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  • VMware Cloud on AWS: Enabling easy cloud migration for your workload

    Organizations are largely moving to the cloud for promise of enhanced speed, flexibility and cost optimization. But cloud migrations can be quite difficult. Access this webcast to learn why organizations are leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS to simplify their cloud journeys and unlock the benefits of cloud transformation.

  • Playbook For Your Journey To The Cloud

    When shifting your infrastructure to the cloud, your organization is faced with many variables to consider. That’s why VMware has developed VMware Horizon, a hybrid and multi-cloud platform that aims to make cloud migration as simple and effective as possible. Explore this white paper to learn about the platform’s capabilities.

  • VMWare Video

    Watch this webinar to learn all about the latest innovations in ransomware for today’s multi-cloud environments, including key statistics, analysis and a walkthrough of understanding insights gathered from a security platform and taking appropriate proactive measures.

  • Why VMWare Horizon is the Best Alternative to Citrix

    “The definition of workplace has changed,” explains Greg Knuth of VMware. Knuth claims that VMware can support whatever that definition is for an enterprise by serving as a single strategic vendor that implements a broad, complete digital workforce strategy. Watch this webcast to learn how VMware can remove uncertainty and increase flexibility.

  • Transform Desktop App MGMT w SaaS and Daas

    As organizations move toward cloud and hybrid environments, the introduction of virtual desktops has made it difficult to manage the interplay of on-premises and virtual applications. This VMware webcast talks through how SaaS and DaaS can be used to better manage hybrid environment interfaces from a single vantage point. Watch now to learn more.

  • UME - The Whole Onboarding Package

    The workplace is not what It used to be, and organizations are using every means possible to facilitate a better environment for their employees, starting with the onboarding process. This webcast looks at VMware’s onboarding solutions and analyzes how streamlined onboarding gets companies more from their talent. Watch now to learn more.

  • The Future of Virtual Desktops in a Multi-Cloud Era

    Remote and hybrid work models have changed the way organizations facilitate their workers. This webcast looks at the future of virtual desktops as organizations continue to rapidly shift to multi-cloud environments. Watch now to discover how virtual desktops are being improved for the multi-cloud era.

  • As Edge Computing Gains Traction, The Business Case For Sase Is Stronger Than Ever

    In this paper, explore the growing business case for SASE and how VMware’s SASE offering can help organizations take a holistic approach to networking and security as part of their digital strategy.

  • The Future Is Bright: Why Vmware Horizon Is The Best Alternative To Citrix

    Today’s organizations find themselves navigating the challenges of an increasing demand for remote work. VMware assembled the Anywhere Workspace set of solutions to address the needs that organizations have when delivering a digital workspace across an increasingly distributed edge. Read on to see the potential of a fully secured remote workforce.

  • 9 Best Practices For Reducing Spend In Your Multi-cloud Environment

    Dive into this e-book to learn how to identify areas of high or rapidly growing costs, and discover the 9 best practices for cost reduction and optimization to make sure you are getting the most out of your cloud investment.

  • Cloud Kpis You Need To Measure Success

    Check out this infographic for the features of effective cloud management KPIs, and discover the next steps your organization can take to augment your cloud management teams.

  • Common Culprits For Unexpected Cloud Service Cost Spikes

    Check out this infographic for a quick list of common cloud services across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that contribute to unpredictable cloud service costs.

  • Global Assessment Of Cloud Management Maturity

    Check out this e-book for the key findings of the Cloud Management Maturity Assessment, and discover how your organization compares to your contemporaries across the 3 most critical areas of excellence.

  • Cloud Management Platform Buyer’s Guide

    Check out this e-book for a buyer's essential guide to cloud management platforms.

  • A Beginner’s Guide To Gaining Visibility In The Cloud

    This eBook provides a guide to businesses looking to take control of their cloud environments by utilizing a cloud management platform. The guide examines what a cloud management platform is and how your business might benefit by utilizing one. Access it here.

  • Building A Successful Cloud Financial Management Practice

    Dive into this white paper for a set of organizational best practices and principles, outlining key stakeholder groups, roles and responsibilities to help you plan, build and execute a successful cloud financial management strategy.

  • 5 Best Practices For Improving Cloud Cost Management

    Take a look at this white paper for the 5 best practices designed to help you gain control over your business’s infrastructure spending, helping you prepare a positive return on your cloud investment.

  • Securing Your Organization From Threats

    The modern enterprise faces growing security challenges. You need to protect apps and data as your organization concurrently innovates and delivers new applications that are built, scaled, and operated differently in the modern cloud world. Read this book and start thinking about cybersecurity differently.

  • Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure

    Digital transformation, remote work and cloud adoption drive WAN edge infrastructure choices for infrastructure and operations leaders in charge of networking. Open this Gartner report to explore why you should select SD-WAN solutions and SASE deployments to connect enterprise sites and applications.

  • Prepare for a Work-From-Anywhere Future with AIOps-Driven SASE

    Although SASE is still a relatively novel concept, 51% of IT organizations accelerated their engagement with SASE in response to the pandemic. Read this white paper, in which VMware and Intel join together to analyze the problem of network security, and how SASE is paving a way forward.

  • VMware Cloud Web Security

    Businesses have compressed into months digitization plans that they had envisioned would take years. With so much necessitated interest in the future of remote work, cloud security is now foundational to an organization’s operations. Read this white paper to learn more about cloud security’s effect on the future of remote work.

  • GigaOm Radar for SD-WAN Platformsv2.0

    SD-WAN has overtaken traditional WAN in its ability to leverage multiple pathways to facilitate stronger connections. Read this report, in which GigaOm compares 16 of the top SD-WAN providers currently on the market, including companies such as Cisco, Oracle, VMware, and more, in order to help organizations make the best choice.

  • The Forrester New Wave™: Zero Trust Network Access, Q3 2021

    Zero trust has become a key component of many companies’ modern security setups. Because of this, it is vital that organizations ensure the provider they choose is the best fit for their security needs. Read this Forrester report to see what expert analysts have to say of the industry’s top 15 zero trust network access providers.

  • A Guide to Agile Change Management

    The work of users thousands of miles away from you will suffer if they connect to a distant VPN host; so, moving forward, what can you do to remain agile? Read through this white paper, written by EUC industry analyst Brian Madden, for a deep dive into how your business can be more agile when leveraging hybrid cloud with VMware Horizon.

  • Get Hybrid Cloud Agility and Scalability to Empower Your Distributed Workforce

    As business requirements change, IT managers need a way to leverage the cloud and offer reliable resources that get the job done. Introducing VMware Horizon, a scalable, flexible platform that offers the resiliency needed to meet change head-on.Learn more about VMware Horizon through key business cases in this white paper.

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