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  • Solution Overview: StorageCraft OneXafe

    To conquer any potential data protection complexities in your organization, we're sending this video, which illustrates the features of OneXafe, a highly scalable and configurable converged data platform that keeps data safe and accessible as you grow.

  • StorageCraft Solutions At-a-Glance

    View the following resource for a complete overview of StorageCraft's OneXafe, ShadowXafe, Disaster Recovery, and Cloud Backup services, with the key features of each and the technical specifications of OneXafe's converged data protection models.

  • ShadowXafe: Powerful Data Protection Made Simple

    This datasheet covers the architecture, features, and benefits of StorageCraft ShadowXafe, which establishes SLA-driven data protection for complete physical and virtual system recovery. Its unified lifecycle dashboard includes policy-based administration, VMware integration, and optional DRaaS for one-click failover.

  • ShadowXafe: StorageCraft Next-Generation Data Protection

    Tune into this webinar to hear Cody Carpenter, Product Manager at StorageCraft, introduce and demo their newest ShadowXafe solution, which provides unified, SLA-oriented data protection for on-premises and cloud fail-safe recovery. Some of the demoed features include instant VM backup, choice of replication site, and more.

  • Business Continuity at What Cost?

    Attend this session with Sean Derrington, Sr. Director of Product Management at StorageCraft, to find out how to integrate SLA-oriented converged data protection and on-prem and cloud fail-safe recovery for comprehensive and cost-effective BC.

  • Product Overview: StorageCraft OneXafe

    Download this product overview for the highlights, features, and configurations of a converged data platform that removes the need for siloed point solutions and minimizes costs incurred from standalone hardware and software offerings.

  • Deeply Integrated Data Protection, Scale-out Storage, and Cloud-based Recovery

    The complexity created by multivendor environments that consist of multiple backup point products often result in an incomplete view of the data protection workflow. For businesses looking to protect their data in heterogeneous environments, read on for a converged data protection platform that combats these challenges.

  • Make Next-Gen Storage your Secret Weapon in Unstructured Data Protection

    In this white paper, learn how you can use scale-out storage based in a combination of on-prem hardware, and the public cloud to grant you continuous data protection, inline-deduplication, and more to help you better secure your unstructured data.

  • How Better Backups Tackle Today's Ransomware Challenges

    Read this white paper to learn how to guard your organization from data loss and ransom payments by improving your backup and data protection policies. You'll explore how ransomware operates, as well as why a combination of cloud data protection and an isolated Backup Area Network is the smart way to ensure your information is recoverable, and more

  • Best Practices for Securing Backups and Mitigating Ransomware Attacks

    Click inside to learn how you can optimize your backup strategy, and take steps to protect your data from the ransomware threats that are on the rise. Find out how a variety of strategies, from isolation backup repositories to combining cloud and offsite replication can keep your information safe.

  • Exablox Technology Summary

    Read this white paper to learn about the backup and data protection offered by the Exablox system, which combines on-premises scale-out NAS storage with an integrated, enterprise-grade cloud based service

  • 7 Strategies for Better SCADA Data Protection

    Click inside to learn some reasons SCADA servers fail, as well as 7 steps you can take to enable regular, hardware-independent cloud backups to prevent downtime.

  • Backing Up the Cloud: A Full Cloud Data Protection Guide

    In this white paper, learn about the importance of cloud data protection, some of the top ways data is lost in SaaS platforms, backup options for cloud applications, and more. Then, explore what some major cloud providers are offering in the way of backup and data protection.

  • Benefits of a Virtual Data Protection Strategy for Today's IT-Driven Businesses

    Read this resource to explore the benefits of switching from these outdated host-based services, and adopting guest-based virtual backup technology. Then debunk the myth of "agentless recovery", and more.

  • OneBlox Technology Intro

    Watch this webcast to learn about a company that integrates a robust scale out enterprise file system over object-based storage to give you the best of both NAS and object storage in an easy to manage and affordable platform.

  • Backups and Data Protection for Accounting Firms

    Read this white paper to learn how accounting firms are using backup and data protection processes to keep their data safe and their clients happy, and how you can put these same practices to work in your own organization.

  • OneBlox 5210: Product Overview

    Click Inside to learn about an enterprise file storage system that's tightly integrated with a scale-out object storage that enables virtual machines to utilize scale-out NFS data stores and SMB shares.

  • How Healthcare Providers Keep Critical Information Safe

    In this white paper, learn why it is so critical for any data-drive organization to be ready to protect their data, regardless of it residing on-prem or in the cloud. Then, learn some tips from the healthcare industry on how you can make this level of protection possible.

  • Backups and Data Protection for Providers

    In this report, learn why frequent and timely cloud backups are so important to insurance providers, as well as some tips on optimizing data loss prevention and disaster recovery for any data-driven business.

  • Virtualization Solution Brief

    In this solution brief, learn about the OneBlox family of all-flash and scale-out NAS storage, designed to handle your virtual workloads no matter the size or scope.

  • 5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Back Up Office 365

    Despite a perfect deployment of Office 365, there still may be one element you're still missing: Data protection. Read this white paper to learn the 5 reasons why you need to be backing up your Office 365 environment

  • Unalaska City School District Case Study

    In this case study, learn how the Unalaska City School District was able to simplify their IT storage and recovery thanks to their new cloud-based architecture.

  • Digital Asset Management Solution Brief

    This resource outlines a Network Attached Storage infrastructure coupled with a cloud data management service designed to solve these problems by providing both scalability and ease of management.

  • Recovering from Ransomware Solutions Brief

    Click inside to learn about a program that could give you highly recoverable data to protect you from ransomware attacks by taking immutable snapshots every 10 seconds, individual file recovery, and more.

  • Data is the Lifeline for Your Business: Guard it Fiercely

    Click inside to learn about the key features and capabilities of StorageCraft ShadowProtect SPX, the next generation of cloud-based DR and data protection/

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