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  • SailPoint Technologies Video

    Watch this brief video to discover the key principles of zero trust and learn how identity security is a critical part of a zero-trust security strategy.

  • Why Zero Trust Is Critical For Operations Anywhere

    If adequate steps aren’t taken to ensure you’re protected against cyber threats, the cost could be detrimental to your business. Access this infographic to find out why identity is an integral piece for your zero-trust implementation.

  • Identity Security: An Essential Piece Of Your Zero Trust Strategy

    Safeguarding your data is now more challenging than ever before. This e-book, Identity Security: An Essential Piece of Your Zero Trust Strategy, looks at the evolution of zero trust as a response to modernising cybersecurity. Read on to learn more.

  • Identity Is The Zero Trust Keystone

    According to a Dimensional Research survey of 315 security and IT professionals, 50% of respondents said their identity access controls strategy relies on manual processes. Access this report to learn Why organizations are turning to a zero-trust model to secure remote access.

  • Intelligent Identity and Access Management

    Identity and access management (IAM) has always been an essential component of any security concept – especially when it comes to securing a remote/hybrid workforce. This white paper highlights the potential benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) can have on modern IAM efforts – read on to get started.

  • Identity is the Zero Trust Keystone

    Professionals interested in zero trust: Read this research report focused on capturing a real-world view of zero trust adoption. The report covers which solutions have typically been deployed, current levels of success, benefits received, top challenges encountered and why identity is key to zero trust success.

  • Enabling and Securing Digital Identities

    SailPoint's open identity platform helps enterprises see everything, govern everything and empower everyone. Download this video to learn how SailPoint's identity platform helps enterprises enable their workforce by securing digital identities.

  • Step Into the Future of Identity with Automation

    If you think identity is just access management, think again. Tap into this solution brief to learn how SailPoint Predictive Identity, with the power of AI and machine learning, can enable organizations to see identity in a whole new light.

  • Extending Identity Governance to Highly Privileged Accounts

    80% of security breaches involve privileged credentials, according to Forrester. By integrating privileged access and identity governance solutions, organizations can holistically manage access to privileged and non-privileged accounts. Read on to discover how integrating identity governance and privileged access works.

  • Mitigate Risk with Identity-aware Access Management

    In this solution brief, learn how SailPoint can help you to leverage identity governance with your access management solution to institute an identity-aware solution. Read on to discover all potential benefits, learn how the integration works and more.

  • Enterprise Identity Governance for Microsoft Azure

    As digital transformation and cloud migration continue to reshape today’s modern enterprise, it is more vital than ever that organizations focus on securing their data and users, no matter where they reside. Read this solution brief to learn how SailPoint is helping organizations boost their identity governance capabilities.

  • Identity Security at LogMeIn

    A lot of the security issues that organizations face can be linked to human error such as abuse of systems or access credentials that have been compromised. In this video, learn how the partnership of LogMeIn and SailPoint Technologies protects your enterprise with a centralized identity governance platform. Watch now to get started.

  • Going Beyond Access Management with Identity Governance

    Security continues to be a high priority for today’s security leaders, with 86% of CIOs expecting a spending increase – allowing them to refine and improve their identity and access management (IAM) practices. Read this solution brief to learn how to go beyond traditional IAM with identity governance.

  • Mitigate Risk and Improve Security with a People-Centric Approach

    More than 90% of today’s cyber threats start with email, according to a recent Verizon DBIR, but knowing who is most likely to be targeted by them – and keeping those people secure – is not always easy. Download this white paper to learn how to block threats before they reach your inbox and other potential benefits.

  • Addressing CJIS with Identity Governance

    As your organization continues modernization, it entails more applications and data, extending the perimeter and different types of users all accessing enterprise resources. Download this e-book to learn how to provide efficient and secure access to all applications and data on-premises and in the cloud while ensuring compliance and security.

  • Sailpoint Cloud Governance Webcast

    78% of enterprises now run a multi-cloud strategy, but without proper visibility into who has access to what, governing these clouds can be a struggle. Watch this short video to discover how SailPoint’s Cloud Governance strives to govern access to apps, data and privileged accounts across your multi-cloud environment.

  • Securing Your Data Stored in OneDrive with SailPoint Demo

    Securing and governing access to data stored in the cloud can be a significant challenge for today’s IT and security teams. Watch this short video to learn about how SailPoint is helping organizations address data security and access governance challenges in OneDrive.

  • Publishing Identity Governance for Workday Video to Email

    Many organizations still face the challenge on-boarding, provisioning and de-provisioning access workers in their organization. In this video, you will learn how integrating SailPoint cloud identity governance with your Workday implementation is designed to offer key capabilities and efficiencies. Watch now to get started.

  • SailPoint Remote Workers Video

    Are you prepared to pivot in a rapidly changing work landscape? If so, your identity team must be able to give immediate responses to access needs while also ensuring it doesn’t introduce risk or liability. Watch this two-minute video to learn about an identity governance leader that aims to provide these important benefits and more.

  • SaaS Management Explained - Video

    Accelerated digital transformation and the widespread shift to remote work has fueled a massive growth in SaaS adoption and shadow IT. This reactive approach has left companies with overprovisioned accounts and unknown access risks. Watch this video to learn how to secure access with a SaaS management solution that reduces exposure and risk.

  • SailPoint Data Privacy Video

    Data theft and breaches are on the rise, prompting the introduction of global data privacy regulations to protect consumer, health, financial and other sensitive information. In this video, you will learn how SailPoint Predictive Identity uses the power of AI and machine learning to prove 4 key capabilities. Watch the video to get started.

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