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  • The Digital And Multi-Cloud World: Are You Ready?

    Applications fuel the modern-day business environment, allowing the global collaboration, communication, and transactions that change the way we work. Learn how to ensure your IT organization can keep pace with growing responsibility and meet your business's operational demands.

  • How Companies Are Achieving Agility With Automation

    Download this white paper to learn how you can accelerate IT service delivery, improve IT operations, and deliver end-user choice with control, across heterogeneous, multi-cloud environments.

  • Operationalize Your Software-Defined Data Center And Multi-Cloud Environments

    A unified cloud management platform can help your organization keep on-premises data centers healthy and efficient while implementing an effective public cloud strategy. Read on to see how your organization can operationalize your SDDS and multi-cloud environments.

  • Guide to Rethinking Your IT Security

    As technology is transforming and becoming more complex, malicious attacks are as well. Take a look at this resource to uncover how to respond to the security challenges of the changing IT landscape.

  • Transforming Security in the Mobile Cloud Era

    Malicious attacks have adapted and become more sophisticated, making it more difficult for organizations to prevent them. Take a look at this resource to learn how to protect your data, improve agility and stay compliant in the mobile cloud era.

  • The Fundamentals of a Secure Application Infrastructure

    As people, devices, and objects become more connected, protecting these connections and environments has become more critical than ever. Explore this resource to gain insight into securing the application infrastructure and remaining protected in the age of constant communication.

  • Enabling Cybersecurity in the Age of Digital Transformation

    The aspects of digital transformation are changing enterprise IT, enabling greater business agility, but also creating a new set of cybersecurity challenges. This resource explores the impact of digital transformation on cybersecurity processes and technologies and offers strategies for securing modern enterprise IT.

  • 7 Reasons Why Micro-Segmentation is Powerful

    With attacks on the data center increasing, how does your enterprise plan to remain secure? Take a look at this resource to uncover 7 reasons utilizing micro-segmentation is important to improving data center security.

  • Application-Centric Security

    The digital economy has made users and endpoints multiply, giving cybercriminals a great deal of opportunity to carry out malicious attacks. Explore this resource to uncover a strategy that builds protection into the DNA of the digital infrastructure.

  • 7 Ways to Improve Data Center Security

    As attacks on the data center increase, security must increase as well. Take a look at this resource to discover 7 reasons leveraging micro-segmentation is critical to improving data center security.

  • Universal Application Platform

    Current business practices are forcing IT to support next-generation applications alongside traditional applications, creating new IT challenges. Read on to learn about a universal application platform that enables your IT organization to support all of your applications with common management processes across both private and public clouds.

  • 4 Fundamentals for Automating Application Delivery

    Automation is the key to your future in the digital era, cutting down on manual IT tasks so your IT team can shift their focus to business innovation. Access this e-book to learn how to automate application delivery.

  • Automation with Network Virtualization: The Basics

    To help IT adapt to its new dual-role as traditional maintenance and innovation, you need to develop a software-defined data center. Access this white paper to learn how design and develop a SDDC to realize newfound capabilities for speed, agility, and standardization.

  • 5 Reasons to Choose¬†Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Software

    Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) software allows the convergence of compute, networking, and storage that enables a building-block approach with scale-out capabilities. However, not every HCI solution is developed equally. This e-book covers the five reasons to choose, and the five keys to look for in, HCI software.

  • Four Must-Haves for a Modern Virtualization Platform

    In order to survive in the digital economy, you need to undergo digital transformation. You are going to need to develop a modern virtualization platform that spans from the data center to the cloud. This white paper explores the four must-haves for a virtualization platform and the details of one such platform.

  • 3 Reasons to Accelerate Application Deployment with Automation

    This white paper reveals the three reasons why you need you need to leverage automation for agile app deployment that enables you to respond to the market as needed.

  • A Software-Defined Approach to Modernize Your Infrastructure

    The nature of data center infrastructure is changing, modernizing, from a hardware-centric mindset toward a software-defined approach. Access this white paper to learn why organizations are modernizing their infrastructures, hyperconverged infrastructure's role in developing your software-defined data center, and how to ensure a smooth transition.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS FAQ

    VMware Cloud on AWS FAQ 37 Read on to learn the answers to all the most frequently asked questions about VMware Cloud on AWS

  • Building a Business Case for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

    Download this white paper to learn some of the most common ways organizations are using HCI.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS Overview

    Read this overview on VMware Cloud on AWS that brings VMware's Software-Defined Data Center software to the AWS Cloud, delivered as an on-demand service.

  • VMware Site Recovery Technical Overview

    Read this paper to learn the technical details of the VMware Site Recovery, an add-on feature to VMware Cloud on AWS, powered by VMware Cloud Foundation.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS Add-Ons

    Learn how to leverage value-added services that enhance the value of your hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications.

  • VMware Site Recovery Delivers DRaaS for VMware Cloud on AWS

    Read to learn more about how Vmware Site Recovery can protect critical data and applications while taking advantage of cloud fexibility.

  • VMware Site Recovery Overview

    Access this post to learn how VMware Site Recovery, an add-on feature to VMware Cloud on AWS, brings VMware enterprise-class Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) Disaster Recovery as a Service to the AWS Cloud.

  • HCI: Supporting the Next Generation Data Center

    Download this paper to take a closer look at the 3 trends driving the adoption of HCI.

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