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  • An Introduction to Big Data in the Cloud

    Dig into this exclusive TechTarget e-guide, An Introduction to Big Data in the Cloud, to gain a comprehensive look at the pros and drawbacks of storing big data in the cloud, top big data trends, and advice on choosing a cloud deployment model.

  • How Big Data CollectionWorks: Process,Challenges, Techniques

    Many organizations are experiencing success with their big data investments and there is widespread optimism for the future of big data and AI. But what exactly is big data collection? And how do you implement it? Read this custom e-guide to learn how to build a successful, secure process for big data collection.

  • Build Apps with These Cloud Architecture Diagram Examples

    Read through this e-guide to learn how your organization can trigger a radical rethinking of cloud application designs by virtualizing your IT infrastructure.

  • Kafka Expands Its Streaming Capabilities and Strengthens Analytics Functionalities

    As Apache Kafka is increasingly used to support streaming analytics use cases, they've continued to build out their platform to support authentication provider flexibility, integration, and extensive queries. Read this e-guide to learn how Kafka 3.1 opens up data streaming for analytics in a variety of ways.

  • How to Prepare Data for Meaningful, Valuable Analysis

    Very few organizations have met their analytics expectations, in part due to lagging data preparation capabilities. This expert guide contains best practices and strategies you can use to improve your data preparation abilities and start generating more value from your analytics projects. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Is a Hybrid Data Warehouse Right for You?

    Read this expert guide to consider the pros and cons of a hybrid data warehouse when it comes to your use case and explore options you have as you move forward with the right data warehousing option.

  • Big Data Evolution: 5 Major Trends

    Big data has come a long way since its conception—from theory to reality. At this point, big data is basically a staple of any successful data-driven organization. Read this e-guide for 5 major keys in big data evolution to learn where things stand currently, and how we got here.

  • The Balance of Data Management

    Data managers have to carefully balance how they carry their positions in a company. As big data demands speedier application building, they have to be the voice of reason that maintains best practices. Read this e-guide to learn how data managers should be collaborating with analysts and other roles to keep business data expectations realistic.

  • AI and big data go perfectly together -- sometimes

    In this e-guide, learn how the combination of big data and AI tools enables new forms of analytics and automation.

  • 10 Must-Have Features for Big Data Analytics Tools

    In this e-guide, discover the 10 must-have features in big data analytics tools that can help reduce the effort required by data scientists to improve business results.

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