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  • Virtual Desktops & Apps for Dummies

    This 67 page eBook offers up a comprehensive overview of virtual desktops and applications, giving a closer look at VDI concepts, environments, and pitfalls. Plus, a deep dive into end-user computing options and ten EUC factors to remember. Access now by completing a quick survey. .

  • The Total Economic Impact of Nutanix For End User Computing

    Nutanix commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact study and examine the potential return on investment enterprises may realize by deploying a Nutanix HCI solution for end user computing. Take a quick survey to gain access to this Forrester Report and learn the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment.

  • Solve Traditional Desktop Delivery Challenges with VDI and DaaS

    Download this whitepaper to look at traditional desktop delivery challenges and solutions by the numbers, as well as tips on how VDI and DaaS can simplify IT operations in your organization.

  • Analysis of Enterprise Applications Running on Nutanix Cloud Platform

    In this report, see why ESG validated performance, scalability, and cost for enterprise workloads on the Nutanix Cloud Platform. Access this report now, after taking a brief survey.

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops of Nutanix

    This papers covers key best practices for running Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Nutanix, including an overview, best practices checklist, desktop components, and more. Download now to access this resource after completing a brief survey.

  • Customer Spotlight on End User Computing

    This paper explores how seven organizations improved their user experience and business productivity with virtual apps and desktop solutions. Click in now to access this resource after completing a brief survey.

  • Digital Workspace Strategies in an Increasingly Remote Worker World

    The sudden shift to remote work challenged IT business continuity plans, created new risks, and impacted technology decisions. Digital workspaces have the potential to enable employee productivity from anywhere, while helping IT retain insight and control. Access this ESG report to learn more, after completing a quick survey.

  • ebook-databases-on-hyperconverged-infrastructure-top-20-questions-answered

    Check out this white paper to discover the top 20 questions, and answers, about the benefits of using hyperconverged infrastructure for database operations and management.

  • Nutanix Hybrid Multicloud - ESG Webinar

    The goals of digital transformation are particularly compatible with the realities of a hybrid multicloud environment—operational efficiency and delivering better customer experience are a given with cloud. In this webinar, explore the 3 reasons your business needs a hybrid multicloud—and learn how to set it all up in just 60 minutes. Watch here.

  • EUC Ebook - Definitive Guide to DaaS_EN

    In this report, The Definitive Guide to Desktop as a Service, find everything you need to know about the benefits of Daas, and how DaaS can complement—or replace—your VDI strategies. Get the answers here.

  • EUC Ebook - Top10 Benefits of Desktop as a Service_EN

    Mounting costs make it no surprise that companies are increasingly looking to Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solutions that allow them to manage company computers and keep data secure, no matter where employees are located or what device they’re using. Read on to learn the top 10 reasons businesses are ditching the physical desktop and embracing DaaS.

  • Database - Ebook - Definitive Guide to Microsoft SQL Server Deployment on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud_EN

    Keeping SQL servers highly available, efficient, and cost-effective is such a priority for many companies that they have neglected to properly upgrade or integrate these environments. Access this e-book to learn strategies to overcome the common challenges you might face running a SQL Server in traditional IT environments.

  • EUC Ebook - Definitive Guide to VDI_EN

    Read this e-book to learn the 5 crucial factors that should be considered when evaluating architectures and vendor options for VDI projects and the advantages of running these workloads on HCI.

  • Nutanix HYBRID multicloud - ESG Webinar

    New applications have to be deployed faster, but IT is just getting more complicated. This is where a hybrid multicloud comes in. Explore the top three reasons you need a hybrid multicloud—and how to set it up in 60 minutes—here.

  • deliver-hybrid-cloud-your-way-solutions-ebook - EN

    Check out this white paper to evaluate Nutanix, an easy, intelligent, and resilient cloud platform that enables maximum scalability, availability, and choice, helping over 15,000 businesses simplify their IT operations.


    The timeframes for digital transformations are shrinking. While it’s important to stay ahead, it’s also critical to not let the pressure to move quickly force you to build on a shaky foundation. In this guide, learn how to securely transform your business in 4 concrete phases.

  • ESG-White-Paper-Nutanix-Clusters-Aug-2020 -EN

    It comes as no surprise that increasing IT complexity can hinder progress. In order to balance out the benefits and downsides of increased complexity, organizations should lean into hybrid and multicloud environments for consistent management and IT control. Learn more about how hybrid and multicloud can help here.

  • ebook hybrid cloud dos and donts EN

    Building your hybrid cloud starts with a robust on-premises foundation. From there, you need take your time with careful planning and deliberate action. In this guide, learn what the 7 do’s and don’ts of hybrid cloud are.

  • Database - Ebook - Thrive or just Survive Unlock the Full Potential of your Data_EN

    Legacy infrastructure can drastically harm the performance of your databases, even as the demand businesses place on databases increases year after year. In fact, one survey places 72% of IT budget spend on basic maintenance as opposed to more proactive tasks. Read on to learn what problems legacy systems are causing, and potential solutions.

  • EUC Ebook - Empower End-Users with Better Experiences - EN

    Jump inside this guide to learn how to assemble an end-user computing strategy that can retain its value well into the future, can secure stakeholder buy-in, and avoids common EUC pitfalls.

  • TOP 20 Hyperconvergence Questions Answered

    This e-book will answer the top 20 questions people like you have posed about HCI, so download it here for the answers to all of your queries and to see for yourself if HCI is a good fit for your enterprise.

  • ebook O'Reilly: Designing and Building a Hybrid Cloud

    Transitioning to a hybrid cloud infrastructure isn’t just a way to modernize IT. It’s also one of the best ways to free up necessary IT resources. The hybrid cloud allows for better automation, visibility, and control. In this 51-pg guide, find an overview of hybrid topics, from the state of hybrid cloud to choosing a cloud OS. Read the guide now.

  • Database - Pocketbook_EN

    Download this database solutions pocket book to discover how HCI confronts 8 of the top challenges associated with databases, and can deliver the consistent performance, availability, scalability, and management that these workloads need.

  • Database - Ebook - Definitive Guide to Oracle Databases Deployment on Enterprise Cloud_EN

    The following guide explains how Nutanix Enterprise Cloud—a solution that marries the best of HCI and the public cloud—tackles any Oracle database infrastructure challenges. Access now for an introduction to the solution, 10 benefits of deployment, as well as how to get started.

  • Make the Most of Your Complex Hyper-Converged Architecture

    This eGuide, offers two methods that are aimed to resolve hyper-converged network problems by focusing on factors that can negatively affect the efficiency of your system so you can ultimately manage the complexity of the environment while ensuring performance.

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