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  • Digital Workspace for Dummies

    Save a copy of this 50-page “for dummies” guide to learn how to form a digital workspace strategy that benefits your organization – and stays a few steps ahead of key security and productivity trends.

  • 5 Ways IT Can Use Design Thinking to Improve Employee Experience

    By using the principles of Design Thinking, IT teams can create better solutions for their employees even faster. Dive into this interactive guide to learn 5 ways IT departments can employ the fundamentals of Design Thinking in their employee experience strategies.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of VMware Cloud On AWS

    You can’t quantify all the benefits of cloud services – but you can quantify a good portion of them. According to a Forrester analysis, VMware Cloud on AWS saved companies $3M on software and hardware. So, what about the harder-to-quantify benefits? Access the full report here for the other cost savings and business benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS.

  • How Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS Delivers Better Business Results

    The hybrid cloud is a sought-after destination for modern companies looking to get the most out of both private and public cloud services. But how do you get there? When dealing with cloud migration, organizations must navigate high costs, disrupted efficiency, and lost time. Click inside this infographic for the stats on AWS cloud migration.

  • Migrating Apps to the Cloud in 5 Steps

    The cloud migration path is often miscalculated. Security, downtime, user experience, and cost are major obstacles. So, how can organizations plan for an attainable, realistic cloud migration? In this white paper, VMware lists 5 practical steps for planning and starting your cloud migration. Read the paper now to learn the best strategies.

  • The Business Value of Hybrid Cloud with VMware

    Adopting a cloud-based IT infrastructure isn’t an isolated task. Migrating your workload to the cloud changes your organization’s entire operating procedure. This IDC study compares the operational efficiencies of hybrid, public, and private cloud environments. Read the study now to see how organizations lowered migration and operations costs.

  • When Comparing Cloud Alternatives, For the Best TCO Leverage VMware Cloud Foundation

    When developing a hybrid cloud, it’s imperative to note the advantages and costs of cloud service options. That means deciding between VMware Cloud on AWS and Microsoft Azure, or deciding between a 3-tier architecture and VMware Cloud Foundation. Read this report to see which combinations of cloud services create an effective hybrid cloud model.

  • Cloud Migration Buyers Guide

    Transitioning workloads to the cloud is now a well-established process (although there’s still much room for improvement). However, an all-too-common missing piece of the cloud integration story is the post-migration phase. Read about post-migration and other important factors in cloud adoption in this VMware Cloud on AWS guide.

  • The Complete Guide to Cloud Economics

    One of the top concerns with cloud migration, adoption, and management is cost. With so many platforms, models, and vendors to consider for cloud computing, prioritizing the price-tag can be the simpler approach to weigh your options. Read VMware’s white paper on “Cloud Economics” to gain insight into your next cloud decision.

  • A Cost Analysis of VMware Cloud on AWS

    Using the cloud can help your organization save time, money, and resources – but transitioning to the cloud can do just the opposite. Seamless cloud migration prevents the losses while still ensuring effective disaster recovery for your data center. Read the Forrester report now to learn the key findings about VMware Cloud on AWS.

  • Multi-Cloud Load Balancing For Dummies

    Today’s IT teams are under pressure to deliver services and resolve application issues quickly—which can be difficult with the increasingly complex network architectures. That’s where multi-cloud load balancing can help. In "Multi-Cloud Load Balancing for Dummies," explore the shift to multi-cloud load balancing, and how it can help you.

  • Network Virtualization for Dummies

    Network virtualization is rewriting the rules for the way services are delivered, from the software-defined data center (SDDC), to the cloud, to the edge. This approach moves networks from static, inflexible, and inefficient to dynamic, agile, and optimized. In this e-book, learn everything you need to know about network virtualization.

  • Evolution of Software-Defined Networking

    As businesses grow, whether organically or due to mergers and acquisitions, the traditional data center networks that support them become increasingly complex. In this Evolution of Software-Defined Networking for Dummies, you will learn what SDN means for you now, how network upgrades with software speed time to value, and more.

  • Core Principles of Cyber Hygiene in a World of Cloud and Mobility

    Many factors lead to security breaches, but there are 5 core principles that can help ensure you won't be the next victim featured on the nightly news broadcast. In this white paper, learn how to address vulnerabilities before they become disastrous.

  • Hyperconverge Microsoft SQL Server to Simplify Application Delivery

    Read the following white paper to examine the advantages of running SQL workloads on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)—including the resulting operational efficiencies and improved performance with adaptive resync.

  • Application-Centric Pathways to the Hybrid Cloud

    Thanks to the rise of app-centric data centers, businesses should approach the IT landscape with an application-centric vision. Hybrid cloud can be an effective bridge from old to new infrastructure. Read this eBook to learn about six different app-centric paths IT organizations can follow to adopt a hybrid cloud environment.

  • Hybrid Cloud: The New Architecture for Today’s Business

    Modern business is inextricably linked to the technology that powers it. Consistently, hybrid cloud comes out on top for IT infrastructure. So where are you on your journey to hybrid? Read more to take advantage of the benefits that VMware Cloud Foundation has to offer.

  • Consolidate Traditional and Modern Applications on VMware vSAN

    The following ESG paper explains how, with hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), enterprises can more efficiently and effectively consolidate their apps and infrastructure. Download now to learn how to establish consistent operations with HCI, from the edge to the cloud.

  • Cost Savings and Business Benefits of VMware vSAN

    Download this Forrester Research report to discover the cost savings and business benefits afforded to organizations that utilize VMware vSAN in their hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI)—and as a result, how your enterprise could benefit from vSAN, as well.

  • 6 Ways Application Requirements Drive Your Infrastructure Decisions

    Read this whitepaper and take away insights into 6 application requirements that impact how you migrate applications to a hybrid environment, making this process much clearer.

  • How VMware Makes Digital Experience a Top Priority to Drive Growth

    Find out how VMware themselves fosters a seamless, highly-productive digital experience for their workforce – and what technology choices help them get there.

  • Enterprises Across EMEA Slowly Embrace Cybersecurity

    The emerging digital world is exposing organizations to new security risk, especially in the EMEA regions. In this report, explore the state of cybersecurity in these regions and how the perceptions of business leaders and security practitioners vary on cybersecurity issues.

  • Evolving Micro-Segmentation for Preventive Security: Adaptive Protection in a DevOps World

    Download this SANS research white paper to learn about evolving micro-segmentation for preventive security.

  • Cybersecurity Trailblazers Make Security Intrinsic to Their Business

    In this e-book, find suggestions for improving your enterprises' security posture, based on lessons learned from the cybersecurity trailblazers and executives interviewed for this report.

  • Top 5 Challenges of Migrating Applications to the Cloud

    While your businesses sees the value in migrating to the cloud, you may not know the best way to overcome migration challenges before reaping its benefits. View this whitepaper to see the 5 biggest cloud migration challenges, and how VMware can help you overcome them.

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