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  • The Future of I&O Is Infrastructure-Led Disruption

    It’s up to infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to leverage the capabilities granted by technology instead of being hindered by them. This Gartner report dives into recommendations I&O leaders should follow to inspire innovation, improve maturity, and ensure strategic planning. Access the full guide here.

  • From Monitoring to Observability: Enabling Agile IT Operations for Digital Business

    New collaborative processes, observability, and programmability are reshaping the IT infrastructure landscape with the clear focus being on multi-cloud. Read this IT brief to access the stats illustrating the benefits of multi-cloud and to see the new tools and strategies that IT ops leaders are investing in.

  • The IT Ops Evolution

    Organizations are prioritizing cloud-native applications. It only makes sense for their operations strategies to reflect that. ITIL-based methods of IT operations no longer seem relevant, and operations are changing. In this 36-page guide, 451 Research lists new strategies for IT Ops in the era of the cloud. Click inside to learn more.

  • From Monitoring to Observability: Transforming IT Operations in the Era of Multicloud, Containers, and DevOps

    Data lives in many different nooks and crannies, making observability of that data a top priority for data management processes. Using AI and machine learning, observability platforms allow for stronger analyses and grant organizations a bird’s-eye view of their data. Have some questions? Check out this IDC Q&A now to get the answers.

  • Introducing the New Relic One Programmable Platform (FutureStack19)

    Unfortunately, in many businesses, only a select few are confident with data and log management – that's why New Relic is stepping in to help you make that data accessible and approachable to anyone in the organization. Check out how the New Relic One platform helps your organization break the pattern in this video.

  • New Relic Logs – all your data in one view

    Legacy logging services can be laggard, expensive, difficult to manage, and next-to-impossible to scale. To reduce both MTTR and MTTD, platforms that unify log data with telemetry data for a unified, one-stop-shop for all your observability needs can prove invaluable. See New Relic demo their new cloud-based logging solution in this webinar now.

  • The Enterprise Guide to Continuous Application Modernization

    Modernization cannot be done overnight and requires serious planning to be successful in the long term. To find out the 5 steps you need to implement an effective modernization strategy, read this ebook.

  • M.E.L.T. 101: An Introduction to the Four Essential Telemetry Data Types

    Metrics, events, logs, and traces, or MELT, are the most important data points you need quick access to for improved observability in software environments. Take a look at this article to get an introductory view at collecting and analyzing MELT data, and the impact it will have on your observability.

  • Poorly Performing App? 79% of Your Customers Are Prepared to Jump Ship

    How can you ensure that your apps are designed to rise above and beyond customer expectations? The secret doesn’t lie in design, necessarily, but in the technology used to support the app. Check out the top 3 technologies necessary to support any app for peak customer experience, and see if you’re already running them at your organization.

  • Programmability: A Better Way for Modern Businesses to Win with Software

    Businesses are now well-aware the value their data holds, in fact, the problem now is there is almost too much data for software teams to process. Use this whitepaper to learn about 4 core benefits to customizable and programmable software platforms that businesses can build for extracting true value from their applications data.

  • Add to Basket: How One Simple Purchase Led to Four Unique Stories of E-Commerce Success

    The success of virtually all e-commerce businesses hinges on instant speed, as 40% of customers will leave sites that take 3 seconds or longer to load a page. Read this e-book which dives into the necessity for e-commerce businesses becoming data driven, which means leveraging analytical insights using application monitoring tools.

  • The Age of Observability: Why the Future Is Open, Connected, and Programmable

    You need to be able to reduce complexity and keep systems available and to deliver an excellent customer experience. The way to do that? Observability. Read about the importance of observability, and how to increase yours in this whitepaper.

  • Drive Leadership With Digital Insights For All

    Customers are leaving valuable data footprints that can deliver proven business benefits across a wide range of job roles and titles. Read this Forrester report to learn why tech leaders should be sharing their data insights across the entire organization for maximized ROI and business growth.

  • 12 Ways to Make Your E-Commerce Customers Love You

    Stop sending your customers to your competitors! In this helpful blog post, discover 12 ways to make your e-commerce customers fall in love with your business, and unlock expert tips for building ongoing customer loyalty.

  • The 3 Dimensions of Monitoring Digital Customer Experience

    How can a digital customer experience help your organization? And more importantly, what does digital customer experience even mean? In this article, explore what constitutes a digital customer experience (DCX). Discover the quality of service dimensions for a successful DCX, and learn how a DCX can benefit your organization

  • The journey to DevOps starts with solving problems

    Companies have been rapidly adopting DevOps within their development processes, but don't fall into the trap of blindly following a generalized DevOps strategy Read this article that gives an honest insight into how to make DevOps work for your specific business context.

  • Containerizing a Data Ingest Pipeline: Making the Container Play Nice with Kafka

    While moving all your business' apps and services into a container framework makes sense, it can present issues when working with Apache Kafka due to potential memory imbalances. Read this article, which takes a look into how exactly New Relic Mobile can complement your container orchestration with Kafka Apache.

  • Two Digital Moments of Truth for Monitoring Mobile Applications

    Your business' reputation amongst users stands upon the shoulders of application quality, which is why proactive mobile app monitoring has become so important. Read this article to understand real instances in which application monitoring can impact your application quality, and learn how to mitigate application issues before they arise.

  • The Dynamic Cloud: Availability and Scalability for Your Biggest Days

    The difference in your business growing versus stalling can be dictated by the scalability and availability of your applications. Read this short article to learn how dynamic cloud keeps your apps scalable and available when you're growing.

  • How to drive an effective DevOps for business approach

    While that's the efficiency of DevOps is great, its biggest draw comes from its business boosting benefits. Read this brief article to understand all the business-centric perks of a DevOps method, giving you the leverage to get your stakeholders and teams to buy-in.

  • From Agile to Extreme: Our Exclusive Programming Methodology Bracket

    With a variety of programming methodologies, each one holds benefits and weaknesses depending on the business context. Check out this article that puts together a programming bracket that reviews the best methods out there, and crowns a champion of all programming methods.

  • Why DevOps should be the norm for all IT departments

    Business operations are becoming so much more fast-paced, which places more weight and stress on the shoulders of your IT department. Read this brief article, which will help you start your transition to a DevOps approach that will keep your business responsive in a fast-paced environment.

  • 6 Priorities for Ops in a 'Serverless' World

    With the advent of AWS Lambda in 2014, and a slew of other serverless tools now available, you can now run code for virtually any type of application or backend service – all with zero administration. Read this blog to learn the top 6 changes this will have to a traditional Ops role.

  • 20 Docker and Container Experts to Follow Online

    Any business interested in container implementation will need to self-educate for a smooth adoption process. View this article to learn and connect with 20 containers experts that will be sure to help your container initiative.

  • The 451 Take on cloud-native: truly transformative for enterprise IT

    Read this expert analysis to learn what cloud-native trends will be most important to you, and how you can keep up.

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