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  • Cloud-To-Cloud Backup For All Of Your Business-Critical Data

    How can you secure your organization against the threat of data loss while staying compliant and productive in the cloud? Tap into this product overview to learn how you can leverage Cloud-to-Cloud Backup protect your organization’s business-critical data.

  • Partner With OpenText Offer Powerful, Secure Data Security And Data Management For Critical Business Data On Any System

    For technology providers looking to offer a data management platform with solutions for endpoints, physical servers, virtual machines, or even cloud and legacy systems, then the solution you need may be right here. Read on to learn more about a data security partner that will generate new revenue streams for you with increased efficiency.

  • 2022 Brightcloud® Threat Report

    IT leaders need to pay attention to the latest trends and insights from the world of cybercrime. With consumers and businesses alike seeing more successful attacks, everyone must be prepared for the threats of today and those of tomorrow. Read more to learn about the current state of cybercrime and what is yet to come.

  • Powerhouse Platform For Security And Productivity

    For those organizations looking for a comprehensive portfolio of security and productivity software, then look no further. In this infographic, you will see how true cyber resilience embeds security and data management software with best practices to achieve improved productivity and a better security posture. Read on to learn more.

  • Can You Protect Your Clients From Social Engineering?

    The #1 cause of cybersecurity breaches is social engineering. So, how do you stop it? Invest in multi-tiered protection that combines Email Security, Endpoint Protection, Security Awareness Training and DNS Security. Access this infographic to learn more.

  • Top Reasons MSPs Sell Webroot SAT Solutions

    With phishing, malware, and ransomware seemingly lurking around every corner, MSPs are investing in security awareness training to improve their cyber resilience and harden their defenses against attackers. Read on to learn more about a turnkey training solution that will protect both you and your customers.

  • Webroot™ Email Continuity Purpose-Built For Msps To Ensure Productivity For Small And Medium Businesses (Smbs)

    SMBs depend on email communication for business transactions and any outage in email connectivity can result in loss of employee productivity, bad user experience and even loss of revenue and customers. Tap into this data sheet to learn how Webroot Email Continuity can help your MSP enhance resiliency against cyberattacks.

  • Advanced Email Threat Protection Purpose-Built For MSPs To Secure Small And Medium Businesses (SMBs)

    The rise of phishing attacks, viruses and spam only represent a fraction of existing email-borne security threats that can cause monetary loss or reputational damage.Access this data sheet to learn how your MSP can leverage Webroot Advanced Email Threat Protection to minimize the potential impact of a security breach for SMBs.

  • Creating Personalized Experiences with Real-Time Insights for CEM

    Creating an engaging and unified multichannel customer experience is a top priority, but many companies find themselves scrambling to adapt. In this expert e-guide, discover how to generate key customer insights in real-time and learn about 4 ways to create personalized experiences.

  • Secure Information Exchange in the Digital Age

    Forrester Senior Analyst Heidi Shey answers five questions regarding secure information exchange (SIE) and discusses how digital transformations are changing the way that IT decision-makers have to approach SIE in the digital age.

  • The Many Faces of Predictive Analytics: From IoT to Storytelling

    Predictive analytics takes many forms, and allows you to make the most effective decisions for your enterprise. In this expert guide, uncover the many faces of predictive analytics. Discover why to use data visualization to craft a story, how real-time analytics and IoT go hand-in-hand, and the how predictive analytics has affected the enterprise.

  • Project Success Plan: Rethinking Enterprise Content Management

    Traditional ECM can't keep up with how businesses operate today. But before tackling ECM disruptors, you need to understand its evolution and key steps to modernizing your suite. This 7-part guide collection provides the insights you need to push your ECM strategy forward. Learn ECM basics, trends, security considerations, and more.

  • Pervasive ECM Problems and How to Solve Them

    Access this expert e-guide to learn how older ECM tools are straining under increasing workloads and sub-par configurations. Also, explore how mobile, social, IoT, and other relatively new technologies are creating problems for ECM systems.

  • Cloud Enterprise Content Management: Trends and Business Impacts

    In this expert e-guide, learn about the drivers of enterprise content management today—including digitizing paper-based processes, hybrid-based cloud growth, collaboration platforms, and more—as well as the key ways ECM can provide digital transformation.

  • Enterprise BI Platforms

    This resource dives into the top vendors in the BI sector, comparing them based on a wide array of criteria. Cut through the complexity and find out what providers should have your business, and save yourself a BI headache down the road.

  • BPM Best Practices

    In this expert e-guide, learn from examples why some believe BPM has no place in legacy modernization efforts while others champion the approach. Additionally, discover how picking the right BPM certification program can build up critical skills and know-how for your IT team.

  • 3 Reasons Why CEM Is the Place to Innovate

    The following webcast intends to clarify the current state of customer experience management and how companies can start powerful initiatives of their own. Tune in now to find out how CMOs and CIOs need to work together to make CEM take flight, what needs to be addressed, and much more.

  • Is It Time for Automated Classification?

    This white paper provides an overview of key factors your organization must consider when evaluating potential strategies for automated classification to ensure compliance and defensibility.

  • Selling the Benefits of Business Process Management for IT and Business Stakeholders

    This expert guide addresses the ideal BPM platform capabilities for today's organizations to meet the disparate needs of both technical departments and the line of business.

  • Global Brand Management

    The following white paper explores the business need for a global brand management solution to help distinguish your brand amongst thousands of other companies. Learn about the 3 key process to successful global brand management, the technology to use, and more.

  • 10 Steps to a Successful Digital Asset Management Implementation

    The following white paper provides readers with a foundation as to what it takes to get digital asset management initiative up and running. Learn the 10 steps to a successful DAM implementation and much more.

  • It’s Time to Rethink “Enterprise” Software

    The following white paper explores the real state of "enterprise" software solutions in regards to web content management and customer experience management. Learn what these solutions need to include justifying the "enterprise" title. Most importantly, discover how to select the right CEM solutions that fit your needs.

  • The Market Within

    The following white paper explores the current state of social adoption and where innovative companies are focusing their efforts. Learn how to balance social inside and outside the enterprise, how to use social to improve worker efficiency, and much more.

  • Acting Locally, Succeeding Globally

    In this white paper, learn more about the importance of localization, the challenges and benefits of deploying multilingual content, and the tools you'll need to improve your web experience management (WEM) strategy on a global scale.

  • Enterprise Information Archiving: It’s Time for a New Strategy

    Consult the following white paper to explore the information dilemma facing organizations today and how with the proper archiving technology, you can get a handle on your information without breaking the bank.

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