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  • Ransomware Detection and Response:Techniques, Tools & More

    A component of nearly 25% of all breaches, according to Verizon’s recent research, is ransomware. Therefore, upping your organization’s ransomware detection and response capabilities should be a major priority. In this E-Guide, discover tools and insights that can help you accomplish that goal.

  • 2023 State of The Threat

    To understand eight major trends in cybersecurity in 2023, and to discover which threats your business should be on the lookout for, explore this 75-page research report by Secureworks.

  • Secureworks Taegis Platform

    Tap into this overview to learn about four key benefits that leveraging a cloud-native security platform can deliver for your business.

  • Utility Infrastructure Company Saves Costs and Strengthens Security with Secureworks MDR

    This utility infrastructure company had continued to evolve their existing security system but was unable to achieve the continuous visibility they required. By implementing SecureWorks Taegis, they established greater visibility across their networks, and hunted down threats, all while saving $500 thousand. Read on to learn more.

  • Secureworks MDR for Microsoft® From Microsoft E5 to Full-service SOC

    Download this overview to learn about twelve benefits that an MDR service can afford Microsoft customers.

  • Managed Detection and Response Buyer’s Guide

    By 2025, 60% of businesses will leverage threat disruption and containment capabilities that are delivered by an MDR provider, according to Gartner. So, what should organizations know as they evaluate the MDR market? Unlock insights in this guide.

  • Threat Intelligence Executive Report

    To understand three changes in the global threat landscape, review the “Threat Intelligence Executive Report,” developed by Secureworks’ Counter Threat Unit (CTU) research team.

  • Cybersecurity is important for all companies. But when you serve and share data with airlines, it’s imperative.

    Businesses that grow through acquisition face a unique set of challenges. But as a respected partner of the biggest names in the airline industry, this manufacturing company couldn’t afford to let these challenges affect their increased need for cybersecurity. Download this case study to learn how SecureWorks helped overcome these hurdles.

  • Why More Manufacturers Are Turning to MDR

    23.2% of all cyberattacks target the manufacturing industry, making it the most-targeted industry, according to Gartner. Because of this, many manufacturers have turned to MDR in order to boost their security defenses. Check out this white paper to learn about five capabilities that manufacturers should ensure their MDR solution can provide.

  • Secureworks Taegis ManagedXDR for OT

    Along with outlining four reasons why they need to enhance their IT and OT cybersecurity, this overview explores how leveraging MDR can help organizations accomplish that mission. Keep reading to discover the eight key capabilities of one MDR solution.

  • Managed Detection and Response: The Right Answer for Today’s Security Challenges

    Staffing shortages, tightening budgets, heightening risks – these are but three of the many challenges that today’s security teams are encountering. Read this white paper to learn how leveraging a best-in-class managed detection and response (MDR) solution can help teams deliver effective security in these challenging times.


    To unlock a thorough comparison of XDR and SIEM, take a look through this leader’s guide.


    Manufacturers face three unique cybersecurity challenges, one of which being to maintain 24/7 production, making the process of updating legacy IT systems extremely difficult and costly. In this e-book, learn about the other challenges and unlock seven actions for improving industrial cybersecurity.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Secureworks Taegis VDR

    With cyberattacks at an all-time high, vulnerability management is crucial to effective security measures. In this Total Economic Impact Report of Secureworks Taegis VDR, Forrester Analysts break down the benefits organizations have realized to give you a better understanding of the economic value you can expect. Read on to learn more.

  • SOC Modernization and the Role of XDR

    This ESG study focuses on the people, processes and technology supporting the modernization of SOC, including:The current perception and role of XDR as a component of security operations modernization effortsThe amount of data security professionals want access toThe results of SecOps automation investmentsAccess the ESG study.

  • Threat Intelligence Executive Report

    In today’s everchanging cyber landscape, threats cloud your organization’s path to strengthened security. To make your journey clearer, Secureworks evaluated the threat landscape and compiled their findings in this report. Continue on to learn about 3 pressing threats that your business should look out for.

  • XDR vs. SIEM: A Cybersecurity Leader’s Guide

    More and more businesses have adopted Extended Detection and Response (XDR) services to strengthen their security operations in the expanding cyberattack landscape. But what makes an XDR service different than a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool? Browse this white paper for a comparison of the services.

  • What Security Teams Want from MDR Providers

    As businesses continue to be challenged by the cybersecurity skills shortage, many are turning to managed detection and response (MDR) services for help. In this ESG report, MDR trends and use cases are explored. Read now to unlock 6 key findings, including the 3 notable factors that drive initial MDR engagement.

  • The Long Road Ahead to Ransomware Preparedness

    According to ESG, 79% of organizations have suffered a ransomware attack over the last year. This ESG report analyzes ransomware, leveraging relevant statistics to provide you with strategies for developing ransomware preparedness.Read the full report and prepare your defense against ransomware today.

  • Secureworks Threat Intelligence Executive Report

    The SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit research team analyzes security threats to help organizations protect their systems. Read their Threat Intelligence Executive Report to see notable developments in threat behaviors observed during September and October 2021 as well as lessons to consider.

  • Your Guide to Threat Intelligence, AI & Incident Response

    Organizations must now go beyond automating reactive measures. Cybersecurity now requires infosec professionals to work toward proactive detection to preemptively avoid or thwart threats. In this e-guide, find everything you need to know about threat intelligence platforms, AI in cybersecurity, and incident response planning.

  • GDPR: The Race is on for Compliance

    Learn if your organization is ready to ensure its compliance to the GDPR and what you need to know to take it seriously.

  • 10 Tips to Help You Minimize the Duration and Impact of a Security Breach

    Uncover the top 10 things you should do to enhance the security of your enterprise and reduce the duration and impact of a security breach.

  • Five Critical Rules for Firewall Management

    This white paper will teach you five things to consider when managing your firewall, and will present you with real life examples of how these five things have helped other organisations improve their firewall management.

  • Presentation Transcript: Incident Response - Are you prepared?

    In this presentation transcript, Lee Lawson, Head of Response Service for Dell SecureWorks EMEA outlines a successful Incident Response approach and best practices for your organisation.

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