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  • How to improve operational system security

    Complying with Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security standards requires effective endpoint security solutions to be installed across production machines; but, manufacturer warranties and patching challenges often get in the way. Access this whitepaper to learn how to protect systems from malware without having to install software.

  • Effectively secure production environments

    You need a security solution that is specifically designed for OT environments, but also utilizes leading technologies from IT security. With this white paper, learn how you can gain a security system that can understand special OT protocols and cope with harsh environmental conditions without disrupting production.

  • How to improve threat detection and response in hospitals

    Access this use case guide to learn more about the cybersecurity struggles of healthcare security managers, how to improve threat detection and response in hospitals, and they key advantages and capabilities of Trend Micro’s Vision One offering.

  • Why you need holistic protection of cloud applications

    Does this sound familiar? As an insurance company, you want to offer your customers the best possible service. That means providing secure new digital applications as soon as possible, because who wants to be left behind by competitors? With this white paper, find out how you can ensure compliance from DevOps development to deployment.


    Learn about Trend Micro XDR for Users, a complete SaaS offering that includes protection, detection, and response across emails and endpoints.

  • Turning Knowledge into Power

    Organizations are working to defend against the volume of evolving cyberthreats plaguing them every day. One critical way to do so is through reading in-depth research that provides access to the methods and means of cybercriminals. Dive into this e-book learn about the 8 critical areas of cybersecurity and threat research.


    Today’s attacks are dangerous – monetizing intellectual property, encrypting essential data for ransom or damaging the flow of information in the case of nation state attacks. Managed extended detection and response (XDR) can provide 24/7 protection from these attacks. View this Trend Micro data sheet to see the full security layer.

  • Trend MIcro Vision One Overview

    In this short video, take a closer look at the key features and capabilities of the Trend Micro Vision One threat defense platform, which aims to enhance risk visibility and response times by combining XDR capabilities with security analytics and linking threat response efforts to an existing SIEM or SOAR – watch now to learn more.

  • The Custom Defense - Your Answer to APTs

    Explore an innovative new technology available to help your organization combat potentially disastrous advanced persistent threats (APTs).

  • The Trouble Heading for Your Business 2013

    This resource details the current state of targeted attacks and explores why putting an effective defensive strategy in place is so critical. View now to uncover the effects of these potentially disastrous attacks and what you can do to stay protected.

  • Security in the Age of Mobility

    This resource will give you a comprehensive look at the threats that mobile users and mobile organizations face today. Learn more about data breaches, social media threats, and more.

  • Agentless Security for Vmware Virtual Data Centers and Cloud

    This resource will help you understand how applying traditional architectures to virtual environments can hurt your organization's productivity and security posture, and what you need to do in order to secure your virtual environment effectively. Read on to learn more.

  • Go Daddy Sets a New Standard for SecureOnline Experiences

    As a top web hosting company, Go Daddy has a big responsibility to its more than 9 million customers to provide comprehensive data security from today's threats. Read on to find out how Go Daddy was able to improve protection and ensure fast, flexible response to ever-changing threats with low total cost of ownership.

  • Total Cloud Protection

    The world of computing is moving to the cloud —shared infrastructure, shared systems, instant provisioning, and pay-as-you-go services. This whitepaper examines security concerns along the cloud journey to assess and prioritise security efforts.  

  • Securing Virtualised DataCentres

    Access this e-book to gain insight on securing a virtualised environment. Discover how to tackle virtualisation security issues and set the foundation to move confidently to the cloud.

  • IDC Technology Spotlight: Leveraging the Benefits of Cloud Computing with Specialized Security

    There is shift in threat landscape with the emergence of cloud; while offering significant benefits, cloud computing expands the playing field for cybercriminals and increase security demands, IDC Spotlight explores the technology of cloud based security

  • Comparative Analysis on Endpoint Security Solutions

    As the threat landscape continues to evolve, it is essential to have the latest security software to reduce the risk of potential attacks. View this paper for a comparative analysis of top Endpoint security technologies. Explore the key features and performance measures of each solution.

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