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  • 5 ways to reduce IT asset costs to free up budget for growth-driving change and innovation

    Legacy systems and unused assets draw resources away from the modern tools that could spark business-building change. But with so many siloed systems, how can you locate these budget-draining parts of your IT estate? Learn 5 steps toward curbing your spend through better software, hardware, and cloud asset management with this e-book.

  • Creating a proactive, risk-aware defense to thrive in today’s dynamic risk environment

    Organizations need visibility into what’s happening, and the ability to adapt fast to external and internal factors. In this e-book, see how your organization can benefit from unlocking a common language and bringing together business and IT on a single platform, to enable integrated enterprise-wide risk management.

  • Supercharge trust for operations

    Leading-edge organizations can innovate even in uncertain times. Read this e-book to see how successful organizations are building trust and alignment in their operations, by unlocking a common language between business and IT on a single unified platform.

  • Market Guide for Integrated HR Service Management Solutions

    By 2025, 70% of organizations with more than 2,500 employees will have invested in an IHRSM solution. In order to keep up, it’s crucial for organizations to integrate these systems. However, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. Browse this report to learn more.

  • Market Guide for Corporate Legal Operations Technologies

    While many legal organizations today understand the benefits of emerging operations technologies, navigating the market remains a challenge. This market guide helps legal leaders identify the best solution for their workflows, comparing the leading vendors across a number of key criteria. Download the report now to learn more.

  • Imperative Guide - How your shared services organization can do more with less

    Many organizations are realizing that the path to productivity requires efficient shared services. However, many companies can feel daunted by the process and don’t know where to begin when it comes to strategizing. Access this guide to learn more.

  • Prepare Your Organization Against Cyberthreats

    Where should you source best practices, solutions, and tactics that are specifically suitable for your company’s needs? With our custom Cybersecurity Resource Library hosted at TechTarget, we’ve got you covered. Access the online library to view titles like 5 ways to safely weather cybersecurity storms.

  • Create a Powerful, Unified Experience with Hyperautomation and Low-Code

    As organizations try to achieve company-wide modernization, many are running into challenges with manual, monotonous tasks that can hinder collaboration. Hyperautomation can help your teams operate at the pace of change and streamline repetitive tasks for improved connection and creativity. Access this resource to learn more.

  • Empower Your Organization with Strategic Portfolio Management

    Simply setting goals is not enough. You need to have an effective strategy in place for achieving your goals, aided by active progress tracking. Strategic portfolio management (SPM) presents a succinct set of methodologies and processes organizations can use to define, monitor, and fulfill effective goals. Read on to learn more.

  • Reduce Costs While Delivering Seamless Customer Service

    Today’s customers want fast, seamless, and convenient service. However, achieving an enhanced experience requires automated and streamlined processes that can effectively solve customer issues. So, how can you meet these expectations while also decreasing your cost to serve? Dig into these resources to learn more.

  • Manage Risk and Resilience in Real Time

    When it comes to risk management today, too many organizations are still in the dark ages, relying on siloed manual inputs that live in spreadsheets. This white paper looks at how ServiceNow can help organizations modernize their risk management operations through their array of solutions. Read now to discover more.

  • Reinvent new ways to work across the enterprise with ServiceNow Employee Workflows

    Today’s fast-paced business world requires equally efficient employee platforms that can provide satisfactory experiences across the board. So, what strategies should you adopt to ensure that your employees are connected, unified, and productive? Browse this resource to learn more.

  • Transform Your Business by Modernizing IT Service Operations

    Burdened with legacy tools, talent shortages, and disparate silos, traditional IT is overwhelmed and can no longer support organization-wide innovation. Watch this video now to learn how the ServiceNow ServiceOps solution automates and optimizes your technology services and operations on a single cloud platform.

  • Building a shared services organization structure

    As organizations work to combat today's economic climate, hybrid and remote workforces, and new services in cloud environments, some have decided to centralize their shared services structure. However, transitioning to this landscape is easier said than done. Access this guide to learn more.

  • Why Strategic Automation Empowers Employees for HR and Workplace Services

    This paper provides survey insights from 520 employees using internal shared services, such as HR and workplace services and explores how employees perceive the use of self-service tools and a centralized company portal and the impact on the wider business.

  • What is AI-Powered Service Operations?

    To discover the net benefits of utilizing AIOps in your business, to both quickly resolve incidents and enhance the overall employee experience, watch this snackable video.

  • 2022 Gartner® Critical Capabilities for IT Service Management Platforms

    Download your complimentary copy of Gartner’s IT service management platform report to see why ServiceNow received highest scores among other vendors for every critical capability and how it is evaluated against other ITSM vendors.

  • Western & Southern aligns IT investment with business strategy

    Western & Southern Financial Group is a member of the Fortune 500 and owns or manages $75 billion worth of assets. This case study explores how Western and Southern partnered with ServiceNow to service their portfolio management, generating greater organization and visibility that allowed for more strategic versatility. Read now to learn more.

  • Value Stream Management Solutions

    Until recently, simply finding software delivery bottlenecks was a game of guesswork and hopeful iteration. Value stream management (VSM) changes that. In this 25-criterion evaluation of value stream management (VSM) providers, Forrester identifies the leading 14, including Planview, Plutora, ServiceNow, and more. Read on to learn more.

  • 3 steps to drive strategic outcomes across the enterprise

    With strategic portfolio management (SPM), customers have completed the annual planning cycle 40% faster, recorded 30% time-to-market improvements, and made an estimated €2.5M in efficiency gains. This operational guide to SPM highlights3 key steps for driving SPM along with a real-world case study exemplifying each. Read on to learn more.

  • 8 ways to drive cost savings using software asset management

    According to Gartner, global enterprise software spending reached $670 billion in 2022. Yet you are still using outdated systems to track expenses when there are much more efficient ways. This ServiceNow e-book details 8 ways you can boost cost savings with your asset management approach. Read the ServiceNow e-book here.

  • What is Low-Code? A Guide to Enterprise Low-Code App Development

    Dive into this e-guide for a comprehensive look at enterprise low-code app development, with the essential steps you need to know.

  • Guide to building an effective employee experience strategy

    As companies continue to prioritize employee experience, many are still running into challenges understanding the wants and needs of their staff. But with risks such as wasting money on poor HR software, how can organizations better keep up? Take a look at this guide to learn more.

  • Accelerate Impact. Accelerate Success.

    Digital transformation has become critical for the success of businesses. However, as organizations seek to optimize their technology and investments, many have run into challenges. That’s where enterprise shared services and Global Business Services (GBS) come in. Access this white paper to learn more.

  • What Is Risk Management and Why Is It Important?

    Risk is an inherent counterpart to reward, and anyone who takes part in business of any kind needs to understand what risk is and how to manage it. This e-guide provides a breakdown of what risk management is and why it is important, examining risk from different angles in order to compose a comprehensive view. Read now to learn more.

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