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  • Site Reliability Engineering

    Whether you’re still figuring out how to create a site reliability practice at your company or trying to improve the processes and habits of an existing SRE team, tap into the philosophies, habits, and tools of successful SREs in this e-book.

  • Cloud Native Is the New Normal

    How can your organization be successful with a cloud native approach and what impact will this successful technology approach have on business objectives?The answer is detailed in this 26-page eBook. Read it here.

  • Best Practices for Monitoring Cloud-Based Applications and Infrastructure

    A staggering 80% of enterprises feel they are either completely blind or have significant gaps when it comes to monitoring their new cloud solutions. No matter where you are in your cloud journey, try this e-book for the best practices that can help you avoid the common pitfalls caused by "don't touch" cloud strategies.

  • Organizations Using New Relic Are Optimizing Their Applications and Customer Experience

    New Relic customers are realizing significant value by leveraging the New Relic observability platform to support their application monitoring and troubleshooting operations. Check out this infographic for a close look at all of the benefits customers are reporting from their New Relic experiences.

  • A Three-Phased Approach to Observability

    Customers expect nothing but the best, so it is only fitting that you should provide them with a seamless experience every time they engage with you. Dive into this e-book for a 3-phased approach to observability that enables you to deliver excellent customer experiences, including strategies, KPIs, and trend analysis.

  • Preparing for the Next Phase of DevOps

    Organizations often face a growing tsunami of complexity as they adopt microservices, serverless, containers, and other approaches and technologies in the cloud. This white paper details why DevOps complications are increasing, and how your organization can start mitigating this sooner rather than later. Read it here.

  • Deeper Than Digital

    In today’s ever-changing digital market, the determiner for software quality has shifted from being based solely on performance, to focusing more on longevity and adaptability. Read this white paper to see what makes a piece of software near-perfect based off today’s standards.

  • 2021 Observability Forecast

    Despite 90% of organizations believing that observability is important and strategic to their business, only 50% are in the process of implementing it – according to the first annual Observability Forecast report. Read it here to learn why it’s time to make the shift to modern observability or risk becoming an archaic company.

  • Understanding the 3 Phases of DevOps Maturity

    In today’s software landscape, organizations large and small are under constant pressure to modernize. To get there, most shift to a DevOps practice, but it’s a rare team that can complete this journey on its own. Read on through this e-book to learn the prescriptive steps for mapping your path to DevOps success.

  • O11y Trends Report 202

    You can’t see where you’re going without knowing where to look. Observability provides the end-to-end visibility engineers and developers need to make informed business decisions based on data, not opinion. Check out this report that takes a look at key observability trends in 2022.

  • Observability will be mission critical in 2022

    Understanding how software systems, users, and results are connected through context and monitoring is no simple task. Modern observability empowers software engineers and developers with a data-driven approach, bringing all telemetry into a unified data platform. Discover 11 ways you can use modern observability to drive results in your business.

  • Why containerization needs context

    Containers introduce unprecedented complexity at scale, such as issues with cluster health and hierarchy. This guide breaks down the importance of observability when it comes to Kubernetes and how you can benefit from a platform that gives you the whole picture. Access the guide here.

  • The Essential Guide to Cloud Migration Monitoring

    Waiting until you’re in the cloud to begin monitoring your applications and infrastructure is too late. This eBook provides an overview of the cloud migration process with monitoring prioritized to ensure you can validate the connections, service levels, security, and performance of your newly migrated applications on day 1. Read it here.

  • Observability: A 21st Century Manifesto

    It’s hard to see how people, teams, and systems all come together to operate, especially in today’s ever-changing environment. Observability helps you overcome that complexity by using an active approach that helps you understand the why. Read this 21st century manifesto on observability so you can adapt your DevOps to today’s new challenges.

  • What Full-Stack Observability Requires Today

    Technological innovation has put pressure on software teams to keep up with higher customer expectations, so full-stack observability offers a unified experience that provides connected context and meaningful analytics. Learn how to incorporate full-stack observability as a single source of truth to troubleshoot, debug, and optimize performance.

  • 2022 State of the Java Ecosystem

    More than 48% of applications are now using Java 11 in production, according to this State of the Java Ecosystem report. The report dives into what is the most used version in production, who are the most popular vendors, the rise of containers, the most common heap size configurations and more. Access it here.

  • The Fundamentals of Kubernetes

    With more than 83% of organizations using Kubernetes in production, according to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, understanding the platform and its complexities is more important than ever. This eBook explores 5 foundational fundamentals of Kubernetes, including how to use Kubernetes secrets. Read it now.

  • The Business Value Of The New Relic Observability Platform

    As digital expansion expands organizations’ tech stack, companies need an IT platform that can help make the most of their varied technologies. In this report, IDC presents their research conducted on the business benefits of New Relic cloud-based observability platform. Read on to learn how your business could benefit from New Relic’s offering.

  • Ready, Set, Modernize!

    There are millions of apps—and millions of modernization choices. Making a decision for your own personalized modernization strategy can feel overwhelming at best—but AWS and New Relic have some collective wisdom to offer. Download their mini playbook to explore the 6 steps you’ll need to map out your modernization journey.

  • The Enterprise Guide To Continuous Application Modernization

    New research by New Relic has found that 96% of industry leaders have adopted a cloud native approach to software development—compared to just 24% of laggards. It’s time to move to the cloud. Explore the best ways to navigate the stages of cloud adoption in this guide. Click here to download.

  • Make sure your website doesn’t crack under pressure

    In this eBook, you’ll learn about the importance of your website functionality to overall customer experience, and get tips for preparing your website infrastructure for increased traffic around the holiday season. Download your copy to get started.

  • The 21 Best Tech Predictions for 2021

    The start of the new year is cause for some celebration and some reflection. Inside this New Relic guide, explore what’s changed—and what’s to come—for three major markets: the developer landscape, AIOps technology, and new DevOps practices. Discover the top 21 tech predictions for 2021 here.

  • How to Take Infrastructure Monitoring to the Next Level

    You need observability to help you manage your modern environments. Access this white paper to discover the four imperatives for today’s DevOps and SRE teams to achieve true observability.

  • Why DevOps Teams Lack Visibility in Distributed Environments

    Open this white paper to learn how to immediately answer the most important questions that arise when experiencing downtime in your infrastructure.

  • Uptime is everything

    When things go south in your software, DevOps teams are tasked with navigating a complex web of systems and infrastructure to find out what actually happened – a difficult feat. Take a look inside this guide to learn why contextual observability is such an important capability to have in today’s complex IT and business environments.

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