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  • You Need to Simplify Remote Office Backup – and Here’s Why

    Check out this white paper to learn the benefits of cloud-based backup and recovery for remote and branch offices, relevant use cases, and 5 best practices to consider as you implement a cloud backup solution.

  • The Comprehensive Guide to Ransomware Protection and Recovery

    Access this white paper to learn 5 steps Druva’s backup and recovery solution will take to help improve your business resilience against ransomware attacks.

  • Reduce Costs with Cloud-Based VMware Data Protection

    Check out this white paper to learn how Druva enables organizations to accelerate cloud growth with simple and reliable data protection through centralized backup & recovery of VMware environments and cloud-based VMware disaster recovery.

  • Druva Data Protection for VMware Cloud on AWS

    Access this white paper to see how Druva’s cloud platform transforms data protection throughout endpoints, data centers, and hybrid cloud environments and discover 4 benefits it offers across any AWS region.

  • Modern NAS Backup and Recovery: Identifying the Key Drivers for Secure Enterprise Cloud Backup

    Check out this white paper to discover what enterprises are looking for in a NAS backup and recovery solution during the work from home era, 4 key takeaways about modern NAS, and much more.

  • Insider’s Guide to Defending Against Ransomware

    Access this white paper to learn about the real cost of ransomware, why the best offense is a good defense, and how a powerful ransomware recovery solution can make all the difference in the world.

  • Cloud Architect’s Guide to Microsoft 365 Backup

    Access this white paper to learn what Microsoft recommends in their SLA for securing Office 365, why you need to protect your Microsoft 365 data, and the 6 advantages of doing it with Druva.

  • Comprehensive Microsoft 365 Backup

    Access this e-book to learn the requirements of Microsoft 365 backup, the use cases that are possible, and the benefits of applying a cloud-native solution to these environments.

  • Protect data anywhere with Druva and AWS

    The recent explosion of data has opened the door to new challenges for data protection, which are identified by IT managers and admins in a recent 451 Research report. However, along with AWS, Druva can eliminate these pain points with cloud-based data protection. Access this white paper to discover how.

  • Insider's guide to defending against ransomware

    With ransomware attacks on the rise, organizations of all sizes have found themselves vulnerable and struggling to reduce risk and respond quickly to attacks. Access this white paper from Druva to learn how to defend your organization through ransomware prevention, detection, response, and recovery.

  • How much can ransomware cost your business?

    With over one half of enterprises experiencing at least 1 ransomware attack within 12 months and the frequency of attacks projected to increase, cloud backup and restore is no longer an option but a necessity. Analyze this data sheet to discover how a cloud backup and recovery solution can save your organization, in more ways than one.

  • White paper: What is cloud-based backup and recovery?

    Find out how your company can benefit from cloud-based backup and recovery. Read this white paper to learn the difference between “backup and recovery” and “disaster recovery”, why cloud-based backup and recovery costs much less than on-premises backup, and why cloud-based backup is ideal for remote-office/branch-office storage.

  • eBook: Reduce costs with cloud-based VMware data protection

    Read this eBook to learn how Druva eliminates backup and disaster recovery hardware to lower costs by up to 50%, understand how to deliver single-click failover of VMware backups into customer-owned VPC, and discover how Druva’s on-demand solution simplifies backup and recovery with RTO of 15 minutes and RPO of 1 hour.

  • White paper: You need to simplify remote office backup – and here’s why

    Read this white paper to learn relevant business cases in which distributed data risk is especially high, why cloud-based data protection is ideal for ROBO, best practices for implementing cloud backup and recovery for ROBO, and how an effective cloud-based data protection solution looks.

  • Seamless Workload Data Protection On-Premises and Cloud

    As companies look to reduce costs, increase agility and improve the efficiency of their data center operations, they are selectively moving workloads to the cloud. The result has been the creation of a new business model known as hybrid cloud.

  • The benefits and capabilities of cloud-based backup

    This white paper describes the benefits, features, and capabilities of cloud-based backup and recovery, alongside recommendations for companies considering a cloud-based data protection solution. Read on to view 7 practical use cases and to see if this strategy is a good fit for your company.

  • Cloud-Native Backup and Disaster Recovery for VMware

    This paper evaluates the requirements for VMware cloud-native backup and disaster recovery. Read on to learn how to overcome the challenges related to VM backup and to ensure your VMware environment is properly protected.

  • Cloud Disaster Recovery on AWS

    Simply retrofitting on-premises DR solutions to leverage the cloud does not resolve the complexity of managing on-premises hardware-based solutions. Access this datasheet to discover the business and operational benefits of cloud disaster recovery on AWS, as well as to learn how it resolves the above challenges and how it works.

  • Top Five Reasons for Microsoft 365 Backup

    Download the following white paper to discover 5 critical reasons to back up Microsoft 365 and the benefits of using a third-party data protection solution to do so.

  • Protect Your Workforce Productivity

    Watch this webinar to hear 3 industry experts discuss several best practices for protecting Office 365, 4 challenges to overcome, and data recovery options at your disposal—so you can ensure your environment is properly protected.

  • Emerging Approaches to Cloud-Native Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    This paper conducts an in-depth examination of emerging cloud-native disaster recovery approaches. Download it now for the can't-miss guidance on DR planning, 6 must-have cloud-native DR features, 4 tips to get started, and more.

  • Key Terms for Cloud Disaster Recovery

    We've pulled together 9 must-know cloud DR terms in the following e-guide to help you re-orient yourself in the ever-growing sea of terminology. Download the guide to see for yourself which terms should be top of mind as you pursue a cloud DR strategy.

  • Disaster Recovery Strategy Guide

    Download your copy of this disaster recovery e-guide t discover 4 DR predictions for the coming year, market updates, and strategies you'll want to keep in your back pocket as you continue to leverage new technologies in your business.

  • Top 20 Cloud Backup Services for 2019

    To keep your pulse on the latest cloud backup developments, download this e-guide. Inside, our experts share 7 considerations for selecting a cloud backup service, examine 20 top cloud backup services to simplify the selection process, and explain how the public cloud is improving data protection.

  • Understanding the differences in your backup options

    Download this e-guide to learn the biggest differences between off-site and cloud backup methods and find out which one fits your data protection needs the best.

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