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  • CIO Essential Guidance

    Not only have cyberattack volumes grown, but the rapid pivot to remote working means businesses are not seeing the full picture. Luckily, this CIO Essential Guide is here to help you better understand the challenges of the threat landscape. Read on to learn more.

  • The Future of Virtual Desktops in a Multi-Cloud Era Webinar

    Many companies have successfully transitioned to hybrid work by now, but some still struggle with sub-optimal experiences, operational complexity, and fragmented security. How can a company provide the best user experience in a multi-cloud era? Watch this webinar to learn how to leverage your cloud resources for hybrid delivery and management.

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) - The Extra Set of Eyes You Need To Protect Your Business

    Cybersecurity is often a matter of detecting threats before they become attacks, and which makes visibility the name of the game. Watch this webcast to learn about VMware’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR), and how it can transform your cybersecurity.

  • Mod SOC SEAK webinar

    Cybercriminals are always advancing, looking for new ways to attack with more sophistication and degree of force than ever before. Due to this, the current standard of SOC is not up to the task and demands improvement. Watch this webcast to learn more about the state of SOC, and how it can be improved to better match growing security threats.

  • Transparency and Trust on the Rise in the Virtual Floorplan

    As the hybrid workplace continues to develop and become a part of the digital workplace, businesses leaders are seeing increased volatility in the onboarding of new remote hires. This process has impacted turnover nation-wide, but with the right tools and an engaged leadership team, businesses can still succeed. Read more to find out how.

  • eurofunk combines security and usability thanks to VMware NSX and Zero Trust

    By deploying VMware NSX, eurofunk was able to introduce a zero-trust model and ensure flexible service delivery while maintaining an optimal balance between security and ease of use. Read the fully case study to learn how eurofunk is well equipped to meet the growing demands of its customers in public safety, industry, and transport organizations.

  • Customer E-book: How Companies Protect Their Apps and Data with NSX Service-defined Firewall

    East-west firewalling is the new security battleground. The scale and distributed nature of today’s networks has expanded threat surfaces, making breaches all but inevitable. Read this e-book to see real-world examples of organization’s securing their apps and data with VMware’s firewall.

  • Transforming the Virtual Floorplan into a Competitive Advantage

    Incorporating your remote workforce into what is known as a virtual floorplan, is a concept that organizes people and teams by affinity and not proximity. Even if one department has employees in 6 states, virtual floorplans bring workers together by work function, shared values, and more. Read on to learn more about this concept and its benefits.

  • Ransomware Protection

    Tap into this solution brief to learn how combining VMware NSX Distributed Firewall and VMware vSphere can help add another layer of ransomware protection to secure vSphere workloads.

  • The Virtual Floor Plan

    Hybrid work is here to stay, and these uncharted waters for businesses present added risks of data security, and challenges with keeping management and employees connected. Explore this survey report to learn how your company’s new “virtual floorplan” must include a culture of transparency and a team sport approach to security to succeed.

  • Technology + Culture: How to Attract & Retain the Best Talent - Guests: Michael Loggins, Global VP of IT, SMC & Renu Upadhyay, VP, Product Marketing EUC, VMware

    Happy employees create happy customers, and the tools to make that happen are out there. In this podcast, technology leaders discuss how to attract new talent and retain your top performers. Listen in to learn how technology and culture are the two pillars that can help you provide employees with stellar digital and personal experiences.


    VMware’s experience with a diverse customer base has illuminated myriad malware threats to multi-cloud environments. Watch this webinar from VMware to develop your threat intelligence and receive guidance on how to respond to specific threats such as Remote Access Trojans (RATs) and Cobalt Strikes.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS Practitioners Quick Reference for Cloud Migration and Modernization

    Migrating workloads to the cloud can be complex and time-consuming. VMware Cloud on AWS can dramatically simplify workload migration through a broad range of automation capabilities. Use this quick reference guide to learn key considerations you should keep in mind prior to, during, and after a cloud migration.

  • Load Balancing TV (LBTV)

    As organizations embrace the cloud as their chief platform, there is more pressure to maximize the cloud’s potential for scope and efficiency. Tune into this episode of Load Balancing TV (LBTV) where VMware explains what load balancing is and gives 5 reasons why your organization should move to a software defined load balancing platform.

  • 2022 State of Load Balancing

    94% of companies are projected to employ applications in multiple public clouds in the near future. Despite so much interest, there are still many difficulties that companies face when transitioning to and relying more on the cloud. Watch this webcast to gain a stronger understanding of the current state of cloud load balancing.

  • Mod SOC ANZ webinar

    Cybercriminals are always advancing, looking for new ways to attack with more sophistication and degree of force than ever before. Due to this, the current standard of SOC is not up to the task and demands improvement. Watch this webcast to learn more about the state of SOC, and how it can be improved to better match growing security threats.

  • Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure

    Digital transformation, remote work and cloud adoption drive WAN edge infrastructure choices for infrastructure and operations leaders in charge of networking. Open this Gartner report to explore why you should select SD-WAN solutions and SASE deployments to connect enterprise sites and applications.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS Cloud Migration and Modernization

    The need for greater agility has made cloud infrastructure increasingly attractive to many organizations. For a look at how VMware provides an enterprise-ready platform option for organizations to augment their existing applications, check out this data sheet.

  • Prepare for a Work-From-Anywhere Future with AIOps-Driven SASE

    Although SASE is still a relatively novel concept, 51% of IT organizations accelerated their engagement with SASE in response to the pandemic. Read this white paper, in which VMware and Intel join together to analyze the problem of network security, and how SASE is paving a way forward.

  • VMware Cloud Web Security

    Businesses have compressed into months digitization plans that they had envisioned would take years. With so much necessitated interest in the future of remote work, cloud security is now foundational to an organization’s operations. Read this white paper to learn more about cloud security’s effect on the future of remote work.

  • GigaOm Radar for SD-WAN Platformsv2.0

    SD-WAN has overtaken traditional WAN in its ability to leverage multiple pathways to facilitate stronger connections. Read this report, in which GigaOm compares 16 of the top SD-WAN providers currently on the market, including companies such as Cisco, Oracle, VMware, and more, in order to help organizations make the best choice.

  • The Forrester New Wave™: Zero Trust Network Access, Q3 2021

    Zero trust has become a key component of many companies’ modern security setups. Because of this, it is vital that organizations ensure the provider they choose is the best fit for their security needs. Read this Forrester report to see what expert analysts have to say of the industry’s top 15 zero trust network access providers.

  • In the Virtual Floorplan, Security is a Team Sport

    55% of IT, HR, and business decision makers state that the switch to hybrid work has increased their organizations’ security risks, resulting in a tension between productivity and enterprise security. Read the full infographic and access the ensuing report to learn more about how organizations are dealing with eh complexities of long-term WFH.

  • Operationalizing Multi-Cloud: Four Success Stories

    With today’s dispersed workforce, creating a strategic approach to operationalizing your multi-cloud environment can create significant value. Download this e-book to learn how VMware cloud technologies aims to elevate operational efficiency in your cloud environment with 3 key initiatives and combat common obstacles.

  • 5 Reasons to Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud

    Take a look at this infographic to learn how to augment business agility and accelerate time-to-market by extending your data center with VMware Cloud on AWS.

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