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  • HPE Primera - the World's Most Intelligent Storage for Mission-Critical Apps

    Businesses need to accelerate everything, but traditional high-end storage can't keep up. Now is the time for intelligent storage that manages itself for every mission-critical app of today and tomorrow. Introducing, HPE Primera.

  • HPE Ezmeral Software Portfolio Is a Bold Move Into the Container Platform

    In this report, IDC analysts dive into HPE Ezmeral – a new brand and software portfolio which covers capabilities like container orchestration and management, AI/ML and data analytics, AI-driven operations, and more.

  • Just the Facts animated video - HCI 2.0

    This quick video introduces HCI 2.0, which delivers the hyperconverged infrastructure experience without tradeoffs or compromises.

  • IDC: The Business Value of HPE GreenLake Management Services

    In the new era of digital transformation, enterprises are leveraging technology to drive new innovation, improve business agility, and streamline operations. As a result, IT and business objectives are intrinsically linked.

  • Futurum: Why Everything-as-a-Service? Why HPE?

    As we transition from the service economy to the experience economy, companies are searching for their proverbial "why," and seek desperately to make that connection with their customers.

  • HPE GreenLake for VDI

    HPE introduces a new business model called HPE GreenLake virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) lighthouse program. It is a turnkey solution with a unique as-a-service option to keep their workloads on-premises, scale simply and pay per-user, per-month

  • Empower Your Business with Modern, Secure Workplace Experience

    HPE Client Virtualization Transformation Services leverages key vendor technology solution stacks and custom-designs an architecture based on customer-specific needs and situation. This enables cost optimization and predictability during implementation and ongoing operation.

  • Charting a Course for Today's New Normal

    HPE Moonshot is a converged bladed system ideal for delivering secure desktops and virtual apps to the financial services industry and beyond. HPE Moonshot lowers IT costs through its unparalleled combination of high performance.

  • Boost your remote productivity

    The current health crisis has resulted in a global slowdown, affecting small- and mid-sized businesses (SMB) more acutely. Many SMBs have embraced remote work and virtual collaboration to weather the storm. But supporting remote work can present unforeseen challenges.

  • Enable Work-from-Home Productivity with HPE Small Business Solutions for Remote Workers

    HPE Small Business Solutions for Remote Workers are ready-to-go solution packages that include the hardware, software, services, and top-selling HPE ProLiant options you need to succeed with VDI.

  • ESG Showcase: Key Considerations for Enabling Remote Work and Recovery Plans with VDI

    This paper shares Enterprise Strategy Group research focused on the key considerations for enabling remote work and recovery plans with VDI. Businesses had aggressive virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) expansion plans prior to COVID-19 that aligned with IT's overall priority to deliver a secure and consistent user experience.

  • Implement Your Remote Collaboration Platform in the Speed of Light

    The common action taken by companies to achieve this objective is an implementation of a collaborative solution allowing their (globally) dispersed teams to efficiently communicate and collaborate without the need for travelling to meet in person.

  • Helping Businesses Return to Work

    The HPE Pointnext Services return to work program leverages a series of IoT-based solutions targeting social-distance tracing and tracking, fever detection, location-based alerts, and more to help you create a safe work environment for your employees.

  • Overcome Remote Work Challenges with HPE Pointnext Services

    Navigate uncertainty and maintain remote productivity with advisory, professional, and operational services from HPE Pointnext Services. Find new ways to thrive in an ever-changing landscape of unknowns

  • HPE GreenLake with colocation; simplify hybrid IT to focus on your business

    Many customers need to retain the control and security of on-premises, but want to avoid the upfront capital outlay. Take a tour at CyrusOne, one of HPE's colocation partners; a mix of on-premises and hybrid without the complexity.

  • HPE Greenlake Colocation Services from DCTS

    HPE GreenLake has been successful in providing flexible capacity as a service that combines the freedom of the public cloud and the security of on-premises IT through superior economics, control, and support.

  • Delivering Always-on Access for Banking Customers

    In a connected world, customers demand instant access to their banking. HPE Nimble Storage dHCI delivers intelligent, self-managing flash storage that helps Highmark Credit Union provide its customers with always-on access to their money. Click here to learn more.

  • Get more from your HPE ProLiant Servers with HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

    In today's world, IT administrators are challenged by system complexity requiring multidomain experience, the pressure to support both traditional and modern applications and fight virtual machine (VM) sprawl while reducing costs. Click here to learn how you can confront these issues with HCI.

  • HPE SimpliVity - Empowering Customer Success

    HCI is an innovative, scalable, and virtualized solution that integrates software‑defined compute and storage into a simple to manage, highly efficient, and edge-optimized platform. Its scale-out infrastructure lets you add HCI building blocks, without downtime, when resources are needed. Click here to learn how to apply HCI in your business.

  • Extending HCI to More Workloads

    As businesses move to more data-centric business models, they are capturing and analyzing more data than ever before. To meet the much faster pace and scale of business in the new "big data" era, CIOs are modernizing IT infrastructure at a rapid rate. Read on here to learn how you can do all of this with HCI.

  • Expanding the HCI Experience to More Workloads: Factors to Consider

    Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) brought significant simplicity to infrastructure deployment and management. Now, IT managers want to leverage the HCI experience across more workloads. New requirements in these workloads are driving an evolution in the definition of HCI. Access this resource to learn what this new definition entails.

  • Power and protect your data - HPE SimpliVity 380 with Oracle Database

    The HPE SimpliVity HCI solution was purpose-designed to deliver favorable price-performance, scalability, and resilience suitable for today's data-intensive applications and highly virtualized IT environments. Read on to learn more and to see how it also improves the performance of Oracle databases.

  • Streamline Your Data Center with Hyperconvergence

    From being a popular boardroom buzzword to acquiring mainstream status, hyperconverged infrastructure has come a long way in the last few years. Today, it's one of the fastest-growing segments of the global integrated systems market. Join the HCI revolution with HPE SimpliVity, a powerhouse HCI that can reduce your TCO by 69%.

  • HPE Introduces a New Disaggregated HCI Architecture with HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

    This white paper discusses the market requirements driving the need for a more flexible type of HCI offering and then turns to a brief review of HPE Nimble Storage dHCI and how it meets those requirements.

  • HPE GreenLake for HPE Nimble Storage dHCI

    Today, IT administrators are challenged with many complexities such as silos of IT resources, the need to constantly fight fires such as application disruptions and being asked to do all of this with less. How can your organization overcome these challenges while being ready for the future? Read on here to find out.

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