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  • Oracle Data and Analytics Platform

    Despite the explosion in big data technology over the last few years, very few of these developments have made life easier for IT departments. But innovative vendors are beginning to catch up. Read on to learn how Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse interfaces with your big data and BI suite to make your life easier and to transform your analytics.

  • The Business Advantages of Cloud Adjacent Oracle Databases on Exadata

    Not all public cloud options will necessarily interface well with other parts of your database infrastructure. Read on to learn how Oracle’s Exadata is built to streamline this integration, and how it interfaces with a variety of other systems to ensure all run smoothly.

  • 2020 Cloud Strategy: Oracle JD Edwards Cloud Infrastructure

    In this webinar, Oracle experts guide JD Edwards users through the cloud migration process to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, from choosing a deployment option to leveraging automation and delivering better business outcomes. Watch the webinar here to learn more.

  • Move and Improve E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): Strategy and Updates

    Organizations can “move and improve” by migrating Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In this webinar, learn about the migration process and its benefits, with an insightful overview of deployment options, lifecycle management, licensing, and more. Watch the webinar now to get started.

  • 2020 Cloud Strategy: Oracle PeopleSoft Cloud Infrastructure

    What sets Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) apart from other cloud vendors? For one, OCI integrates with PeopleSoft to reduce your monthly cloud bill – whether that means exiting your data center, consolidating services, or only paying for what you use. Learn more about Oracle’s 2020 cloud strategy with Peoplesoft in this webinar.

  • Oracle’s Top 10 Cloud Predictions

    First-generation IaaS and PaaS clouds are out of date. Newer generation of the cloud center around AI, blockchain, IoT, real-time analytics, and other technologies that meet the present demands for scale, efficiency, and security. Read Oracle’s top 10 cloud predictions for 2020 in this guide.

  • Oracle Exadata Maximizes On-Premises to Cloud Identicality

    Running your company’s database with maximum efficiency is likely a top priority for you. In order for that to happen, you have to build the right system around your databases—and why not use Oracle Exadata for your Oracle databases, too? Gain access to this analyst evaluation of Oracle Exadata and learn the pros and cons of this database platform.

  • Constellation Research: Oracle Exadata X8 Turns 10

    From addressing 5 common computing platform buyer challenges to understanding 6 trends to key in on, this resource is both a crash course on where Oracle Exadata has been and a road map to where it’s going. Jump into this resource to start your journey through the progress of Oracle’s Exadata.

  • Best Practices for Disaster Recovery in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Access this e-book to explore disaster deployment scenarios, proven strategies, and best practices for how to design and implement your DR plan with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

  • The Changing Role of the DBA: Machine Learning for DBAs

    In this webcast, Charlie Berger, Sr. Director of Product Management at Oracle, investigates the changing role of the DBA. Tune in to hear him present 6 steps with which you can evolve from database developer to data scientist and confront common machine learning obstacles and how to overcome them.

  • Calculate your savings with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    When evaluating cloud processes, it’s hard to ignore that nagging feeling that you could be doing more for less. Cloud costs and pricing get complicated fast. Oracle’s cloud cost calculator helps you evaluate your cloud spending with four straightforward questions. Take the two minutes and start the assessment now.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    A substantial number of enterprise applications remain in on-premise data centers. Despite cloud adoption trends, many enterprises are still skeptical of the cloud’s ability to host high-end, mission-critical applications. Learn how Oracle delivers an enterprise-grade public cloud in this guide.

  • Analyst View: Self-Managing Database as a Cloud Service

    Database management is challenging for a variety of reasons, and at the same time database administrators are often saddled with IT requests that they simply won’t have the time to get through. Check out this resource to learn how Oracle’s Autonomous Database can help solve some of these management issues and increase efficiency.

  • Oracle Analytics

    Business intelligence has been important for many companies who want to truly understand their data and use it to create real insight. Now, BI is moving past even this advanced idea and transitioning to larger predictive analytics, machine learning, data management suites. Read on to learn how Oracle offers quality, comprehensive BI solution.

  • Analytics for All Your Data

    In today’s data-driven world, companies need to collect, store, and interpret all their data to stay competitive. Unfortunately, a business following all of these steps often ends up spending more time and money setting up their infrastructure than they do using it. Read on to see how with Oracle Analytics, you can overcome these challenges.

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse

    Instead of manually working with multiple spreadsheets with data from various apps, autonomous data warehouses empower you with visual dashboards that integrate data from multiple sources. Explore this virtual environment which is broken down by industry to realize how an autonomous data warehouse could benefit your organization.

  • Advanced Analytics

    True innovators don’t just settle for collecting data and reacting to it—they look for new ways to pioneer data usage and create new insights. But in order to disrupt the market with data, you need a business analytics setup that can keep up. Read this white paper to learn how Oracle Analytics offers easy access to advanced analytics.

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse On-Demand Labs

    Open this resource to gain access to 10 Autonomous Data Warehouse self-guided labs from Oracle which cover everything from getting started and provisioning to creating visualizations and using data integration tools.

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse: The Key to Your Data Kingdom

    Employing an autonomous data warehouse to streamline your operations and relieve your data scientists of their tedious tasks can go a long way. This interactive tour will show you how to maximize the value of your data using Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse.

  • Oracle Autonomous Database for Dummies

    Automation can help reimagine what is possible – from self-driving cars and personalized medicine to precision agriculture and smart cities. Check out this 5-chapter e-book on the Oracle Autonomous Database to get a crash course on autonomous technology, use cases for the Autonomous Database, 10 business benefits, and more.

  • Oracle Launches Exadata X8M: The Fastest Platform for the Oracle Database

    Learn more about the trends that are changing the enterprise computing landscape and discover why Oracle Exadata X8M is receiving so much hype in the latest white paper from Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research.

  • Oracle Exadata X8M: Game Over for DIY Database Systems

    Read this white paper to learn why doing a DIY database system today could be a huge waste of resources—and how the Exadata X8M can deliver more performance and automation in a simpler package.

  • Forrester Wave: Enterprise BI Platforms

    In this 19-criterion evaluation of vendor-managed enterprise business intelligence (BI) platforms providers, Forrester identifies 14 of the most significant ones and delivers a thoroughly researched analysis and comparison of how they perform. Read this report to find out who leads the pack in the Enterprise BI Platforms market right now.

  • IaaS for Dummies

    With the cloud taking the business world by storm, it's crucial that businesses using it or considering to implement it understand cloud from top to bottom. Download this Oracle Cloud whitepaper that overviews all you should know about cloud software, and the 10 key advantages their cloud solution provides.

  • 3D Demos for Server and Storage Products

    This resource provides 3D demos for a wide araay of Oracle Server and Storage Products.

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