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  • Edge-Based Automation as the Foundation of Industry 4.0 Agility and Resilience

    Open this IDC white paper to uncover a new automation strategy, based on converged edge computing, that is the linchpin for realizing the full value potential of Industry 4.0 through adaptive automation, all by the numbers.


    Edge computing entails running applications at the edge of Wi-Fi and service provider access networks. And, it plays a central role in the new services and business models that operators want to deliver in the coming years. In this white paper, learn more about edge computing, how to enable new use cases and how the HPE edge orchestrator can help.

  • edge.nxt: Create smarter operations by capturing, analyzing and acting upon data where it’s created

    Data at the edge is growing at an unprecedented rate, and much of that will never see the inside of a data center or cloud. Edge computing brings real-time analytical power to the enterprise for automation, prediction, and control. Dive into this eBook to see the impact that edge computing can have on analytics capabilities firsthand.

  • Chemistry that builds our world-powered by data insights at the edge by Texmark Chemicals and HPE

    Texas manufacturer Texmark Chemicals needed cutting edge process analytics, increased up-time, and uninterrupted productivity, so they turned to HPE and several partners. Dive into this case study to learn how it all came together.

  • Aberdeen Knowledge Brief: Bring the power of the cloud to your compute environment

    Read this white paper to explore the benefits and challenges of using consumption models for on-prem workloads, as well as current adoption stats based on research from Aberdeen.

  • HPE GreenLake - Cloud Experience

    For better or worse, public cloud wasn’t built to handle everything. This can be good news, especially if you’re already looking for a new kind of cloud experience for your business. Learn how open platform cloud services leverage the best parts of public cloud with stronger management and control. Watch the video here.

  • Gorilla Guide to Next-Generation VDI

    This 50 page Gorilla Guide to next-generation VDI can help anyone who is considering a VDI implementation or wants to get more out of their existing VDI setup. Download now to read more, including chapters on VDI in remote work environments, brand-new VDI use cases and more.

  • Benefits of SMB Digital Transformation: Cost Controls

    Download this white paper to explore some ways SMBs can overcome the financial barriers of digital transformation and control costs, including generating cash from existing assets, optimizing legacy environments and more.

  • A Day at a Reimagined Office

    Follow along on the workday of 3 employees as they navigate the hybrid workplace in the midst of the pandemic. This infographic uncovers solutions for the hybrid workplace to help organizations deliver a safe, connected and intelligent workplace by allowing employees to work wherever, and however, they need to be productive. Download for more.

  • Lancashire Constabulary, HPE Pointnext Services Find Untapped Insights in Audio Data

    Access this case study to see how Lancashire Constabulary engaged HPE Pointnext Services to help the police gain insight into emergency and non-emergency calls to improve efficiency and effectiveness in serving the public.

  • Autumn 2020 Doppler Report

    As digital transformation efforts accelerate, how do organizations keep sight of their main goals? And what are common factors that can serve as a framework to keep those goals on track? Download this Doppler report to explore the answer to those questions and more.

  • Benefits of SMB Digital Transformation: Management and Automation

    IT automation allows IT to be more productive, and respond better to input and requests from end users and customers. Download this white paper to take a closer look at the benefits of SMB digital transformation and how IT automation can better support SMBs.

  • Empowering Employees in the Hybrid Workplace

    If your organization has both physical and virtual work locations, it’s crucial to maximize efficiency and engagement with a comprehensive plan for technical skills education. Download this infographic to discover the value of technical training, all by the numbers. Plus, suggestions for training that fit your employees’ learning styles.

  • Why hybrid cloud?

    With a hybrid cloud approach, organizations can take advantage of pay-as-you use models to handle large computing jobs and traffic spikes, all while maintaining control and predictability. It’s time to make a plan to implement hybrid cloud. Get started here.

  • Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

    Once upon a time, the term cloud meant public cloud. However, over the past few years, the word hybrid has emerged not just as an aspiration, but as the model of choice for most enterprises. In this exclusive report, explore what the new norms of the cloud market are, why they’ve changed, and what’s to come.

  • HPE Primera - the World's Most Intelligent Storage for Mission-Critical Apps whitepaper

    Businesses need to accelerate everything, but traditional high-end storage can't keep up. Now is the time for intelligent storage that manages itself for every mission-critical app of today and tomorrow. Introducing, HPE Primera.

  • HPE Ezmeral Software Portfolio Is a Bold Move Into the Container Platform

    In this report, IDC analysts dive into HPE Ezmeral – a new brand and software portfolio which covers capabilities like container orchestration and management, AI/ML and data analytics, AI-driven operations, and more.

  • Just the Facts animated video - HCI 2.0

    This quick video introduces HCI 2.0, which delivers the hyperconverged infrastructure experience without tradeoffs or compromises.

  • Futurum: Why Everything-as-a-Service? Why HPE?

    As we transition from the service economy to the experience economy, companies are searching for their proverbial "why," and seek desperately to make that connection with their customers.

  • IDC: The Business Value of HPE GreenLake Management Services

    In the new era of digital transformation, enterprises are leveraging technology to drive new innovation, improve business agility, and streamline operations. As a result, IT and business objectives are intrinsically linked.

  • HPE GreenLake for VDI

    HPE introduces a new business model called HPE GreenLake virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) lighthouse program. It is a turnkey solution with a unique as-a-service option to keep their workloads on-premises, scale simply and pay per-user, per-month

  • Empower Your Business with Modern, Secure Workplace Experience

    HPE Client Virtualization Transformation Services leverages key vendor technology solution stacks and custom-designs an architecture based on customer-specific needs and situation. This enables cost optimization and predictability during implementation and ongoing operation.

  • Charting a Course for Today's New Normal

    HPE Moonshot is a converged bladed system ideal for delivering secure desktops and virtual apps to the financial services industry and beyond. HPE Moonshot lowers IT costs through its unparalleled combination of high performance.

  • Boost your remote productivity

    The current health crisis has resulted in a global slowdown, affecting small- and mid-sized businesses (SMB) more acutely. Many SMBs have embraced remote work and virtual collaboration to weather the storm. But supporting remote work can present unforeseen challenges.

  • Enable Work-from-Home Productivity with HPE Small Business Solutions for Remote Workers

    HPE Small Business Solutions for Remote Workers are ready-to-go solution packages that include the hardware, software, services, and top-selling HPE ProLiant options you need to succeed with VDI.

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