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  • The Future of Work: How Will the Workplace Look and Run Post COVID-19?

    The workplace looks a lot different than it did a year ago. Open up this white paper to take a deeper look at the workplace as it stands now and how it will run in a post COVID-19 era, covering the hybrid workplace, how to support employees through the change and more.

  • Series 2 Episode 2: The Art of High Performance Leadership

    In this video, Phil Jordan, group CIO of Sainsbury’s, shares real life stories for today’s business IT leaders. Tune in to hear his take on his career as a leader and mentor as he gives his advice on building trust in leadership, how to nurture the mentor/mentee relationship, how to reconcile disruption and change in business, and more.

  • Nurturing Promising Talent into Star Performers

    In this webinar, get insight from Michael Johnson, an Olympic athlete turned business executive, who now primarily focuses on finding and nurturing promising talent. Watch the interview to learn more.

  • Cloud Counsel Series 2 Episode 3: Understanding the Psychology of Winning

    Tune into this video to hear Michael Johnson, an Olympic gold medalist, discuss his psychology of winning in his long career as a sprinter and a CEO. Tune in for advice on how to communicate your vision to investors and your team, how to build trust in leadership and more.

  • Creating Smart Cities: From Idea to Execution

    Creating smart cities may sound great in concept, but the action of creating smart cities can be challenging as it is crucial to use the right combination of policy, technology solutions and execution. Tune in now to hear industry experts discuss this topic, covering what citizens actually want, what role leadership plays and more.

  • Digital Transformation Beyond 2020

    How can organizations ensure that their data management strategies are aligning with their digital disruption plans? Read on to learn where businesses are failing and succeeding when it comes to data-powered digital transformation.

  • Cloud Counsel Series 3 Episode 3: Michael Johnson

    Tune into this video to hear how Michael Johnson, an Olympic gold medal sprinter, was able to build resiliency to overcome setbacks during his long career as an athlete and, more recently, as a CEO. Open now to hear him discuss change management, IT resiliency, how to reach business goals and more.

  • How and Why a Business Needs to Play for the Infinite Game

    In this white paper, Simon Sinek, an author and motivational speaker, discusses his book, “The Infinite Game”. Open now to see what he thinks about changing priorities for business and uncover the definition of finite vs. infinite games.

  • Succeeding with CIO-Led Digital Transformation

    This IDC research report examines how CIOs can, and should, take the lead in driving digital transformation, highlighting data from a survey of over 900 high-level IT decision makers. Open now to see the survey results of the impact of IT abundance, how orchestration must be central to digital leadership, and how to handle emerging complexity.

  • Digital Transformation Succeeds With The CMO & CIO Working In Partnership

    For years now there’s been a perception that Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) and Chief Information Officers (CIO) often work at cross purposes. But the reality is they must—and often do—well together. Get insight on why this relationship is so important and how to facilitate a partnership in your own organization, in this white paper.

  • Make the Most of Your Complex Hyper-Converged Architecture

    This eGuide, offers two methods that are aimed to resolve hyper-converged network problems by focusing on factors that can negatively affect the efficiency of your system so you can ultimately manage the complexity of the environment while ensuring performance.

  • Case Study: Financial Trader's Bet on Hyperconvergence

    See how London Capital Group cut deployment times and datacenter footprint by ditching server-plus-SAN architecture for hyper-converged server/storage boxes.

  • Presentation Transcript: Getting Ready for VMware Horizon Suite

    In this informative transcript, desktop virtualization expert Brian Madden discusses a complete workspace solution that streamlines data, application and desktop management to increase IT efficiency and desktop performance.

  • Presentation Transcript: Making Service Continuity Part of VDI Deployments

    In this exclusive transcript, virtual desktop guru Brian Madden discusses the critical importance of disaster recovery for virtual desktops, outlining the different approaches you can take to seamlessly fit it into your overall desktop virtualization strategy.

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