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  • Swedbank: Personalized Banking Across All Channels

    In the last decade, FSI Swedbank has seen a significant shift in how they interact with customers—processing 5 million digital customer interactions every day, with the majority via mobile avenues. In order to handle these new interactions, the bank turned to Pega. Learn about their experience and the benefits they achieved in this case study.

  • Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites

    According to this Gartner Magic Quadrant report, 1 in 5 workers engaged in nonroutine tasks will rely on AI to do their jobs. Read on to learn how the top intelligent business process management tools stack up against one another – and which tools are emerging ahead of the pack.

  • PegaWorld 2019 Keynote: VodafoneZiggo - Driving Meaningful Customer Dialogues

    Today’s customers expect more than just reactive problem solving. And they’re not satisfied with only proactive approaches—these customers expect their company to engage in serious dialogue with them. Check out this video to learn how VodafoneZiggo has been able to drive meaning from customer dialogues with the help of Pegasystems.

  • Build for Change: Robotic Automation & Intelligence

    While some would have you believe that optimization and improving efficiency requires constantly replacing your old programs, that’s not always the case. Watch this video to learn how Pega’s Workforce Intelligence and Robotic Automation solutions can help you take existing tools and transform them into better, more efficient programs.

  • From RPA to DPA: a strategic approach to automation

    Access this white paper to learn the limitations of RPA as well as discover how a broader digital process automation (DPA) strategy can address the forward needs of your business in more fundamental ways.

  • Build for Change: Cloud Choice

    Far too often, businesses get locked into a multi-tenant cloud that isn’t built for the complexity and demands of their business. Pega Cloud’s advice is to prioritize your cloud choice—otherwise known as your ability to mix and match cloud hosting environments—for the best business outcomes. Learn more in this short video.

  • Build for Change: End-to-End Automation

    How can your organization put customer outcomes front and center while incorporating end to end robotic automation? Access this video from Pega to learn more.

  • Build For Change: Event Strategy Manager

    Consumers are constantly using, streaming, and creating data—much of which can be used by businesses to improve the customer experience. Capturing this data in real time and making proactive use of it is crucial for your business. Check out this short video explaining how Pega’s event strategy manager helps businesses do just that.

  • Build for Change: Journey-Centric Rapid Delivery

    In this quick video, learn how Pega’s journey-centric rapid delivery connects the front- and back-end experiences, so your business can keep with the pace of the market while avoiding transformation siloes.

  • Inside the Pega DX Architecture

    All too often, enterprises focus on “shiny object” technologies—ones that solve tactical needs but miss the mark on long-term digital transformation. In this guide, explore 3 common (and well-intentioned) mistakes businesses make when pursuing digital transformation, from architecture decisions to omni-channels.

  • Cisco Delivers Dynamic Digital Customer Engagement with Pega

    Cisco was on a digital transformation journey to reinvent its customer engagement. To help them achieve that, Cisco implemented Pega’s solutions. Read this case study to learn about their experience.

  • Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms

    In this exclusive Gartner report, get insight into the rise of low-code application platforms—and compare the leading vendors in the market. The vendors are evaluated based on citizen development, business unit IT applications, enterprise IT composite applications, and SaaS and ISV mobile and web applications.

  • Vodafone: Transforming to Always-On Customer Engagement

    Companies like Vodafone have increasingly seen their consumer based expect cross-channel, personalized engagement. While using Pega Marketing to help them achieve this integrated method of communication, Vodafone has seen a 7% increase in ARPU, 22% reduction in commissions, and a 12% increase in offer acceptance. Check out this post to learn more.

  • Build for Change: Unified Platform

    When building an enterprise data system, you want a system that gives you the flexibility to move between different forms of the cloud while presenting users with an attractive and engaging UI. Check out this short video to see why a unified platform provides the answer to disparate data siloes, unintegrated enterprise departments, and more.

  • How Pega Helps RBS Delivers Personalized Customer Experiences

    Following the global financial crisis, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) was in a hyper-competitive market; they needed to work harder to attract and retain profitable customers. To accomplish, they decided to implement Pega. Learn about their experience and the benefits RBS realized post-implementation.

  • BT achieves world-class, personal lifecycle management

    When telecommunications company BT bought EE, how did they harness the data they needed across the 2 organizations to provide customers with a seamless, omni-channel experience? Access this case study to find out.

  • Customer Engagement Summit

    Tune into the summit to hear Don Schuerman, CTO & VP of Product Strategy and Marketing at Pega discuss a bold new vision of how organizations can connect customer experiences to intelligent automation that cuts across the enterprise – and beyond.

  • Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center

    Customer relationship management (CRM) programs are as essential to some enterprises as ERPs are to others. While they’re fairly standard at first, they often offer a wide variety of features such. Check out this Gartner Magic Quadrant report for the CRM Customer Engagement center to see which vendors offer the best CRM services for your business.

  • Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs

    Multichannel marketing is a competitive field, with many competitive solutions vying for the market space. Because of this close competition, it can be hard to know which solution fits your use case or stands above the rest. Access this Gartner Magic Quadrant report for Multichannel Marketing hubs to learn which vendor is right for you.

  • Pega Marketing vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    When you’re choosing your next marketing or CRM solution, trying to differentiate between all the available market options might seem overwhelming. But when you have clear expectations, the choice for your next tool often makes itself obvious. Check out this paper comparing two popular solutions to see which one fits your needs.

  • The Total Economic Impact of Pega Customer Decision Hub

    For marketers today, delivering an exceptional CX is imperative – and requires investment. To better understand the benefits, costs, and risks associated with this investment, Forrester interviewed 4 customers with up to 5 years of experience using Pega Customer Decision Hub. Download the report to review the results.

  • The Forrester Wave™: Software For Digital Process Automation For Deep Deployments, Q2 2019

    According to a recent Forrester report, IT pros seeking software for digital process automation for deep deployments should look for providers that offer three things: 1. Comprehensive process and case management capabilities, 2. Support for emerging technologies, and 3. A modern application architecture. Read the full report now.

  • The Forrester Wave Real-Time Interaction Management, Q1 2019

    In B2C spaces, real-time interaction management (RTIM) is critical to delivering high-end customer experiences for sustainable sales and revenue growth. Download this RTIM market whitepaper, which cross-compares 12 major vendors including Pegasystems, IBM, and SAS, for an intelligent buyer’s decision.

  • Pega vs. Salesforce for Customer Service

    This white paper evaluates two CRM vendors so you can find the right match to drive great customer service experiences and meet your enterprise requirements. Learn how they compare in 5 key areas.

  • Social Media and Customer Service

    One of the biggest issues for companies is creating effective customer services processes.  What if social media could help the problem?

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