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  • Analytics 1, 2, 3: Enabling Enterprise AI at Scale

    Read this white paper to discover how to evolve your AI and advanced analytics processes alongside your data architectures, ensuring success at whatever scale your business is operating—both now and in the future.

  • Forbes Insights When CFOs and CMOs Align Through Data

    Download this white paper to examine some of the top reasons why CFOs and CMOs need to collaborate, how they can do it, and the benefits it can bring to the overall organization.

  • 7 Must Haves for Cloud any Analytics companies

    It’s true that cloud is a strategic investment for any enterprise IT approach. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to analytics infrastructure design. As you evaluate cloud companies, it’s crucial to match a vendor’s offerings to your enterprise’s specific needs. Read on to learn 7 things to look out for.

  • Teradata Vantage – the Highest Performing Analytics Platform

    Teradata offers high performance analytics in the cloud optimized for AWS, Azure, Teradata Cloud, Customer Cloud, and VMware-based infrastructure. Why choose a cloud-only competitor when your choices are limited? The cost per query for Teradata Vantage is predictable and gets lower with scale. See for yourself!

  • The Future of Banking A Five to Ten Year Horizon

    The banking industry is changing more rapidly today than ever. To maintain profitability, banks are transforming themselves to become more efficient, in control, trusted, analytically agile, and digital—all underpinned by improved analytical capabilities. Read on to learn more about how analytics are driving a new era of banking innovation.

  • Driving Forces for Taking Analytics into the Cloud

    You should care about the underlying physics of your platform infrastructure, especially when deploying workloads to a cloud infrastructure. While promises of reduced costs often attract organizations to move to the cloud, the agility the cloud can offer may be the greater advantage. Read this white paper for more.

  • Cloud-Based Architecture for Data and Analytics – Ventana Research

    Innovative companies are storing data and performing analytics in the cloud. In fact, 86% of companies rely on the cloud for data storage. A new whitepaper "Cloud-Based Architecture for Data and Analytics" offers expert advice on choosing the right architecture to enhance the exchange and use of data and analytics within an organization.

  • Cloud options for Teradata Vantage

    Cloud services offer benefits including rapid spin-up, elastic scalability, and the freedom to pay only for what is used. To simplify life and de-risk decisions, Teradata Vantage is the same software everywhere, making it easy to migrate users and workloads between on-premises and the cloud at any time. Learn more here.

  • Top 10 Ways Vantage is a Game Changer: The Complete Guide White Paper

    Teradata Vantage, the platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence, offers capabilities that go beyond what other analytic platforms offer to deliver new answers from all your data. Download now to get your copy of the "Top 10 Ways Vantage is a Game Changer: The Complete Guide” to learn the benefits Vantage delivers to its users.

  • The CIO and the CMO Transformation in the Csuite eBook

    In this eBook, learn how the CMO and CIO can work together to radically transform the customer experience and bring data front and center as a tool to drive powerful business transformations.

  • FORBES Insights: The Business Analyst Role has evolved

    Here Forbes and Teradata examine the ways the business analyst position has evolved, and what skills analysts need to succeed today and going forward.

  • The 4 Dos and Donts of Business Analytics

    In the past few years, business analytics has taken on a new role as a decision-making function. Enterprise leaders can take advantage of this shift by providing their analysts with the right tools to uncover insights. Learn more about the top do's and don'ts of business analytics to help your organization transform data into tangible outcomes.

  • Developing a Data Strategy 7 common mistakes and how to avoid them

    Many companies have serious challenges getting their data management programs off the ground. Here's where this white paper can help. Download now to view seven common missteps companies confront when creating their data and analytics program and 4 steps to solve them.

  • Teradata Vantage: Born for Cloud Before Cloud Was Born

    The cloud is a collection of virtual machines and storage hosted on physical hardware in a data center managed by software that is used to manually or automatically provision instances of virtual machines of different sizes based on demand.

  • Move Fast – But Don’t Break Things

    The past few years have seen the adoption of agile processes in the retail sector and elsewhere. These approaches break processes down to small elements and then seek to sprint to software solutions to solve them as fast as possible. This DevOps approach to IT has unleashed innovations and brought IT closer to the business—and introduced new risks.

  • I have the latest tech now i am a data business right

    Without a data strategy, led from the top and encompassing the whole bank, tech investments run the risk of becoming expensive pet projects, driven by fads and siloed thinking. Which is probably why 85% of them fail. Read the blog post to learn more and get tips on becoming a data-driven business.

  • Navigating the Automotive Supply Chain Post-COVID-19

    Continuing from Teradata’s pervious blog post “Automotive Industry: Navigating Post COVID-19,” this post focuses on the Automotive supply chain, including challenges faced and some possible mitigation strategies. Read on to learn more.

  • Derisking Hybrid Multi Cloud Analytics

    Read the following paper to learn several strategies with which you can capitalize on the cloud’s benefits while pragmatically controlling the risks inherent in moving analytics workloads to a cloud environment.

  • 6 Capabilities You Need for a Modern Cloud Analytics Platform

    Learn how a modern cloud analytics platform can help you optimize resources and workloads aligned to business priorities in this infographic.

  • Accelerating Innovation in the Analytic Ecosystem: Flexibility

    Business and IT often have conflicting core objectives. IT focuses on stability, repeatability, efficiency and operational risk management, while the business focuses on speed, agility, flexibility and business risk. Read on to learn how, with the right business analytics architecture, IT can help accelerate business outcomes.

  • Advancing the Telecom Industry through Network Experience Analytics

    In a world where cellphones are the most important gadgets that people own, telecom operator customers and their demands have evolved sharply. In this blog, learn how Network Experience Analytics can help ensure your Telecom network doesn’t face congestion.

  • 6 Steps to Smashing Silos in Your Business

    This informative resource explains the steps that business leaders can take to prevent and break down silos within their organizations, particularly within marketing departments.

  • Improving the Success of Your Enterprise's Email Marketing Campaigns

    This document outlines some of the standard best practices that can enhance email communications, including: segmentation, personalization, mobile optimization, and landing pages. It also includes mistakes to avoid to increase customer loyalty and nurture incoming leads.

  • Email Deliverability: Getting to Your Customer’s Inbox

    This eBook provides informative statistics and practical tips for ensuring that the messages being sent by your business actually make it to your subscribers' inboxes.

  • Evaluate Today's Leading Integrated Marketing Management Vendors

    This informative analyst report from Gartner evaluates 12 leading integrated marketing management (IMM) vendors on a number of factors, including customer experience, product functionality, innovation, and many more.

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