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  • Architecting End User Computing Solutions

    What are the possible infrastructures at your disposal that will streamline and simplify EUC project completion? Download this e-book to view several options for VDI and EUC environments, and to learn how to implement them in your organization, such as converged infrastructure, hyper-converged infrastructure, and more.

  • Modern Infrastructure for Better End User Experiences

    Download this whitepaper to learn the 4 biggest challenges present-day end-user computing projects are facing. Plus, discover the 4 key benefits of HCI in supporting your future end-user goals.

  • Innovation Can’t Wait: Take the Faster Route to Cloud

    Download a copy of this white paper to review the top 6 benefits of prepping your infrastructure for the cloud with HCI, as well as an in-depth look at one solution with which you can achieve this: Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

  • Database Solutions Pocket Book

    Download this database solutions pocket book to discover how HCI confronts 8 of the top challenges associated with databases, and can deliver the consistent performance, availability, scalability, and management that these workloads need.

  • The Definitive Guide to Desktop as a Service

    Save a copy of this eBook to learn the IT and user benefits of desktop-as-a-service platforms, both as a complement to existing VDI deployments or as an alternative.

  • Oracle Database Deployment on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

    The following guide explains how Nutanix Enterprise Cloud—a solution that marries the best of HCI and the public cloud—tackles any Oracle database infrastructure challenges. Access now for an introduction to the solution, 10 benefits of deployment, as well as how to get started.

  • Your Guide to VDI on Hyper-converged Infrastructure

    Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offers one means of achieving predictable cost, performance, and capacity scaling for VDI—yet with a plethora of product options, how can you be sure which architecture will suit your company’s workload demands best? Download the following e-book to VDI on HCI to find out.

  • Thrive or Just Survive?: You Choose

    High volumes of data (which have become standard for many organizations and industries) present both challenge and opportunity for ambitious businesses. It’s your choice—will you use data to thrive, or simply survive? Read this white paper to learn how to manage your databases in a way that sets you up for long-term data success.

  • Top 10 Benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

    Satisfying the demands of digital workspaces using traditional desktops and laptops can turn into a costly and difficult responsibility – not to mention the heightened security risks. Click inside to learn the top ten reasons companies – including ones similar to your own – are turning to DaaS for relief.

  • HCI: Customer Choice by Design

    Download this white paper which includes 6 case studies that demonstrate the varying ways businesses can architect hyper-converged infrastructure to meet their operational requirements.

  • Are You Still Paying for Virtualization?

    Download this white paper to learn about a license-free hypervisor that not only eliminates the direct costs associated with hypervisor licensing, but also drives down soft costs and reduces the OpEx-demands commonly associated with virtualization.

  • Overview of Acropolis File Services

    The following paper provides an architectural overview of Acropolis File Services (AFS), a software-defined, scale-out file storage solution that serves as a repository for unstructured data and simplifies user and group file management. Download now to determine if this solution is a good fit for your enterprise.

  • Data Center Modernization Done Right

    Vendors are expanding the HCI architectures of today to include virtualization, security, networking, and even multi-cloud automation. To dive deeper into these innovations, and to read 10 stories illustrating the real-world benefits of HCI, download the following white paper.

  • Oracle on AHV: Best Practice Guide

    Inside this 29-page eBook, learn best practices for running Oracle databases on Nutanix AHV clusters, as well as tips and ESXi settings recommendations for iSCSI, networking, Linux OS, and more.

  • Next Level Enterprise with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    This detailed paper from Crisp Research digs into the top 4 benefits of running SAP HANA workloads on HCI. Read on for an architectural overview, guidance on POC through implementation, and to learn how your organization can take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Top 20 Hyperconvergence Questions Answered

    This e-book will answer the top 20 questions people like you have posed about HCI, so download it here for the answers to all of your queries and to see for yourself if HCI is a good fit for your enterprise.

  • The Top 5 Cloud Adoption Mistakes

    Unearth five of the most likely reasons your cloud strategy is treading water – and find out how to avoid getting submerged as billing cycles come around.

  • Application-Centric Security

    Relying on antiquated methods of protecting IT is no longer feasible. It's time to consider a new application-centric approach that delivers the protection you need with more agility, more flexibility, and above all, better security. Download this e-book to learn how application-centric security can benefit your organization today.

  • Modernizing Your Infrastructure? Here's Why You Should Take a Security-First Approach

    Just because your job title doesn't include the word "security" doesn't mean you shouldn't be worrying about cyber-attacks. In today's world, security is an all hands on deck priority – especially at the infrastructure level. Inside, find out why IT infrastructure choices can make or break your team's ability to protect against cyber threats.

  • Reboot Your Future

    We need a converged hypercloud to really handle the workloads of tomorrow. Open this whitepaper to learn about converging your public and private cloud services.

  • The Top Storage Considerations for Unstructured Data

    You'll discover the top unstructured data storage considerations in this white paper, as well as how object storage simplifies unstructured data management, 3 considerations for evaluating your storage options, 10 questions to ask yourself about your data, and more.

  • You Might Have a Platform Problem

    Find out how to sketch an IT strategy that gives your enterprise the freedom to shed its more burdensome legacy tech in favor of lightweight and agile IT platforms – by way of hybrid cloud, flexible workload designations, and more.

  • The Economics of Application Platforms

    Take a look at this whitepaper to learn about the cost savings so many are seeing with a multi-cloud approach right now, and the performance you could see by making the switch.

  • Remove Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Complexity and Take It to the Next Level: A GigaOm Market Landscape Report

    Read this report to gain a sense of common multi-cloud implementation successes and failures, and see how your organization can learn from those who have already made the switch.

  • The State of the Enterprise Datacenter Leaving 2018

    Amid the swirling mass of technology that comprises today's data centers, there are certain technology choices that have made a particular splash – either for their performance boosts or bottom-line perks. In this reflection on 2018's IT developments, find out what tools and services continue to prove the most valuable.

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