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  • Function Faster With New Relic Serverless For AWS Lambda

    Building software has never been easier—but monitoring it has never been harder. AWS Lambda lets you run code for virtually any type of application or backend service with zero administration—but the cost of complexity weighs your team down . Click here to learn how New Relic Monitoring for AWS Lambda breaks through the complexity.

  • How To Prepare For Aiops

    An organization’s success with any AIOps solutions depends on the preparation. Open up this eBook to find four steps to help you get started on your AIOps journey

  • Kogan Achieves Hyper Growth And Increased Sales While Leveraging Insights From New Relic

    Open up this case study to see how New Relic was able to help, an online retailer, automate their processes and better understand what was happening with their logs, statements, and flows, and learn how you can do the same in your organization.

  • Filling The Observability Gap

    Open up this report to uncover research findings about monitoring and observability, as well as the key challenges to tool consolidation, and an outline of steps for approaching consolidation in your organization.

  • Riot Games Optimizes Player Experience and Engineering Workflows with Centralized Observability Data From New Relic

    Check out this case study to learn how Riot Games has introduced observability into their service with a new platform from New Relic, and find how they were able to reduce downtime in a time when people have considerably more time for gaming.

  • Demystifying M.E.L.T. - The key Data for Business Observability

    Observability seeks to establish the “why” rather than the “what went wrong”. A good starting point for implementing strong business observability in your software development is M.E.L.T.. Break down the acronym—and learn how it can help strengthen your operational agility—here.

  • Expedia Affiliate Network Reduces Mean-Time-to-Resolution by 50% Using New Relic

    Recently, Expedia was faced with the challenge of migrating 20 years’ worth of critical workloads, digital properties, mobile applications, and legacy platforms to AWS. Learn how visibility and cloud management made it all possible here.

  • Reducing MTTR the Right Way

    MTTR — or mean time to resolution — is one of the most widely used metrics in the systems reliability toolbox. It’s also one of the most misunderstood. Jump inside this guide to learn 10 best practices designed to help your team better utilize and reduce MTTR.

  • Uptime is everything

    When things go south in your software, DevOps teams are tasked with navigating a complex web of systems and infrastructure to find out what actually happened – a difficult feat. Take a look inside this guide to learn why contextual observability is such an important capability to have in today’s complex IT and business environments.

  • Adopt, Experiment, and Scale

    Most teams fall into one of two camps: either they’re still confused about what exactly “cloud native” means, or they’ve lost sight of their cloud native strategies along the way. This E-Book provides insight into 3 essentials for cloud native environments that can improve your approach.

  • 6 Priorities for Ops in a ‘Serverless’ World

    With the advent of AWS Lambda in 2014, and a slew of other serverless tools now available, you can now run code for virtually any type of application or backend service – all with zero administration. Read this blog to learn the top 6 changes this will have to a traditional Ops role.

  • DevOps Done Right

    Establishing the necessary processes, tools, and culture can become a disruptive challenge when making the digital transformation into DevOps. Download this brief eBook to better understand which best practices can drive your teams through barriers, and achieve a successful DevOps digital transformation.

  • New AWS Migration Tools Target Big Data Behind a Firewall

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently added a multitude of capabilities to its public cloud that greatly reduce the data migration problem and decrease the fear of data breaches. This expert e-guide highlights all the new features of AWS that could soon be positively impacting your business.

  • Don't Leave Legacy Apps Behind during an AWS Migration

    The convenience and potential cost savings of AWS Elastic Compute Cloud is appealing, but the unknowns make many IT pros hesitate. Learn from this expert guide how to construct an AWS migration roadmap, and formulate a blueprint for understanding your apps to identify migration benefits and effect a smooth transition to AWS.

  • Cloud Migration Strategies for a Hybrid Cloud World

    Cloud computing strategies aren't always easy to carry out – especially when migrating between cloud providers or public and private clouds. This e-guide reveals recommended cloud migration practices and explores three common approaches to migrating apps to the cloud.

  • Five AWS Data Migration Methods to Consider

    More organizations than ever are looking to store data in the public cloud, often at a fraction of the cost of on-premises storage. But transferring that data to the cloud isn't always straightforward. This exclusive e-guide reveals five data migration methods to move storage to AWS.

  • How to Get Everyone On-Board with a Cloud Migration Project

    In this expert guide, discover 5 cloud benefits that may prove cloud migration naysayers wrong. Some of these benefits include: scalability and agility, visibility and governance, cost, and more.

  • Overcome Common AWS Migration Challenges

    This exclusive guide outlines best practices to help you do just that, and offers key tips for planning out your transition so that you can eliminate potential risks and AWS migration obstacles.

  • Understanding the Need for a Unified DevOps Approach to ALM

    Much has been written about what DevOps is, however, this expert e-guide investigates DevOps by explaining what it is not. editor Jennifer Lent asked software professionals to explain what DevOps isn't -- read now to explore five common answers.

  • Taking an Agile-DevOps Approach for Legacy Modernization and Hybrid Cloud Environments

    Combining Agile and DevOps practices can make it easier to manage legacy application modernization and deployment across on-premise and cloud -- i.e., hybrid cloud – environments.  This expert e-guide demonstrates the need for and Agile-DevOps approach when dealing with legacy modernization and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Ushering in a New Era of APM for the Enterprise

    In this e-book, examine the challenges that the current enterprise landscape has created for APM, and how a new era of APM is helping businesses build better-performing apps as well as reduce costs and grow revenue.

  • Analyst Connection: The Case for SaaS Application Performance Management

    Organizations that need to implement application performance management (APM) quickly and with minimal disruption often turn to SaaS APM tools. In this report, VP of IDC's Enterprise System Management Software Mary Johnston Turner answers questions about SaaS APM adoption, and deliver key factors you should consider when evaluating cloud APM tools.

  • Break Down Barriers and Reduce Cycle Times with DevOps

    To release new updates and features faster, savvy development teams have changed the way they deliver software with DevOps. In this report, get an in-depth look at DevOps and continuous delivery, and learn how it helps solve a variety of challenges facing modern IT organizations.

  • 5 Unsung Tools of DevOps

    Forward-thinking organizations have already hopped on the DevOps bandwagon for streamlined software development and delivery. A key aspect of successful DevOps is constant improvement of tools -- but improvement doesn't need to mean replacement. Are you overlooking some of the most valuable DevOps tools?

  • Application Management in the Cloud

    A service that was once only available for large enterprises is now within reach of small and mid-sized businesses as well. Read this IDC analyst report to learn how companies of all sizes can significantly enhance their application management through the cloud.

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