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  • How Wunderman Thompson Built a Digital Experience on Heroku in Five Days

    This past year, Wunderman Thompson set out to combine the art of music and the power of data to help slow the spread of COVID-19. In this webinar, learn how they built a frond-end application in just five days and worked with Salesforce solutions to drive viewership through targeted omni-channel campaigns. Watch here to see how it was all done.

  • Develop Consumer Apps with CRM Data

    In this 2-minute video, learn how to develop engaging consumer apps with CRM data. The Salesforce video breaks down the process into 3 easy to follow, easy to implement steps. Watch it here.

  • How To Build Engaging Apps And Connected Experiences With Heroku

    Heroku is a fully managed container-based cloud platform, with integrated data services and a powerful ecosystem, for deploying and running modern apps. It enables teams to easily build apps that share data with your Salesforce deployments at scale. Explore key use cases and potential benefits in this data sheet.

  • How Salesforce HR Uses Salesforce to Engage Every Employee

    In this interactive webinar, hear how Salesforce’s own HR teams uses their software to create an award-winning corporate culture. They’ll showcase specific examples of how they use the solution to scale and automate each stage of the employee journey—from onboarding to retirement. Watch now to learn more.

  • Making Technology an Integral Part of Your Employee Experience Strategy

    Dive into this research report from Harvard Business Review to learn about employee experience strategies, by the numbers. Plus, discover critical tech tools to help with employee productivity and efficiency in your organization.

  • Automating Processes Across the Employee Lifecycle

    Tune in to this quick two minute video to learn how platform as a service, or, PaaS, can help your organization automate processes across the entire employee life cycle, including onboarding, to improve your employee experience.

  • Introducing Salesforce Public Sector Solutions

    Today’s connected constituent expects a smarter experience with their government. To modernize the constituent experience, Salesforce introduced solutions and products designed for the public sector, including apps for License & Permit Management, Inspection Management, and more. Explore Salesforce’s Public Sector Solutions here.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Salesforce Case Management Solutions For Government

    Forrester’s research has shown that the need to improve customer service and customer experience (CX) has never been more important—especially for the public sector. To better understand the benefits and risks of CX investments, Forrester interviewed 6 government customers with years of experience using Salesforce case management solutions.


    2020 called for a wide-range of interdisciplinary and intergovernmental actions, including new strategies for communications, coordination, reporting, tracking, and treatment. Now, Salesforce has identified the top 6 challenges businesses faced when responding to crises. Explore the best emergency response strategies and management solutions here.

  • Returning to the Workplace

    Access this ebook to learn 8 specific benefits for government agencies implementing a Salesforce platform to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and stabilize their workforce.

  • Salesforce Government Cloud Plus Security

    This white paper provides an overview of Salesforce’s principles of trust and compliance specifically for Salesforce Government Cloud Plus in the context of Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and the DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (CC SRG). Download your copy to learn more.

  • Salesforce Customer 360

    Government missions are complex, but the business processes and systems driving them don’t have to be. Learn how you can integrate your teams and technologies around one CRM platform—enabling all employees to engage customers like a unified organization, not a series of different, disconnected departments—with Salesforce.

  • A Government Leaders Book of Best Practices

    In this eBook, explore best practices gathered from Salesforce’s years of helping government departments and agencies modernize their services. Create your ideal “to-do list,” based on the experiences of: The city of Chicago, Minnesota Housing, Palm Coast, FL, and more. Download your copy to get started.

  • Build Secure & Compliant Apps You Can Trust on Heroku

    Download this 35-page eBook to see how you can use cloud application platform, Heroku, to build secure and compliant apps that you and your customers can trust.

  • EX CIO Playbook for Employee Experience

    With so many people working from home, IT plays a large part in helping everyone work productively. Download the “CIO Playbook for Employee Experience” to learn how to make working from home more seamless with apps, automation, and streamlined processes


    If you're in business-to-business (B2B) sales, you likely have one overarching goal: Acquire new customers. Leads are your starting point, your currency, your ticket to success.

  • Insights and trendsfrom over 2,900 salesprofessionals worldwide

    Which overall trends are changing the role of sales? What challenges do sales teams face in the midst of these changes? What are the current and future roles of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) as they relate to the sales profession?

  • AI sales forecasting tools soothesales-marketing rivalries

    Sales forecasting vendors such as Clari extend reach into enterprise marketing, leveling the data and, with AI, solving an old problem: conflicting numbers on quarterly forecasts AI sales forecasting tools soothe sales-marketing rivalries

  • Key Pros and Cons of Salesforce Sales Cloud

    In this brief expert guide, explore the pros and cons of Salesforce Sales Cloud. Learn why some users praise Sales Cloud's usability and accuracy, while others mourn its mobile CRM capabilities.

  • Can Salesforce Einstein Catch the next AI Wave?

    Condemn AI's potential 20 years ago, and it seems obsolete. Credit the tool with the success of the IoT, and it seems innovative – that's relativity, and how Salesforce Einstein plans to improve customer engagement. Read on to learn about Salesforce's new contribution to the AI resurgence from expert consultant Jeff Kaplan.

  • New Salesforce Feature Aimed to Improve Data Accuracy

    In this expert guide, learn how Salesforce Lightning Voice can automatically log customer interactions – and display them for future callers. Explore ways to provide entire sales teams with a full history of customer call data, so they can sell intelligently.

  • What to Expect from the Salesforce Sales Cloud Platform

    In this expert guide, explore what you can expect from the Salesforce Sales Cloud Platform with account/contact management, marketing, lead management, sales, and analytics features. Learn about the five different editions of this platform, their value, and details about trial periods.

  • How to Create a Customer Service Process that Enhances Your Bottom Line

    Uncover the reality of customer behavior to enhance your revenue and increase your customer satisfaction in this e-book.

  • Six Keys to Small Business Success

    Small business owners all want to grow their business, and they create products, buils awareness, and target market in order to do that. But are you overlooking the role that technology can play in growing your small business?

  • 5 Secrets: Build Your Sales Pipeline and Keep it Growing

    In this e-book, find out how to make a major shift in your sales approach for the better in order to both increase individual sales rep effectiveness and improve collaborative team selling.

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