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  • VMware Cloud on AWS

    The roadblocks surrounding cloud migration and modernization can hold you back from the benefits of the cloud. Luckily, the right hybrid cloud model can help you move quickly and successfully. Find all you need to know in this Cloud Migration and Modernization Buyer’s Guide, which has a special focus on AWS solutions.

  • Laying the Foundation for Hybrid Cloud

    In this guide, learn from 2 VMware customers who charted uniquely varied paths to modernize their data centers. Both projects started from a point of basic compute virtualization and took on the challenge of scaling up capacity while improving operational efficiency. Learn about their journeys here.

  • 6 Ways Hyperconverged Solutions Make Your Business Future Ready

    Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) has a proven track record when it comes to reducing complexity, yet some businesses remain hesitant to adopt it. Read this custom white paper to learn how hyperconverged infrastructure can help your business today, even as you prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

  • 5 Critical Requirements for Internal Firewalling in the Data Center

    Forrester reports that 58% of companies faced a significant security incident in 2019 despite spending more to secure their networks. Much of this is due to overreliance on perimeter firewalls, which has been a handicap for organizations in recent years. Open this VMware report to get a glimpse at their next-generation firewall technology.

  • IT And Security Silos: A Spotlight On The APAC Region

    VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the relationship between IT and security teams. These two important organizational pieces tend to disagree with one another. Their leaders plan to consolidate the two, which brings both great challenges and great benefits. Read this report to learn why this is so crucial today.

  • Tension between IT and Security Professionals Reinforces Silos and Security Strain

    IT and security teams have a hard time seeing eye to eye. They are often siloed as a result, and this can be a major risk to network integrity. VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to learn how consolidating IT and security could help improve security outcomes. Read their report to see the results and learn 3 key findings.

  • Exploring Hybrid Cloud Adoption and the Complexity of Securing East-West Traffic

    In this 15-page ESG report, find everything you need to know about the rise in hybrid cloud adoption, and explore what tools and technologies are helping—or hurting—the process.

  • Securing the Data Center in Just Four Steps

    Security perimeters of yesterday are falling out of fashion due to their permeability, but securing east-west traffic can be expensive in a world of increasingly dynamic workloads. Enter a distributed, scale-out internal firewall, designed to monitor and protect east-west traffic to keep your data center secure. Read this white paper to learn more.

  • Security as a Team Sport: A Spotlight on the Growing Role of IT in Security Tasks

    IT and security teams have a hard time seeing eye to eye. They are often siloed as a result, and this can be a major risk to network integrity. VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to learn how consolidating IT and security could help improve security outcomes. Read their report to see the results and learn 3 key findings.

  • How to Achieve AWS, Azure, or GCP Observability at Scale

    The adoption of multi-cloud has made life easier for many IT teams. The downside is that IT teams now need to learn how to deploy and monitor applications across multiple cloud providers, all with different monitoring processes. Download this comprehensive 60-page eBook to learn how to overcome the monitoring challenges across multi-cloud.

  • Comprehensive Kubernetes Observability at Scale

    While Kubernetes helps manage some of the complexities involved in containerized applications, it also introduces operational and observability challenges. In this eBook, discover what you should include in your toolkit to properly maintain Kubernetes, as well as what to look for in an observability platform.

  • 10 Examples of Smarter Alerting

    With more actionable and smarter alerts, you can detect if a disaster is brewing in your cloud before the storm hits. In this 32-page eBook, explore the 10 top examples of smarter alerting, as well as the history of alerts and metrics in the DevOps movement. Download the guide here to get started.

  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Buyer’s Guide

    This white paper introduces you to the benefits of utilizing Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), which allows for more flexible remote management and reduces the amount of under-utilized hardware and maintenance tasks on your end. Read on for more on the DRaaS landscape.

  • The Enterprise Guide to Scaling on Demand

    Enterprises that employed hybrid solutions find themselves faced with a new challenge: Establishing hybrid IT that delivers on cost and efficiency objectives for scalability and DR. In this eBook, explore the scalability demands of the current market and how enterprises are stepping up to the challenge with VMware and scaling on demand.

  • 4 Reasons to Embrace Multi-Cloud with Network Virtualization

    Many businesses have adopted a multi-cloud strategy with workloads distributed across onsite data centers, private clouds, and public clouds. This means there are more things to connect and secure. And it can’t be done without a powerful network. In this white paper, explore 4 reasons why you should embrace multi-cloud with network virtualization.

  • Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS Buyers Guide

    Many organizations are embracing the public cloud—either as a primary deployment environment, or as part of a hybrid cloud strategy. Regardless of how you use the cloud, you need to architect a cloud strategy that fosters agility, flexibility, and low costs. In this guide, learn about the 5 top factors to keep in mind when strategizing for AWS.

  • Real-World Customers with VMware Network Automation

    Provisioning and management of most application infrastructure components is automated, but networking and security largely are not. In this white paper, explore 5 case studies of organizations that built networking and security automation into their development process with the help of VMware Network Automation.

  • Knock, Knock: Is This Security Thing Working?

    2020 is close to its halfway mark, so now is the perfect time to reflect on the current progress of cybersecurity initiatives, as well as your security posture as a whole. This SANS whitepaper provides a closer look at key issues and emerging trends in the cybersecurity landscape in order to help gauge your progress and guide your planning.

  • Accelerate Growth by Migrating Desktop Resources to the Cloud

    Inside this white paper, discover the many different approaches to managing VDI deployments available today – and learn how the right tools and infrastructure choices can make scalability, unexpected outages, and demand spikes easier to handle.

  • Top 5 Challenges for Running Virtual Desktops and Applications in the Cloud

    Managing and maintaining cloud and hybrid environments adds a lot of complexity. In this guide, learn how to best prepare for 5 common challenges you’ll face when moving virtual desktops and applications to the cloud.

  • The State of Application Modernization and Hybrid Cloud Computing

    After a study of over 300 organizations about application and cloud trends, challenges, and opportunities, the key findings are here. In this report, learn why hybrid cloud is at the top, how organizations are adopting consistent operations practices, and the other ways IT organizations are modernizing workloads and architectures alike.

  • The Economics of Virtual Networking

    A virtualized network is essential to help your organization deliver, improve or fix customer experiences rapidly enough to keep up with your competitors. However, it’s not always easy to make the business case to your CTO, CFO or CEO. In this white paper, learn how to make the case that virtual networking is a wise investment.

  • A Simple, Intrinsically Secure and Fast Path to Cloud Migration and Modernization

    In this guide, learn about the top 5 challenges your organization may face when migrating and modernizing applications. Even more, learn how leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS can accelerate these transitions and set your business up for success with minimal risk, less complexity, and native AWS, DevOps, and Kubernetes tools.

  • 10 Steps to Prepare for the Future of Networking

    Networking professionals will experience even more change in the next 5 years than they’ve seen in decades, including new technologies, new business models, and new operational methods. In this white paper, uncover 10 steps you can take now to prepare your team, your technology, and your organization for the future of networking.

  • To Enable Zero Trust, Rethink Your Firewall Strategy

    IT organizations are spending more to secure their networks however, these investments are not always paying off. To better understand the challenges that businesses are facing in securing their internal network’s east-west traffic, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey. Download this report to explore key findings.

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