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  • What Is Risk Management and Why Is It Important?

    Risk is an inherent counterpart to reward, and anyone who takes part in business of any kind needs to understand what risk is and how to manage it. This e-guide provides a breakdown of what risk management is and why it is important, examining risk from different angles in order to compose a comprehensive view. Read now to learn more.

  • 2022 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for IT Service Management Platforms

    Read to learn about Gartner's key findings, recommendations, and other insights on the IT service management platform market that ServiceNow views as invaluable This paper also explains why Gartner scored ServiceNow's ITSM platform higher than any other platform.

  • Now on Now: How we use HAM to streamline and automate the ITAM process in IT and cloud hosting

    IT environments have never been so dynamic, with business models, operating models and workforce paradigms changing fast. But you can stay in control with ServiceNow® Hardware Asset Management (HAM), creating visibility over your hardware, software and cloud resources.

  • What you Need to know about Upcoming ESG Regulations

    This KPMG and ServiceNow white paper explores how ESG disclosures can enable your organisation to create impact in reducing carbon footprints, managing climate risk and driving cultural change. Read it now to see how you can get your people and processes ahead of the latest regulations.

  • The Business Case For Low Code: Automate Any Process Faster, Easier, And More Efficiently

    Access this white paper to explore why you should consider low-code solutions to keep up with the competition.

  • The Great Optimization

    Find out in this e-book how adopting hyperautomation as a business strategy can help you realize greater experiences, intelligence, and efficiency across your organization.

  • ServiceNow Video 2

    Tune in to this short video to learn why your organization should get started empowering your team members with low-code solutions, all while reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

  • The Importance of Low-Code Developer Tools to Hyperautomation Technologies

    Explore in this IDC white paper the key challenges of adopting low-code development tools within an organization, and the best practices organizations should follow to facilitate collaboration between enterprise IT-based developers and LOB low-code developers.

  • ServiceNow Video 1

    Watch this short video to learn how ServiceNow can help your organization jumpstart your hyperautomation journey, using the Now platform as a foundation for connection across teams and systems.

  • Project Portfolio Management 101

    As your business adopts new technologies and processes to stand out in the evolving marketplace, ensuring strong project portfolio management (PPM) becomes crucial. Check out this white paper for a PPM deep dive.

  • ServiceNow Video 3

    Discover in this short video how ServiceNow App Engine and Integration Hub can help your team build low-code apps with easy-to-use tools that can turn any employee into a powerful citizen developer

  • Effective planning is the key to enterprise-wide visibility and strategic alignment - so roadmap it!

    Organizations can no longer afford to rely on rigid, annual planning processes. Roadmaps enable organizations to plan iteratively and collaboratively, driving enterprise agility. Read this e-book to learn more about the benefits of roadmap planning and additional capabilities unique to ServiceNow.

  • Creating organizational agility

    It is increasingly difficult to predict what will happen in even the next quarter, so the idea of planning a full year several months before that year began is obsolete. This white paper looks at organizational agility, an operating model that borrows from Agile in order to develop an ideology that can fuel a higher level of optimization.

  • Goals: How Strategy Gets Delivered

    While there is no right way to set and manage goals for every organization, there are key principles that make any goals framework more effective and key questions that can help determine which is a fit for you. Explore those today in this ServiceNow e-book.

  • Build Your Future, Faster

    There is a significant gap between the need for enterprise-grade apps to be developed and the availability of traditional developers. This e-book serves as a guide to better application development, allowing you to better focus your development through the following 3 strategic outlooks. Continue on to learn more.

  • G2 Community Reviews Servicenow App Engine

    Democratizing app development and embracing low-code may be a top-down strategy, but it’s executed in the trenches. Hear how the people who use ServiceNow’s low-code tools everyday feel about App Engine in this white paper.

  • Silo busting in IT services and operations is good for the business – and team satisfaction

    Step in the shoes of Katherine, a senior IT operator at a large international sports manufacturer, as she works on a cloud migration project under a unified service management platform by accessing this e-book.

  • Get closer to self-healing enterprise IT with AI-powered service operations

    How are you coping with the explosion of digital services? Discover an effective way to implement AIOps and achieve a self-healing IT enterprise so you can cope and even thrive in today’s data-flooded world with this e-book.

  • Total business value of ServiceNow's Integrated Risk poducts

    Much of today’s risk management is outdated, with organizations relying on approaches that don’t accurately reflect the complex reality of risk. This white paper attempts to evaluate the business outcomes of ServiceNow’s integrated risk management products, by citing cases studies from a range of high-profile clients. Read on to learn more.

  • DNB Bank

    Financial services is an industry steeped in risk, and when DNB’s decision makers felt their risk management wasn’t at the level it needed to be, they decided it was time to reevaluate. Read on to see how ServiceNow helped DNB build a more proactive and resilient approach to risk management through their suite of risk management products.

  • 3 Steps To Accelerating Innovation With Low-Code App Development

    Read this handbook for 3 steps to accelerating innovation. Learn how you can quickly build connected, cross-enterprise workflows with low-code, provide experiences that users love, and deliver them at scale—all with a single platform.

  • Take control of diverse and rapidly evolving enterprise risks

    Read this e-book to explore the three pillars for proactively and consistently tackling new risks that come your way: creating a unified system for operationalising risk and compliance; making your frontline employees equal partners; and automatically fuelling internal audits with high-quality data.

  • 2022 Magic Quadrant for ITSM

    Download your complimentary copy of this research to see where ServiceNow is positioned as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant and how ServiceNow ITSM compares to other service management solutions in the market. You’ll also see a snapshot of the ITSM market and trends.

  • The critical connection for HR: How strategic automation drives crucial employee empowerment

    Due to the widespread talent shortage, workers have more options, and so organizations need to do all they can to retain their workforce. This e-book looks at how using automation to streamline workflow can help organizations maximize employee experience and retain more of their workforce. Continue reading to learn more.

  • The Rise of the Employee Experience Platform Essential to Business Success

    Dive into this white paper for a close look at the 4 stages of employee experience platforms, and how your organization can follow this evolution to build a culture of employee trust.

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