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  • Combatting Ransomware by Exposing the Myths

    In order to effectively defend your organization against ransomware attacks, you must not only understand the facts about the prevalent threat but also be able to identify the myths about ransomware. This e-book busts 3 common ransomware myths. Continue on and uncover them.

  • How To Recover From A Ransomware Attack

    Ransomware is on the rise, and you need to ensure that your organization is prepared in case of disaster. This infographic compares a traditional ransomware recovery roadmap using traditional backup methods, with one using Nasuni Cloud File Storage. Download now to see the benefits of Nasuni Cloud File Storage for ransomware.

  • RANSOMWARE: Trends, Impacts, and the Role of Data Storage

    According to Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), 79% of organizations have experienced a ransomware attack within the last 12 months. This e-book looks at the state of ransomware, paying specific attention to the increasingly important role data and data storage are playing in the fight against ransomware. Read now to discover more.

  • Nasuni for Rapid Ransomware Recovery

    To be ready for a ransomware attack, IT needs an ecosystem of technology to prevent, detect, and recover from an attack. Read this overview of Nasuni Cloud File Storage, which can be used to back up your critical data in case of ransomware, so that you don’t have to pay your attacker’s ransom demands.

  • Leading Restaurant Brand Migrates Off StorSimple into Nasuni®

    TGI Fridays is a market leader in the American restaurant market, and they’ve arrived in this position due in part to their willingness to innovate. This case study looks at how TGI Fridays were able to drive business forward by partnering with Nasuni to overhaul their file storage, resulting in the following benefits. Read on to learn more.

  • Nasuni Access Anywhere

    For your remote and hybrid employees to work successfully, they need easy, secure access to business-critical files. Step in Nasuni Access Anywhere, an add-on service for the Nasuni File Data Platform. Check out this data sheet to learn how the service can provide secure access, with or without VPN, to your distributed workforce.

  • LEO A DALY Accelerates File Synchronization by 5x and Leverages Rapid Ransomware Recovery with Nasuni®

    LEO A DALY is a globally recognized architecture, engineering, planning and interior design firm. As the firm grew, so did their data. In switching to Nasuni, LEO A DALY was able to consolidate dozens of locations under a single global file system in the cloud, accelerating file synchronization by 400%. Read the case study now to learn more.

  • Ease the Data Volume Growing Pains with Expanding File System Options

    This expert guide presents several options to explore when your company's file system limits are reached, two of them being implementing a global file system interface and using a cloud file service for inactive data. Download your copy for the details and pricing.

  • 4 Rules to Craft an Enterprise Data Archiving Strategy

    In this e-guide by George Crump, President of Storage Switzerland learn the proper 4-step process to crafting a data archiving strategy.

  • Embrace IT Digital Transformation and the New Tech Landscape

    In this expert-guide learn why only 12% of IT decision makers expect storage to remain a distinct discipline in the wake of digital transformation, and what you can do to rethink your role in IT to make yourself invaluable to management, and catapult your career forward.

  • Conquering Unstructured Data: Scale-out NAS vs. Object Storage

    This e-guide illustrates how scale-out NAS and object storage work, their relative strengths and weaknesses, how easy or difficult they are to manage, and how well they integrate with existing infrastructure. Access now for's full comparison of scale-out NAS vs. object storage.

  • Is Enterprise Object Storage Ready to Lead?

    This guide from serves as your go-to resource on object storage, with details on how it can improve data protection and availability. Read on to view additional info on an object vs. file vs. block bake off, the pros and cons object storage, a market overview, and more.

  • Enterprise File Sync-and-Share Needs a Shake-Up

    In this expert-guide, explore how the EFS market has evolved, and why we need a new definition of the term. Then learn about how consumer-grade sync-and-share services puts your corporate data at risk, and 3 other options that could give your users the same experience in a much safer environment.

  • Cloud Storage Adoption Decisions: Weighing Capacity, Cost, and Top Platform Tips

    This expert guide from the team at will grant you access to a hand-curated list of their top 10 cloud storage platform tips, with additional research content on how your peers are weighing cloud costs and capacity considerations. Access your copy here.

  • Building the Business Case for Enterprise File Sync-and-Share

    Based on market research, this guide uncovers the many purchase drivers nudging organizations in the direction of EFSS. Read on, as the content inside covers the features businesses are looking for in EFSS, the business problems EFSS can solve, the risks of going without EFSS (9 are detailed inside), and more.

  • Cloud storage performance concerns? Not anymore, says Nasuni CEO

    In this expert-guide, learn what Nasuin's CEO and founder Andres Rodriguez has to say about their ability to address their ever-evolving customer base. Then, read on to learn about the $38 million Nasuni just scored in funding to help them expand their channel and go-to-market efforts.

  • Cloud Storage Controllers: What's New and Who's Who

    This e-guide elaborates on the latest cloud controller developments and explains how they simplify management and strengthen DR capabilities. Read on now to learn more.

  • Eliminating Scaling Challenges with SIaaS

    Check out this short paper to discover a cloud storage solution that can significantly improve your flexibility of Storage Infrastructure as a Service compared to traditional hardware solutions. Read on to learn more.

  • Eliminating Backup Challenges with SIaaS

    Check out this short paper to explore a cloud storage solution that can deliver data protection and availability faster, better and cheaper than today's hardware systems. Read on to learn more.

  • The State of Cloud Storage

    Check out this informative paper to explore the current state of cloud storage. Discover a benchmark comparison of today's top cloud storage solutions and explore one vendor's offering that stands out from the rest. Read on to learn more.

  • E-Guide: Nasuni Filer Adds SLA, Hardware Option for NAS Cloud Gateway

    This E-Guide profiles startup cloud vendor, Nasuni Corp., and offers insight into what they are doing to ease customer concerns about cloud storage – and guarantee uptime in cloud environments. Read on to find out about more Nasuni’s new product offerings and service-level agreements!

  • E-Guide: Data Migration, Virtual NAS, Hybrid Cloud storage, and more

    This E-Guide explains how IT professionals can create a more effective system by using data migration and also provides you with a business case study on a featured vendor. Continue reading to learn how to go about planning your data migration strategy, the challenges of business intelligence, your options with the cloud, and new vendor solutions.

  • Cloud Storage - Free 14 Day Trial!

    Download the compact VMware virtual machine and never run out of space again. Nasuni is your integrated storage and backup system that replaces clumsy tape rotations. Download free trial.

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