustzadeh, Equinix CTO and Jeremy Deutsch, President, APAC, share how Equinix is helping its customers to compete in the platform economy and drive sustainability through green IT. Watch it here to learn more.

  • Hybrid infrastructure for a digital advantage

    What exactly is hybrid IT, what are the key challenges driving its adoption, what does it take for a successful adoption and what are the use cases when successfully implemented? Check out this e-book for answers to these questions and more.

  • A Blueprint for DX Success: Start with Hybrid Infrastructure and Connected Ecosystems

    Access this IDC white paper to learn how organizations can accelerate, improve, and ultimately benefit from a digital infrastructure strategy that is anchored in hybrid infrastructure and connected ecosystems.

  • Hybrid infrastructure for a digital advantage

    IDC predicts that by 2022, the economy will remain focused on its digital destiny, with 65% of global GDP digitalized, driven by an expected $6.8 trillion of direct digital transformation investments from now until 2023. Read this e-book to learn the reasons why deploying hybrid infrastructure gives enterprises the best chance of digital success.

  • Solution Scorecard for Colocation Provider: Equinix

    Based on Gartner’s 154 criteria for colocation providers, Equinix received an overall solution score of 82 out of 100. Access this assessment to run through Equinix’s solution, learn key findings from the analysis, and discover Gartner’s bottom-line.

  • The future of digital leadership

    In the past, digital infrastructure was a business enabler. Today, it is a primary source of competitive advantage. Use this exclusive guide to explore the new technology trends accelerating infrastructure change in 2021, from edge computing to digital ecosystems.

  • A Blueprint For Dx Success: Start With Hybrid Infrastructure And Connected Ecosystems

    Read this IDC white paper to learn how experts expect to see digital transformation driven by cloud-enabled heterogenous platforms operating across hybrid infrastructures to lead the way to the interconnected, highly flexible data ecosystems of the future.

  • Beyond COVID-19: Digital Transformation Trends in the Wake of the Pandemic

    This Global Tech Trends Survey asked over 2,000 IT decision-makers to cover everything from the impact of COVID-19 and perceptions of the Cloud and 5G, to observations of sustainability issues around digital transformation. Open now to take a closer look at key findings and considerations.

  • Put Equinix Metal to the Test: Create an Arista Cloud On-Ramp

    In this resource, explore the possibilities Equinix and Arista have enabled to help your enterprise meet the challenges of deploying cloud on-ramps in an OPEX on-demand model, linking your on-premises Arista network architecture to Equinix, and more.

  • How to Optimize Network Connectivity Into Public Cloud Providers

    Enterprise use of public cloud services will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 24% from 2021 through 2024. In this Gartner report, learn how I&O leaders can support the efficient adoption of public cloud services, while optimizing their organizations' WAN-cloud connectivity.

  • Strategic Business Impact of Local Clouds

    In 2020, 57% of senior IT management had a cloud first or cloud only strategy, including workload determination for hosted, public or local cloud. Open up this white paper to explore more on local cloud migration, including challenges of enterprise cloud management, 5 steps to cloud success and more.

  • Equinix Network Edge: Laying the Path to Agile, Multicloud Networking

    In this Frost & Sullivan report, uncover an analysis of the business value of virtual network services, an overview of Equinix’s Network Edge services, and its significance to enterprises.

  • Building Digital Infrastructure To Achieve Business Advantage

    Rapid shifts in population centers and expanding data volumes have been driving the need for a new approach to digital infrastructure. Open up this IDC report to take a deep dive into building a digital infrastructure to gain a business advantage, covering digital infrastructure considerations, steps towards transformation and more.

  • Interconnection Amplifies the Value of Bare Metal Deployments

    Click on this white paper to discover some top digital transformation challenges organizations are facing, plus the benefits of automated, interconnected bare metal, all by the numbers.

  • Future of Digital Infrastructure: Ever Faster Delivery of Reliable Digital Services and Experiences

    In a time when businesses are rapidly adopting new analytics technologies, AI, IoT, and more, having a flexible, resilient digital infrastructure is a must. Download this report to explore how IT infrastructures are changing to support innovative businesses, and IDC’s expert tips for modernizing your infrastructure.

  • Your Guide to Cloud Data Center Interconnect

    Data center interconnect moves high-volume, high-speed traffic at a faster pace. The internet has always been the primary means of moving this data, but it is subject to greater and more variable latency than private networking. Dive into this e-Guide to how cloud data center interconnect improves performance and tightens up security.

  • The Cloud Bursting Challenge

    Cloud bursting—a type of hybrid cloud deployment—is when a private cloud application bursts into a public cloud when the demand for computing capacity spikes. In this exclusive E-Guide, learn how to identify the most common cloud bursting challenges—and, more importantly, how to overcome them.

  • Network-heavy services are coping with coronavirus so far

    In late March 2020, network monitoring vendor Kentik hosted a virtual panel session with Netflix, Zoom, Dropbox and Equinix, discussing how the coronavirus outbreak has affected each company’s operations. In this 451 Research report, learn how these companies have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak and what it means for the future.

  • Exploring Opportunities in CBRS & Private Wireless Services

    In this episode of Equinix’s Tech Talk series, get insider knowledge on the opportunities private wireless and Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) enable for service providers and enterprises. Download the webcast to hear Jim Poole, VP of Business Development at Equinix, explain the perks of private LTE and what CBRS is.

  • How a history of paranoia and strategies for next-gen architecture are helping with internet-based services during COVID-19

    The pandemic has pushed companies to fast-track deployments for cloud and datacenter connectivity. In this 451 Research report, learn about the implications of these rushed projects—and how next-gen architecture’s history of paranoia has already pushed the market forward.

  • Redefining Network Optimization for an “Anywhere Workforce”

    Many organizations had already begun transitioning and updating their network optimization journey when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, creating fundamental changes in when, where and how employees worked. In this white paper, explore the key role network optimization will play to support new workforce business plans.

  • COVID-19: Keeping the datacenter lights on during a crisis

    Dive into this report from 451 Research to learn why governments are increasingly considering data centers as mission-critical infrastructure alongside power and water utilities – and what this designation means for data center operators as they work to keep the lights on.

  • A New Approach to Disaster Recovery for a New Era

    Access this custom white paper to learn 11 ways you can update or even overhaul your disaster recovery plans to include a wide range of new capabilities in the work from home era and discover how Equinix can help.

  • Succeeding in the Era of Remote Work: Business Benefits of Online Collaboration

    Years ago, voices like Harvard Business Review were proclaiming that online collaboration was a strong compliment to in-person work environments. As COVID-19 changes the business world, it’s clearly time to embrace it as a real long-term solution. Check out this white paper to learn what embracing online collaboration as a permanent asset entails.

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