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  • Essential Actions for Protecting Business in the Digital Era: A Checklist

    Download this checklist for the essential actions you need to keep at the forefront of your digital transformation in order to effectively protect your business.

  • Your Cybersecurity Cheat Sheet for the C-Suite

    How can you convince and activate all members of the C-Suite to better tackle cyber threats? Inside this cheat sheet, you’ll find four steps to convince your C-Suite that cybersecurity deserves their attention. Learn how you can emphasize that cybersecurity is a shared challenge.

  • 5 Security Recommendations for CIOs Managing a Digital Transformation Program

    In order to establish an effective digital transformation program, organizations must maintain a balance of agility, cost reduction and innovation, with security as a supportive underline. Read this white paper to discover 5 ways CIOs can maintain security during a digital transformation.

  • What Boards Should Know About the Company’s Cybersecurity Strategy

    In order to stay ahead of today’s cyberthreats, security leadership is opting to include board members and non-security leaders in their strategic planning so they can achieve an organization-wide resiliency approach. Download this white paper to discover how to develop a collaborative strategy.

  • The Hard Truth About Winning Against Cyber Threats

    When developing security strategies, today’s organizations make the mistake of being overly reliant on specific tools and technologies rather than focusing on hygiene and culture. This white paper overviews key characteristics of a hygienic security approach, and highlights 5 focus areas for developing a security strategy.

  • Transforming Security Operations Into a Modern Cyber Battle Station

    Historically, SOCs have played the important role as the ‘command and control’ hub for an organization’s cybersecurity efforts. But, the reactive nature of traditional SOCs can’t keep pace with today’s advanced threats. View this webinar to learn what tools and technologies the ‘SOC of the Future’ must require to keep organizations safe today.

  • Detect and Stop Advanced Threats Faster to Reduce Security Risk

    In this Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) white paper, learn how leveraging solutions like SOAPA, machine learning, human analysis, and more can help your organization detect and stop advanced threats faster and reduce security risk.

  • What You Need to Know to Combat the Insider Threat

    In this white paper, you will learn to better understand the potential damage an insider threat can cause an organization and appropriate identification techniques to help you mitigate the risk they pose to an organization.

  • What Buyers Need to Know before Investing in Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

    This webinar helps to make sense of the noisy market of managed detection and response (MDR) solutions and share IDC’s unbiased views and data points. It also includes information on Secureworks’ MDR offering. View the webinar to learn about the trends shaping the dynamic MDR market today.

  • Threat Intelligence Executive Report

    The Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) research team analyzes security threats and helps organizations protect their systems. During late 2019, CTU researchers identified lessons learned and observed notable developments in threat behaviors, the global threat landscape, and security trends. Download their 2020 report to uncover their research.

  • Top 8 Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan Failures

    Listen to this webcast where Rob Lelewski, Senior Incident Response Consultant, will highlight and discuss the common organizational shortcomings observed by Secureworks, which hinder organizations’ abilities to respond to security incidents.

  • Breaking the Kill Chain

    Malicious actors responsible for threats have a toolbox of exploit techniques at their disposal. They often combine several intrusion tools and techniques to compromise and maintain access to their target. Download this white paper to look at the different stages of the Kill Chain and how to break it.

  • Lessons from the Field: How are Skilled Testers Infiltrating?

    In this webcast, hear from some of Secureworks’ most skilled testers, Nate Drier and Jared McLaren, as they talk about lessons learned from some of their most challenging engagements and the trends they are seeing with clients and their defense practices.

  • Secureworks Security Maturity Model

    The Secureworks Security Maturity Model is designed to help organizations evaluate and understand their current security maturity in order to develop strategies and target areas for improvement. Want to learn more? View this webcast today.

  • What to Look for in an MDR Provider

    There are plenty of security providers offering Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions, but it is important to ensure they offer capabilities that match your business's needs. In this white paper, learn 5 key areas organizations should investigate when evaluating and selecting an MDR provider.

  • How to Reach Cybersecurity Maturity in 5 Critical Steps

    Security is often stuck in a defensive and preventive state that leaves organizations unable to detect and respond appropriately to cyberattacks and incidents. In this white paper, find out how you can adjust your organizations security maturity level with just 5 key steps and change the state of your security.

  • The Path Ahead for Security Leaders

    Learn how to link your identity to business value rather than limiting it to security expertise. By doing so, the security leaders of today can earn a strategic role on the executive teams of tomorrow.

  • Your Guide to Threat Intelligence, AI & Incident Response

    Organizations must now go beyond automating reactive measures. Cybersecurity now requires infosec professionals to work toward proactive detection to preemptively avoid or thwart threats. In this e-guide, find everything you need to know about threat intelligence platforms, AI in cybersecurity, and incident response planning.

  • GDPR: The Race is on for Compliance

    Learn if your organization is ready to ensure its compliance to the GDPR and what you need to know to take it seriously.

  • Overcoming Security Breaches and Minimizing the Impact

    Uncover the top 10 things you should do to enhance the security of your enterprise and reduce the duration and impact of a security breach.

  • Five Critical Rules for Firewall Management

    This white paper will teach you five things to consider when managing your firewall, and will present you with real life examples of how these five things have helped other organisations improve their firewall management.

  • Presentation Transcript: Incident Response - Are you prepared?

    In this presentation transcript, Lee Lawson, Head of Response Service for Dell SecureWorks EMEA outlines a successful Incident Response approach and best practices for your organisation.

  • Presentation Transcript: Malware Reloaded - Mitigating the Next Evolution of Cyber Attacks

    View this presentation transcript to explore the evolution of the threat landscape, new behaviours that have been identified, a quantitative analysis of threat intelligence, and inferences, conclusions, and the road ahead.

  • Presentation Transcript: Helping to Reduce Compliance Costs for the UK Public Sector

    Dell SecureWorks has vast experience in helping customers achieve successful audits against compliance standards. In this presentation trancript, Lee Lawson, Head of Security Testing and Response services with Dell SecureWorks, offers advice on how to maximize your budget.

  • Presentation Transcript: The Cybercrime War; When Are We Going to Win?

    Why are information security issues so persistent? Why does it feel like we win small battles, yet the war keeps escalating? What does the next 20 years look like? Erik Petersen, Vice President of Security and Risk Consulting at Dell SecureWorks discuss micro and macro-economic theory to grapple with the core questions of “why.”

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