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  • Achieving Compliant Productivity with Slack Checklist

    Slack is one of the most widely used, fastest-growing workplace collaboration tools today. And it's not slowing down. But without the right solution in place to govern high-volume, broad-range usage, Slack opens organizations up to risk. This governance checklist will help you cover all your bases, no matter your involvement with Slack.

  • Mitigating the Risks of the Hybrid Workforce

    What will happen over the next couple of quarters as employees return to the office? How will organizations be able to mitigate the growing amount of risk around their communications infrastructure? Watch this informative webinar to learn how Smarsh’s Connected Capture strives to provide communications intelligence to keep these resources secure.

  • Managing Zoom for Financial Services

    69% of financial services firms expect to have 60% of their workforce at home at least once a week going forward, meaning that collaboration tools like Zoom are here to stay. Access this webinar to learn how Smarsh can help you better capture, archive and manage data on Zoom.

  • Public Sector Guide: How to Remove IT from Public Records Requests

    Government agencies are under increasing pressure to be more transparent when it comes to personal information – requiring them to maintain strong data integrity and respond quickly to public records requests. Access this guide to unlock valuable insight and practical tips to streamline your public records request process.

  • How to Inspect Communications for Outside Business Activities

    Download this checklist to help identify potential areas of OBA risk and close the visibility gap for unauthorized business activities and other areas of employee impropriety.


    Access this white paper to learn about the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) for e-discovery, e-discovery costs and considerations, the benefits of a modern electronic communications archiving and e-discovery solution, and a more efficient e-discovery workflow from Smarsh.

  • Public Sector Guide to Text Messaging Policy and Retention

    Check out this white paper to learn archiving best practices that put policies, procedures, employee training, and records management technology in place to reduce text communications risk.


    The communications boom of the last 12 months has taught us that we need to be on top of our digital records. We need to know what forms of communication are the most prevalent, what activities count as public record and how we can improve our mobile policies. Access this guide to explore 5 key records management trends for 2021.

  • Text Message and Social Media Compliance Best Practices for Law Enforcement Agencies

    The popularity of workplace SMS/text messaging and social media has exploded in recent years. Because of this, law enforcement needs to be aware of certain guidelines and considerations when allowing officers and agency employees to use these communication tools. Use this guide to learn how to stay SMS and social media compliant.

  • Regulatory Updates Roundup Of 10 Recent Finra And Sec Violations And Penalties

    In this report, review 10 of the most notable violations to better understand how they occurred, as well as how firms are managing enhanced SEC and FINRA scrutiny. Download the Roundup of 10 Recent FINRA and SEC Violations and Penalties now!

  • Expanding the Sphere of Supervision Value

    Download this guide to learn more about how information risk affects organizations of all types, the expanded value of supervision software for more than FINRA risk, and how Smarsh can help protect your organization from these risks.

  • The Definitive Guide to Electronic Communications Capture

    Is your organization under pressure to manage an ever-increasing volume and diversity of communications data? Download this Smarsh Definitive Guide to Capture to learn how your compliance program stacks up, and get the information you need to reduce your organizational risk.

  • Electronic Communications Compliance Scary Stories

    Even the most well-meaning organizations can find themselves in alarming situations if they aren't prepared to retain, monitor, and produce employee communications. The spooky stories outlined in this book detail the horrors of being unprepared for an audit, a legal investigation, or even scarier monsters.

  • Respond to the Changing Mobility Landscape

    As employees rapidly adopt mobile devices for work communications, a challenge was created for organizations needing to capture and review all business communications for regulatory or public records response purposes. In this white paper, learn how organizations can build a strong, compliant mobility ecosystem.

  • How To Achieve And Maintain Compliance For Your Organization’s Electronic Communications Data

    When it comes to the rapid adoption of modern communication and collaboration tools, it's imperative organizations get ahead of capturing and archiving significant volumes of data. In this white paper, learn how to address common compliance challenges that are associated with electronic communications data.

  • Key Considerations when Making the Move to Office 365

    In this white paper, discover key considerations firms should address to make their Office 365 migration more efficient and cost effective as well as how to deploy Office 365 while maintaining regulatory compliance.

  • Best Practices for Stopping Risk In Its Tracks

    How can firms improve their supervision workflows to better reveal risk? In this guide, examine some strategies for staying on top of the rapidly evolving communications landscape, and the new vectors for risk it offers.

  • Compliant IM and Collaboration

    Download this guide to learn the key steps to enabling modern instant messaging and collaboration platforms while maintaining compliance.

  • Smarsh Notes on Public Records Modernization

    Ensuring your recordkeeping efforts are cutting edge is your best strategy for avoiding fines and litigation resulting from public records gaps. In this crash-course guide, explore how modernizing your public recordkeeping solutions can help protect your organization from costly fines and bridge critical data gaps.

  • Text Messages & Social Media in Public Safety

    The popularity of text messaging and social media has exploded in recent years, including in the workplace. In this white paper, examine how public safety agencies can create policies that allow for compliant use of text messaging and social media, and how to retain those communications for an efficient response to open records requests.

  • The Public Sector Guide to Text Messaging Policy and Retention

    Sending text messages between mobile devices is now public business, and by law, the records need to be preserved. This white paper contains steps that will help public sector organizations develop a text message policy and retention strategy to protect against the risk involved with use of this popular, universal form of communication.

  • Compliance Standards for Data Governance

    This e-guide teaches you about data governance and how to best comply with data quality assurance policies put in place by industry consortia. Learn about the framework for ensuring the fidelity of data used in business processes.

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