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  • Top 5 Challenges of Migrating Applications to the Cloud

    While your businesses sees the value in migrating to the cloud, you may not know the best way to overcome migration challenges before reaping its benefits. View this whitepaper to see the 5 biggest cloud migration challenges, and how VMware can help you overcome them.

  • Cloud Migrations with VMware CloudTM on AWS

    While migrating to the cloud is a smart business decision that supports business growth and optimizes costs, but it brings challenges your business may have to work through to reap its benefits. Review this short 2-page e-brief to understand the 6 capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS that makes migrating much less challenging.

  • VMware vSphere and vSAN: Does It Make Sense for SMBs?

    Read this paper for a comparison of storage virtualization vs. traditional SAN, including the cost of each and the advantages your company may realize by virtualizing storage with VMware vSAN.

  • Cloud Leaders & Experts Share Their Five Biggest Scalability Challenges

    When adapting cloud, it's imperative your business prioritizes scalability or you'll quickly experience growth barriers. In this infographic whitepaper, cloud leaders and experts share the 5 biggest scalability challenges you'll face, and how you should approach them.

  • How 3 Leading Organizations Took the Fast Path to Cloud

    When migrating to AWS Cloud you have to overcome hurdles like operating under new skills and tools, and validate business requirements in a new environment. Read this whitepaper to understand how three businesses used VMware Cloud to migrate onto AWS Cloud quicker.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Brief

    Adopting public cloud environments can bring your business serious headaches with challenges to leverage existing tools, operation model differences, and flexibility problems with application compatibility. Read this quick 4-page whitepaper to understand how VMware on AWS Cloud can streamline your cloud infrastructure.

  • Securing Applications by Default

    As your business applications continue to advance, your security risk will grow at a similar pace leaving your business susceptible to more application attacks. Read this short four page whitepaper on how you can better secure your business applications as they grow moving forward.

  • Report: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Buyer Trends and Use Cases

    Read this Evaluator Group report to determine if your company would benefit from HCI. The details include HCI deployment models and use cases, buying decision factors, HCI products and vendors, and more.

  • What's Next for Hyperconverged Infrastructure? Five Powerful HCI Use Cases for 2019 and Beyond

    Read this white paper to learn how implementing HCI can simplify hybrid cloud/multi-cloud deployments, edge computing, containers and app development, and 3 more.

  • Expand Your VDI with a Digital Workspace Strategy

    Many enterprises are still hesitant about deviating from their tried-and-true VDI deployments for digital workspaces. Find out more about what digital workspaces are capable of and in what scenarios they can prove valuable.

  • A Five-Step Plan to Move your Apps to the Cloud

    It's surprisingly easy to underestimate the importance of a cloud migration. Access this whitepaper for a five-step plan to move your apps to the cloud.

  • How to Simplify Security and Shrink the Attack Surface

    Modern applications are dynamic and distributed – and the attack surface keeps growing as a result. To secure your business, you need security integrated into your infrastructure, not bolted-on. Download the e-book to learn how to reduce the attack surface and simplify security.

  • Real-World Customer with Secure Application Infrastructure

    In this white paper, learn about secure application infrastructure, which architects security controls directly into the networks and endpoints where applications live—enabling protection to follow apps wherever they go. Also explore features of secure application infrastructure, as well as use cases for education, healthcare and more.

  • How a Hybrid Cloud Approach Supports Top IT Trends

    Discover how hybrid cloud strategies can help support some of the hottest up-and-coming IT trends and technologies – and can set the stage for a successful digital transformation.

  • 5 Ways to Secure Applications Wherever They Live

    To create a more secure network, companies should consider restructuring their infrastructure in a way that allows all data to be protected regardless of where it sits in the network. Download this infographic to learn how 5 ways VMware can secure your apps wherever they live.

  • 5 Principles of Effective IT Security

    Keeping data, applications, and devices secure has always been a top priority for IT security professionals. In order to do this, IT security teams should focus on reducing their attack surface to make their applications less vulnerable to attacks. In this white paper, explore 5 core principles to an effective application security strategy.

  • Real-World Experiences with Endpoint Security and Management

    Read through the experiences of an IT executive and a solutions architects as they detail the ins and outs of their enterprises' endpoint management strategies – and the tools that have been the most successful in the process.

  • Empowering Employees Takes More than Office 365

    Uncover some of the major trends reshaping Office 365 and digital workspace strategies – and find why many enterprises are pairing their Office 365 deployments with platforms like VMware's Workspace ONE to provide a centralized, easily-accessible ecosystem.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS Technical Overview

    Take a closer look at what's under the hood of VMware Cloud on AWS environments, including a peek into how the service's software-defined infrastructure bundles the familiar capabilities of vSphere, NSX, and vSAN into an environment manageable with existing in-house tools and skillsets.

  • 10 Questions 10 Answers: Get to know VMware Cloud on AWS

    In this guide, explore enterprise cloud adoption by the numbers and gain a better understanding of why more and more organizations are turning to hybrid cloud technology. Review your hybrid cloud options with VMware, and decide if VMware on AWS is right for your organization.

  • 7 Reasons to Upgrade your Network with Software

    Download this infographic to review 7 reasons to upgrade your network with software and the advantages that offers.

  • Software-Defined Networking in the Data Center

    According to Gartner, traditional network offerings are not well-suited to fulfill enterprise expectations for rapid delivery of new services, real-time response and massive scalability. Learn why existing networks struggle to meet today's demands, and explore software-first approaches that can help increase agility, speed and manageability.

  • Break Out of the Network Upgrade Cycle of the Past

    Physical networks will continue to be an important part of any infrastructure—but hardware alone often struggles to connect and protect mission-critical applications that are crucial to operating a modern business. Learn how you can better support a modern workload by adding software to existing hardware investments in this white paper.

  • Complete your Office 365 Deployment with a Digital Workspace Platform

    Today, organizations need a strategy and platform that enables them to securely and reliably deliver the apps and data employees need to work—across any device. In this white paper, learn how your organization can adopt Office 365 and VMware Workspace ONE to put the digital workspace in reach.

  • Don't Just Keep the Pace, Set the Pace In Today's Digital Economy

    Over 80% of line-of-business partners view CIOs as a key strategic partner within their business, increasing from just 63% in 2017. Faced with this newfound responsibility, find out what IT tools and technologies real-world CIOs are relying on to keep in step with business demands.

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