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  • VMware Video

    Disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud has evolved drastically over the past few years. In this resource, learn how Lead Systems Architects and Disaster Recovery Directors are using VMware Cloud on AWS for all their DR needs, from data protection to cost optimization. Get the details here.

  • Vmware Vsphere Delivers Essential Services For The Modern Hybrid Cloud

    Organizations today are searching for the best ways to deliver essential services for the modern hybrid cloud. In this data sheet, explore how vSphere 7 rearchitected with native Kubernetes to run existing enterprise applications alongside modern containerized applications in a unified manner. Discover more here.

  • Vmware Vsphere With Tanzu

    Businesses are relying on developers to accelerate digital transformation, which means one thing: Developers can’t afford infrastructure that slows them down. In this guide, learn how simplifying cloud operations can lead to greater business success—and less stress for developers. Read more here.

  • Vmware Vsphere Delivers Essential Services For The Modern Hybrid Cloud

    When flexibility is key, the ability to deploy applications using any combination of virtual machines, containers, and Kubernetes is essential. VMware vSphere makes this feat a guarantee, with application-focused management, cloud foundation services, and more. Explore how vSphere can help improve your team’s flexibility in this datasheet.

  • The Synergies Between Containers And Virtual Machines

    The public cloud is a quintessential example of how containers and virtual machines can work together seamlessly. In this IDC spotlight report, explore the ins and outs of containers and virtualization, current trends that incorporate both, and the main benefits of this pairing. Download the exclusive report here to learn more.

  • The Impact Of Xdr In The Modern Soc

    Extended detection and response (XDR) is flourishing in the security arena. ESG, a division of TechTarget, recently surveyed IT/InfoSec pros across multiple industries to better understand the market perception of XDR, the value points and the challenges that come with it. Access the full ESG report to see the impact of XDR in the modern SOC.

  • VMware Video

    This video, featuring Sanara Marsh & Bob Plankers of VMware and Carbon Black, introduces vSphere admins to VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload. View now to get the full picture.

  • Global Threat Report

    94% of organizations worldwide have suffered a data breach as a result of a cyberattack in the past 12 months, and the average organization has experienced 2.17 breaches. If this statistic surprises you, then you may want to read the full global threat report by VMware and Carbon Black to get a sense of where threat actors are developing most.

  • Future Ready With Saas Management

    Learn more about how you can become ‘Future Ready with SaaS Management’ and uncover 5 ways that VMware vRealize Cloud Management can accelerate your organization’s evolution to cloud here.

  • Blueprint For A Future Ready Workforce

    Read this eBook to learn all about the 3 phases that are common across IT teams adopting modern management and security.

  • From A Windows Admin To A Management Magician: Modern Management Customer Stories

    Due to the pandemic, many IT teams have been tasked with managing legacy and modern applications in a unified way by migrating to modern management. Dive into this white paper to take a look at 7 modern management success stories from varying industries and learn how you can also make the switch in your organization.

  • Intrinsic Security: How to unify and accelerate endpoint security across the enterprise

    By implementing unified security at the core control layers – endpoints, networks, identity systems, clouds and the workloads running on them – enterprise teams can reduce risk and costs while also meeting business goals. View this VMware + Carbon Black white paper to learn about intrinsic security.

  • The Future of Remote Work: Connecting Security and IT to Simplify Distributed Operations and Speed Response (Webinar)

    Moving to the cloud can increase speed, agility, scale and collaboration. But in the excitement to attain these benefits, security is often overlooked, and so a comprehensive approach must be taken to ensure user safety. Make this your first step: Examine this e-book to learn how to protect the cloud from start point to endpoint.

  • Cloud Security: From Start Point To End Point

    Moving to the cloud can increase speed, agility, scale and collaboration. But in the excitement to attain these benefits, security is often overlooked, and so a comprehensive approach must be taken to ensure user safety. Make this your first step: Examine this e-book to learn how to protect the cloud from start point to endpoint.

  • From Theory To Practice: Top Considerations For Migrating To Windows 10 Modern Management With Vmware Workspace ONE

    This white paper covers the migration to Windows 10 modern management with VMWare workspace, taking an in depth look into the planning stages, laying the groundwork and the final rollout and support. Open now to get started.

  • Scaling A Future-Ready, Distributed Workforce

    The shift to remote work came with its unique challenges. IT had to quickly scale infrastructure without compromising security and user experience. Open up this white paper to explore how IT teams can provide faster, secure access to virtual desktops and applications on any device for a future ready, distributed workforce.

  • Traditional AV is Failing: What You Need to Protect Your Organization

    In our current work-from-home environment, there’s just no way for traditional antivirus (AV) products to keep pace with the latest advanced attacks. Access this webinar to learn how these threats are breaching your environment, and how VMware’s Carbon Black Cloud strives to detect and prevent these attacks from wreaking havoc.

  • What Every Distributed Workforce Needs

    According to a recent survey, 77% of the workforce wants to continue working from home, at least weekly, post COVID-19. For many organizations, this means supporting a distributed workforce is far from over. Click through this interactive infographic to take a closer look at what’s next for the distributed workforce.

  • Network Automation for Dummies Vmware® Special Edition

    SDN, monitoring tools and even general purpose hardware can all enable network automation. But in order to properly automate your network, a few principles must be in place. It may appear daunting at first, but automation can benefit any organization. Jump into Network Automation for Dummies to learn these principles.

  • Financial Industry: Powering Modern Applications and Beyond

    Faced with the rise of fintechs, insuretechs and other digital natives unencumbered by legacy infrastructure, finance industry providers must find a way to make their operations as flexible, scalable and agile as they can be. Leverage this e-book to discover how SDN and virtual cloud can enable these traits and even improve security in finance.

  • A Cost-Benefit Analysis of VMware NSX

    Legacy network architectures are holding organizations back. What they need to consider now is a unified approach to management, automation and security – this is what VMware’s NSX Platform strives to deliver. Access this Forrester Total Economic Impact report to see the prospective business benefits and cost savings of VMware’s NSX Platform.

  • Internal Firewalls for Dummies

    Although some operating systems are more secure than others, most used today were not designed for security from the ground up, leaving many holes in IT infrastructure as a result. Security teams need to think about compartmentalizing their network to limit damage from intrusions. Leverage this e-book to see how internal firewalls can help.

  • Cloud Native, Kubernetes Drive Digital Transformation

    While a cloud-native strategy can bring significant change to your organization, it can also bring significant challenges. Use this report to learn how to effectively leverage cloud-native technologies and strategies—without the downsides. Download this 451 Research report to learn more.

  • Introduction: In the midst of a transformative race

    The car is entering the world of connected devices (IoT). Treating it as such will be the key to success. No matter how complicated the challenges may appear, keeping solutions simple will provide the fastest route to progress and competitive advantage. Access this e-book to get an overview of the road ahead for automotive manufacturers.

  • Simplify and Strengthen your Strategy with Intrinsic Security

    Organizations are hampered by having to manage too many bolted-on security solutions. Teams are often siloed, so they work with limited context and information on the potential impact of threats. Intrinsic security lets your leverage your existing infrastructure to unify security and IT. Dive into this e-book to see how it works.

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