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  • Trend Micro Vulnerability Protection Overview

    This document outlines the process behind IDS/IPS rule creation and answers common questions about vulnerability coverage and security controls across Trend Micro’s various offerings. Read on to learn more about rule creation, quality assurance testing, hybrid cloud workload security, and more.

  • The Hacker Infrastructure and Underground Hosting

    How are criminals able to host service and infrastructure on the internet without a takedown or an arrest? What makes them hard to track down? Read this research paper to learn how criminal forums have evolved to adapt to the demands of the underground market and the ways they have enabled easier access to underground hosting.

  • Worldwide Hybrid Cloud Workload Security Market Shares

    This IDC study presents the worldwide hybrid cloud workload security market shares for 2019 (updated in June 2020.) Download the report to uncover the leaders and those who own the rest of the market.

  • Apex One solution brief

    The modern organization consists of distributed endpoints and mobile devices – as such, these new environments require threat detection capabilities that go beyond the scope of traditional threat management. Read this solution brief to learn more about Trend Micro’s Apex One, a modern endpoint threat detection & management offering.

  • Apex One Datasheet

    The scales have almost fully tipped toward remote work. This means that endpoints need to be more secure than ever before. Malware and ransomware are rampant, and without state-of-the-art vulnerability defense and even features such as encryption, you could be at a major risk. Take a look at this data sheet to discover modern endpoint security.

  • Securing the Pandemic-Disrupted Workplace

    COVID-19 has granted threat actors the permission to get their hands as dirty as possible. A spike in remote work has given them a larger attack surface than ever, and although the number of new cases is decreasing, these attacks show no signs of going away. To get the numbers behind the danger, jump into this in-depth report.

  • Cloud Migration: Achieve More Together with Four Security Considerations

    Take a look at this white paper to find four security considerations that will help keep you prepared and empowered to properly secure your cloud migration and future cloud projects – without slowing down the process.

  • Four Ways to Get Cloud-Native Smart and Secure

    Check out this white paper to learn about a security services platform for organizations developing apps in the cloud, making cloud-native application security simple.

  • Cloud Operational Excellence Guardrails to Avoid Cloud Misconfigurations

    Check out this guide to learn about a solution for cloud operational excellence, and how it can provide continuous security, compliance, and governance for your cloud workloads.

  • Shifts in Underground Markets: Past, Present, and Future

    This research paper presents a wide-ranging view of dark web marketplaces and underground cybercriminal forums. It delves into notable trends and market movements within these selling environments. Read on to uncover predictions on the goods and services Trend Micro expects to be on the rise in the next three years.

  • Innovation Insight for Extended Detection and Response

    Access this white paper for an overview of XDR and weigh its pros and cons to decide whether it could be an effective solution for your organization.

  • Hybrid Cloud Security & Cloud One Overview

    Cloud security needs to be simplified in order to be effective. In this video, learn all about Trend Micro Cloud One and how it can automatically secure all of your different environments within one streamlined platform.

  • MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations — APT29

    In addition to their framework enabling organizations to learn about common cyberattacks, MITRE ATT&CK also offers an evaluation service in which they assess an organization’s security posture against simulated versions of known attacks. Download this white paper for an in-depth look at Trend Micro’s evaluation results.

  • Build in the Cloud with Confidence

    Download this brief to learn how Trend Micro can help you map to the AWS Well-Architected Framework so you can build viable cloud architectures and meet ongoing compliance requirements, keeping your environment secure and scalable.

  • The Secure DevOps Imperative

    In this webinar, join experts from ESG and Trend Micro as they discuss, the composition of cloud-native applications, the challenges that come with securing cloud-native environments and Secure DevOps best practices.

  • Trend Micro Cloud One: Cloud Native Application Security

    In this Trend Micro cloud One webinar, join Kyle Klassen, Product Manager of Cloud Native Application Security solutions and Mike Milner Director of Application security as they discuss the Cloud Native Applications framework.

  • Principles to Make your Cloud Migration Journey Secure

    View this webinar to gain the tools to smooth out your transition to the cloud.Hear from Trend Micro’s Principal Engineer and Cloud Advisor, Jason Dablow, about the art of migrating applications to the cloud—utilizing the scalability and agility of these hyper-dynamic environments.

  • Threats Using Coronavirus as a Lure

    As the coronavirus continues to spread, so too does the wave of cyberattacks and campaigns that leverage the pandemic as their entry point. In this webinar, join Jon Clay, Director of Global Threat Communications at Trend Micro, as he highlights current threat trends and common tactics being used by hackers.

  • Cloud Misconfiguration Causes Breaches – How to Avoid It

    The common security challenges faced in the cloud stem from misconfiguration, compliance, and an exploding set of cloud infrastructure services. How do you avoid these challenges? View this webinar from Trend Micro to find out.

  • FilelessThreats 101

    This infographic provides a high-level overview of fileless threats: What they are, how they operate, where the vulnerabilities lie and how to protect against them. Read on to equip yourself with the knowledge to identify and prevent fileless attacks.

  • Trend Micro: Cloud One Conformity

    In this product overview, learn about the key capabilities and benefits of Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity and how it can help you manage misconfigurations of cloud resources (security posture) in a multi-cloud environment.

  • Untangling the Web of Cloud Security Threats

    Understanding how security is a shared responsibility is critical. Download this white paper for examples of threats and risks that organizations can face if they make mistakes in configuring cloud services, and how they could address potential security issues as part of the shared-responsibility model.

  • XDR For Users

    Given that 94% of malware incidents come from email, combining email with endpoint detection and response is a powerful capability. Learn about the key capabilities and benefits of Trend Micro XDR for Users, a complete SaaS offering that includes protection, detection, and response across endpoints and email.

  • Smart Protection Complete

    In this brief, learn about Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete, powered by XGen security, a connected suite of security capabilities that protects your users no matter where they go or what they do.

  • COVID-19 Related Data Security Threats

    The global health crisis is dangerous enough as it is which makes the added concern of cyber threats almost overwhelming. Access this resource from Trend Micro to learn what they have observed from studying this type of attack in order to explain how to effectively fight back against them.

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