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  • Customer experience maps vs. customer journey maps

    Customer experience management is a set of processes a company uses to track interactions between a customer and the organization across every touchpoint. In this infographic, learn about the main differences between customer experience maps and customer journey maps, and why they are key factors in the operation of CXM software.

  • Measuring the benefits of team collaboration adoption

    In this infographic, learn about the main benefits of adopting team collaboration tools, including reduced email use and meetings, increased productivity and revenue, and saved money.

  • SD-WAN comparison chart: 10 vendors to assess

    Enterprises can choose from multiple SD-WAN deployment models, such as fully managed, co-managed and DIY. Those that opt to purchase SD-WAN directly from a vendor might find it overwhelming to sort through the various vendors. To help, the comparison chart below provides a breakdown of 10 SD-WAN vendor offerings.

  • Best cloud security certifications

    Many professionals seeking a career in cloud security turn to certifications to advance their learning and prove their knowledge to potential employers. Are you trying to figure out which certifications will most advance your knowledge and career? Download this infographic to get the lowdown on the best cloud security certifications.

  • CW APAC – Tech Career Guide: Artificial intelligence

    Artificial intelligence roles abound in the era of digitisation. In this handbook, focused on AI in the Asia-Pacific region, Computer Weekly looks at AI ethics, how to make it as a machine learning engineer, Accenture's push for tech talent and cyber security research lab advice.

  • Ultimate guide to digital transformation for enterprise leaders

    This in-depth guide explains what digital transformation is, why it is important and how enterprises can successfully transition to this new business paradigm.

  • AI-powered robot starts sorting Melbourne's recyclables

    Melbourne's APR Kerbside has been using an AI-powered robot to pick up used Tetra Pak beverage cartons that can be turned into poly-coated boards. Read how this initiative is improving efficiency, increasing the volume of items that can be recycled, and enabling the circular economy.

  • Computer Weekly – 18 July 2023: Soaring ahead with data at Rolls-Royce

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how aerospace giant Rolls-Royce uses data to improve its competitive advantage. We examine the benefits and best practices in software-defined storage. And we analyse calls for a review of laws around the use of computer evidence prompted by the Post Office IT scandal. Read the issue now.

  • Inside MLC Life Insurance's cloud journey

    When MLC decided to move all its infrastructure, applications and services to the public cloud, its journey was more about people than technology. Learn how MLC overcame these people-related challenges in its move to cloud, improved its security posture and reduced infrastructure spending.

  • 8 electronic signature best practices to build in to your workflow

    Here are 8 tips to think about when creating an e-signing process include cataloging documents requiring signatures, building user stories and determining necessary software features.

  • CW EMEA July 2023: Can we trust AI?

    Artificial intelligence and the opportunities and dangers it introduces into society has been a hotly debated subject in tech circles for many years, but today with the increased use of platforms such as ChatGPT, these debates include a wider section of the public.

  • A Computer Weekly buyer's guide to secure coding

    Security has become a key consideration in coding. In this 15-page buyer's guide, Computer Weekly looks at how organisations can protect their software supply chains, what to do in the case of a code error and why securing application development is so vital.

  • How to use a public key and private key in digital signatures

    Ensuring authenticity of online communications is critical to conduct business. Learn how to use a public key and private key in digital signatures to manage electronic documents.

  • Computer Weekly – 4 July 2023: How data is beating heart disease

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how a new data strategy is helping the British Heart Foundation to raise money and support medical research. We examine the benefits of using AI in advanced malware detection. And we reveal why the Information Commissioner is under fire for weak responses to serious data breaches. Read the issue now.

  • Traditional vs. enterprise risk management: How do they differ?

    Businesses understand they cannot exist in a risk-free environment. How to manage the risks they face depends on many variables, including the industry the business is in and its size. In this e-guide, we compare traditional risk management and enterprise risk management and outline the important differences between the two.

  • Computer Weekly – 27 June 2023: The politics of AI

    In this week's Computer Weekly, Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer both spoke at London Tech Week to present their visions of an AI future for the UK – we compare their plans. We talk to the CTO of chip giant AMD about making tech more energy efficient. And we look at optimising networks for hybrid working. Read the issue now.

  • CNNs vs. GANs: How are they different?

    Convolutional neural networks and generative adversarial networks are both deep learning models but differ in how they work and are used. Learn the ins and outs of CNNs and GANs.

  • 4 steps to building a cybersecurity strategy

    A cybersecurity strategy isn't meant to be perfect, but it must be proactive, effective, actively supported and evolving. Here are the four steps required to get there.

  • Comparing CRM to CX

    CXM and CRM systems help organizations boost customer satisfaction, but CXM focuses on how customers perceive a brand, while CRM helps employees understand their customers. In this article, we compare these platforms to help you decide which one is best for your business.

  • What generative AI's rise means for the cybersecurity industry

    ChatGPT's cultural and economic ascent in recent months has led to an interest in generative AI as a whole, and that moment has included cybersecurity. However, experts differ on whether the moment is more steeped in marketing or emerging technology.

  • Software-defined storage: What it is and variants available

    Software-defined storage is available in numerous variants. It is usually cheaper, flexible to deploy and brings storage efficiencies, but there are pitfalls in complexity, management and performance. In this article, we look at the definition of software-defined storage and the key variants we find in the marketplace.

  • Computer Weekly – 20 June 2023: How to keep network costs affordable

    In this week's Computer Weekly, as demands for networking performance and speed increase, we examine how to keep a handle on costs. Chip makers are investing in PLC flash technology but some think it won't be worth the effort; we investigate. And we listen in as tech industry leaders and politicians discuss the regulation of AI. Read the issue now.

  • Computer Weekly – 13 June 2023: The most influential people in UK technology

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we reveal the 13th annual UKtech50 list, with this year's most influential person award shared by secretaries of state for science, innovation and technology Michelle Donelan and Chloe Smith. Also, we examine mounting legal challenges faced by the emergence of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT. Read the issue now.

  • CW EMEA - June 2023: IT budgets buck trend

    Despite gloomy economic conditions worldwide, IT leaders in EMEA expect budgets to increase this year, according to TechTarget/Computer Weekly's IT Priorities survey. We also look at how health authorities in the UAE are modernising healthcare services, how Finland and Estonia are sharing expertise, and how the Dutch government is addressing bias.

  • CW APAC, June 2023 – Trend Watch: Artificial Intelligence

    Businesses the world over are exploring ways to use artificial intelligence in their operations. In this handbook, Computer Weekly looks at the issue of ethics in AI, what lab-grown neurons could mean for the technology, how an Indian agritech is helping firms maximise crop yields, and how to find winning AI use cases. Read the issue now.

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