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  • Leading Innovation In Banking By Securing Users & Files

    For Nedbank, one of the four largest banking groups in South Africa, security was becoming a burden. Layering legacy and mainframe solutions over recent digital technology was becoming laborious, and providing access to users was complex and too demanding on IT. See this case study to learn how modern identity governance saved the day.

  • Address The Changing Threat Landscape With Identity Security

    A massive 94% of organizations have had an identity-related breach – yet almost every incident could have been prevented with better identity security measures in place. Read this infographic for additional insight into the threat landscape and the growing importance of identity security.

  • Be Secure. Be Compliant. Why Access Management Alone Is Not Enough

    Quick authentication places organizations at risk – risk that can only be addressed by identity security that puts proper controls in place and continuously monitors for ‘red flags’ when authenticating. View this e-book to learn how identity security reduces risk by eliminating access management blind spots and maintaining compliance.

  • Increase Productivity And Security With Sailpoint For Microsoft Teams

    Secure collaboration is top of mind for organizations that have adopted or plan to adopt Microsoft Teams. To enhance identity security within Teams, SailPoint has created a Teams integration that allows employees to access corporate resources from directly within the app. View this data sheet to get a closer look.

  • Seeing Identity as the New Firewall

    If the entry method of choice for malicious actors is the users that connect all your organizational resources, protecting those identities must be your security. Think of your workers as the new perimeter and identity as your new firewall. Learn how to stay protected inside this solution brief.

  • Identity in a Zero Trust World

    Identity management is pivotal in an organization’s ability to prevent threats and protecting critical data – but how, and where, does Zero Trust fit into today’s identity management strategies? This e-book answers this question, and more – read on to get started.

  • Balancing Zero Trust with a Strong AI-driven Identity Strategy

    Traditional security methods are unable to handle the high volume (or the devastating consequences) of today’s breaches. Read this e-book to learn about building an AI-driven identity strategy to address these challenges, and discover how Zero Trust fits into the equation.

  • Why The Time Is Right To Take A Zero Trust Approach To Security

    CISO’s have been floating around the idea of adopting a Zero Trust approach to security for years – but why is now the best time to embrace the benefits of Zero Trust? This e-book provides a comprehensive answer, as well as additional information about Zero Trust security models – read on to get started.

  • Enabling & Securing Digital Identities

    SailPoint Identity governance enables and secures todays digital identities. Their open identity platform helps organizations manage the link between users and applications during their digital transformation. View this video to learn more.

  • Predictive Identity: A Key Enabler for a Successful Merger or Acquisition

    This e-book details how a predictive identity solution can be used by organizations to effectively manage user access to applications, data, and cloud infrastructures in a compliant and secure manner before, during and after a merger or acquisition.

  • Protecting Intellectual Property with Data Access Governance

    In order to protect your organization’s sensitive intellectual property (IP), it’s paramount to know who has access to it, and what those users are doing with that access. Download this solution brief for more on protecting your IP and discover how SailPoint’s identity governance and data access management offerings may be able to help.

  • The Future of Security and Compliance Starts Here

    The same capabilities that enable improvements during a digital transformation can also lead to significant risk, if not properly addressed. In this solution overview, take a closer look at SailPoint Predictive Identity, which leverages the power of AI and machine learning to simplify IAM and enable you with advanced governance capabilities.

  • Intelligent Cloud Identity Platform

    To address the cybersecurity challenges that result from a undergoing a digital transformation, organizations are implementing intelligent identity and access management practices. This solution brief provides an in-depth look at the key features and capabilities of SailPoint’s IdentityIQ platform, read on to see the benefits.

  • SailPoint Predictive Identity™: AI-driven Identity for Today’s Modern Enterprise

    The benefits of a digital transformation can create access complications, which can often lead to potential security risks. In this technology brief, discover how SailPoint harnesses the power of AI and machine learning in their Predictive Identity platform to help organizations ensure security, compliance and access management.

  • SailPoint Identity is Security

    If you can’t see who has access, know what your users are doing, automatically modify or terminate access, or flag suspicious activity, your organization’s security had identity-shaped holes it. In this short video, learn how to secure your organization SailPoint Identity.

  • Certification Creation

    Provisioning and revoking access to critical systems and data is essential to any effective identity and access governance program. This informational video provides an insider look at SailPoint’s Identity Now hub, designed to help access provisioners assign and view which users have access to which systems.

  • Identity Governance for Workday

    In this short video, discover how SailPoint can help organizations integrate identity governance into their cloud-based HR solutions, like Workday, enabling them the ability to eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks related to access provisioning and ensure each user has appropriate access to the right data and apps.

  • Certification Completion

    In this latest installment of SailPoint’s short, informational videos highlighting the various capabilities of their Identity Now hub – take a closer look at how the platform improves upon traditional employee access review and certification processes. Watch now for the 3-minute demo.

  • Access Requests

    In this brief, 2-minute informational video, enjoy an overview of SailPoint’s Identity Now dashboard, an identity and access management hub designed to enable quick and easy access controls of for employees. Watch now for a quick look at the key features and how it works.

  • Sailpoint Final

    When a company has over 10,000 employees, over 100 applications, and different privileges within those applications, there’s a lot to protect. That’s why SailPoint simplifies identity management for enterprises with automation. View this short video to learn more.

  • Identity Governance for File Shares

    Learn how IdentityIQ File Access Manager can help you securely manage access to your sensitive data and files in the cloud and on-premises.

  • Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration

    Like most security tools, identity governance and administration (IGA) is under pressure to provide cloud-based services to meet customer need. In this Magic Quadrant report, Gartner evaluates key IGA offerings in today’s market to help you determine the right vendor for your needs. Read on to unlock the full report.

  • Finds Cost- and Time-Savings with IdentityNow

    Banking is built upon the transactions it performs daily, and Orrstown Bank needed a solution that could be quickly deployed while also protecting the data and integrity of its transactions. In this case study, learn how Orrstown Bank was able to meet these needs by deploying SailPoint IdentityNow.

  • 5 Myths About Identity Governance

    Some may believe identity is just about governing access to certain applications or systems, but identity is more than access. In this white paper, discover 5 myths about identity governance.

  • Intelligent Cloud Identity Platform

    Digital transformation enables organizations to improve their agility and growth, allowing for increased productivity. However, this change also bring increasingly distributed workforces, which exposes an organization to potential risk. So, what can IT security leaders do to meet this risk? Download this white paper to find out.

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